About us

AffiliateBay is a rich repository of articles and the latest working promo codes of popular online platforms, marketing websites, e-commerce platforms, and other online services. We offer you updated and most precise articles on a myriad of topics ranging from e-commerce, coupon codes, web hosting, and digital products, inter alia

The opulent stockpile of articles that we provide makes us nothing less than a mini-university. By merely scanning through our e-materials, you can easily identify its richness in terms of both quality and quantity. You’ll be made well-versed in a plethora of subject matters that you always wished to learn about and here, we are committed to providing them at your fingertips. 

In addition to that, we’re always in hammers and tongs to help you save big in your online shopping. With coupons and promo codes that undergo regular updates, we offer you plenty of working and verified penny pinchers. 

Along with cent percent working promo codes, we also provide you with a bunch of product or platform reviews, comparisons, and much more. Also, we recommend various products and services online. 

Whether you’re a passionate reader, knowledge seeker, or a rational consumer seeking alternate search or product comparison, we will be nothing less than your soulmate from the beginning till the end keeping you abreast of the latest updates in the mushrooming ecosystem of technology. 

Hence, we’re simply an umbrella platform that serves as a favorite halt of all technological developments and recent updates, and more importantly, we are committed to providing you with them with few mouse clicks. 

How can we help you? 

As mentioned earlier, we offer you a concentration of all the latest technological advancement that is happening every second around the world. Whether it be something related to the product review, product comparison, alternate search, coupon codes, or e-commerce, we offer everything you need to know about them in an easy to comprehend, structured and systematic format. 

Transcending the boundaries of space and time and breaking all barriers of topic specialization, we offer you articles from a myriad of topics that will constantly keep you updated on the recent trends of the unpredictable virtual environment. 

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or an expert looking for the best web hosting, or plugins, AffilaiteBay will be the best halt that will serve all your purpose. We’ll be your guide in digital platforms, product review, product analysis and comparison, and so forth to an extent where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to put them into words. 

We’re here for everyone who’d like to make money online. May you be a homemaker, self-employed youth, student, passionate blogger, or anyone who aspires for a supplementary income, AffiliateBay is yours. 

Also, we will provide you with all the necessary information to make money online. Being a reliable tour guide, we’ll be pointing out the unworthy ones as well as scams.

We’re committed to offering you everything you need for a safe affiliate program where you can make money easily with a series of simple, safe and reliable steps. As it’s said, some things cannot be seen or touched but can be only felt by the heart and we are one of these ‘somethings’. 

How are we special? 

To begin with, unlike others, we never blatantly recommend you an affiliate program. We are rather interested in apprising you about the how’s and why’s of affiliate marketing. In addition to that, unlike others, we strive to our fullest in keeping you away from any kind of money-making spam, thereby being on your side forever. 

We are a regularly updated, reliable guide for you and we’ll guide you through cyberspace. Be it be e-commerce, affiliate marketing, product review, alternate search, or comparison; we’re always there for you. Moreover, we will aid you to save your coppers by offering you a series of working and verified promo codes. 

Our website is a catalog of overpowering knowledge that is required for you in every walk of life. From choosing the best hosting to the best email marketing services, you’ll get the latest and real-time updates on our site. 

Our Team

Teams are the fundamentals of any business and qualified teams are the building blocks of successful businesses. In that case, we’re proud enough to exclaim that we’ve got hardworking, committed, and qualified team members. 

Finnich Vessal- Our Founder

Being a leader of par excellence, our founder has a good command over coding, website building, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, SEO, and much more. He’s nothing less than a renaissance man with a piece of great knowledge of developing websites. 

Finnich Vessal

Spending a larger part of his life researching on making money online through affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing systems. Now, he’s involved in creating a colossal catalog of his life-long research, intertwined with the glimpses of his day-to-day experience. 

Being featured in the Huffington Post, Men’s Health, USA Today, MarketWatch, and the Ladie’s Home Journal, he’s now guiding millions of youth and introducing them to the vast opportunities of affiliate marketing and making money online. 

Finnich is an active investor in other projects such as GizmoBase, WPCrew, DesignSkew, CrazyThemes, and Expert Hoot.

Sonia Allan- Writer and Editor

Sonia Allan has an excellent and surprisingly equal command over both editing and writing. She’s venerated for her flexibility, research skills, understanding of SEO, organizational skills, and communication. 

Sonia Allan

She keeps pace with the latest writing trends and she’s known for her patience exhibiting formidable editing skills. Debut writings may not be perfect. She is known for her intense proofreading and editing capacity that makes her the cornerstone of AffiliateBay. 

Alisia Thompson – Editor

As it’s said, the greatness of writing reflects the greatness of re-writing and here, the works of Alisa are the greatest example of the same. Being outstandingly perfect in copywriting, all the articles of AffiliateBay are complemented by her unerring and precise editing. This makes Alisa Thompson an invaluable gemstone of AffiliateBay. 

Christine Williams – Outreach Manager 

Having an eye over all of our community outreach activities, Christine Williams helps us to enhance our visibility in the environment around us. She is appreciably self-motivated, substantially enthusiastic, and community-driven, supplemented by her positive attitude. 

With outstanding communication and presentation skills, she’s well-versed in preparing reports with a strong command over social media marketing and managing multiple projects at a time. 

Mary Derosa – PR

Mary Derosa is well-versed in public relations and social media marketing. Supplemented by a great persuasive prowess, she’s an invaluable connection cultivator of AffiliateBay. She’s a magician of relationships and is always cool and accommodative. She’s a highly sociable person with unbelievable public outreach and a sturdy network of public connections.