How often should you backup your WordPress site?

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WordPress is the most popular website construction platform on the internet, powering slightly under a third of all websites, and is used by companies of all sizes in all industries all over the world. It is a popular choice for entrepreneurs and startups, as well as huge corporations and global brands such as TechCrunch, Sony Music, Mercedes-Benz, and Bata.

WordPress blogs are typically developed with Themes, which are defined as “a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog” according to the WordPress website. The files that make up the Theme are known as “Templates,” and they allow you to change the design and functionality of the website without changing the underlying code.

After a company decides to utilise WordPress, the next step is to select a theme, which determines the site’s fundamental layout, design, and style. Finding a theme that gives a beautiful, professional-looking sample is far from simple.

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Best WordPress Themes Quality & Features


Every company requires a well-designed and functional website. A theme must have both high-quality design and coding to deliver both attributes. A website with badly designed back-end code may look beautiful on the surface, but it may not perform properly or break down when you try to change it.

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When you’re finished modifying a website with well-written code and a nice-looking example page, but a drab design, it might not appear the way you want it to.

Responsiveness, or how the site appears on multiple devices, is a vital part of both functionality and a professional, on-brand presentation. Many webpages are created on a desktop computer and then resized for mobile devices. It’s also risky to take a theme’s marketing material at face value when it claims to be fully responsive.

Check any accessible user comments to see if there are any complaints about how it looks on tablets or other devices, and once you’ve chosen a Theme, make sure it’s responsive to avoid losing all of the consumers for whom the website won’t load properly.

If testing the website on a number of devices is not practical, Google provides a responsiveness testing tool so you can be sure your site will look and operate the way you want it to, regardless of the device your site visitors are using.

Most businesses will prefer a drag-and-drop interface to alter their WordPress website. This allows you to alter the website without the need for a programmer’s coding expertise.

Look for a Theme that has shortcodes, which are little code samples that can be cut and pasted into the site if you want to do more extensive customisation.

A complete selection of colours and fonts is another basic need that some Themes fail to achieve. Even if you don’t have a certain colour scheme or text style in mind, the limits imposed by Themes with only a few options are likely to require you to make unwanted site aesthetic concessions, preventing the business from being portrayed in its best light.

There are certain factors unique to the type of website your business need beyond these basic criteria for a solid WordPress Theme.

Retail Site 

Ecommerce functionality is obviously necessary for any retail site, but the catalog’s quality is even more critical – if your products or services are difficult to discover, show poorly, or update and maintain, your customers are unlikely to make a purchase.

Posts Table Pro, WooCommerce Product Table, WP Catalogue, Product Catalog, and WordPress Catalog are some of the most popular catalogue plugins for WordPress. They have a lot of similarities in terms of basic elements, but they differ in terms of functionality. If you use a plugin, make sure it’s simple to update; otherwise, keeping your site up to date with your actual inventory will be a constant hassle.

When choosing a theme, keep in mind that not all themes are compatible with all plugins, so figuring out which catalogue plugins a theme supports is a vital component of evaluating it for an ecommerce site.

The transaction management plugin is also crucial. It must not only accept payments in the appropriate form for your clients, but it must also meet increasingly stringent security and usability requirements. According to research from ecommerce software company Barilliance, security concerns account for 15% of online shopping cart abandonment, while a delayed and complicated checkout procedure accounts for 9%.


To be effective, a media company’s website must be able to offer media files on demand without errors or delays. As a result, plugin compatibility is a critical consideration in deciding which Theme to use in order to present your content the way you want.

Performance is crucial for all sites, but it is especially vital for media sites, due to the comparatively high volumes of data that must be transmitted from the site to the visitor. A lightweight theme is one that has “clean” code, meaning that every line that must be processed is performing work that is critical to the website’s delivery. Professional programmers tend to produce cleaner code than enthusiastic amateurs, making their Themes “light” and fast. This is one of the key differences between more expensive “quality” Themes and most affordable or free choices.

Membership features

Plugins like MemberPress, Restrict Material Pro, or Paid Member Subscriptions are commonly used by membership community websites that use a paywall or otherwise restrict access to some content or locations.

Plugins like bbPress or BuddyPress are used to set up and manage community forums on websites. Many Themes include one of those or a comparable option, which makes things easier.

You may also want your membership or community website Theme to include features like a user rating system and email list integration, depending on the requirements of your business.


There are good Themes out there for whichever kind of business you want to run your WordPress site on.

Choosing the right one can be crucial for your business.

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