Apparelix Theme Review 2024 : Best Multipurpose Shopify Theme?

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Apparelix Theme Review


A leading vendor – ZEMEZ – has created Apparelix, a product of the future. With HTML5 and CSS3 code, the theme is cross-compatible. This web design is up to date with the latest requirements and trends. Furthermore, the theme has a responsive design.

Out of 10


  • Customers treated with friendliness
  • Easy to use - best choice
  • Complete solution at its best
  • Even a beginner will be able to use it


  • This solution is on the pricey side compared to other options in this category.


Price: $ 79

Are you looking to establish your Shopify store as an industry leader?

Do you want a quick increase in sales?

The platform and theme should be chosen carefully in this case. You should take a look at the combination of modern design and functionality. For this reason, get to know Apparelix and make a real brand out of Shopify.

By using this theme, the following options will be available in your online store:

  • Full-featured responsive design that can be easily customized
  • E-Commerce options abound
  • A variety of ways to personalize
  • Enhancing functionality with additional tools

There are many ways to improve your Shopify store with Apparelix. You’ll also find additional useful features in its package. Let’s familiarize ourselves with them.

Apparelix Theme Review 2024: Should You Try It? 

Here’s our detailed review about Apparelix Theme, let’s find out if it is worthy Shopify theme.

What is Apparelix Theme?

A leading author on TemplateMonster – ZEMEZ – has created the Apparelix Shopify theme. It’s a real product of the future, as Apparelix is cross-compatible with HTML5 and CSS3 code.

And, its responsive design suits the latest requirements and trends performing stably on any device. Without a doubt, a store based on Apparelix will capture the most visitors.

Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Plus, the clean structure of pages allows you to adjust Apparelix for different purposes easily. Furthermore, for now, there are 38+ demos available for your projects. Stay assured that they meet the most popular businesses and their peculiarities.

To create any type of online store, you can choose from numerous pre-made layouts.

On the Main Page you’ll find dynamic sections, headers, and footers, as well as layouts. Custom pages are available for every occasion. In the Apparelix theme, all the tools and options are available for developing an e-store.

However, it will be updated regularly. As a result, you can benefit from new Home page mockups, headers, and footers, product page styles, and tailored custom pages. Further, 60 sections and five or more skin options will soon be available to customers.  

Content that you upload like products, icons, collections, etc. can be added, removed, or rearranged without any problem. Apparelix is built on clean and valid code, it provides a hassle-free workflow to customers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced developer. It will take a few hours to create an e-store using this professional platform.

With advanced blog functionality, you can run an effective blog page. Additionally, an excellent blog boosts your Google ranking perfectly. This theme also lets you build an estore that sells products on Amazon.

Thanks to Shopify’s integration with this, millions of buyers around the world gain access. The theme makes editing very easy. Customization is possible across all aspects of the site – color, font, icon, and post type.

It is possible to customize every aspect of the site – color, font, icon, post type, and more.

Regular Updates

Apparelix offers a number of advanced selling options, including:

  • Filters for multiple products;
  • The mini-cart and dropdown cart;
  • Reviews of useful products;
  • Featured Products page;
  • Featured products;
  • Filter for collecting data;
  • The Quick View is eye-pleasing.

Apparelix Shopify Main Features

To begin with, it fits perfectly with all fashion-related e-stores ranging from clothing, accessories to shoes. Irrespective of the volume of your items in the e-store, all items will be presented well.

The Best eCommerce Features

Homepages can be customized in many ways. Your products will gain attention if you use them. Additionally, headers and footers are provided. Use the different product pages to your advantage. They will provide all the details to visitors.

Its greatest feature is that no coding skills are required. Manage and optimize your website’s content by using advanced options. Visual builders make everything possible.

Let your imagination run wild. Online stores can be enhanced with banners and sliders. What significance do they have? You can highlight the items that are most popular.

Additionally, discounts and updates can be provided. In addition, the theme is search engine optimization.

Best Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Your Site

Apparelix is a highly optimized and quick loading Shopify theme. According to GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights, it gets a green rating. The theme is designed to be fully responsive and mobile-first.

The Most Wanted Page Layouts

Screen resizing means a seamless conversion of every design element from low resolution to high resolution (small, medium, large).

Apparelix has created new child themes: Apparelix Cosmetics, Apparelix Sunglasses, Apparelix Electronics, Apparelix Accessories, Apparelix Handmade Belt , Apparelix Men’s Shoes, Apparelix Jewelry, Apparelix Mobile Accessories and Apparelix Watches

The Apparelix platform allows you to work without coding. It only takes a few clicks to set up your online store with the Advanced Options System.

The homepage of the theme showcases your products, collections, or promotions. Visitors to your e-store can view product details, comments, and recommended products through the Product Page’s clean design.

ECommerce Options

A good Shopify theme should provide plenty of eCommerce options. Apparelix does the same.

  1. Banners
  2. Mega-menu
  3. Slideshow
  4. Image gallery
  5. Google Map
  6. Products carousel
  7. Quick view
  8. Multi-currency and multilingual support
  9. Newsletter subscription
  10. Ajax shopping cart
  11. Unlimited colors
  12. Product review

In addition to these features, there are many others that can be of assistance to you. Using these features will also make the user’s experience more comfortable.

Scalable Responsive Design

Reasons to Buy:

  • Versatile; Suitable for multiple uses;
  • Designed by a trusted vendor;
  • An error-free code;
  • Optimally optimized for search engines;
  • Flexible design that flows smoothly across all modern devices;
  • 24-hour support for a lifetime;
  • You don’t need any programming skills;
  • Performance and speed are excellent;
  • Compatibility with Amazon;
  • Positive reviews and satisfied customers;
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Apparelix Shopify Theme Pricing Overview

  • The price starts at $139 for a one-time purchase
  • Licensed once for the lifetime of the product

Pros & Cons


  • Customers treated with friendliness
  • Even a beginner will be able to use it
  • We are experiencing positive feedback from our Apparelix Shopify theme users
  • This is an excellent feature list
  • Support for customers is best
  • Easy to use – best choice
  • Complete solution at its best


  • This solution is on the pricey side compared to other options in this category.

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Conclusion of Apparelix Theme Review 2024 

I am sure you will be pleased with the many advantages of this choice. You will find everything you need in its exclusive package. It will set you apart from your competitors. 

Thus, I highly recommend Apparelix Theme for your Shopify store. 

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