Adobe Photoshop Free Trial 2024: How To Get Photoshop For Free TODAY?

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Are you looking for a Photoshop free trial? How long is Photoshop free trial?

Whether you’re a hobbyist photographer or a serious professional, you’ve probably heard that Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool for any visual artist.

However, if you’ve never used it before, Adobe Photoshop free trial is recommended. You’ll be able to test out all of the vital tools it has before purchasing a monthly subscription.

Adobe offers Photoshop 2022 in a number of different ways, ranging from the All Apps Plan (which gives you access to all Creative Cloud applications) to the simpler Photography Plan.

There are a few methods to download Photoshop 2022, ranging from Adobe’s All Apps Plan (which gives you access to all Creative Cloud applications) to the simpler Photography Plan.

You must pick whether you are an individual who is testing it for yourself, a business looking for an office solution, or an educator.  Additionally, you can check out the Adobe Photoshop Coupon and get up to 70% OFF.

How do get Adobe Photoshop Free Trial?

There are a few methods to download Adobe Photoshop, but the easiest way is to go to Adobe’s website and sign up for a free trial.

This will give you access to all of the features of Photoshop for a limited time, so you can test them out before deciding whether or not to purchase a subscription.

Follow these steps to get Adobe Photoshop free trial:

Sign Up for Photoshop free trial

Adobe photoshop free trial

On the Photoshop homepage for your free trial, you’ll be prompted to begin your free period. The large button in the middle of the page that says “Try for Free” should be clicked on.

Select the trial plan you’d like to try.

Adobe photoshop free version

On the next screen, you’ll see a trial plan popup that explains Adobe’s various subscription options.

On top of that, there are three tabs: ‘Individuals,’ ‘Business,’ and ‘Students & Teachers.”

Continue to checkout

Adobe free download no trial

On the first page, you’ll be asked to provide your email address. This should be your preferred Adobe account address, so make sure you have something accessible. Continue to the next step.

You must enter payment card information on the following screen.

After clicking ‘Next,’ you’ll arrive at the confirmation screen. DO NOT close the browser window yet!

Install the Creative Cloud

The screen that appears after your Lightroom subscription is activated says, “Your subscription includes Lightroom as well as Photoshop. Please install the Adobe Creative Cloud app to continue.”

Adobe photoshop software trial

This will launch the Creative Cloud app, where you may install Photoshop, among other Adobe trials such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

What is Adobe Photoshop?

Photoshop free trial

Photoshop is the most popular graphics editing program on the planet, having been released in 1987. It allows users to develop images, movies, websites, logos, 3D models, animations, and other kinds of visuals.

The program also includes image editing capabilities such as filters, curves, modifications, layers, and other features.

Photoshop is a popular graphics editing software that may be used by both professionals and amateurs. However, it is not as complex to master as other similar applications. Photoshop Elements is a decent entry-level alternative to Photoshop.

Is Photoshop Free?

Yes, Photoshop is available for a week with the Adobe Photoshop trial. You may continue to use Photoshop after the free trial has ended if you pay the subscription fee.

Photoshop costs $9.99 per month and comes bundled with Adobe Lightroom, several other Adobe programs, and 20GB—1TB of cloud storage.

What is the Adobe Photoshop free trial exactly? For a full week, you get unrestricted access to the whole program, including all of its current features and upgrades.

This way you can evaluate whether it is the ideal photo editor for your needs firsthand. Some bloggers claim that you don’t have to give your credit card information to obtain the trial.

How to get Photoshop for free as a student?

Adobe gives a 60% discount on all of its applications to students and instructors. To obtain Photoshop for free as a student, follow the instructions for the Photoshop free trial (above), but then provide proof that you are a student.

You would qualify for this discount if you are:

  • University or college
  • Primary or secondary school
  • Homeschool

How to cancel Photoshop’s free trial?

If you don’t like Adobe Photoshop CC for image editing, you may quit the free trial at any time within 7 days and end it. You can cancel it literally one minute before it runs out, and there will be no charge.

  1. Sign in to your Adobe account.
  2. Select Manage plan or View plan for the plan you want to cancel.
  3. Select Cancel plan (sometimes also Cancel your plan).
  4. Pick the reason for cancelling the trial.
  5. Select Continue.


Photoshop is the most popular picture editing software in use by millions of individuals all over the world—I use it as well.

A Photoshop free trial is the best way to see whether you want to pay a monthly subscription for this program or not. Regardless of whether you keep it or cancel it, you will not be charged anything.

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