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In this article, we have featured FastComet Pricing Plans 2024 But Before that, the question is, What exactly is FastComet?

If you need shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, or cloud hosting for your website, FastComet is a great option. It is a hosting service provider based in San Francisco, California that offers some of the best and highest quality hosting solutions for website owners.

Their servers are housed in 11 different locations across the world. Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Newark, Dallas, Chicago, Frankfurt, Toronto, Mumbai, and Sydney are all options. You will never experience increased ping time or a decrease in page loading speed, regardless of where you are physically located.

FastComet Pricing Plans Deals And Offers

FastComet Pricing

FastComet Shared Hosting has three fantastic plans, with the lowest tier starting at $2.95 per month. Customers that require the most resources can choose FastCloud Extra, the highest tier option. The following are the specifics for each of the three FastComet Shared Hosting plans:

  • FastCloud: $2.95 per month, one website, 15 GB SSD storage, 25,000 unique monthly visitors, 2 GB RAM, 2 Cores
  • FastCloud Plus: $4.45 per month, unlimited websites, 25 GB SSD storage, 50,000 unique monthly visits, 3 GB RAM, 4 Cores
  • FastCloud Extra: $5.95 per month, unlimited websites, 35 GB SSD storage, 100,000 unique visitors each month, 6 GB RAM, 6 Cores

Cloud VPS Hosting Pricing

FastComet CloudVPS Hosting offers four fantastic plans, with prices starting as low as $47.95 per month. The most expensive plan, with the most resources, costs $111.95 per month. Let’s take a closer look at each of the four FastComet CloudVPS Hosting plans: but before that check out fastcomet coupon code for the latest deals and offers.

  • Cloud 1: $47.95/month, Unlimited Sites, 50 GB SSD Web Space, 2 GB ECC RAM, 2 TB Bandwidth, 2000 Mbps Network Output
  • Cloud 2: $55.95/month, Unlimited Sites, 80 GB SSD Web Space, 4 GB ECC RAM, 4 TB Bandwidth, 4000 Mbps Network Output
  • Cloud 3: $71.95 per month, Unlimited Sites, 160GB SSD Web Space, 8 GB RAM, 5 TB Bandwidth, and 5000 Mbps Network Output.

FastComet Pricing

Dedicated CPU Servers Pricing

FastComet Dedicated CPU Servers Hosting offers four distinct plans, the most affordable of which costs $111.19 per month. Customers can choose higher tier plans for additional resources, with the highest tier plan costing $279.19 per month.

DS 1: Unmetered Websites, 80 GB SSD Web Space, 4 GB ECC RAM, 4 TB Bandwidth, 4000 Mbps Network Output

DS 2: Unlimited Websites, 160 GB SSD Web Space, 8 GB RAM, 5 TB Bandwidth, and 5 000 Mbps Network Output.

DS 3: Unlimited Websites, 320 GB SSD Web Space, 4 GB RAM, 6 TB Bandwidth, and 6000 Mbps Network Output

DS 4: Unlimited Websites, 640 GB SSD Web Space, 4 GB RAM, 7 TB Bandwidth, and 7000 Mbps Network Output

FastCloud’s Extra Plan that I recommend

FastCloud Extra is their most expensive shared hosting plan, with prices starting at $5.95 per month. However, this strategy packs a powerful punch in terms of speed, security, and performance! For a fraction of the cost, you receive better performance than a dedicated server.

The FastCloud Extra plan includes three times the resources per account and three times the number of users. Your website is hosted on a high-performance server with PHP7 hosting, LiteSpeed LSAPI, APC & OPcache, Static and Dynamic Varnish cache.

Here’s why FastComet’s FastCloud Extra plan is the greatest shared hosting plan! The performance is comparable to that of most dedicated servers but at a fraction of the cost!

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