List Of Best 11 Zoho CRM Alternatives You Must Try In 2024

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Are you looking for a suitable Zoho CRM Alternative for customer relationship management?

The software is well-known for its native integration with a variety of other Zoho applications, as well as robust reporting and a free version for up to three users. 

It’s perfect for fast-growing small companies that want to extend their capabilities. Along with these considerations, we compiled a list of Zoho CRM alternatives as well as a few additional functions.

Bottom line- Engagebay is the first choice over Zoho as it offers the best service for combining Marketing and Sales into one portal. Agile is the second choice for Zoho CRM alternatives which helps to monitor and manage consumer preferences. Copper offers startup-friendly features such as automatic data entry, smart recognition so it is the third choice for Zoho CRM Alternatives.  Nimble is a fantastic fit for companies and Fifth choice that want to automate consumer engagements and capture customer data. Since Pipedrive lacks an internal emailing framework so it is the eighth choice Zoho CRM alternative.

Zoho CRM is an award winning CRM which is trusted by a global network of over 150,000 businesses in 180 countries to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue. Zoho CRM acts as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together, and streamline your process, policy, and people in one platform.

Top Zoho Alternatives

Agile CRM is developed to help marketing and sales teams operate more closely together on a shared board, while simultaneously maintaining consumer productivity at any touchpoint for leads, opportunities, and consumers.

"I was able to import all the contacts in a very simple way and clean my list in a short time. Another great thing: the mobile app and the possibility of integrating with other programs." -Erik R

Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) is a productivity CRM that allows companies to concentrate on creating and nurturing client relationships rather than spending time entering details.

"I love the fact it syncs your contacts from your Gmail to Copper and asks if you want to add them. It also compiles and zaps with other products you may use like an email campaign tool." Scott G.

Nimble is a fantastic fit for companies who want to automate consumer engagements and capture customer data across many channels for contextual interactions with limited manual data entry.

Great CRM built for the people that actually use the CRM to build relationships with customers, partners, and prospects - Steve Slaughter

Insightly, ranked fifth in our top ten Zoho CRM alternatives, is a cloud-based CRM that is perfect for small companies looking to achieve a holistic view of all clients, consumers, vendors, and stakeholders to strengthen partnerships.

"Overall for small or medium size sales organizations, this is a great vehicle to ensure all opportunities are documented and tracked." -Susan A.

Zoho CRM Alternatives

Top 11 Best Zoho CRM Alternatives In 2024

Here are the best Zoho CRM alternatives in 2024 that you must try:

1. Engagebay

Marketing, Support (live chat and helpdesk), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Sales modules are all available from EngageBay.

Customers can order them individually or as part of an all-in-one kit. The all-in-one suite saves a lot of resources and effort while offering clearer insights, monitoring, and eliminating data discrepancies.

It also removes the need for complicated integrations and data duplications by presenting a holistic perspective of the consumer throughout divisions.

EngageBay combines strong sales and CRM features with a strikingly user-friendly GUI. It’s up and running in minutes with no upfront costs and no preparation needed!

EngageBay’s all-in-one CRM has a larger number of contacts/subscribers than any of its rivals. Bring all of your connections into EngageBay to see how powerful a single network can be.

We have the latest promotion, distribution, and service tools at an unbeatable price.

Why should you pick Engagebay over Zoho?

To help you streamline sales processes and keep focused, EngageBay offers advanced CRM features such as 360-degree contact vision, proposal monitoring, meeting scheduling, gamification, and more.

Using a basic but effective graphic builder, you can create multi-step and multi-channel marketing automation strategies in minutes with EngageBay.

EngageBay is the most cost-effective Zoho CRM option.

EngageBay is a great Zoho CRM option because of its sophisticated analytics. EngageBay is an effective way to engage online users and grab leads since it has automation triggers that Zoho lacks.

Make fun web pop-ups and show them to your guests when it’s necessary. Increase sales by displaying coupons and discounts at the appropriate times.

There are no online engagement features available in Zoho CRM. EngageBay has a powerful popup creator and several customization options.

EngageBay has a holistic reporting module that provides you with deep and useful perspectives as opposed to Zoho CRM. Types, landing pages, and essential sales and support modules do not include reporting in Zoho CRM.Zoho CRM Alternatives - ENGAGEBAY overview

Why should you pick Zoho over Engagebay?

Zoho Social allows you to handle various social media networks and collaborate with your colleagues from a single dashboard.

It has fantastic features that allow you to have complete control of all platforms.

The calendar view is a perfect way to see what you’ve got planned. The method of setting up post automation is easy, and the overall user experience is excellent.

It’s been an outstanding forum for handling the bulk of social media networks. It also has excellent output measurement features in its clear dashboard.

2. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is developed to help marketing and sales teams operate more closely together on a shared board, while simultaneously maintaining consumer productivity at any touchpoint for leads, opportunities, and consumers.

It basically allows companies to close a lot of deals and raise a lot of money.

Lead scoring, marketing automation, automatic custom workflows, email monitoring, project management, interaction management, online forms, push alerts, and support desk tools are only a few of the features available.

Agile CRM offers users a 360-degree view of all their connections and helps them to create rich contact profiles with all of the required details.

All communication profiles are updated in real-time, giving all teams access to comprehensive historical data and maximizing productivity in any customer encounter.

This is complemented by the well-illustrated communication timelines, which make it easier to comprehend previous conversations.

With a drag-and-drop project management app, teams can better collaborate on different projects by creating assignments, adding details, assigning staff, and simply getting a good picture of who’s working on what and being up to date on a project’s status.

Zoho CRM Alternatives - Agile CRM

Agile CRM is billed as a CRM that massively accelerates job processes. It comes with a variety of automation software that can be customized to suit the specific processes.

It has an adjustable threshold for qualifying the most valuable prospects and segmenting them based on their conduct, as well as automatic lead scoring based on particular criteria.

It also has an automatic calendar of reminders to ensure that all activities are finished on schedule.

A drag-and-drop designer makes it simple to automate marketing strategies based on personalized workflows.

It also has automatic lead routing to distribution members and ticket routing to help teams.

This framework is more than just a CRM; it also includes a landing page designer that allows you to create high-converting templates.

Web pop-ups can also be used to keep users on a website active. When used in conjunction with exit purpose, you can keep more website users on your page and encourage them to associate with your brand, increasing your conversion rate. 

Why should you use Agile CRM rather than Zoho CRM?

The package is absolutely free. It has a free account that can handle up to ten people.

Tools for the help desk It has a flexible support desk app that allows tickets to be resolved quickly.

Help staff will categorize tickets based on the difficulties they are dealing with to resolve them more quickly. For faster operations, smart workflows can be built.

Landing pages that have been optimized. Develop conversion-optimized website landing pages with a drag-and-drop builder.

Telecommunications. Without leaving the app, easily engage with clients via a call. It includes features such as an auto-dialer, post-call automation, call logging, calls scripts, and more.

Agile Crm Pricing

Why should you use Zoho CRM rather than Agile CRM?

An individual who enjoys conversing. Use AI to assist you in obtaining critical info.

CRM workflow control is stable. It has macros for job automation, process reminders, automatic email updates for workflow rule triggers, and instant notifications from third-party solutions, among other functions.

Immediately Recognize cool leads. It helps you to quickly identify cold leads that should be followed upon.

3. Copper 

Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) is a productivity CRM that allows companies to concentrate on creating and nurturing client relationships rather than spending time entering details.

Its ability to automatically pre-populate data per customer profile in a systematically ordered way, meaning that all consumers are accounted for, is critical in making this possible.

Zoho CRM Alternatives - Copper

Copper also provides an optimized RingCentral VoIP system, allowing you to easily call clients from inside the system while also benefiting from reliable conversion monitoring and detailed forecasting.

Copper has robust integrations with Google Suite and common third-party tools like Dropbox, Slack, and MailChimp for fast distribution and use.

Zapier or the company’s own RESTful API may also be used to add compatibility to any solution. 

Copper’s 360-degree openness helps colleagues to work together to assess the right solution for each customer or to validate any critical agreements.

It also offers consumers the tools they need to customize their business funnel for greater insight into each customer’s current status, making it easier for your peers to resume discussions on your behalf.

You can set reminders and updates for highly important customers, as well as monitor communications, so you can easily respond to their requests and meet their standards.

Why should you use Copper rather than Zoho CRM?

Pre-population of data. Customer information is stored in the device without the need for manual data entry.

This frees up opportunities for the staff to work on building stronger customer partnerships. More specifically, it eliminates the possibility of consumers falling through the cracks.

Integrations of G-Suite. Connect Google services to the framework and communicate with clients directly from your Gmail inbox.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Call clients directly from inside the system.

Why choose Zoho CRM of Copper?

Fair pricing. It provides more affordable price options and more features. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI). Utilize a conversationalist AI that can handle basic tasks like data acquisition and storage, as well as offer macro tips for enriching the data fields.

Notifications in real-time. Its SalesSignals features streamline all of the updates, including those from third-party users.

4. Base CRM

Base CRM, software built by sales teams looking to draw on both leads and prospects, is ranked eighth in our top ten alternatives to Zoho CRM.

It allows users unique insight into each pipeline and offers automatic scoring rules for qualifying leads and openings, allowing them to better understand where to prioritize.

Zoho CRM Alternatives- Base-CRM

Smart Lists, which allow you to filter all contacts for improved prioritization, vastly improve this. The platform allows for automatic funneling of leads and prospects to sales teams to ensure the freshness of each touch.

It also boasts robust lead monitoring, allowing members to connect with hundreds of contacts without losing consistency.

Base CRM provides intelligent insights to both administrators and lawmakers.

Managers have access to relevant revenue metrics and stats on the individual success of their staff members, while representatives have their own dashboard with full visibility on their progress toward their targets.

Custom event-based workflows and procedures for successful automated communications, a built-in dialer with integrated monitoring and tracking for smoother phone engagements.

Also, a smartphone app for on-the-go customer management, integrations with popular third-party solutions, and more are all available in Base CRM.

Why should you use Base CRM rather than Zoho CRM?

Excellent architecture and user-friendly GUI. Base CRM is easy to use and helps new users to rapidly transition to the software.

Reports that are easy to comprehend. The app generates easily readable graphs of all the related metrics, allowing you to fine-tune your efforts to increase conversions.

Apps for a specific purpose. With Base CRM’s dedicated smartphone applications, you can take care of your leads and prospects while still being on top of all your activities.


Why should you use Zoho CRM rather than Base CRM?

The variety of features available. Zoho CRM has all of the functionality you’ll need to keep your client relationships healthy.

Alerts that are received in real-time. Thanks to third-party integrations, you’ll be informed of all crucial opportunities, from major sales to connections through different platforms.

A magnet for incoming mail. You’ll have total power over your emails. Zoho CRM is capable of collecting all consumer email behavior, searching mailboxes for relevant emails, exchanging emails based on personalized rules, handling temples, and much more.

5. Nimble

Nimble is a fantastic fit for companies who want to automate consumer engagements and capture customer data across many channels for contextual interactions with limited manual data entry.


The app automatically updates relevant client information from different data sources such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and social media platforms, meaning that you have not only rich information on each contact but also a good picture of their relationship with your firm.

You will quickly discover their desires, backgrounds, and other things with this information, which will improve the relationship when monitoring all deals and stopping leads from going cold.

Furthermore, Nimble allows you to reach consumers across many channels.

Nimble comes with a range of tools to ensure that customers don’t slip between the cracks.

It helps you to highlight crucial engagements and set alerts to ensure that all customers are remembered without missing important experiences.

It also provides a Rules Engine, which utilizes machine learning algorithms to learn from user actions and assist you in your tasks by intelligently displaying important data and alerting users to crucial opportunities that could have gone unnoticed.

Why would you choose Nimble over Zoho CRM?

Searching that is intelligent. When looking for a contact, Nimble not only shows exact and appropriate matches but also alerts you to customers who might be losing touch with your business. 

Qualify social media leads. Establish social media partnerships and use the site to qualify leads.

Interests can be easily identified. Nimble pulls data from a variety of sources to give you a greater view of your customers’ needs, allowing you to enter discussions more contextually and gracefully.

CRM platform that is easy to use. Nimble is a simple and easy-to-use platform for creating deep client relationships through contextual engagements driven by consumer data.


Why should you prefer Zoho CRM over Nimble?

CRM with a lot of features. It has you prepared for all of your activities, with resources like lead management, account management, process management, social CRM, revenue monitoring, and more to help you create good relationships.

A completely open choice. Small companies should have a freemium package that includes all of the features they need.

Integrations are a form of integration. Get access to third-party integrations of the highest quality as well as a wide range of Zoho games.

6. Insightly

Insightly, ranked fifth in our top ten Zoho CRM alternatives, is a cloud-based CRM that is perfect for small companies looking to achieve a holistic view of all clients, consumers, vendors, and stakeholders to strengthen partnerships.

Zoho CRM Alternatives - Insightly

It includes tools for interaction management, mission management, project management, and pipeline management, among other things.

Users will get a 360-degree view of all their interactions with Insightly, including relationship history and sales prospects.

The app often correctly links contacts with their respective social media, needing only the contact’s email address or product page to do so. 

Insightly’s project management capabilities guarantee that projects are done on schedule and that deadlines are reached by the whole staff as well as your collaborators.

Project delegation, automatic updates, mission goals, and other functionality in Insightly make this possible.

Furthermore, you should schedule meetings and create ongoing activities to help you organize all of your assignments and activities with the appropriate parties.

File sharing and versioning are also available in Insightly, ensuring efficient cooperation while enabling both parties to keep track of all modifications made to documents.

Users can easily catch leads and close deals with Insightly. Users can catch leads in several ways, including by scanning business cards with the platform’s smartphone CRM software.

Leads may be redirected to the required agents in real-time, allowing them to move on each hot prospect.

The framework also provides workflow management of multi-step procedures, such as automatic email sending, data entry, and more, enabling you to concentrate on more critical activities while reducing administrative work.

Why would you choose Insightly over Zoho CRM?

The collaboration is successful. Using different teamwork methods, ensure that both participants are up to date.

Brand management is incorporated. Monitor project results, build benchmarks, delegate assignments, and more to keep on top of each level of customer interaction.

Automatic identification of social profiles. It will connect a client’s social media to a product’s website or email address automatically.

Why would you choose Zoho CRM over Insightly?

Integrations are a breath of fresh air. Zoho CRM can be used in combination with other Zoho software and works with a wide range of third-party integrations.

The package is absolutely free. Using the app, you can expand your company without investing any money.

Alerts that are received in real-time. With its real-time warnings, you can ensure that no critical engagement slips between the cracks.

This also applies to third-party integrations, allowing you to stay up to date with all relevant experiences without having to leave Zoho CRM.

7. InfoFlo

InfoFlo is one of the most affordable CRMs on the market, and it’s perfect for companies who want to use a single feature-rich platform in the long run.

Zoho CRM Alternatives - InfoFlo

With this contact management solution, you can say goodbye to annual recurring fees per account, since it has a one-time fee of $99 per user, with all potential updates being free for life.

Various add-ons, each with a one-time fee of $79 per user, extend the system’s functionality.

Two-way Outlook syncing, project management, and email marketing are among the prominent add-ons.

Through saving and monitoring all critical details about individual company contacts or organizations on a single website, InfoFlo makes contact management a breeze.

It allows users the ability to manage more than just contact details, allowing them to see contact connections, joint projects, and all of your interactions with them through different channels such as emails and phone calls, as well as connecting all of their activities.

Leads and opportunities should also be given notes and assignments to help the team close sales.

Why should you use InfoFlo rather than Zoho CRM?

Pricing is based on a one-time fee. Never be bothered by repeated expenses again.

Control of contacts. You can get important communication or business detail, as well as all engagements with them, with a single click.

Outlook alignment of all ways is smooth. Integrate both Outlook contact details and vice versa.

Why would you choose Zoho CRM over InfoFlo?

CRM that is easy to use. It is mainly intended for the monitoring and interaction of both opportunities and clients.

Organize revenue funnels. Take command of the revenue funnel and escalation procedures.

Productivity has increased. Save time by not trying to check the system for relevant client material.

8. Pipedrive

Pipedrive allows sales teams to close transactions effectively and conveniently without having to struggle with time-consuming logistical activities.

Zoho CRM Alternatives - Pipedrive

If you’re answering emails or talking to clients on the phone, the platform keeps track of it so you can concentrate on your clients rather than manually entering details into the CRM.

Sales teams now have a straightforward vision of the sales pipeline, thanks to a visual dashboard that allows them to change buyer details and drag-and-drop deals into various levels all from one location.

The app also allows you to customize your different pipelines to meet your specific requirements.

With its timeline vision, approaching clients contextually is a breeze, and with its automated lead scoring, you can instantly decide which opportunities to work on first.

Pipedrive also boasts a range of third-party integrations, as well as strong APIs, email monitoring, entirely customized online forms, an integrated task scheduler, excellent reporting features, and seamless mobile optimization.

Why should you use Pipedrive rather than Zoho CRM?

Customization is extensive. You can configure nearly everything about the platform to suit their own sales processes.

Pipelines, dashboards, areas, events, special notes, and other features are included. Modules can also be switched on and off when required to boost sales performance.

Methodology for creating a sales funnel is also built-in. With its elegant visual interface, you can quickly navigate dynamic processes while remaining structured in your sales pipeline.

Outstanding news. Users will benefit from comprehensive, visual summaries thanks to Pipedrive’s ability to store all pertinent details and interactions on a single database.

The software includes split revenue statistics, customized reports with various custom filters, checking various sales systems, sales forecasting, and other monitoring features.

Any team member’s statistics, lead history, and deal worth can all be calculated.

Why would you choose Zoho CRM over Pipedrive?

The package is absolutely free. The free package is ideal for startups and small companies looking to expand their operations.

Join the conversation on social media. Its social CRM features make it simple to keep up to date on a customer’s or prospect’s preferences and social connections with your company.

Tools for effective follow-up. Using different follow-up methods, you will keep leads and clients from slipping through the cracks.

9. Freshsales

Freshsales is a one-stop-shop CRM that allows you total control of your leads.

It enables companies to recognize the highest-quality leads using behavior-based monitoring and rating, navigate pipelines more effectively using an intuitive deal card, and engage in discussions with sense.

Zoho CRM Alternatives - FreshSales

Users will get a 360-degree view of their sales to funnel with Freshsales, from simple customer knowledge to both won and missed offers.

Based on different filters, leads can also be randomly allocated to the members of the best-qualified sales.

Users can quickly participate in communications without spending time migrating contact details due to the platform’s support for direct calls.

Notifications may also be set up to keep track of all meetings and tasks.

Freshsales gives you full insight into the status of several customers in the business funnel. Users may also use a drag-and-drop GUI to configure stages and bid offers.

Through its smartphone applications, consumers can view their data at any time and from any location.

Actionable observations can be gleaned rapidly through different filtering options to summarize the papers, and this detail can then be presented in several visual diagrams, maps, and tables for easy comprehension.

The provider offers an enticing free trial that allows you to play around with the features without investing any money. Freshsales offers a free trial that you can sign up for here.

Why should you use Freshsales rather than Zoho CRM?

Clutter-free control. On a single page, see the whole client profile and touchpoints, giving you a straightforward impression of all your offers at a glance.

It also has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop navigation system for organizing sales pipelines. 

An automated lead assignment. Your sales staff can be grouped, and new leads can be assigned randomly depending on a variety of criteria.

There’s a phone infrastructure built-in. It comes with an auto-dialer, call routing, personalized welcoming messages, and more, allowing you to switch calls right away.

Website evaluation. Its website monitoring feature will rate prospects depending on how they use the platform.

Why should you use Zoho CRM rather than Freshsales?

Social CRM with a lot of power. Maintain contact with customers and prospects by using your social media profile to communicate with them and interacting with them from inside the CRM.

Alerts on the pulse. Keep up to date with all sales activity in real-time, easily follow up on cold leads, and sort alerts with ease.

Forecasting sales. Build personalized prediction reports by predicting key figures.

10. Salesforce 

Salesforce Essentials is a versatile one-stop customer relationship management tool that unifies multiple activities such as lead management, marketing, and distribution on a single platform.

Salesforce Essentials is a cloud-based solution that allows all teams to quickly view pertinent data and provide themselves with holistic knowledge about each interaction, including a comprehensive timeline and chat background.

Salesforce Essentials, when combined with Salesforce Einstein AI and automated machine learning, allows companies and agents to easily decide their next course of action as the tool provides critical data on a silver platter.

Zoho CRM Alternatives - SalesFrorce

Forecasting, monitoring high performers, and simple data insights are just a couple of the AI’s capabilities.

Salesforce Essentials simplifies squad processes by filling in the distribution pool without asking agents to monitor customer activities manually.

Users can also communicate easily due to a chatter feed that allows for fast collaboration. You can also channel prospects to the most eligible agents instantly with automatic lead scoring.

Users benefit from streamlined sales and marketing strategies as well as more reliable reviews because Salesforce Basics centralizes all customer knowledge to a centralized portal.

You have a greater understanding of each customer and provide a wealth of data-driven knowledge to fuel your plans and interactions using this material.

It also comes with a multitude of customizable tools, helping consumers to customize workflows to their unique preferences and systematically funnel leads to close deals at a faster rate.

It has a drag-and-drop visual interface that allows you to build workflows that work for you, making it simple to navigate the deals and move clients across different levels.

The platform also provides a smartphone app that helps you to monitor and promote all customer relationships on the move, meaning you can run your company anytime and anywhere you want.

Why should you use Salesforce Essentials rather than Zoho CRM?

It’s very adaptable. It enables you to adapt the platform to your own sales processes.

The ease with which it can be used. Users do not have to insert any information about their clients because the app extracts it automatically.

Its AI also serves up relevant details on a silver platter to assist you in determining the right course of action in the future.

CRM features are extensive. For the price, it offers a wide range of CRM-focused software with depth to help you increase your ROI by improving relationships with leads and customers.

Why should you prefer Zoho CRM over Salesforce Essentials?

A completely open choice. For up to three people, take advantage of a feature-rich free account.

A plethora of solid integrations. Apart from providing access to the Zoho ecosystem, the app also supports real-time alerts for third-party integrations, meaning that you are still updated and up to date.

Capabilities for automation. Robust automation capabilities in Zoho CRM remove mundane activities and speed up sales processes.

11. HubSpot CRM 


HubSpot CRM is a user-friendly platform that is appropriate for all forms and sizes of enterprises.

From setting it up in the office and integrating it to current workflows to handling both opportunities and closing sales, the software is quick to use.

HubSpot CRM has unrivaled integrations to ensure that one’s marketing and sales practices are still in sync, which is much more impressive given that the software is totally free to use.

For those looking to boost their sales and marketing efforts, there are often paying plans available. 

The platform was created to assist companies in closing sales quicker and save time organizing information about their opportunities and clients.

This is accomplished by its analytics capabilities, which monitor promotional behavior through several channels automatically.

Both client interactions are conveniently arranged in a timeline style, making it simple to consider the most recent contact and where they are in the queue without having to sift through lengthy email chains.

Zoho CRM Alternatives- HUBSPOT overview

Why should you use HubSpot CRM rather than Zoho CRM?

The user interface is simple and easy to use. HubSpot CRM was created with convenience and ease of use in mind.

The dashboard provides you with a detailed timeline of customer interactions. It also has an immersive dashboard that gives you a good picture of the entire sales funnels as well as lead analytics.

It’s easy to use. With little or no manual data processing, the app automatically inputs important information about customers, allowing you to jump right into interactions with sense.

Simply placed, consumers should concentrate on customer interaction rather than the nuances that other CRM strategies require.

A completely open choice. It includes a hassle-free freemium solution that is open to everyone, regardless of their company size or budget.

It can be accessed by an infinite number of individuals and can hold up to a million contacts. Many that want more features should check their paying plans.

HUBSPOT pricing

Why should you use Zoho CRM rather than HubSpot CRM?

Multi-channel marketing is a term that refers to a marketing strategy that Collects user data and communicates with customers through various channels.

Notifications in real-time. With SalesSignal, which provides real-time updates across all channels and third-party integrations, you can stay on top of all client experiences.

Integrations for Zoho. To improve your activities, take advantage of Zoho’s extensive software collection.

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FAQ’s | Zoho CRM Alternatives

👏Is Zoho CRM available for free?

Zoho's flagship CRM platform comes with a completely working free version. That's right: robust sales and marketing features, strong integrations, and safe cloud storage are all available for free.

🤔Is Zoho CRM a decent choice?

Also, Zoho is ranked No. 4 in the Best Free CRM of 2021, tied with Freshsales and Insightly. Businesses can choose and select between Zoho's business apps, customizing their program to suit their teams' individual requirements, thanks to the company's wide range of items.

👉What makes Zoho the best?

Since it is easy to incorporate, straightforward to use, and affordable to adopt, Zoho CRM is the perfect option as the best overall CRM platform solution for 2020. This software provides companies with everything they want in a customer relationship management framework.

🤑What is the worth of Zoho?

Today: has 5,000 staff, produces about $500 million in annual sales and has a market cap of between $5 billion and $15 billion (Zoho is a private corporation, so exact figures are difficult to obtain).

👉What does Zoho cost per month?

Zoho Standard costs $12 per customer per month if you sign up for an annual plan. Zoho Professional costs $20 per month per device, while Zoho Corporate costs $35 per month per user. The Zoho Ultimate Version costs $45 a month per user.

Conclusion | Zoho CRM Alternatives 2024

Look at the list of competitors above to find the best tool for the staff and workflow. You can sort these CRMs based on their functionality, prices, ranking, integrations, tablets, and more.

Check out checked feedback to see what other professionals in your area are doing. Compare applications side by side to see which one is the perfect fit for your business.

Zoho CRM Alternatives


Engagebay is the first choice over Zoho as it offers the best service for combining Marketing and Sales into one portal. Agile is the second choice for Zoho CRM alternatives which helps to monitor and manage consumer preferences. Copper offers startup-friendly features such as automatic data entry, smart recognition so it is the third choice for Zoho CRM Alternatives.  Nimble is a fantastic fit for companies and Fifth choice that want to automate consumer engagements and capture customer data. Since Pipedrive lacks an internal emailing framework so it is the eighth choice Zoho CRM alternative.

Out of 10


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