Clozemaster Review 2024: : Best Platform To Learn New Language?

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This post is about Clozemaster Review 2024: Learn Language In Context. Read and choose the best Language Learning Approach!

This is how it works, most people make an attempt to learn new things in another language, to be frank, I find it weird. It does not work for me that way. It is like I should say I learn 10+ languages to a conversational level.

Games and Gamification can both lead to high levels of learner engagement and motivation. Gamification is the design that places most emphasis on human motivation in the process. In essence, it is the human-focused design.

And is this weird way of learning new words? Not really the fault of language learners. I hope this Clozemaster Review will be helpful for you in choosing the best Language Learning Platform.

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Clozemaster Review – Is It Worth A Try? 

Well, the first thing that occurs in our mind while looking at the word is that, What is Clozemaster? Well, to be brief in the introduction let me point out that Clozemaster is a gamified language learning in context through mass exposure for learners of all levels.

It emphasizes learning the language which is not just useful and easy to learn for the advanced level students but also focuses on giving the right attention to the beginner level students.

It aims to answer various questions, provide more context-based and more conceptual learning experience to complement other language learning apps like Memrise and Anki.


To be specific and clear Clozemaster is a retro language learning platform for more than 50 languages. It is a gamified app that teaches you vocabulary through Cloze. Now you guys might be wondering what does Cloze means?

So let me simplify it for you. A Cloze test or a Cloze detection test is an exercise test or an assessment consisting of a portion of text with certain words removed, where the participant is asked to replace the missing word.

This test requires the ability to understand the context and vocabulary in order to identify the correct word or type of word that belongs in the deleted passage of the text.

Clozemaster Review Features

Basically, it expects the user to identify the type of word that needs to be replaced in the place of the deleted text. This is mainly used to examine and gain expertise on a native or a second language learning and instruction.

Let’s make it more simple to understand. Cloze in lay man’s term can also be defined as fill-in-the-blanks. It can be easily explained with an example. Here’s what Cloze test might look like if you are learning English:

E.g.: The __ is flying in the sky.

Then here you’d have to choose words to fill in the blank: Kite, bird, airplane, eagle, etc.

Here, in this case, you might just select an appropriate answer that is ‘Kite’. That’s it. This is Cloze. This Clozemaster Review will walk you through the complete process, so go on reading.

How Does Clozemaster Work? 

Clozemaster pulls tons of words and sentences from Tatoeba, a huge database of words and sentences which are specially designed for beginner level language learners.

After that, it blanks out the least common word in the sentence and it is you who has worked the rest out.

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How To Use Clozemaster?

So basically Clozemaster is a completely free platform where users don’t need to sign in or register before using it. But if you wish to save your progress you need to sign in, but it is all up to the user, there is no such compulsion.

There is an option where you can use the Clozemaster Pro account, where you can pay to use the premium version and access the advanced features. Given below are the steps where you can do so:

  • Create Collections is the option that you select. When you start working and there is this sentence you wish to revisit, you can add it o a collection. This means you can go back to the sentence structures you’d like to fix in your memory. Now you know where to focus your energy.
  • Now there’s ‘Grammar Challenges. Here you can focus on a specific concept through a group of sentences and find it useful to get a natural feel for how grammar actually works, instead of feeling the need to learn grammar rules.
  • Pro Grouping lets you focus on a specific area of language like verbs, adjectives, prepositions, and even numbers.
  • And finally Cloze Listening where instead of reading on sentences to work out the context you can just listen to a sentence and work out the missing word.

Getting Started With Clozemaster 

As we discussed earlier you as a user can start using Clozemaster without signing up. And all you need to do is visit their website or download their app to get started and if just prefer to save your progress and get basic stetson you need to complete:

  • Complete the signup form.
  • Confirm your email address.

From the homepage, click on the sign-up button. Now you are taken to the next page from where you can select a username, enter, and then create a password. Verify your age, accept the terms, and click ‘sign up’.

Clozemaster Review Languages

You will then receive a confirmation email. Once you receive that email, you will need to check for the link provided. Clicking the link provided in the email you will be able to confirm your account. Now congrats! You are in!

Now from here on you can select the language you wish to learn.

There are many cool things about Clozemaster but one specific thing to be precise is that Clozemaster has a number of language options available. It offers an impressive and high range of language and language combinations.

There are many languages which most of the learning platforms do not cover which Clozemaster covers.

One can choose languages ranging from English to some of the rare and tough languages like Breton, Welsh, Croatian, Amharic, Estonian, Guarani, Yiddish, and even Piedmontese. It offers courses for most of the common choices like French, Spanish, Italian or Mandarin, and many more.

Many languages on this platform have groups of sentences you can study. Consider, for example, there is a list of sentences in Mandarin to help you pass an HSK test. And many languages have what they call it as a Fluency Fast Track.

Here you can also use the speaking practice tool kit in order to check and improve your pronunciation skills.

Clozemaster Review Languages

The practice you do while studying the sentences are randomly selected, where you can favorite your specific sentences and practice or review where you will see all the sentences that you studied in the past that are due for review.

Now when you review you are shown the sentences which you have already learned. These determine how often you correctly answer, with the increased spacing with each correct answer.

What Is The Difference Between Play And Review?

Simplifying the equation here, Play is like playing with new sentences. Like some of the sentences, you have already seen that are ready for review and may be included in further rounds too. Here as many as 5 readies for review sentences are used or randomly selected as the default.

Clozemaster Pro subscribers are eligible to change this number like for example setting the max number of reviews per round to zero in order to play just with the new sentences.

Review, on the other hand, comprises only the sentences you have already seen that are ready for reviews and will include no new sentences. Because that is what review stands for.

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How Do Reviews Work In Clozemaster?

Working with Clozemaster is simple to explain. It goes as follows:

Sentences in Clozemaster are reviewed according to the spaced repetition intervals like those used in Memrise and Anki. Well, the default intervals are usually set at 1 day, 10 days, 30 days, and 180 days based on how many times a sentence is answered correctly in a row.

But there is a catch, Pro subscribers can customize these intervals. It goes like, if the same sentence is new and answered correctly, it will be ready for review within a day with 25% mastery.

If the same sentence is answered correctly again it will be then ready for review in 10 days with 50 % mastery and then 30 days with 75% mastery and then so on. It goes on until you get a 100% mastery and then will be ready for review in 180 days.

This process goes on and the sentence will come to review every 180 days as long as it is continuously correct. If answered wrongly at any point, it goes back to 0% mastery, and then the user has to start all over again.

How Does Text-To-Speech Audio Work?

The text-to-speech audio depends on the kind of browser you use, the devices, and the operating system you are using at the moment. To get high-quality text-to-speech for more languages it gets expensive and fast.

Review Books

It’s simple, the fast the web browser, the faster will be the output. Though hopefully, Clozemaster Pro one day will make those options possible. For now, the Clozemaster text-to-speech audio works best on Chrome and Safari as for desktops.

It works the same on mobile apps when connected to good and fast internet.

Is Signing In Necessary?

Nope, it is not. You can enjoy almost every service, which is almost 95% of their services, without signing in or even paying a dime. This service helps Clozemaster a very user-friendly platform.

The only flaw here will be that the sentences that will appear on your screen are chosen randomly and your progress is not saved. Actually, looking at the rest of the services it is quite a negligible corner of this square. Either way, you can sign in, save it, and level up!

Is Clozemaster User Friendly?

Definitely, Clozemaster is the most user-friendly application in the market which offers its user solution to every problem in a quick and accurate result.

Defining a short and quick example here, if a user wishes to learn a new language, but the application does not provide any service regarding this language.


The user can file a report and request for an update where the application provides the language for study. It is most likely that the team will get back with the user and processes their request within the shortest amount of time making the user comfortable and enjoy the services.

What Is Close-Listening?

Clozemaster offers a Cloze-listening play mode where users can hear the sentences before they see it, and then they have to fill the missing words from the given context through what and which they have heard. The goal is to improve the sentences before you can even see it.


What Are The Languages Cloze-Listening Offers?

Well, this is a long list but here are some of the few listed below:

  • Arabic
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Icelandic
  • Italian
  • Romanian
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Welsh, etc.

How Much Does Clozemaster Cost?

Well, as discussed earlier Clozemaster is free to use applications. It doesn’t even demand a dime from its customers. It is free to sign up and play and it always will be.

Clozemaster App

They also provide Clozemaster Pro with advanced features such as more stats, favorite sentences, and customizing gameplay to help keep Clozemaster running and support the continued development of awesome language learning tools.

The pricing for Clozemaster Pro being available at $8 per month to $60 per year where they even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you wish to know more you can always sign up and visit their official web page to learn more.

Personal Experience | Clozemaster Review

My personal experience using Clozemaster can be rated on an irregular basis. It is because I used Clozemaster for more than 6 months before writing this Clozemaster Review. As an honest opinion, I loved using Clozemaster as it offered so many languages I wanted to learn as a child.

This includes languages like Breton and Armenian which I often had trouble finding the resources to learn.

I also found this interesting that I can practice these languages and learn new words through context, figuring out vocabulary as a part of sentences rather than its own creates more connections with the material which we are learning with. Thus making it more memorable.

Another cherry on the cake is that you can study the languages they offer through any language you know as for example if you are an American with your first language being English and thus you wish to study Armenian or Korean or Croatian languages, you can!

Meaning you can strengthen one of your strong languages while improving a completely newer language getting a double benefit for the time you spend studying.

Using Clozemaster for just a couple of hours every day, I found that this application helped me stay focused and keep in contact with them every day. Its a type of study material that keeps the students engaged for a longer period of time.

I used to sneeze into it just before bedtime or in a small TV commercial break or even while traveling a short journey in the subway.

One of the many best things I found about Clozemaster is that it does not have any grammar restrictions hovering over your head. Instead, you get to see how grammar works in basic normal settings.

You will be surprised to see how grammar works its magic rather than making the students memorize its basic set of rules. On top of that when you level up you are rewarded with an awesome gift and various inspirational and motivational popups.

What Could Have Been Better?

If you start learning a completely new language you might have some trouble using Clozemaster. Some of the sentences and texts can be complex and even if they are just small two words.

You might find some difficulty if you don’t yet have an entry point to the language. Even during the decent experiences in learning Spanish, I found it a bit difficult and struggled with some sentences if I wasn’t familiar with the missing word. 

I found that recording and speaking practice did not work as precisely as it should be. I tried to use it for Russian but it didn’t seem to transcribe what I was trying to say exactly and accurately.

Grammar Table

Many a time I too had to struggle with English. The UI was unable to catch my Indian accent which was very disappointing. This was a bit troublesome, so I ended up thinking of quitting to use this feature and choosing to study vocabulary without speaking practice.

I also think that a learner’s experience using this application could greatly benefit a review screen at the end of each session where they can copy and paste the sentences they learned into their own personal notes or elsewhere.

And even just see the phrases you have learned. Unless and until you remember to mark the favorite sentences you find useful as there is no way you can see the words or sentences you worked on after you complete a session.

Furthermore, as the sentences are from Tatoeba there are crucial errors sometimes. But the app offers the feature to report within itself. Here this means you would need to be at a level where you need to notice the errors. Otherwise, you might never realize that your phrase was/is incorrect.

If you are putting your learning to use with a tutor to exchange partners, however, these mistakes won’t have a chance to fossilize as you will get help and feedback and correction before it even happens.

Also, one of the criticisms I have heard about Clozemaster is that the sentences are not always particularly formal. But as per my perspective, I actually see this as an advantage, as it teaches you how you are most likely to use the language.

Let us know what you think. But before you leave do check out some FAQs listed below.

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FAQs | Clozemaster Review 

🙇‍♀️ What is Clozemaster?

Clozemaster is a gamified language learning in context through mass exposure for the learners of all levels. It aims to answer all your questions like, “What should I do after Duolingo?” and provide a more sentence based and contextual learning experience to complement other languages learning apps like Memrise and Anki.

🎮 What does gamification mean?

Gamification means the application of typical elements of game playing like point scoring, competition with others, rules of play, etc. to other areas of activity. It also can be defined as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or a service.

🤫 Is it worthy to use and learn using Clozemaster?

In my personal opinion definitely. It is a great platform that offers you a learning option for most of the languages. In addition to that, it teaches you in a way no other application could ever do. The users do not need to sign in, no paid memberships or subscription and unlimited knowledgeable experience sound like a great deal.

Conclusion | Clozemaster Review

Now the most important question arises that will I continue to use Clozemaster services? And my answer blindly will be “YES”. It is one of the few resources that offers one of the rarest languages. I love that I got even more context for the vocabulary I’m learning.

Additionally, I get to choose useful expressions and sentences along the way of improving both my native language and the one in which Clozemaster is helping me learn.


It is a great addition to some of the other resources I am currently using. It offers many engaging ways to improve many of the languages I am learning. Obviously, it will not teach you a language on its own and no other language resource can do this.

But if you use Clozemaster regularly, you will surely learn a lot of things. You also get acknowledged with loads of useful material in your new language.

The monthly and annual subscription options are very reasonable. They offer you more variation in the way you can study with Clozemaster. It is free if you wish to use the basic version. But if you are thinking of joining Pro I can recommend you definitely try it out. Let’s see if it is a good fit for you.

I heartily hope you guys find Clozemaster helpful. Also, I hope you have found this Clozemaster Review helpful!

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