AppSumo Briefcase Review 2024: Featutres, Membership Perks woth $196 Credits

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Have you heard of the Briefcase by AppSumo? Well, it’s a way to pay for all the individual tools at a greater AppSumo discount. Read our AppSumo Briefcase Review to find if its worth!

What is Briefcase by Appsumo?

Appsumo Briefcase for deals

Briefcase by AppSumo is a subscription-based programme that grants you exclusive access to all Briefcase items as well as $196 in quarterly credits to shop your favourite offers on the AppSumo platform.

Briefcase Quarterly membership, on the other hand, costs $49 per month (paid quarterly at $147). So, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it or not.

What tools Briefcase include?

AppSumo Briefcase covers plethora of tools and categories that are a great fit for digital marketers, business owners and startups.

  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Finance
  • Hiring
  • Design
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Insights
  • Productivity

How Briefcase by AppSumo works?

AppSumo Briefcase operates in a very straightforward and user-friendly manner.

In exchange for $147 per quarter, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Briefcase products are available.
  • Appsumo Extended is 10% cheaper with a $196 Appsumo Credit. Selective tool access
  • Tier 1 package for KingSumo Web App Pro SendFox
  • All you have to do is sign up for the Briefcase plan to gain access to dozens of fantastic goods that will help you expand your business to its full potential.

You only have to pay $147 for a quarter, and your account will receive $196 in credits as well as all of the AppSumo Plus perks.

AppSumo Briefcase Pros & Cons


  • A well-curated collection of useful tools and software
  • At only $49 per month, you can get access to thousands of dollars worth of products.
  • Credits are given every three months.
  • Apps that are brand fresh out of the box
  • There are no long-term contracts.
  • Added benefits of Appsumo Plus
  • AppSumo purchases get a 10% discount.


  • Some tools might not be useful for you
  • Limited Licenses
  • No money-back guarantee.

AppSumo Briefcase Pricing

You can choose between a monthly or annual subscription to save additional money.

The monthly AppSumo Briefcase subscription plan includes:

  • Briefcase – $49/month
  • Briefcase Pro – $99/month
  • Briefcase Enterprise – Custom Pricing

If you want to save extra, go for the Appsumo Briefcase annual plan:

  • Briefcase – $500/month (save 15%)
  • Briefcase Pro – $900/month
  • Briefcase Enterprise – Custom Pricing

If you want some discount, you can check out some of the latest Appsumo coupons and discounts.

AppSumo Plus vs Briefcase

Appsumo’s plus membership was on the verge of being cancelled after a recent update in which they began delivering 196$ credit instead of Chips (OLD Credit System)

Chips can only be used to purchase code-based deals and nothing else. With this update, you can purchase every deal.

When you sign up for Appsumo’s Plus plan, you’ll spend $99 per year for 10% off, tools, and more. But, You didn’t get anything in return.

With Briefcase, if you pay $149 per quarter, you’ll get $196 in addition to membership access and a lot more…

So, the winner is ultimately the AppSumo Briefcase.

AppSumo Briefcase Customer Reviews 

Here is what customers say about AppSumo Briefcase:

AppSumo briefcase reviews and testiomonials

FAQs Related to AppSumo Briefcase Review: 

What is Briefcase Quarterly?

Briefcase Quarterly is a subscription-based membership programme that gives you access to a collection of the top tools in one place. For each Quarter that your membership is active, you will receive $196 in AppSumo lifetime deal credits. That means you'll be able to use these features even if you terminate your membership.

What is the AppSumo Briefcase cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any moment if you decide that AppSumo Briefcase isn't suited for you or that you don't need it any more. You will not be charged for the next payment cycle.

What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is another AppSumo membership club that offers a 10% discount on all AppSumo deals. Aside from that, you'll have access to KingSumo Giveaway Pro, Sendfox, and other offers.

Do Briefcase offers free trial?

No, there is no free trial for Briefcase.

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Final Thoughts on AppSumo Briefcase Review

The Appsumo briefcase is designed for people who spend more than $147 every quarter on AppSumo promotions.

It is advantageous for those who are constantly willing to try new products, since it helps high purchasers save money.

The Appsumo briefcase might not be worth it if you don’t buy AppSumo offers and are searching for a good value. If you desire extra credit in your account, this is the second option.

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