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Plagiarism is a nightmare for every writer that can harm his/her reputation immensely. Even students can get low grades if their assignments are not plagiarism-free.

These issues may not be intentional, but even improper quotes or illustrations can flash on the plagiarism checker. To avoid all these issues and embarrassments, writers and students must make use of the plagiarism checker to keep their work best and unique.

There are several best and free plagiarism checker tools that are a must-have on every writer/student’s device. 

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the practice of using other’s words and making them your own. These words can be their thoughts, ideas, etc. that the writer can copy. It can be intended or unintended when you take someone else’s copyright.

Although it is not a crime, it shows how irresponsible and dishonest the person is. Moreover, even if the copied content is unintentional, giving credit to yourself for that content can lead to issues. 

What Is Plagiarism - Free Plagiarism Checker

Facing plagiarism issues with students can lead to punishments and hamper his/her growth. The worst part a content writer can face is that his content will not be included in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 

This is the reason why checking your content for plagiarism is crucial to avoid unnecessary problems later. 

Best Free Plagiarism Checkers

Some of the best free plagiarism tools are as follows:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a well-known and trusted plagiarism detector. It comes for free and also has a premium version. It is a fast tool that proofreads the document and looks for several issues. It is available on both Android and iOS desktop and mobile devices. 


2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a helpful tool that works on all kinds of writing. You can either check the content while you are writing or upload your content file. It has both free and paid versions.

3. Writer.Com

Writer.Com is another free plagiarism checker that is ideal for businesses and offers complete security to the content. It also has both free and paid versions, along with advanced features.


4. Unicheck

Unicheck is an anti-plagiarism tool that asks for some details before checking the content. It needs a login and some additional details before you can paste your content and check it. It also has a free a paid version.

5. Turnitin

Turnitin is an ideal anti-plagiarism tool for schools, and cannot be used by an individual. It scans each piece of the document with a scoring system and provides a percentage score and similarity index. It helps the students to check their content before submitting it. 

turnitin - Free Plagiarism Checker

Features of Plagiarism Checker

A good plagiarism checker must have the following features to bring originality and integrity to the content. Such a checker uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect plagiarism and paraphrase the content. Let’s have a look at the features now:

Automatic Review

A good plagiarism checker gives the option of writing the content automatically. With just one click you can check the content and if it has plagiarism, you can click on the Rewrite option and the checker will guide you to the auto-paraphrase tool.

This feature comes for free and updates the content automatically.

Cheat Exposure

These tools also detect cheats, i.e. the characters that are included in the text to cheat the plagiarism filters. On detection, an alert is shown by the tool in its report. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

These tools are powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps in identifying identical, paraphrased, and similar text. This feature makes the tool smart and intuitive.


The anti-plagiarism tools have a reporting feature that lets you download the report of the search and also becomes proof of the issues caught in the search.

Cloud Compatible

Your content may be placed anywhere, be it Dropbox or Google Drive. The plagiarism checker tools can check the content from the cloud as well. It will pick the specified content and run the checker on it. 

Cloud Computing - Free Plagiarism Checker

Multi-layered search

The anti-plagiarism tools crosscheck the content across billions of online documents, legal databases, journals, archives, etc. The document in question is checked through multi-layers to make sure it is plagiarism-free. 

Comprehensible Result

The anti-plagiarism tools give the result in a very comprehensible format, where the whole document is shown and only the plagiarized portions are highlighted. This feature helps the writer to easily analyze the incorrect areas. 

WordPress Plugin 

Some of the plagiarism checker tools also come with WordPress plugins, wherein you can simply install the plugin and click on the Check button. The checker will then check the content sentence-wise. It will take your worries about being penalized by the search engines. 

Exclusion of URL

In case you want to exclude, just write it in the Exclude URL area and the tool will not do the content checking from the specified URL. 

Benefits of using Plagiarism 

Some of the benefits of using a Plagiarism Checker are as follows:

Best Results

There are many ways to check if your content is unique by taking help from Google. But, it does not offer accurate results if there are incorrect quotes or other issues in the content. It can impact your grade as a student or harm your reputation as a writer.

If you use anti-plagiarism tools like mentioned above, then you get superior results that are confirmed and will make your content unique and acceptable.

Best Results - Free Plagiarism Checker

Superb Quality Matches

On using the best free plagiarism checkers, you get a detailed report of all the matched content as well as the percentage of the document that is plagiarized. These tools do high-quality searches across the web and help in improving the quality of your content.

Clear and Precise

The anti-plagiarism tools give all the details after checking the document, unlike Google that may only find the phrase or group of words that are copped without showing the location. 

Relieves Stress

Content writers are usually blamed for plagiarism because they refer to several sources while writing the document. Even if it is unintentional, a highlighted mark on their written text can cost them their reputation.

But, plagiarism checkers eliminate such risks and keep your reputation intact and relieve your stress.

Improves Writing

The copied document gets rejected and it can cost the writer his/her job. But, using an anti-plagiarism tool for checking duplicate content will help in making the content good and acceptable.

It will help the writer in improving his writing skills and will also authenticate the source of the document. 

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Conclusion | Best Free Plagiarism Checker 2024

Plagiarism affects the writer in more than one way and thus every content writer must use the best free plagiarism checkers to ensure their content is not copied. You can become the owner of your content and have full control over it.

Always use the plagiarism checker before publishing or submitting your work to avoid being a bad guy in the eyes of your employers or guides. In some cases, you can also face legal action, have a damaged reputation, and be liable to pay hefty fines.

Use any of the free plagiarism checkers and stay stress-free. 

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