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Choosing the right web hosting provider is an important decision for any business. There are many factors to consider, such as price, features, reliability, and customer support.

Moving your website to a new hosting provider can be a daunting task. There are so many variables to consider, and it’s tough to know who to trust.

Easyspace has been providing web hosting services, so we know a thing or two about getting our customers’ websites up and running smoothly.

EasySpace is a leading web hosting provider in the UK, offering a wide range of plans at competitive prices. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at EasySpace’s Pricing and what they include.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a more robust plan, Easyspace Pricing has something to suit your needs.

EasySpace Pricing 2024

Easyspace pricing - EasySpace review

About EasySpace Pricing:

Easyspace pricing offers a variety of options to fit your needs. You can choose a plan with unlimited storage space, or opt for a plan that includes a set amount of storage space.

You can also choose from a variety of hosting options, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. They also offers a variety of domain name options.

You can choose a .com, .net, .org, or .co.uk domain name, or you can purchase a domain name from Easyspace. You can also use Easyspace to register international domain names.

It is a great option for businesses of all sizes. You can choose a plan that fits your needs, and you can be sure that you’re getting quality hosting and domain name services.

Easyspace is also a great option for international businesses. You can register international domain names, and you can be sure that your website will be hosted in a secure environment.

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Easyspace pricing

Let’s discuss about pricing plans of EasySpace:

1. StarterPlus

We know the price of a digital marketing package can be daunting, so we created our EasySpace StarterPlus Pricing Plan. This affordable and flexible plan will grow with your company as you increase website traffic to help generate more leads from new customers.

The EasySpace StarterPlus Pricing Plan is the most affordable way to get started with an online business.

With 10 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth and free domain name all included in one package along side up-to 5 databases for your company’s data needs there are no additional fees or surprises.

We even provide setup support from our UK based team members so you can focus on what matters most: growing revenue fast without worrying about technical complications.

2. Business

We know how important it is for your business to be profitable, so we’ve created the EasySpace Business Plan. This service will help you save money with monthly packages that fits any size.

The EasySpace Business Pricing Plan is perfect for any business looking to get started with their online presence. With unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains all at your fingertips plus free setup of either Windows or Linux based servers in the UK data centers, this package has everything businesses need.

It has a monthly cloud storage plan that includes unlimited data bases and up-to 200 mailboxes. It’s backed by UK based customer service, setup assistance as well as backup/restore services for your convenience.

3. WordPress

The EasySpace WordPress Pricing Plan is a great way to get your site up and running for an affordable price. You’ll have unlimited storage, bandwidth capacity as well domain name with this plan.

Each customer gets their own UK based support from our team which can help answer any questions about customization or anything else you need assistance on before its too late not just during business hours but also weekends too so there will never be wait time.

With a free domain name, plenty of data bases to choose from or Mailboxes plus NGINX environment running on either Linux/Windows there’s no limit when it comes down what you’re able accomplish.

With our WordPress Plan, you’ll get everything including setup and backup for only £10 per month. The price includes domain name registration with one-click activation.

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Conclusion EasySpace Pricing 2024

Easyspace offers a wide range of pricing plans to suit any business size or budget. They offers a variety of pricing options to fit your needs.

Whether you are looking for a basic site or need more features and support, they have a plan that will work for you. You can also choose between annual and monthly billing, making it easy to find the right price point and payment schedule for your business.

Whatever your needs, there’s an Easyspace plan that will fit you like a glove.

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