Atlas VPN Review 2024 : Is It Actually The Best VPN Service Provider?

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Atlas VPN Review


Atlas VPN is a VPN service provider situated in the United States of America. It is registered in New York under the parent company Peakstar Technologies. It’s a VPN provider that bills itself as a lightning-fast service capable of 4K streaming.

Out of 10


  • 24-hour assistance.
  • No limits on the number of concurrent connections.
  • Applications that are simple to use.
  • It is Affordable.
  • Offers P2P – Peer-to-peer.


  • Compared to other VPNs, the server network is quite limited.


Price: $ 10.99

This whole article is dedicated to Atlas VPN Review. Read it patiently and get aware of every fact.

The primary goal of a Virtual Private Network is to provide the highest level of privacy possible, to ensure that your online activities are untraceable, to ensure that your chats remain private and encrypted, to provide anonymity, and to create an extremely secure environment free of tracking, spying, phishing, hacking, and malicious activity.

A VPN conceals your IP address, becoming you undetectable. A virtual private network, or VPN for short, routes your internet traffic via an encrypted tunnel, concealing your online activities from organizations or individuals with hidden motives.

This era is dominated by IT (information technology), while the future will be dominated by DT (data technology). That is why no one is becoming data-hungry, but rather is collecting, tracking, and acquiring data as a new power.

They use this data to determine the target person’s pressure points and then blackmail that person to achieve their secret benefits. That is why contemporary technologies created VPN technology to safeguard you when you are online.

You may send emails, buy online, pay bills, and even view films on country-restricted streaming sites, and no one can stop you or use your personal information if you are shielded by a VPN.

This is when Atlas VPN enters the picture. It is a relatively young player in the VPN sector that is gaining traction due to its overall performance, speed, and user-friendly apps. This is an in-depth evaluation of Atlas VPN. Read it and simplify your life.

Atlas VPN Review: What is Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN is a VPN service provider situated in the United States of America and is a part of Nord Security. It is registered in New York under the parent company Peakstar Technologies. It’s a VPN provider that bills itself as a lightning-fast service capable of 4K streaming.

The VPN does not support OpenVPN encryption, which may cause it to be excluded from certain users’ lists. It does, however, support IKEv2, which is a safe encryption protocol.

Atlas VPN Review

I discovered that the service is adaptable and simple to use across all platforms.

And I found it to be rather nice, especially given the inexpensive cost of a membership. The no-logs policy is sound, and the service successfully unblocks Netflix US, which is rather amazing for such a low-cost service.

How Safe is Atlas VPN?

The whole purpose of a VPN is to create a protective bubble around your online internet surfing habits. It is the most critical feature of VPN use.

You can quickly select which VPN to use by drawing a comparison between the VPN of your choice with the list of the top VPNs currently available on the market.

1. Tracker Blocker:

Each VPN strives to provide value to its consumers, which is why they have always incorporated their product with unique features not seen in other VPN solutions. Atlas VPN has likewise embraced the value-for-money philosophy, adding a function called Tracker Blocker to their product.

Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker Features

Tracker Blocker prevents interested or inquisitive third parties from monitoring your online activity across a variety of general websites, streaming websites, and data sharing to provide the user greater control and so enable digital privacy.

 2. Information Collected by Atlas VPN: 

According to Atlas VPN’s no-logging policy, one cannot assert that Atlas VPN does not collect any form of data. Additionally, if you contact their customer care or reach out to them through email, your email address will be gathered to conduct marketing campaigns informing relevant current/future clients of their VPN service’s latest modifications and enhancements.

Additionally, you should be aware of US legislation, which requires compliance with the 5-9-14 eyes contract, which mandates data exchange. Atlas VPN, which is located in the United States, is likewise subject to this rule.

However, since Atlas VPN does not gather any traceable data about its customers, there is no need to be concerned. If you are unhappy with Atlas VPN’s policy or the country in which Atlas VPN is situated, you can always read about The Best VPNs List to choose a VPN alternative.

3. No-Logging Policy:

According to Atlas VPN’s privacy policy, it does not maintain any form of records on its VPN service customers.

They do not collect IP addresses, and their privacy policy material states that “they do not collect any data that may be used to identify you based on what you read, watch, and do online while using their VPN connection.”

Atlas VPN No-Logging Policy Features

Thus, even if a law enforcement agency comes to Atlas VPN’s headquarters and requests detailed information about an individual’s surfing history, Atlas VPN has no data to offer. That is what I mean when I say that a perfectly designed VPN connection provides total privacy and security.

4. Jurisdiction:

Atlas VPN is headquartered in the United States. As we all know from the Snowden affair, and a film was created about his life and activities, the United States of America is a country where you may have any form of internet or online security.

You are constantly exposed there, and nobody can do anything about it. This is why I was concerned when I discovered Atlas VPN is based in the United States.

However, after reading their privacy statement, we were assured (at least) that they do not sell any form of data to other parties (even the US govt.). How did this happen?

The primary reason for this is that they have a strict no-logging policy. Because they do not have any form of data on their users, they have no data to sell. Additionally, their privacy policy is as solid as a steel-locked case.

5. SafeBrowse:

SafeBrowse is included in Atlas VPN’s mobile device apps for iOS and Android. This feature prevents the opening of harmful websites and applications that are infected with viruses and malware.

Have you ever visited a website and seen a pop-up window that was utterly unrelated to the material or data you were attempting to access?

These pop-ups and advertisements include malware files, and if you ever (accidentally) click on one of them, they will immediately begin crawling your device, infecting it with their malware and harmful software.

To avoid this, the SafeBrowse feature bans any websites and programs that contain or are compromised with malware.

6. AES-256 bit Encryption:

Almost all VPNs (paid VPNs) on the market employ AES-256 bit encryption, which is the military standard encryption used by governments, banks, large organizations, intelligence agencies, and a variety of other data-driven authorities.

Atlas VPN utilizes AES-256 bit encryption in conjunction with their IKEv2 security protocol transmission protocol. Your whole website traffic and data sent or received will be encrypted, and no one will be able to decipher it.

7. DNS/IP Leaks Protection:

Again, one of the most critical features that a VPN should offer is security against data or location breaches of any kind. Atlas VPN provides excellent security against DNS/IP leaks. No matter how long or for what reason you use your Atlas VPN program, your IP address and location will stay concealed.

8. Kill Switch: 

The first item that drew my attention to Atlas VPN’s feature list was the Kill Switch. Atlas VPN has integrated the Kill Switch standard into all four of its programs for Windows PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

The free edition of Atlas VPN does not provide a kill switch, and for good reason. The kill switch is a distinctive feature that is currently used by all high-quality VPNs.

How does a VPN app’s Kill Switch work? Consider the following scenario: you are connected to a public wifi network (which is unsecured by default), but you are lucky enough to be utilizing a VPN on your device to offer an additional layer of protection.

Atlas VPN Kill switch Features

Suddenly, your VPN connection stops (which is possible, since it is just another technology), and you are entirely exposed to all the data-hungry hackers using the same internet public wifi connection.

It will take them just a few seconds to infiltrate your device over that public wifi and install malware, viruses, or data monitoring software to watch your behavior.

How can you avoid this? This is when the kill switch function of the Atlas VPN comes in handy. Once your VPN connection is lost and you are no longer protected by a VPN’s security barrier, the VPN kill switch will instantly disconnect you from the internet.

As a result, you are protected from any unauthorized visitors waiting in line to control your web browsing. Isn’t it wonderful?

Atlas VPN Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Atlas VPN, like other consumer-facing VPNs, offers many subscription terms. These provide a discount to customers who sign up for a longer-term.

The good news is that the functions themselves are the same across subscriptions, which means that regardless of how much you pay, you’ll receive full access to the VPN and all of its applications.

When you visit Atlas VPN’s price page, the first thing you’ll notice is how affordable longer plans are. A one-month membership, on the other hand, costs $10.99 — which is nothing to write home about.

The savings kick in when you commit to a full year, bringing the cost down to only $39.42 per year (the equivalent of $3.29 per month), and the rates become insane when you commit to three years, bringing the cost down to just $39.42 per year.

Atlas VPN Pricing

That is the lowest-priced VPN deal I have ever seen, meaning you will pay only $49.19 for two years of VPN access that works with Netflix and iPlayer.

PayPal, Google Pay, and credit and debit cards – including American Express – are all accepted methods of payment. However, you will not be able to pay using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, which means that you will be unable to pay with additional anonymity, even if you choose to.

As is customary in the VPN market, Atlas VPN offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. This implies that you may try out the VPN on any of its subscription plans and still request a refund within the first month if you’re not satisfied.

Additionally, Atlas VPN offers a fully free version through the Google Play and Apple app stores. This free package provides you with unlimited access to three server locations.

However, the service is throttled, making it about five times as sluggish as the premium options. As a result, it will not deliver the same quality of service.

Atlas VPN Review: Pros & Cons:

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Atlas VPN so that you can know it more closely.

Atlas VPN Pros:

  •  24-hour assistance
  • There are no limits on the number of concurrent connections/bandwidth.
  • Affordable
  • Applications that are simple to use.
  • P2P – Peer-to-peer
  • Additionally, a free version is accessible.
  • The best solution for unblocking streaming websites.

Atlas VPN Cons:

  • Compared to other VPNs, the server network is quite limited.

FAQs On Atlas VPN Review:

Does Atlas VPN provide Unlimited Data and Devices?

If you use Atlas VPN, you may connect several devices concurrently and there is no restriction to the number of devices you can connect to their VPN. Additionally, they provide limitless bandwidth to their subscribers, which means you can watch your favorite Netflix episodes all day without worrying about running out of data.

Can I use Atlas VPN for free?

Atlas VPN does provide a free version of their program that you may download and test to assess whether or not you should upgrade to the premium version. Simply download the program from their official website and begin using it.

Is Atlas VPN safe to use?

Atlas VPN is a great secure VPN to use if you're searching for a beginner-level VPN that can unblock streaming websites with strong encryptions built into their VPN software. Atlas VPN can quickly unblock a variety of streaming websites and Netflix libraries while maintaining total anonymity. One disadvantage is that it only supports a single security protocol.

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Conclusion: Atlas VPN Review 2024

Atlas VPN is an incredibly affordable service for what you receive. The VPN operates servers in 28 countries, which is a small number in comparison to many rivals.

However, it does have servers in the majority of locations where the usual user would want them, and it successfully unblocks popular services such as Netflix US and the UK’s BBC iPlayer.

To be fair, this VPN is fairly limited in terms of features, so you do get what you pay for. Having said that, IKEv2 is often believed to be completely secure, and it is implemented safely here.

As a result, Atlas VPN is perfect for the majority of people’s privacy and security requirements. The kill-switch is application-specific rather than system-wide.

This should suffice for the majority of people’s requirements, and it does have one. This implies that you may use the VPN to conduct torrenting activities if you so choose.

Though the fact that it is headquartered in the United States may be a deterrent. Regrettably, this VPN lacks live chat assistance. As a result, you’ll have to interact by email.

This may be a deal-breaker if you are someone who often has setup issues or who wants to ask queries regarding content access using a VPN. I must say that at $1.99 per month, this is a reasonably priced VPN.

If you’re looking for a cheap and colorful VPN, this one is worth considering. I would not advocate purchasing a single-month membership to this VPN, since it is significantly pricey for what you receive.

To summarize, Atlas VPN is an affordable service that may give Wi-Fi privacy and Netflix access. Thus, if this is what you need, this VPN is an intriguing offer worth investigating.

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