CSS Hero Pricing 2024: How Much Does It Cost?

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What is CSS Hero Price? This post will give you further details.

Planning to buy CSS Hero to enhance your WordPress theme editing experience then you are at the right place. I will explain the completer CSS Hero Pricing plans and also how you can save money on CSS Hero using the CSS Hero Coupon.

CSS Hero Pricing

Each package includes a one-year subscription to free updates as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. When the year is up, you have the option of renewing your licence or continuing to use the previous version indefinitely.

CSS Hero Price Details & Cost

CSS Hero is a WordPress WYSIWYG Theme Editor that allows you to make visual changes to your website using a point-and-click interface rather than coding; CSS Hero will automatically generate the needed CSS code and deploy it to your website after you save it.

CSS Hero Plans Actual Price Discount Price After Discount
STARTER $29/year 34% $19/year
PERSONAL $59/year 34% $39/year
PRO $199/year 65% $69/year
Lifetime PRO $599/year 67% $199/year

Let’s look at the CSS Hero Pricing Structure in more detail, as well as which CSS Hero plan is appropriate for you and how much of a discount you can get on the CSS Hero Price.

CSS Hero offers 4 different types of pricing plans.

  • STARTER ($19/year): This plan is for one-time users who only want to use CSS Hero to customise one website.
  • PERSONAL ($39/Year): Small agencies, entrepreneurs, and advanced publishers who manage two to five sites (as WordPress installations).
  • Web businesses and professional publishers who manage a significant number of sites should upgrade to PRO ($69/year).
  • LIFETIME ($199 for a one-time purchase): In a simple, one-time payment, you’ll have full, hassle-free access to CSS Hero for the rest of your life.

All these 4 CSS Hero Paid Plans includes the below items.

  • One Year Upgrades
  • Install a number of sites as per the plan
  • One Year Basic Support

So, if you go for CSS Hero Lifetime then you can save up to 67% and get their entire product for a lifetime by paying a one-time fee of $199 only. Keep track of CSS Hero Coupon Codes to get up to 80% discount.

FAQs Related To CSS Hero Price

  • Is CSS Hero compatible with my theme?

Ans: Yes, most likely. It is compatible with the majority of themes and plugins.

  • What exactly is CSS hero?

Ans: CSS Hero is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create your own WordPress theme without having to write a single line of code (no HTML or CSS knowledge necessary).

  • What happens if my plan isn’t renewed?

Ans: Don’t be concerned! Your work will be totally protected, and the plugin will continue to function normally.

  • Are there any CSS Hero plans that come with a money-back guarantee?

Ans: Within 30 days of purchase, each plan is guaranteed to be 100% money back.

Conclusion: CSS Hero Price & Cost

In a nutshell, CSS Hero is totally worth it and offers incredible value for money. You can pick any of the pricing plans that come with 1 year of free updates and stellar customer support.

Plus, the 30-day money back guarantee gives you the chance to try out CSS Hero features risk-free.

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