5 Best SEO Content Writing Software 2024: Earn More Traffic From Google- Increase Your Productivity

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Are you looking for Best SEO Content Writing Software? Below is a list of the most effective tools for improving visibility on Google and other search engines’ search engine result pages (SERPs).

Best SEO Content Writing Software You Should Consider:

Pick the best SEO content writing software by considering these factors:

  • The writing software provides quality content ideas.
  • Copywriting written by AI is the primary feature you want.
  • An on-page SEO checker is included in the software.
  • This software includes a number of useful features.
  • Learning and using the user interface is relatively simple.
  • Reviews provide positive feedback from real users.

5 Best SEO Content Writing Software In 2024

In my experience, the following are the best SEO content writing software tools based on my experience testing and using them:

1. Surfer SEO

Almost daily, I optimize content using Surfer, an SEO software program. Search engine optimizer Surfer helps you improve the quality of your content so you rank higher in Google search results.

Surfer Seo - Best SEO Content Writing Software

Key Features:

For understanding relevant words and phrases to use, Surfer is one of the best SEO content optimization tools available. You want to optimize and rank your content for a certain keyword phrase on Google. Surfer analyzes the top-ranking Google content for that phrase.

Once you incorporate Surfer’s suggestions into your content, it gives you a score that increases as you incorporate its suggestions. Keywords, phrases, headings, and questions are provided through advanced NLP (natural language processing).

Moreover, Surfer provides a SERP analyzer tool to provide information about competitors’ SERPs, including domain score, backlinks, popular keywords, and structured data.

Besides providing topic ideas, Surfer also has a keyword research tool that finds related keywords based on search volume, and an audit tool that allows you to evaluate a page’s SEO content score compared to the competition.

The tool provides insight related to keyword use, a keyword density checker so you don’t stuff the content with keywords, internal and external linking, and page speed.

Moreover, if you have an account for each, Surfer SEO can be integrated with Jarvis AI (an AI content writing tool). With Jarvis AI-powered content editor, you’ll have access to Surfer’s powerful guidelines.


  • SEO-optimized content can be optimized with this tool.
  • A tool that evaluates 500+ SEO factors is available.
  • A range of useful features for auditing content.
  • It has a clean and intuitive user interface.
  • Optimize content written in different languages.
  • WordPress’ Doc editor allows for easy copy-and-paste.


  • It’s a pretty basic keyword research tool.
  • Backlinks are not provided in great detail by the tool.
  • Learns and understands all features over time.


Surfer SEO offers three fixed plans that can be subscribed and paid for on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Basic: $59/month or $49.50/month with annual billing.
  • Pro: 119 USD per month or 99 USD per month when billed annually.
  • Business: $239/month or $199/month if billed annually.

You can save 17% off by signing up for an annual plan. The Pro plan will give you access to all Surfer’s NLP (natural language processing) capabilities. Surfer Basic doesn’t offer NLP beyond the first month.

Pro plan members also receive 30 content editors per month and 60 audits per month, so most freelancers, content marketers, and website owners will be satisfied with the plan. You can also invite three additional teammates.

Those businesses or agencies that need white-label SEO reporting tools, the ability to invite up to 10 team members to use Surfer, and access to the API should consider the Business plan.

2. Semrush

There are many features on Semrush that can help you manage your online visibility, including an SEO writing assistant as well as on-page SEO checkers.

Semrush Overview - Best SEO Content Writing Software

Key Features:

With Semrush’s SEO writing assistant you can check your content as you write for common SEO factors. On-page factors such as readability, originality, and tone of voice are also considered.

You can use an AI tool to quickly rewrite paragraphs within the editor. The SEO content writing assistant can be integrated into Google Docs through an add-on.

It does not provide as many specialized recommendations as other SEO copywriting software, but it does provide useful recommendations for ensuring that your page content targets your main keyword, follows SEO best practices, and is easily readable.


  • Readability is improved with the help of the SEO writing assistant.
  • Content marketing and SEO integrated into one platform.
  • Interfaces that are visually pleasing and easy to use.
  • Data on keywords and competitors from the leading industry source.
  • On-page SEO audit features and tools for in-depth analysis.
  • Access to limited tools is provided with a free account.


  • Compared to other content writing tools on this list, the SEO writing editor isn’t as comprehensive.
  • The platform is quite expensive due to the number of tools it includes.


In addition to the monthly and yearly pricing plans, Semrush also offers a free plan.

Semrush Pricing


  • Pro: $119.95/month or $99.95/month with an annual billing plan.
  • Guru: $229.95 per month or $191.62 per month if billed annually.
  • Business: $449.95 per month, or $374.95 per month if billed annually.

A subscription to an annual plan can save you up to 17% off. In part because I’m focused on creating SEO-friendly content, I use Semrush much of the time. However, it is quite pricey if you’re just looking to create SEO-friendly content.

Guru plan members have access to content marketing tools, such as SEO content templates, page audits, post tracking, topics, and the content calendar.

Using Semrush’s free trial, you can try out its content writing tools for SEO for free.

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3. Jasper AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used by Jasper AI to generate unique content for SEO, blog posts, advertisements, social media posts, and more.

Jasper.ai Overview - Best SEO Content Writing Software

Key Features:

Jasper AI is currently my favorite tool for creating original SEO content that is powered by AI. Jarvis creates relevant and original content using a modified version of GPT-3 AI technology.

AI copywriting software generates 99.99% original content that is free of plagiarism so you can write SEO-optimized content, eliminate duplicate content, and save time.

The Jarvis content editor included in the Boss Mode plan provides access to Jarvis commands and the ability to make long-form content. You can integrate Jasper AI with Surfer SEO to create SEO content and write SEO content if you have both accounts.


  • Easily create original content with AI copywriting software.
  • The system generates 99.99% original content in a few seconds.
  • With WordPress, you can easily copy and paste documents.
  • Optimization is easy with Surfer SEO.
  • Compared to other tools, GPT-3 technology is well trained.
  • Over 25 different languages can be read, written, and translated.


  • Utilizes the copywriting software to the fullest extent.
  • With so many command options, it can be overwhelming.
  • Even though content may not be perfect or relevant every time, you can re-generate it quickly to your liking.


The pricing of Jasper AI plans can be adjusted according to the number of words generated each month.

Jasper.ai Pricing

  • Starter: With a monthly limit of 20,000 words, it starts at $29/month. A yearly subscription starts at $24.
  • Boss Mode: Price starts at $59/month with a monthly limit of 50,000 words. The price goes up to $49/month with annual billing.

Starting at the Starter plan, you can create shorter content with Jarvis’ AI writing skills (templates for specific short copy outputs).

However, I suggest testing the Boss Mode plan free for full capabilities, which include Jarvis commands and longer character lookback (better AI output for longform content and blog posts).

The Boss Mode plan gives you the ability to create lengthy documents, use custom Jarvis commands in the editor, and take advantage of Grammarly Basic and AI content generation. A free trial of Jarvis AI is currently available for five days. Click here to claim one thousand free words.

4. Frase

Phrase enables you to research topics, create content briefs, and write SEO content.

Frase.io Overview - Best SEO Content Writing Software

Key Features:

Using Frase’s research data and AI-powered copy generation, you can quickly build SEO content briefs and outlines. In addition to scoring your content, Phrase also offers suggestions for optimizing it for search engines, similar to Surfer SEO.

Customize the AI writer by creating your own writing templates. Additionally, Frase can be integrated with Google Search Console data for additional insights.


  • Prepare briefs and outlines for SEO content.
  • Create and optimize search engine-friendly content in less time.
  • Write content that is optimized for the user’s and search engine’s intent.
  • Pricing is competitive with other SEO content tools.


  • It can be overwhelming to gather research data and content ideas.
  • Surfer SEO provides comprehensive data, while NLP does not.
  • Jarvis AI is not as sophisticated as AI-written copy.


Phrase offers two fixed plans and an option for a custom plan with monthly or annual subscriptions.

Frase.io Pricing

  • Basic: $44.99. If you pay annually, it’s $39.99.
  • Team: $114.99/month or $99.99/month when paid annually.
  • Enterprise: Plans tailored to your needs. Prices upon request.

30 document credits are included in the Basic plan, which is ideal for small SEO and website construction jobs. If you want unlimited document credits and Google Docs integration, then the Team plan is the best choice.

You can add a $35/month SEO add-on to get features like keyword search volume, domain and backlink data for the top organic search results, and unlimited access to the AI writer. Phrase offers a free trial of 7 days.

5. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is a popular AI-powered software for content planning, optimization, and research.

MarketMuse Overview

Key Features:

In order to prioritise and create an effective SEO content strategy, MarketMuse utilizes artificial intelligence to crawl and analyze your website.

MarketMuse’s AI-powered insights and topic models are useful for creating SEO content templates. They also ensure your written content is in-depth and aligns with searcher intent.

Learn metrics like estimated traffic, traffic growth potential, and dollar value for a page or topic. Analyze your content against your competitors, similar to Surfer and Frase.


  • Data on topics and subtopics for content planning.
  • Content writing campaigns can be organized using this tool.
  • Content writers can use this tool to organize ideas.
  • Content optimization and search engine ranking analysis.


  • There may be times when recommendations are random.
  • There is room for improvement in AI content writing.
  • Solopreneurs and small teams face high costs.


With MarketMuse, all workflow applications and 10 projects per month are included for free. Exporting data is only possible with a paid plan.

6 Free SEO Writing Tools

The following are free SEO writing tools. Although these free content writing tools offer limited features in comparison to paid tools for writing content, they are useful for avoiding writing errors and optimizing web pages.

In addition to providing basic keyword research and analyzing on-page SEO factors, some of these free content writing tools also offer basic keyword research.

1. Rank Math

A built-in SEO checker is included in the WordPress editor with the Rank Math SEO plugin. The feature is similar to having a free writing assistant that helps you optimize your content to be found by search engines.

There is a free version of Rank Math that offers a limited set of features.

2. Yoast SEO

A similar writing checker tool is provided by Yoast SEO, another popular WordPress plugin for SEO. This tool checks your WordPress pages for basic on-page errors to optimize your content.

A limited version of Yoast is also available for free.

3. Grammarly

The grammar checker and writing assistant Grammarly is free. While you write in a variety of apps, you can detect and correct grammar and spelling errors. This grammar works in the most popular email and messaging apps, documents and projects, and social media sites.

Grammarly Premium offers more than 400 features like vocabulary enhancement suggestions, plagiarism detection, and other features.

4. Hemingway App

Write boldly and clearly with the free Hemingway App. You can use this free tool to write content that stands out and is clear.

In addition to checking for passive or active voice as well as hard-to-read sentences, the Heminway editor checks for a variety of factors related to readability.

5. Copyscape

You can check for plagiarism for free with Copyscape. It’s not a SEO tool on its own, but it’s a good idea to ensure that your writing is unique on the web in order to avoid duplicate content.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Google Ads includes a free tool called Keyword Planner. For your content writing, conduct keyword research using Google Keyword Planner to uncover new and related keyword ideas based on a seed keyword or website URL.

You can estimate keyword search volumes and competition levels by using estimated PPC bids for those terms if you were to run Google Ads.

Benefits Of SEO Content Writing Software

In addition to using software to write SEO content, there are five key benefits:

  • Topics and keywords that are relevant to your writing should be found.
  • Real-time insight into the SEO and readability of your web pages.
  • While you are writing, check your spelling and grammar.
  • You can optimize and write better content by saving time.
  • Optimize your SEO strategy to improve your results.

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Conclusion: Best SEO Content Writing Software 2024

With regard to optimizing your content for search engines like Google, the content writing tools mentioned above will help you ensure your content is readable and optimized.

My favorite SEO writing tools are Surfer SEO, Jarvis Al and Semrush. I hope this post was helpful in finding the most effective SEO content writing solution for you.

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