Datacamp Pricing Plans 2024: How Much Is A Datacamp Subscription?

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Want to know about the Datacamp pricing plans and if Datacamp subscription is worth it? 

DataCamp is an online learning site that costs $224 a year. It’s a great choice for students who want to learn about data science. They have lots of courses around the data science. The good part is that it is not limited to data science.

Datacamp courses are mostly created by experts in data science.

Well, there are a lot of advantages of a Datacamp subscription.

DataCamp subscription gives students more online classes and extra features that basic users don’t get. Datacamp subscription gives a completion certificate and discussion forums, offering more classes on different topics.

It further gives access to videos, tutorials, and hands-on projects.

How Much Does DataCamp Cost?

DataCamp offers various pricing options for its online data science courses.

The standard subscription plan costs $25 per month, giving you access to various courses. This subscription is an excellent value for those looking to enhance their data science skills.

Moreover, DataCamp is generous in offering discounts to both students and businesses. If you’re a student or part of a company interested in upskilling your employees, these discounts can make the learning experience even more affordable.

These Datacamp discounts vary, so checking DataCamp’s website or contacting them directly for the most up-to-date information is a good idea.

One noteworthy feature is that DataCamp provides free access to its complete library of courses for teachers. This is a valuable resource for educators who want to incorporate data science into their curriculum or further develop their skills to benefit their students.

DataCamp has different plans for both individuals and businesses. Read my review on Datacamp to know if this course provider is worth it.

I have broken down the Datacamp pricing with individual and team pricing.

DataCamp Pricing

Datacamp Free Subscription Plan

With the Free Subscription Plan, you can:

  • Access the first chapter of over 350 courses.
  • Get full access to 3 data literacy courses, 7 coding projects, 3 practice exercises, and skill assessments.

The main advantages of this plan are:

  • Learn data science, machine learning, and coding skills.
  • Explore over 350 courses at your speed from anywhere.

Datacamp Standard Subscription Pricing Plans

The Standard Subscription Plan is priced at $25 per month and is billed annually. It provides everything you need to enhance your data skills, offering access to 14 career tracks and over 50 skill tracks.

You will get the certificate of completion when you complete these tracks. This plan is the most popular choice on DataCamp because it offers the best value for your money.

The main advantages of this plan include:

  • Unlimited access to over 350 courses.
  • The opportunity to earn certificates of completion.
  • Building confidence in your data skills.

Datacamp Premium Subscription Pricing Plans

DataCamp’s Premium Subscription Plan offers a fantastic learning experience for just $33.25 per month. You’ll have access to more than 80 projects and get to dive into DataCamp’s courses on Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle. Plus, if you ever need help, you’ll get priority support.

Here are the features of this subscription plan:

  • You can check out all those projects to learn a ton of subjects.
  • You’ll be learning from the experts in the field.
  • You’ll pick up the skills you need for your dream job.

Datacamp Professional Subscription Pricing Plan

DataCamp’s Professional Subscription Plan is a perfect fit for small teams, and it’s budget-friendly at just $25 per user per month when billed annually. What’s great about this plan is that you get all the Premium Plan features for individuals.

You also get features like administrator roles, permissions, dashboards, and live chats.

Here is why you should pick this plan: 

  • It’s super easy to use.
  • You can have unlimited users in your company so that everyone can join in.
  • It helps streamline your team’s work and make things simple.

Datacamp Enterprise Subscription Pricing 

The Enterprise Subscription Plan is ideal for large organizations seeking advanced tools and reporting.

It includes everything from the Professional Subscription Plan and a dedicated customer success manager or learning solutions architect. You can access custom learning tracks and exclusive content like Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle. For pricing details, contact DataCamp.

This plan offers:

  • Access to the latest data science technologies.
  • Training across various topics, from Python and R to machine learning and deep learning.
  • Improved skills for your employees and enhanced company efficiency.

DataCamp Mobile Subscription Pricing

If you’re a mobile user, you can access the DataCamp’s courses, exercises, projects, and assessments from your phone.

Datacamp mobile subscription plans

But here’s the deal: when it comes to paying, you’ll need to go through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, so any payment questions should be directed to them, not DataCamp.

The features of this plan are:

  • You get to access all of DataCamp’s courses on your phone.
  • You can take DataCamp with you wherever you roam.
  • Learning at your own pace is a breeze with the convenience of a mobile device.

Datacamp Pricing for Students

If you’re currently enrolled at a university or college, you’re lucky because DataCamp has a special deal just for you. The regular price for their annual Premium Student Plan is $300, but right now, a sweet 50% discount is going on.

Datacamp student pricing plans

Here’s how you can grab this awesome deal:

  1. First, head to DataCamp’s homepage and scroll until you see “Discounts, Promos & Sales.”
  2. Click on that, and a new page will pop up. Keep scrolling until you find the “Learn More About DataCamp For Students” section.
  3. Click on that, and you’ll be taken to the Premium Student Plan page. Hit the “Unlock Now” button.
  4. Enter your college or university email and your registered student name. After filling that in, click on “Verify Now.”

With this Premium plan, you’ll get a bunch of features:

  • Access to all of DataCamp’s interactive courses in their course catalog.
  • 12 career tracks to help you focus on what you want to do in your future job.
  • Over 50 skill tracks to learn those hot, in-demand skills.
  • Data Scientist and Data Analyst certification programs to show off your knowledge.
  • More than 80 projects to get your hands dirty solving real-world problems.
  • Certificate of completion when you finish a course.

Datacamp Pricing for Teachers

DataCamp is a great opportunity for teachers worldwide who want to teach their students about data science. This plan is for Teams Plan, and it’s a fantastic deal for educators.

With this subscription, teachers can get free access to all the DataCamp courses for a whole semester. What’s even better is that this free plan comes with all the features of the Team Plan, such as:

  • Access to cheat sheets and tutorials.
  • Unlimited skill assessments and practice exercises.
  • Skill tracks, career tracks, and certification programs are all yours.
  • You can join live code-along and work on coding projects.

This plan is only available to students in the USA and the UK.

Datacamp Workspace Pricing

DataCamp Workspace offers a convenient way to practice coding in your web browser. But that’s not all – it comes with many powerful features.

With Workspace, you’ll gain access to more than 20 preloaded datasets and pre-written code through DataCamp playbook templates. This feature allows you to build your analyses and streamline your work quickly.

DataCamp Workspace offers two pricing options:

Datacamp Workspace Pricing

  • Starter Plan (Free): This plan is completely free. It lets you create up to three workspaces, collaborate with your team, access databases via fixed IPs, and more.
  • Premium Plan ($19/month or $16.59/month billed annually): The premium plan allows you to create unlimited workspaces, offering even more flexibility for your data analysis and collaboration needs.

Datacamp Recruit Pricing

Here are the features of DataCamp Recruit pricing:

Datacamp recruit and workspace pricing

  • Starter Plan (Free): This one’s free and lets you have up to 5 matches every month without paying anything.
  • Pro Plan ($249/month or $2499/year): With the pro plan, you can do up to 20 matches each month. It’s great if you’re doing a lot of recruiting.
  • Unlimited Plan (Custom Pricing): The unlimited plan is flexible because you can set your price. It gives you as many matches as you want each month, so it’s perfect if you need much recruitment power.


Can I pause my Datacamp subscription?

Yes. You can pause your Datacamp subscription anytime. To pause your DataCamp subscription, here's what you need to do: visit their official website and log in to your account. It's worth noting that only monthly subscribers can pause an active subscription. Unfortunately, if you're on a yearly subscription, pausing isn't an option. In that case, if you want to avoid continued billing, you'd have to either pause or cancel your subscription.

Is the DataCamp Subscription Worth It?

Datacamp subscription is totally worth it. When you get the yearly subscription, you can learn lots of different skills and build a career in data science.You'll get important skills that work in different jobs.

Is DataCamp Premium Worth It?

Absolutely, the DataCamp premium plan is a great choice. It comes with a bunch of awesome features that make online learning really fun. When you compare the basic plan to the premium plan, the premium one wins by a long shot. With the basic plan, you'll have limited access to skill and career tracks.

How Can I Get DataCamp Student Plan for Free?

You can grab the DataCamp student plan without paying anything by signing up on their website. It's a good idea to try out the basic plan first before deciding on a full student subscription. The student plan lets you try out various online courses, but with some limitations. On top of that, you'll get a professional profile and access to a job board, which can be super helpful.

How Do You Get A Free DataCamp Subscription?

To get a free DataCamp subscription, all you need to do is visit the DataCamp website and sign up for an account. They usually offer free trials or introductory courses that you can start with to see if you like it. Keep in mind that these free trials might have some limitations, and if you want full access, you may need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Is Datacamp free for students?

Students can access free DataCamp courses in two ways. First, they can pick and enroll in individual courses that are offered for free. DataCamp for Classroom provide access to specific courses for free through their educational institution. These free courses often cover introductory topics in programming with popular languages and other fundamental subjects related to data science.

When does Datacamp have sales?

DataCamp doesn't have a fixed schedule for its sales and promotions, so there's no exact calendar to follow. However, they tend to offer various promotions at different times throughout the year. As of now, DataCamp is having a sale where both the Premium and Teams subscription plans are discounted by a whopping 85%.

How Do I Know Which DataCamp Courses are Premium?

Datacamp offers six free course. These are Data Science for Everyone, Machine Learning for Everyone, Data Engineering for Everyone, Introduction to Python and Introduction to SQL Introduction to R.

Final Verdict on Datacamp Pricing

DataCamp is a great place to learn about data science without spending too much. They even offer discounts for students, teachers, and businesses.

If you’re keen on picking up skills like Python, R, or SQL without any sneaky extra charges, then signing up today is a wise choice. There’s likely a subscription plan that fits your needs. So, give it a try and start learning!

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