5KPlayer Review 2024: Is This Media Player Worth It? Read HERE!!

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In this blog, I am going to discuss 5KPlayer Review 2024

Let us read why it is worth it!!

If you are into music editing, you must always be looking for a media player file that works for both Windows and MAC.

I have found one of the most amazing media player and video player that requires no plugin and is 100% free and clean.

5KPlayer Review: Does this Media Player Work For Windows and MAC?

Now is the time to switch to a better media player for a more pleasant experience with 5kplayer.

Packed with powerful features, 5kplayer has everything and more of what is expected from a great media player.

Until now, there were fewer options that served as a reliable media player and there’s always a need for better and more powerful software for Upgradation.

With 5KPlayer, now one can have a multi-purpose media player offering a combination of HD player, music player, DLNA & Airplay enabled media player and online downloader.

All features ensure the enhancing experience with 5kplayer making it one of the most opted media players today.

All the mentioned features are also free that is an exciting add-on as well as a reason to go for this wonderful media software.

5kplayer can be used on both Windows and Mac for smooth streaming of media files be it music or videos. Let us look into the features of this better alternative for media player software.

5KPlayer Air Play

5kplayer Features

The robustness of this amazing software comes from the following features

  • Supports all file formats
  • Online Downloading
  • Wireless Streaming
  • Video Editing
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Radio Player
  • DVD Player
  • Capable of Dealing with UHD and Large Videos.
  • Supports all file formats
  • An ideal media player should primarily support all file formats to accelerate ease of use.

5kplayer has entered the category of ideal media player by supporting all media file formats ranging from mp4, MKV, M2TS, AVI, WMV, FLV to MP3, AAC, WMA, and what not for both video and audio streaming.

This will make anyone not look for other alternatives when it comes to such software.

The notable attribute would be the quality it offers for audio and video playing through the TrueTheatre technology.

They don’t at all exaggerate while calling it a revolutionary design.

Online Downloader For 5KPlayer

Downloading videos from online platforms is not always as smooth and simple as it seems because not all software allows the seamless downloading of content online and here wins the 5kplayer for this feature.

One can download videos in no time from online platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Instagram, and similarly more than 200 online platforms.

Downloading MP3 and audio files online is also possible with an HD video player. Here’s how to download online videos more simply on 5kplayer.

Open the video you want to download on the online site.

Copy the video URL from the platform.

Paste the URL or link on 5kplayer.

The program will look for the availability of the file online and provide the video.

Hit the download button to start downloading the video.

You can also change the format of the video file while downloading it. By default, it downloads the 1080p video files.

It allows the downloading of subtitles with the video, batch download, resume from the breakpoint, playlist downloading, and so on.

Wireless Streaming 5KPlayer

Wireless streaming of videos and audio is one of the special features of 5kplayer.

Wireless support on software eases the task of sharing the files.

AirPlay technology is a built-in feature that is an instant solution for sharing media files.

An add on to AirPlay is the DLNA feature that is unmatched.

These allow screen mirroring of the content to Apple devices like iPhone/iPad to PC and from Mac/PC to Apple TV.

Apple AirPlay and the DLNA together boost the wireless streaming to play or stream almost everything between DNLA compatible devices.

5KPlayer Wireless Stream

More Features of 5KPlayer Review

Video Editing 5KPlayer

The awesomeness of this software is increased by its video editing features, that is, with 5kplayer one can edit the downloaded video or even trim a part of the video to edit it.

You can rotate, change playback speed, color balance, audio, etc.

Hardware Acceleration

While other media players might struggle to play high-resolution videos, 5kplayer has proved itself more efficient in this term compared to other media players.

The hardware acceleration feature saves you from dealing with the trouble of broken quality and stuttering video playing.

The powerful Dxva2 hardware i.e. the DirectX video Acceleration enhances the video processing using its graphic card and the CPU.

The hardware is GPU accelerated along with backed/powered by NVIDIA, intel, DXVADXVA, and AMD hardware acceleration.

The hardware elements together promise comprehensive, smooth, and quality playback for seamless video playing.

Settings for playing high-resolution videos via hardware accelerated video player.

Activating Hardware Acceleration on 5kplayer is a matter of few clicks with given steps to follow:-

Step 1. Download the free version of 5kplayer from the official website, install and open it.

Step 2. To access the hardware acceleration option, right-click on the main 5kplayer from User Interface or on the large video.

Step 3. On the settings option, you will find H/W Acceleration, click the option, and then click on the ‘Allow hardware acceleration’ checkbox. Now select the hardware, DXVA-2 Microsoft hardware interface (recommended).

However, the program will automatically detect the hardware that your system might work with.

The 5kplayer supports the following hardware for hardware acceleration depending on the type of system that you use.


2. QSV-Intel-GPU

3. DXVA-2 Microsoft Hardware Interface.

Radio Player

Playing online radio channels to help you get the best out of this device.

With just copying and pasting the URL for your favorite online radio channel, you can have access to them in no time.

It also contains some pre-set channels that include the most preferred ones such as NBC, BBC sports, Hotmix radio, CBS Sports, and so forth.

You can also record a portion of the online radio content for later use.

DVD Player

5kplayer has a built-in DVD player for those who have great collections of DVDs that they would like to enjoy. And for this, there is no need for a separate DVD player as you can play them via your computer on 5kplayer.

Capable of Dealing with UHD and Large Videos

The 4k version is designed to deal with large video files for a better experience. The newer version supports 10bit HEVC (HDR) videos as well as H264 8k videos.

5kplayer for Playing 4k UHD Media

Playing ultra HD 4k videos with a 4k media player can offer an unforgettable experience especially if you are someone who emphasizes viewing high-resolution videos.

The common troubles one might face in the absence of a 4k media player is distorted video, crash, aboriginal HD quality, and whatnot.

This can be dealt with with a robust 4k player for windows and a 4k player for MAC.

5k player prioritizes the superiority of its 4k UHD media player unlike other media players who might treat it as a niche and not

You can visit the official website www.5kplayer.com to free download the full version 4k video player for your Windows or Mac or get it through other freeware download sites.

5KPlayer Media Library

Supported HD Video Format on 5kPlayer

  • .mkv
  • .avc
  • .MP4
  • .mpg
  • .mpeg
  • .ts
  • .mov
  • .wmv
  • .xwmv
  • .mod
  • .tod

5KPlayer In built Radio

Pros and Cons Of 5Kplayer

✔ Pros

  • Free Download for Windows
  • Music Video Downloader
  • YouTube Downloader Available
  • Customer Support Works Well
  • Wireless Streaming
  • Supports all media formats
  • DLNA Enabled Media Streaming
  • 4k Video Player for Windows and MAC
  • Also Available in HD Format
  • No plugin required

❌ Cons

  • A bit confusing for beginners

Quick Links

FAQs | 5KPlayer

🤔How to change default player & file association on Windows?

🤷‍♂️ How to enable Hardware Acceleration on 5KPlayer?

🙋‍♀️ How to solve 5KPlayer YouTube Analyze not working?

All the video hosting sites that 5KPlayer supports such as YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion are listed in the 300+ online sites list. Of course, 5KPlayer is working to explore more and be able to support more sites in the future but in the meantime, it does not support downloading videos from all sites natively.

Conclusion | 5KPlayer Review 2024

Don’t let your PC or Mac ruin your video streaming experience anymore with poor quality, frequent stuttering while playing large videos, the hassle of unsupported formats, or troubles of converting the video format and whatnot.

Because now you have 5KPlayer to serve all your needs regarding a media player.

This software is not only ideal for 4k and 8k video playing but also is capable of supporting high-resolution videos through its powerful hardware acceleration option for seamless video performance.

It is available for free but there might be minimal charges to get access to some of its features, however, with the robustness of this program the charges are almost nothing to pay for the sets of benefits that it offers.

Therefore, 5kplayers can be seen as the next market player in media players.

This was my post about 5KPlayer Review 2024!! Hope you have liked our review on the 5k video player and media player file.

5KPlayer Review


In this post, we have shared the 5KPlayer Review with detailed features, pricing and pros and cons!! Let us read why it is worth!! Read here our review

Out of 10


  • Free Download for Windows
  • Music Video Downloader
  • YouTube Downloader Available
  • Wireless Streaming
  • Customer Support Works Well
  • Supports all media formats


  • A bit confusing for beginners


Price: $ 5

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