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MSHA-New-Miner-Training - Review

Read our full Detailed MSHA New Miner 360traning.com Review, Anyone working at a mining site (underground or surface) must have MSHA training as a New Miner.

There are some exceptions for those who are on site for a short time (they should be accompanied on the spot) or for those who never leave their vehicle (such as the driver of a lumberjack truck crossing the construction site, but do not stop).

Each mine site may have slightly different protocols for their single visit or very short contract periods. In general, however, anyone working at the mine site for more than a day or two should receive training on the New Mining Site.

360Training MSHA New Miner Review 2020: It It Worth Try?


MSHA New Miner courses

MSHA Part 46 and Part 48 Training Online:

Part 46 concerns the following types of open-pit mining:

Sand, gravel, stone, gravel, limestone, clay, shell dredgers and colloidal phosphate extraction.

Part 48 covers all other open pit and underground mining works. If it is not in the previous list, it is under part 48.

What is the difference?

Both parties need the same amount and frequency of training. According to Part 46, the training plan must include the required information as described in Section 46.5-12.

The mining site does not have to be sent to MSHA for prior approval but must be available to all minors and MSHA at all times.

The person responsible for the health and safety of the mine (there must be one) must review all times and subjects of the training and retain any records required by the MSHA.

360 Training New Miner training

Safety teachers do not need to be MSHA certified but should be considered competent to conduct the training. We have general training plans that can be changed to help a small mine operator make an acceptable plan for MSHA.

We can offer training that covers your training plan and is provided by instructors who are considered “competent” and easily recognized by MSHA inspectors.

Part 48 Training plans must be approved by the MSHA before beginning a mining operation. If you are an entrepreneur, you will receive training that corresponds to the training plan of the mine in which you will work.

Instructors must be MSHA certified (or approved by an MSHA Certified Instructor with a certified Instructor present during training).

360training plans cover all the topics required by the MSHA and are approved as a general plan. We can review your plan to make sure the lesson plans cover all aspects of your plan.

If you train us as a “new miner,” you will receive all the necessary training, with the exception of the task and site-specific training.

These are provided by the mining company you work with and can take from minutes to hours (or in some cases longer).

Each time you work at a new site in the mine, even if you have over 20 years of experience, you will be asked to receive special site training and new professional training.

360training Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), all miners and surface contractors must comply with the requirements of MSHA Part 46, which are required for the safety of mines prior to mining operations. , and annual update training.

The 360Training MSTra Mining Training Module contains 27 courses, including the 8 hours required for compliance training in Part 46 of the MSHA.

360 Training MSHA New Miner Review

If you are a surface miner or subcontractor, start your new job with the best education available.

According to Part 46 of the MSHA provisions, new minors must complete a 24-hour training within 90 days of hire. Four hours of this training must be completed before starting work in the mine.

This MSHA Surface Miner training will help you stay safe and compatible with comprehensive and interactive training content.

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360 Training courses

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Emerging problems related to health and safety in mining

The third task of the Committee was to examine key emerging research areas in the field of health and safety in mining, which appear to be particularly important in terms of their relevance to the mission of the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (NIOSH) mining program.

Emerging problems may be related to cultural or industrial factors or trends, such as B. Changes in demand for basic products, labour or technology.

The mining program aims to identify emerging problems over the next 5 to 10 years, identifying production needs, labour issues and mining practices as areas of concern in the future.

360 Training MSHA New Miner Review

The committee envisages changes in mining that can be predicted with certainty. Other predictions represent well-founded assumptions.

Mining production is expected to increase dramatically over the next 10 years. New technologies are being developed, new ventilation and soil control practices introduced and new health and safety standards adopted.

At the same time, a high turnover of miners is expected as older workers retire and younger and less experienced workers join.

Physical conditions such as the depth of the mine, the slope of the seam, and the thickness of the seam can result in a more difficult mining environment.

The mining program must keep pace with advances in mining methods and equipment and be ready to make recommendations as appropriate.

In assessing the seven strategic research areas of the mining program, the committee considered the emerging issues that the mining program should be prepared for. This chapter contains a list of these issues with a brief explanation.

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360 Training MSHA New Miner Review


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More About 360Training (MSHA)

This course is designed to help you meet the annual update requirements of Part 46 of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Part 46 applies to shells, sand, gravel, flat stones, shallow clays, colloidal phosphate and shallow limestone mines.

If your work involves other MSHA-regulated activities or if you are an independent contractor with activities in other mining types, you may need to complete a Part 48 training for you.

If you are a minor or independent contractor, some parts of the training in Part 46 must address issues with your specific business.

 MSHA New Miner classes

This course has special instructions to help you with this, as well as providing training on more general topics recommended by MSHA.

In addition, it can help you achieve your ultimate goal beyond MSHA compliance: your safety in my workspaces.

You need to know the rules that govern your activity at the mine. There may be additional training requirements or provisions that are not covered here.

You should have a copy of your company’s training schedule or deadlines for each topic and make sure that your studies meet the minimum hours specified in your plan.

Keep in mind that while this course covers most recommended topics for recycling, it also requires you to meet specific training requirements outside of this course.

For example, regulations (46.8 (b)) require an analysis of the specific hazards of your site. The total study time spent on the update must be at least eight hours.

Course design here is broadly in line with MSHA’s Part 46 training model. Upon completion of the training, your training must be certified by your company’s safety officer.


Why Should You Choose MSHA Training?

We highlight the following critical issues before you begin MSHA training:

Always contact the mine (and your employer if it deviates from the mine) to confirm and accept the type of training. Make sure that the training you invest in is acceptable to your company’s training plan.

We can refund your money. We can not refund your time.

 MSHA training course 46 hour

Who signs the pink leaf? Always identify the “Training Manager” who signs the documentation of your workout. In general, the person signing the form is a trainer who acts on behalf of the operator (eg, a qualified security officer of the company or a mine-instructed trainer).

360Training MSHA FAQs:

360 Training MSHA New Miner Review

✅ Do you need to take MSHA Part 46?

Miners and newly hired or newly hired contractors must complete safety training programs in accordance with Part 46 of the MSHA. 360training.com offers online MSHA training tailored to your regulatory needs! This web-based learning package for 360training.com offers over 8 hours of MSHA-compliant training. The online package contains 15 modules strategically created using MSHA Part 46. 360training.com has consulted industry experts to ensure discussions on the following mandatory topics: Chemical risks Site Rules and Reporting Risks Electrical hazards Surface Mining – Physical Properties emergency measures Rights of minors and their representatives. Surface mining – types and operations environmental risks dangerous communication

🔥 What does MSHA registration include?

MSHA Osha training includes: Specific online training and quality for MSHA, Course available every day and at any time, Automatic bookmarks, Certificate of immediate completion and download, Coach in available staff, Online chat and free phone support

😲 What is MSHA?

MSHA is the management of safety and health in mines. Think of it as the mining equivalent of OSHA. MSHA is the government agency responsible for mine safety and health issues. Among other things, they are responsible for ensuring that minors receive safety training as mining is dangerous.

💥 What is part 46 of MSHA?

Part 46 is part of the Mineral Resources Regulation of CFR 30. Part 46 lists the compulsory training and documentation requirements for training at certain open pit sites. In particular, Part 46 applies to “miners dredging shells or employees in mines of sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, colloidal phosphate or surface lime”.

Risk Areas In The Avoidance Of Respiratory Diseases

Future research shows that nanoparticles are common in the mining environment or more toxic than larger particles.

The mining program should be aware of current and future research in this area and be ready to be associated with potential control technologies with nanoparticles in the mining environment,

in particular, the methods of measuring and controlling the exposure.

The recommendations of the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Labor on the Elimination of Pneumatic Pneumonia (US Department of Labor, 1996) and a Criteria Document NIOSH (NIOSH, 1995) suggest the standard deduction for coal dust and silica.

360 Training MSHA New Miner Review

The mining program will be prepared, in collaboration with all stakeholders, to decide on a desirable approach to meet the technological challenges that may arise if the permissible exposure limit (PEL) is reduced.

The mining program must be ready to change the organization in the work (eg, overtime, extended desktop) can affect the health of the respiratory system of miners.

There are no active underground uranium mines in the United States. Therefore, the miners’ exposure to radon and their offspring is minimal.

As the nuclear power industry grows, we can expect an increase in uranium demand and the reactivation of uranium mines, increasing the exposure of miners working in this sector to radon.

Attention must be paid to technology control and disease prevention.

MSHA Part 46 New training requirements for minors: Training duration

According to the MSHA, mine operators must provide newly hired miners 24 hours of training for new miners before they can work without being observed by an experienced miner.

Of these 24 hours, the new minor must complete the first four hours before he can start work.

In addition, MSHA has made exceptions for miners who have worked in a mine in the past who have received new training for miners in this former mine, but who have never achieved the status of an “experienced miner”.

MSHA New Miner Training Courses

Their new education program for minors is the ideal option for those who need to visit mine.

OSHA Campus is the leading training provider for Part 46.

  • 24/7 access to the classes.
  • mobile-friendly
  • 27 courses included
  • Certificate of completion with each course.
  • Automatic bookmarking so that you never lose your place!
  • Interactive and attractive courses!
  • It can be done in just 1 day!

Course Description

360 Training MSHA courses

Save $ 390 on this package! Mining is full of unique challenges and threats to the industry. For that reason, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) requires that all surface miners comply with the rules of Part 46 and complete the required safety training.

However, the requirements for MSHA training online can be somewhat confusing for those who are new to mining: Who needs training? When should it be finished? 360 Training MSHA New Miner Review What kind of training is required? Eliminate training speculation with the new OSHACampus Mining Software.

Our package includes 27 courses, including the compulsory 8-hour compliance training listed in Part 46 of the MSHA. If you are a surface miner or subcontractor, start your new job safely.

Course objectives

Successful preparation of new and inexperienced miners for work in mines falling under Part 46 of the MSHA. Through these interactive online courses, students can prepare successfully and work in a mining environment. Because the course package includes 27 courses, minors can choose the courses to meet the 8-hour requirement.

Covered topics

  • General description of the chemical risks
  • Reaction to an emergency accident
  • hazard identification
  • HazCom at a glance
  • Safety rules for the mining industry
  • Dangers of information
  • Electrical hazard elements
  • Sources of electrical hazards
  • emergency measures
  • Rights of minors
  • Rights of representatives of mining
  • Overview of environmental risks
  • Dangers due to weather conditions
  • Mobile equipment in mines
  • Fixed mining machines
  • General protective equipment
  • Protection of mobile and stationary devices
  • Dangers of mobile devices
  • Fixed equipment hazards
  • Physical and electrical hazards
  • Summary of the 360training.com
  • Description of MSHA – CFR 30

Products Of 360 Trainer:

1. MSHA New Miner Training

Price: $150.00

MSHA New Miner courses review


Product description
According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), all miners and surface contractors must comply with the requirements of MSHA Part 46, which are required for the safety of mines prior to mining operations. , and annual update training.

The 360Training MSHA Mining Training Module contains 27 courses, including the 8 hours required for compliance training in Part 46 of the MSHA. 360 Training MSHA New Miner Review If you are a surface miner or subcontractor, start your new job with the best education available.

According to Part 46 of the MSHA provisions, new minors must complete a 24-hour training within 90 days of hire. Four hours of this training must be completed before starting work in the mine.

This MSHA Surface Miner training will help you stay safe and compatible with comprehensive and interactive training content.

Key Features:

  • General description of the chemical risks
  • Reaction to an emergency accident
  • hazard identification
  • HazCom at a glance
  • Safety rules for the mining industry
  • Dangers of information
  • Electrical hazard elements
  • Sources of electrical hazards
  • emergency measures
  • Rights of minors
  • Rights of representatives of mining

2. MSHA – MSHA Surface Miner Training Overview

Price: $20.00

360 Training MSHA New Miner Review


Product description
What is MSHA and why was it founded? When did the history of mining safety begin and how did it become law? This course allows the student to understand the basic principles of MSHA and its purpose.

At the end of this course, students will be able to understand the importance of MSHA mining rules and regulations.

Covered topics

  • “Course Description
  • Learning objectives of the course
  • key terms
  • mining law
  • Context and general description of MSHA
  • Course Summary
  • Final exam “

3. MSHA – Chemical Hazards Overview

Price: $20.00

msha 24 hour new miner training


Product description
Dangerous chemicals are miners, and miners must have extensive knowledge to detect hazards and prevent incidents. Working with chemicals requires knowledge of contingency plans and standard safety measures.

This course will attempt to discuss preventive measures that need to be taken against potential exposure from conventional mining chemicals.

In addition, students will be informed about methods to control exposure when working with or near hazardous chemicals.

Course Objectives

  • Type of dangerous substances
  • Definition of a chemical hazard.
  • Current mining chemicals and their hazards.
  • Means for introducing hazardous chemicals into the body.
  • Work with hazardous chemicals
  • Check the exposure before starting work.
  • Check exposure when working with hazardous chemicals.


 360 Osha Training MSHA New Miner Review 

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360 Training MSHA New Miner Review

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  • About Real Estate Course

To be 100% honest, much of my final decision was made with my instinct. 360 Training MSHA New Miner Review, In the end, I was really split between Real Estate Express and Kaplan, and I could have started a bit, but I finally decided to accept some of the reasons I had previously addressed for Real Estate Express.

Health and environmental protection

360training.com has been the leading provider of environmental, health and safety training for more than 15 years. The company has developed a comprehensive program and online library of hundreds of training programs for professionals.

EHS Their comprehensive catalogue of online security training and certification courses is aimed at security managers, security trainers, construction workers, vulnerable employees and employees at your own pace. The workforce in general.

 New Miner training testimonials

Their courses are developed by experts in the field, certified professionals in the field of health and environmental safety, and the latest compliance standards. For businesses that need security training, we offer flexible subscription solutions for every budget.

They are an authorized OSHA provider for our most popular interactive online courses. 10 to 30 hours and 30 hours of OSHA training for the construction and industrial sectors in general, focusing on OSHA sector standards.

Top-selling products include HAZWOPER 40 training, 24-hour and 8-hour training for workers dealing with hazardous waste and emergency response.

Course Features

  • Authorized OSHA provider
  • Training programs based on you, your budget, your schedule, your career and the needs of your business.
  • The training is supported by nationally recognized partners and educational institutions.
  • Strong experience with the topic behind every training module.
  • 100% online training with online customer service.
  • Personalized training with instant access.
  • Training programs comply with the latest OSHA standards
  • Certificate of completion and DOL card with OSHA transfer rate.
  • OSHA Disclosure Coach available to employees
  • Price per view, company statement and group discounts.
  • Bilingual security course in English and Spanish.
  • Includes a DOL plastic card
  • DOL card sent within 2 weeks


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Conclusion: Is 360Training MSHA New Miner Course Worth It?

360training MSHA New Miner Course seems a viable option for students who complete their real estate training on a limited budget.

They are strong, independent students who better absorb the information through reading and have the time and flexibility to be patient. The response time may be longer when you call for service.

Course prices are competitive in many countries. This can be a deciding factor for students who do not have much money for their education.

On the other hand, it is useful to think about assessments that describe difficulties in entering the classroom, contacting customer support and solving problems. According to this information,

students who can spend more for their convenience, students who have little time to study, and students who have a specific date to complete their course may want to compare 360training opportunities with other students. other licenses.

Course options before making a decision. For these students, it may be better to invest more in another course to avoid potential problems or to choose a course with a higher average success rate.

People who want to learn visually / acoustically and read videos, as well as students who want to complete most of their studies on a smartphone, should consider the others.

Options in addition to 360 ° training, as most of the delivery, is in the form of printable PDF files.

Students who prefer to learn by reading and those who want to print and present their course materials may prefer the 360 ​​format training format.

I hope, you have got a clear understanding of the New Miner course in our 360training.com review. Let us know about the MSHA training in the comments box.

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