Kartra Affiliate Program Review 2024: How To Make Money With Kartra?

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Today, I’m super excited to talk about the Kartra affiliate program.

If you haven’t heard of it, Kartra is this cool tool that helps businesses sell stuff online. It’s like a one-stop shop for creating, marketing, and managing an online business.

And guess what? They have an affiliate program where you can earn money by recommending Kartra to others.

I’ve been trying it out and want to share my experience with you. Is it easy to use? Can you really make money with it? I’ll dive into all these questions, giving you the real scoop on how Kartra’s affiliate program works. So, let’s get started.

Give this article a read, and in the end, I am sure that I would have convinced you to become a part of this Affiliate Program.

After being an Affiliate of Kartra for years, I feel capable of explaining its benefits and specifications in a purely justifiable manner.

What is Kartra? 

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that simplifies online business management.

It offers tools for creating sales funnels, email marketing, website building, membership sites, and more. With Kartra, businesses can streamline their digital marketing efforts, from lead generation to customer conversion and beyond, all within a single integrated platform.

About Kartra Affiliate Program

kartra affiliate program review

Kartra Affiliate program is a beneficial and lucrative online program that helps you generate a passive income with several benefits.

Its amazing features include a sales funnel, form building, an e-commerce shopping card, an Analytics platform, and several other exciting ones.

In this affiliate program, you have the option to recommend this program to other users who want to build websites and online businesses. In this manner, by recommendations, you shall gain a passive income, and Kartra gains its user base.

It provides you with top-notch services for operating, managing, tracking users, and sending promotional emails.

So you can imagine how many benefits you are getting! All these services, as well as rewards for bringing on additional users on board. It is indeed a win-win situation for both sides.

Kartra’s affiliate Program plan allows you to generate good revenue from its pricing plans by your recommendations. 

The basic idea behind these affiliate programs is how people can recommend and promote the products of other people and gain from those promotions and generate income.

This is indeed a beneficial plan for any individual looking to earn a good income while focusing on his major interests as well.

Key features Of Kartra Affiliates program

1. Quality of Product

Kartra is renowned for its comprehensive suite of marketing tools. It offers a one-stop solution for businesses, integrating features like email marketing, web hosting, membership site platforms, and automation. This integration simplifies the user experience, making it particularly appealing for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses who seek efficiency and ease of use.

Its user-friendly interface and extensive tutorial library are big pluses, especially for those new to digital marketing.

2. Commissions Structure

Kartra’s affiliate program is quite attractive, offering a 40% commission on both initial sales and recurring payments.

This means as an affiliate, you earn consistently as long as your referrals remain Kartra customers.

This recurring model can be a significant passive income stream, especially if you’re able to refer to a steady stream of new users.

Additionally, the multi-tiered commission structure can enhance earning potential, as you also earn a percentage from the sales of affiliates you recruit.

3. Payout Time

Regarding payouts, Kartra’s system is straightforward. Commissions are paid out after a 30-day holding period, which accounts for potential refunds.

Payments are monthly, and affiliates can choose their preferred payment method, which adds to the convenience.

It’s important to note that reaching a minimum threshold is necessary before withdrawal, a standard practice in affiliate programs.

4. Promotional Material and User Experience

Kartra excels in providing affiliates with a wide range of promotional materials. These include customized landing pages, banners, email templates, and extensive training materials.

The quality and variety of these materials make it easier for affiliates to attract and convert leads.

The platform’s focus on high-quality, user-centric content aligns well with Google’s guidelines on creating helpful content, emphasizing user experience and value.

Pros & Cons of the Kartra Affiliate Program


  • 40% recurring commission.
  • You will also get 10% from each affiliate who signs up using your link.
  • Kartra gives various emailers and promotional materials like landing pages to promote their products through affiliates.
  • Easy to join
  • The terms and conditions of joining are comparable with other affiliate programs.
  • You can earn up to $1,819.20 per affiliate.


  • You might receive the payment after a long time.
  • Cooking tracking may be as short as 30 days.

How To Join the Kartra Affiliate Program? 

kartra affiliate program join

It is very easy to join the Kartra affiliate program for anybody.

You have to sign up as an affiliate (irrespective of whether you are a user of Kartra or not), and then you will get a unique affiliate link that you can copy and use to promote it.

If you are already a Kartra user,, then you also have to join as an affiliate separately and get your link.

Step 1: Select the orange block labeled “Affiliate Sign Up.”

kartra affiliate sign up

Step 2: A banner appears requesting you to read the terms and conditions as soon as you do so. Accept the terms and conditions as written.

Step 3: Fill out the registration form that will appear.

Step 4: Register for a free account.

A questionnaire appears, asking how you want to market Kartra, such as through your website, YouTube channel, paid advertisements, or any other means.

Step 5: Wait for your application to be approved.

How does the Kartra Affiliate Program work? 

The Affiliate program works in the following manner-

First, you became an Affiliate of the Kartra Affiliate program by signing up for it and getting a unique link for promotion.

Using this link, you are required to promote Kartra and its services to other users by using the promotional methods explained in blogs, videos, and social media as well.

After completing a trial of 14-30 days and a refund period of 30 days, you begin getting the 40% commission of the generated revenue.

They have three payment methods: PayPal, Check, and Bank Transfer, of which anyone can choose.

Commission Structure / Minimum Payout

Kartra Affiliate Program - what is kartra commission

This is a very important question, which you should always be aware of before joining up for any services. How much are you going to get rewarded for your services? 

In this regard, Kartra has a very flexible and good pay structure, which can be understood as follows.

The primary commission for a Kartra affiliate is 40% on both annual and monthly plans + a  10% affiliate commission for every revenue generated from your recommendation( this is only applicable if you are part of the JV recruitment program).

The best part of this affiliate program is that it has a recurring commission and is very lucrative as well. You get paid until the referral client you bought stays with Kartra.

The Plans and the commissions generated are described 

Starter Plan ( $99/month plan) Earn $39.6 monthly affiliate commission
Silver ( $199/month plan) Earn $79.6 monthly affiliate commission
Gold ( $299/month plan) Earn $119.6 monthly affiliate commission
Platinum ( $499/month plan) Earn $199.6 monthly affiliate commission

The Kartra affiliate program helps you generate a good amount of money, and it is one of the Best-paying Affiliate programs, so undoubtedly, it is a great option to explore.

Why Join the Kartra Affiliate Program

Kartra Affiliate Program - why join kartra affiliate

The motivation behind joining anything is an important aspect. Kartra gives you not one but many reasons to join its Affiliate program, which is lined up below.

  • It is highly reliable, consistent, and user-friendly.
  • It pays very well, and you can generate a good passive income. 
  • It has numerous features to help you track your users and send follow-ups like email marketing, tags, subscribing emails, and in-depth, reliable marketing analytics as well.
  • It offers several amazing features and builds wonderful, robust, and consistent websites which have the potential to attract users.
  • Its pay structure is highly reliable and lucrative and has a recurring commission feature.
  • It has the arrangement that if your user is upgrading his account type, then you will also get a benefit from it.

These are some of the many reasons why you should join the Kartra Affiliate Program and become an affiliate as soon as possible.

How To Promote Kartra? 

What ways and means should you adopt to get the maximum number of recommendations? The following are the major methods that you can use to promote Kartra.

1. Promote through Blogging

You can promote the affiliate link through your Blogs and Posts by putting the links on or between the blog and promoting it. It is one of the best ways of doing affiliate marketing, and it benefits you in several ways.

2. Promoting on YouTube

You can make videos related to Affiliate marketing and promote your link, and you can also promote your link with other videos. 

3. Promoting on Social Media

Social media is the new giant of information, which is a great way to do affiliate marketing as well. Stories on Instagram, posts on Facebook, and tweets on Twitter are some good methods to reach out to a larger audience and bring in a good amount of traffic.

4. Using the links from Kartra

Kartra gives you many links inside the affiliate dashboard, which you can send and use wherever you deem fit. You can also promote them and send more people to the affiliate management pages.

These are the majority of the several methods that you can use to promote the products and do good, legal affiliate Marketing. Do drop down in the comments if I missed anything.

Quick Links


❓When do you get paid as a Kartra affiliate?

New Customers get a trial period of 14-30 days and then a refund period of 30 days. But if you are a loyal customer and stick long with Kartra then you can expect a payment every month.

👀Where do I get my affiliate links from?

You can get your affiliate link by clicking on the My affiliate promos option and selecting the product which you wish to promote. Here you will get all the links that you require to promote the product.

👉How Do I Get an Affiliate Account For Kartra?

Head to Kartra Sign up page and go to Affiliate portal. Then, fill out the Kartra affiliate form and the form is free to use. After filling out the form, you will be automatically registered for their affiliate program.

🤑How Do I Get Paid As A Kartra Affiliate?

Kartra Affiliates can be paid through PayPal, Check, and Bank Wire.


As we have explored all the aspects of the Kartra Affiliate Program, we have ultimately concluded that it is undoubtedly one of the best affiliate programs.

Kartra is an all-in-one powerful online marketing software, and its affiliate program is the highest paying program, with numerous opportunities and facilities offered to its users.

Its reliability, optimum structure, and recurring commission features are some of the powerful building points behind its success.

Its premium Functionality at a reasonable price, continuous email and call support for 24 hours, and ease of usage make it a successful marketing platform.

If you have a strong interest in marketing and expanding your business online, or you wish to gain a good passive income, then you must give it a try!

Kartra Affiliate Program


As we have explored all the aspects of the Kartar Affiliate Program, so we ultimately concluded that it is undoubtedly one of the best Affiliate programs. Its reliability, optimum structure and recurring commission features are some of the powerful building points behind its success.

Out of 10


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