How BrandPush Has Helped AffiliateBay in Increasing the Conversion Rate by 48%

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Every day, people come up with new ideas. Big or small, these ideas are the germ of something bigger. But sadly, most of them never see the light of day because nobody seems to believe in them. This is something BrandPush can help you with.

Here, we will be telling you the story of AffiliateBay. First, let us see what exactly BrandPush is –

What is BrandPush?

BrandPush is an Estonian-based firm that provides press release authoring and delivery services. They promise to publish stories on more than 200 news sites, including affiliate sites of the major news platforms like FOX, USA Today, Google News, Market Watch, Digital Journal, Benzinga.

However, they do not contain a media contact database or customized distribution circuits. Their distribution network includes many smaller regional news sites.

Brandpush - How BrandPush Has Helped AffiliateBay?

Although many of them appeal to the U.S. market, it also contains a range of overseas sites, such as Malaysia Corner and Buzzing Asia.

Here’s what we have to say about BrandPush –

We’ve been in business for a while now. Our journey hasn’t been easy, but Brandpush helped us promote our website. When we started this business, we were doing everything doing everything we knew and slowly gaining some success, but it wasn’t enough to expand or become a good brand.

We started working with Brandpush shortly after, and it’s been an incredible journey with them ever since! Some of the most reputed brands have worked with us through Brandpush, and we went from strength to strength.”

We are thrilled with the kind of work they’ve done for my brand. They managed everything from scratch, and there was never a time when we had to look up anything or had to complain about it.

They understood our needs well. We would like to appreciate what BrandPush has done for AffiliateBay. They helped me grow our reach drastically.

How BrandPush Caught Our Attention?

On doing some research, AffiliateBay stumbled upon one post with a unique marketing strategy called BrandPush.

It was such an exciting concept as they would represent your blog post the articles to various news websites, and give your brand a head start. They immediately decided to contact and promote their business with us.

What happened next, see what they have to say about it –

“After a few months of working with BrandPush, I hit the first target, which was a fantastic achievement. It has only been less than a year since I started making money from our blog, and now I am making a decent amount of money.

BrandPush publishes articles on more than 200 influential websites, including some of the major ones like Fox, USA Today, Google News, Market Watch, Digital Journal, Benzinga and a lot more.

The day my articles got published on these websites, I started getting views, and making sales. My domain authority increased drastically.”

Some may ask, why get featured on a news website? Here is why.

How is Getting Featured in News Sites Beneficial?

1. Your accomplishments are highlighted:

This is the most obvious advantage and truly does not need explanation. Right now, your efforts are bearing fruit.

You have finally received the recognition that often transforms marginally profitable firms into massively lucrative ones.

BrandPush Case Study

What you envisioned when you began the operation is taking form.

This might very well be the most critical period in the life of your firm.

2. Locally and even nationally, businesses are promoted:

What has been published is being read by community members. These are the individuals that matter. They are the intended audience.

And one of their primary objectives is establishing a name in which people can place their faith. Therefore, you must attend to these individuals IMMEDIATELY, since nothing screams “trust me” like positive news.

3. Confirms that everything is functioning properly:

Positive publicity serves as a type of reinforcement, indicating that what you’ve been doing is working. Maintain your path.

Continue doing what brought you here. Please take advantage of this wave of success and ride it to the top.

However, do not get complacent since now is the perfect moment to begin giving surveys to your clients and analyzing their results to determine what they want to see changed, added, or eliminated.

Ascertain that you have the information necessary to keep ahead of the curve as circumstances change.

4. Increases investor and employee attraction:

After being recognized for your business’s rising success, it’s not unusual to notice an increase in interest in your firm. This may come from customers, investors, or prospective employees.

When your firm is acknowledged in a newspaper for the work, it does well and successfully does it. Naturally, others want to be a part of it.

Brandpush Customer Reaching

You may zero in on these fresh faces and choose the ones that offer your business the highest development potential!

5. Can be shown for additional advertising purposes:

An article published in any journal is excellent advertising for your firm and the success you’ve achieved.

However, these stories are often published in a single newspaper or magazine issue and then discarded and forgotten within a month. This makes it more difficult to demonstrate your successes and achievements.

How Does BrandPush Work?

They increase your brand’s visibility by creating and posting a news piece on one of over 200 news sites. Their knowledgeable staff is capable of writing on any subject!

How Brandpush Works - How BrandPush Has Helped AffiliateBay ?

1. Writing:

Their skilled writers design the ideal news article to promote your business.

2. Publishing:

Their staff will next distribute your story throughout their network of more than 200 news websites.

3. Get Results:

They offer you a comprehensive report complete with active links, and you reap the benefits of increased visibility and revenue.

How BrandPush Help AffiliateBay Get Featured in 500+ News Sites?

BrandPush promoted AffiliateBay on 572 publications, 542 news sites and helped AffiliateBay reach 126.1 million readers.

BrandPush announced AffiliateBay at various platforms like Market Watch, Digital Journal, AZ Central, FOX, Benzinga, and a lot more.

Affiliatebay brandpush report

They helped us increase our readers at a drastic rate in a very short period.

Why Do I Recommend BrandPush?

1. Boost Sales:

Install the “As seen on Fox, USA Today, Google News, Market Watch, Digital Journal, Benzinga” trust badge on your website to increase purchases.

BrandPush Trust

By establishing confidence and authenticity with your visitors, this emblem increases conversion rates by up to 48 %.

2. Verify Your Social Media Accounts:

Their publications demonstrate that you and your brand deserve verification as public people of interest.

Verifying Social Media Accounts - How BrandPush Has Helped AffiliateBay?

Many of their customers utilize their articles to increase their social media verification on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

3. Increase Your Google Rankings:

Their news articles often rank on the top page of Google for your targeted keywords, resulting in increased traffic to your website.

Increase Google Rankings

Search engines view links from these news sites as recommendations from high-authority sources, which helps boost your search rank.

4. Attract Pre-Qualified Buyers:

You may direct eligible customers to your website by posting on high-traffic news sites.

Pre Qualified Buyers

Each magazine serves as a landing page, introducing shoppers to your brand and offering before visiting your website.

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Conclusion: How BrandPush Has Helped AffiliateBay?

In a nutshell, BrandPush helped us reach our readers from all across the world. It drastically helped us boost our sales and increase our Google rankings in a short period.

In only seven days, you can be published on news websites!

Do you need further exposure? They’ve got your back. Their staff of seasoned journalists can write excellent news articles to pique interest in your business.

They then syndicate the piece to over 200 news websites, resulting in widespread exposure and even sales! Begin now, and you’ll be published in only seven days. That is how they operate, so swiftly.

I am very grateful for all the support they provided to us, and without them, our blog wouldn’t be where it is today! THANK YOU, BRANDPUSH!!

I would recommend them to any brand looking for an extended arm, one that’s willing to go the extra mile.

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