Bigrock Hosting Pricing 2023 | Does BigRock offer hosting?

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In this article, we have featured Bigrock Hosting Pricing 2023. There aren’t many in-depth BigRock Pricing Structures available, we decided to investigate what this hosting provider has to offer. Finding a host who offers everything in one bundle is a difficult endeavor.

BigRock cloud hosting, on the other hand, is a blessing. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, it has amassed thousands of devoted customers because of its innovative solutions and excellent value for money.

DNS administration, SSL certificates, cPanel, and email accounts are all included at no extra charge. Customers benefit from a superior experience at a reduced cost thanks to the service. before diving into the article you can also, check out the latest bigrock hosting coupon codes

Bigrock Hosting Pricing In 2023

bigrock Pricing plans

When it comes to hosting, BigRock does not disappoint.

The web hosting options are competitively priced, but you must commit for at least a year (and up to ten years), so the 30-day money-back guarantee may appeal to you.

BigRock provides several hosting plans, which are explained more below:

Shared Hosting

BigRock shared hosting is ideal for first-time website owners as well as those on a restricted budget.

Furthermore, in order to keep prices low, users must share a single server, which has an impact on the speed of your site.

Among the features are unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, and email management.

You can choose between hosting on Linux and hosting on Windows. The former contains cPanel, whereas the latter contains Plesk.

Both provide straightforward interfaces for configuring webpages, programs, and email accounts.


  • Starter: $1.30 per month for the first month.
  • Advanced: Rates begin at $2.34 per month.
  • Starts at $4.17 per month for business.

Cloud Hosting

BigRock cloud hosting provides you with additional resources at a lesser cost.

It’s great for users who want to create sophisticated platforms such as e-commerce stores, video streaming services, and app services. Furthermore, automatic failover contributes to minimizing downtime. If your website’s hardware fails, it will be moved to a different server.

BigRock’s in-house CDN improves service responsiveness, while the company’s global data center network effectively distributes traffic load. It also improves security by guarding against spam and DDoS assaults.

You may easily expand this plan because you can upgrade at any time. A resource calculator for modifying price, rather than pre-configured levels, would have been preferred.


Starter SSD: Starts at $5.22 per month
Advanced SSD: Starts at $7.18 per month
Business SSD: Starts at $8.36 per month.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

BigRock VPS is intended for professionals who require more control and flexibility.

Furthermore, you will be given a virtual machine with allotted resources, and the servers will be outfitted with cutting-edge security features.

It includes safeguarded industry-leading applications such as OpenStack, KVN, Neustar, and a sophisticated DDoS layer.

Unlike cloud hosting, VPS allows you to expand your storage. The add-on costs $0.15 per GB each month.

Conclusion: Bigrock Hosting Pricing 2023

BigRock provides a wide range of services, ranging from the very specialized to the more general. Whether you’re a large corporation in need of a VPS that supports e-commerce plugins or an individual looking for a host for your WordPress site, there’s a plan here for you.

Most of the host’s flaws are minor, however, if you want Windows hosting, you may want to look for one with more features.

BigRock, on the other hand, is a good match for almost everybody and a safe bet in general. The feedback has been positive, and the quality of their gear and services backs up their claims.

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