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Failing doesn’t mean you lose. Losing means giving up.

My guest on today’s episode knows this better than anyone else.

Dhar Mann - Dhar Mann Net Worth

By his own admission, more of those fires he has tried to fight have crashed and burned than he has succeeded in fighting.

Through it all, he never lost sight of the approach he advocates today: that failure is always a learning experience, and that the only way to succeed is persistence and determination.

It’s hard to argue with his results.

In the past, I was a guy with a lot of speed. No matter what I set my mind to, I could accomplish it. But I never hit my targets. Therefore, if you go 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction, it is worse than if you go one mile an hour in the right direction.” -Dhar Mann.

Dhar Mann Net Worth in 2024

Further we will discuss about Dhar Mann’s, achievements.

Who is Dhar Mann?

A conservative immigrant from the Bay Area, Dhar was raised by his parents. At an early age, he worked in the family business, one of Northern California’s largest taxi companies.

He turned his family’s income into investments before long.  Dhar began investing in real estate at 19 years old.

Dhar Mann

Limousine and sports car rentals , companies that build buildings , Cannabis for medical purposes. Spreading himself too thin in pursuit of money by diversifying.

There weren’t only famines and feasts. Things went up and down, for sure.

While Dhar’s lunch was being eaten, he was always hustling; looking for the next opportunity.

Currently, the net worth of Dhar Mann is $250 million. Dhar Mann earns about $120000 per day. That is about $43 million per year. 

After selling his cannabis distribution business, he relocated to Los Angeles with the money he had received.

Dhar spent more of his earnings than he was bringing in once he arrived in Burnaby – cars, mansions, $5K bar tabs…being one of the idle rich.

Nevertheless, he was confident there would be another opportunity. This was true for a time. He was, until he wasn’t.

In addition to bad investments and dried up prospects, Dhar ended up on probation for mis-handling aspects of his dispensary venture, which caused him to be broke.

Overnight, he went from a bottle service to a couch crash, with almost no money to his name. He would be saved by a chance meeting.

Over lunch at a restaurant, Dhar met beauty blogger Laura G. Laura and Dhar hit it off right away.

In that moment, Dhar felt a lightbulb go off when Laura told him she was feeling burned out from traveling the world to give makeup and beauty seminars.

Dhar Mann with his wife and children- Dhar Mann Net Worth

Laura was asked if she would prefer to let the audience come to her instead of the other way around.

When Dhar had just $600 left, he bought a webcam, as well as some box lights. Laura stepped in front of the camera and they shot a tutorial.

LiveGlam was born as a result of their partnership. During the process, they formed a lifelong partnership.

Laura and Dhar have become full-fledged ‘couple entrepreneurs’ since launching LiveGlam as a YouTube channel.

An A-list squad of icons and influencers helps spread the love to every corner of the globe by evangelizing for the brand and shipping curated cosmetics collections to countless happy customers every month.

Admitting Failure is the First Step of Success

Dhar has enjoyed some exceptional successes, but he’s also learned a lot about failure. Three major failures have occurred in his life, some of which he has no hope of recovering from.

Due to his spending habits and the 2008 financial crisis, he lost money. He lost everything.

Dhar’s way of living had become too expensive for him, and he was spending more money than he made at that point. The car payment on his Lamborghini was too much for him (keep in mind, he was still in college at this point).

As much as he blamed the mortgage crisis, he didn’t take responsibility for his actions.  Dhar’s business tanked completely, while others survived. Despite the failure, he refused to acknowledge it.

Dhar Mann Quotes

It was worse than the first failure. As a result, Dhar was charged with mishandling aspects of the dispensary business.  His medical marijuana business ranked among the top dispensaries in California.

His reputation had been destroyed, his license revoked, and he went broke. His fate was to accept the charges and serve five years of probation. 

The situation continues to deteriorate. Three failures were due to Dhar investing in a Ponzi scheme and making all of his money through investment fraud.

Then, he got back on top and lived that fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle again. After that, he went bust. He blamed everyone around him again.

In dealing with failure, he victimized himself rather than taking responsibility.  After a moment of thought, Dhar stood up.

Why did all these failures occur at the same time?  It was his fault, he realized. Without a change in his motivation and methods, he realized his outcome would never be different.

It’s hard to admit you are the problem. It’s embarrassing. You won’t fix the problem until you make personal changes if you are truly the problem. 

Failure gives us the opportunity to sit and think for a long time. Either we can hate ourselves or deny our faults or we can learn from our mistakes and change for the better.

Dhar decided to learn from his mistakes.

The Value of Your Reputation Exceeds the Value of Your Money: Invest in Yourself

His reputation didn’t look too good after three major failures.  His mindset was always entrepreneurial, but he was also obsessed with making money fast.

Until it was too late, cutting corners did not seem like a big deal. His intentions were good, but he sacrificed authenticity to achieve what he wanted. My moral compass was broken, he said.

All of his friends abandoned him. Having spent his parents’ money, he considered moving home to live with them.

Dharr Mann - Invest in yourself

The weight of his failure caused him to fall into a deep depression, which caused him to walk around his block in circles.

“His reputation was more important than his money at that point,” he realized. As a result, he began reading books, listening to podcasts, and meditating.

His social media use completely decreased. In fact, it had been too long since he’d been superficial and flamboyant. It had been too long.

My realization was that external success depends on internal success. It was only by changing my thinking process that I would be able to turn my life around.” – Dhar Mann.

During Dhar’s twenties, he chased money, but it was when he invested in himself that change began to take place.

If he kept making unwise decisions, success was not going to come to him.  It would have been easier for Dhar to give up, but he didn’t.

As a result, his life has changed. Investing in his character would help him straighten his moral compass. 

Change Your Mindset to Change Your Outcome

The majority of the time, Dhar says, we are surrounded by great opportunities.

Our fear of not having what it takes sometimes prevents us from taking advantage of those opportunities. We fear failing. You can get stuck in that fear and fail to accomplish some amazing things.

He was presented with an opportunity that he couldn’t refuse.  At a restaurant, he had lunch with beauty blogger Laura G.

She told him she was feeling burnt out from traveling the world presenting beauty and makeup seminars.

Dhar Mann Net Worth

Suddenly a lightbulb went off in Dhar’s head: What if she could promote and teach classes online? The idea intrigued her instantly.  Her offer to help Dhar was accepted.

He had no idea what makeup was. And he had no idea how to make a website. A good opportunity presented itself when he was on his last dollar, so he seized it.

At first, he didn’t know everything, but he knew he had to get it right and not repeat the mistakes he had made before. The site has been launched.

In the first month, the company made around $100,000.  The time has come to buy a Ferrari, right? How about some Gucci bags? Not so much.

Dhar didn’t give in to temptation. His old self wasn’t that way. He had chased luxury his whole life, and it had run him into the ground. Now he wasn’t going to repeat that mistake.

On the contrary: “My studio apartment was only 300 square feet, so I was living in a tiny abode. I had to use a couch that I used as a bed, and I had a roommate. There was not even enough room for a bed and a couch. Our sleeping arrangements were so that one night I would sleep on the floor, and the next night he would sleep on the bed.” 

He decided to stay in that apartment for as long as it took him to build a strong savings account and to be able to repay everyone.

His plan worked perfectly. It cost him nothing to repay everyone. It was all about changing his mindset and changing his habits. He succeeded.

Why You Should Listen Right Now?

Whenever you suffer from failure, do you wonder how you will ever overcome it?

If you’ve made mistakes to get here, it’s on you to take responsibility for them. Re-centering your mindset may be necessary to get you back on track. 

Failure is nothing new to Dhar and he knows how to overcome it.

I found this episode to be very inspiring. We both had to kill an identity, which I believe is very similar to our stories.

I used to live my whole life based on winning, being right, and looking good. I turned everything around for me when I killed my identity, when I killed my drive.

The old identity of Dhar had to die. His mindset had to change. The old lifestyle of Dhar had to die.

Despite his return to social media, he remained focused on creating content that matters – content that people could relate to.

You only get real Dhar now, no more shallow Dhar. 

The way Dhar defined greatness was very interesting to me. Doing what you love each and every day is greatness. 

Whether you fail or succeed, if you stay focused, commit to a long-term solution, and pursue your passion, you can bounce back from failure.  

Try again if you need to.

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Final Words : Dhar Mann Net Worth in 2024

The inspirational message videos posted on YouTube helped Dhar Mann gain tremendous popularity with millions of followers.  All of his motivational videos are aimed at motivating people who are experiencing adversity in their lives.

Since then, Dhar Mann has received millions of views as well as being shared several times by the audience.

He has made a considerable amount of money on YouTube as an entrepreneur and businessman.

In addition, Dhar Mann has a lot of inspiring stories that he uses in his motivational talks.

The net worth of Dhar Mann has also inspired many. Dhar Mann remains one of the most inspiring media stars in the country. The YouTuber also runs a variety of other businesses. The videos he makes literally change people’s lives.

We will keep you updated.

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