20+ Best Affiliate Marketing Websites in 2024 That You Must Not Miss

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Shareasale is one of the best choices for you if you are seeking the largest Affiliate networks that are also reliable. Affiliate network that is among the largest online.


Founded in Germany, this large platform can effectively fulfill the needs of affiliate marketers. Over 13,000 advertisers are active and 100,000 publishers are on board.

Have you ever wondered which website tops the list for affiliate marketing? As someone who’s dived deep into the world of online earning, I understand how overwhelming it can be to find the best affiliate marketing website.

With so many options, how do you choose the right one? Well, I did the legwork, sifted through numerous sites, and now I’m here to share my insights.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer, finding the best platform is key to success.

So, let’s explore together and discover which site truly stands out as the best affiliate marketing websites.

Top Affiliate Marketing Websites List

1. Shareasale

Shareasale is one of the best choices for you if you are seeking the largest Affiliate networks that are also reliable.

ShareASale - Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

Around 4,000 merchants are listed on the platform, which has been operating for more than 17 years. Whenever you request a promotional product, we will ensure you receive it.

If your balance is over $50, you can receive your payout on the 20th of every month if your payment option is digital as well as standard. As this platform has few disadvantages, it is definitely the best option for you.

2. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify Affiliate Program - Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

They are trustworthy, as their name suggests. Since a long time, Shopify has been used by bloggers and online retailers alike.

This is a platform you should know about if you blog. It is possible to market your affiliate products through Shopify as well.

In comparison to other competitors, Shopify offers a great payout.

3. Affiliate Window (AWIN)

Founded in Germany, this large platform can effectively fulfill the needs of affiliate marketers. Over 13,000 advertisers are active and 100,000 publishers are on board.

Affiliate Window - Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

AWIN is mainly used by merchants from Europe and is widely used in more than 10 countries. The affiliate marketing company has achieved great success since it was established in 2000 and has a great reputation.

Its popularity is also due to its simple user interface.

4. Amazon Associates

When it comes to reliability and reputation Amazon always stays among the toppers. It is the largest online marketplace where you can get everything. Affiliate marketing is a great option for Amazon because it offers something for everyone.

Amazon Associates - Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

You will find Amazon affiliate marketing to be among the best affiliate marketing websites if you search for the best affiliate marketing websites.

This is a great platform for bloggers to earn money since you can get a commission of up to 10% from sales generated by your promotions. There are many options to choose from when promoting the products that are available.

5. MaxBounty

In the world of affiliate marketing, MaxBounty can never be missed. When compared to others, it has earned a great reputation, despite being a newcomer in the affiliate marketing space.

MaxBounty - Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliates are the main purpose behind its establishment in Canada in 2004.

Its short career has earned it fame for its 1,500 active campaigns.  

6. Clickbank

ShareASale is an example of a platform that has a diverse marketplace. The platform has a wide range of participating merchants, so you get a lot of options.

ClickBank - Affiliate Networks

A platform like this offers something for everyone.

Affiliate marketing offers a great opportunity for bloggers, and this is one of the best affiliate marketing sites.

7. CJ Affiliate

Any affiliate marketer worth his or her salt will recommend CJ Affiliate if you ask them as it’s one of the most popular platforms available online.

CJ Affiliate - Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

One of the most trusted affiliate platforms should be considered by those searching for affiliate marketing websites. We offer a wide range of options on this website with a large network of advertisers and merchants.

8. eBay Partners

Online bloggers can make use of eBay as a great affiliate marketing platform. Affiliate marketing applications such as this are some of the best on the market, and they are reliable at the same time.

eBay Partners

Get paid to promote the product from the list you’ve chosen. This platform offers a wide range of products, which is one of its best features.

Thus, you are never out of options since people keep selling their stuff on it. This website gives you a double commission for the first three months.

9. Viglink

An affiliate marketing website designed specifically for bloggers is effective.


With this affiliate marketing website, bloggers can earn a good amount of money from their promotions and earn a good amount of income.

The website can be easily used by anyone using a streamlined dashboard.

10. Leadpages Partner Program

This is a powerful tool for marketers. Affiliate marketing can be done effectively with one of the best affiliate websites available on the Internet.

Leadpages Partner Program

I guarantee you’ll love working on this platform, whether you’re a newcomer or an expert. It is also possible to reach the right audience on this platform, which is an added benefit.

Through your promotion, you earn a 30% commission.

11. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates

As a large affiliate program, this website will undoubtedly be among the top affiliate marketing websites.

Hence, this Rakuten platform makes promotion easier, because you have many options to choose from. Because of its award-winning status, the platform’s reliability cannot be questioned.

It has partnered with big brands such as the NBA so you can absolutely trust it. One can affiliate without complications through the platform since it is easy to use.

12. JVZoo

Website users have trusted this website since its founding in 2011. Affiliate marketing websites like this are among the best due to their efficiency.


Another unique feature of this website is that you can get paid instantly by different methods. On this platform, you have several options to start promoting. Even 50% of commissions can be obtained.

In addition to being free, you can also use it if you are launching a new product. To qualify for instant payouts through PayPal, you must sell 50 products.

13. Tradedoubler

Clients and affiliates alike will never be disappointed with this platform.

The platform has over two thousand merchants and more than one hundred eighty thousand active publishers, which tells us that it is credible and popular.

Europe as a whole, and the UK is its biggest market.

14. FlexOffers


Compared to its competitors, this website offers much more rapid payment methods. Their payments are very quick. Due to the platform’s popularity and credibility, it has a huge network.

Affiliate marketing has been offered through the website for more than a decade. Despite the fact that they are not particularly spectacular in terms of their features, what they do is really good.

Affiliate programs are divided into several subcategories on the site, giving its users a great deal of flexibility.

You can use this platform regardless of the budget you have. There are fast payouts, as well as large ones, as you can receive up to 50% of the total earning.

Those who live outside the United States can use PayPal to get their payments.

15. Target Affiliates

As a blogger, you can choose this platform if you wish to begin earning through affiliate marketing. A similar affiliate program also exists for Amazon, which is an equally trustworthy platform.

Target Affiliates

Payouts can be extended to only 80%, which is quite low when compared to other platforms.

The conversion rates of this website aren’t as high as those of Amazon’s affiliate network. There’s no doubt that this website offers an alternative to Amazon’s affiliate program if you can compromise on payouts.

16. Whoishostingthis.com

Whoishostingthis website is devoted to reviewing web hosting services and website builders. Hosting is a very lucrative but highly competitive market sector.

Their content includes extremely in-depth assessments of some of the most popular web hosting providers, like this one for BlueHost.

Take note of the table of contents, which makes it easier for readers to locate the host’s features or worries.

In addition, they provide comparison tables, which make it easy for consumers to evaluate several hosts and select the best one for their purposes.

Why this example of affiliate marketing is effective:

  • Making posts easier to navigate with a Table of Contents.
  • A link to another useful piece of content inside an internal page.
  • Web builders and hosts can be compared easily with comparison tables.
  • In-depth screenshots and walkthroughs showing how features work.
  • An affiliate product marketing niche (hosting) that is lucrative for most companies.
  • You should use SEO-optimized posts to drive organic traffic instead of paid ads, which can eat up profits.

Revenue: Whoishostingthis has not disclosed its revenue figures, but hosting affiliates typically earn between $50 and $150 per new customer.

17. WireCutter

The New York Times owns the well-known review website Wirecutter.

They have established a solid reputation with consumers by giving comprehensive information about a vast array of products, such as electronics, home and garden, kitchen, travel, credit cards, and gift lists.

Here is an example of one of their most recent posts concerning noise-canceling headphones:

The site does offer reviews of noise-canceling headphones, but it also answers frequently asked questions.

Wirecutter- Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

Its primary purpose is to enlighten customers and capture searches from people who are interested in noise-canceling headphones but are not necessarily ready to purchase them.

Here are some reasons why affiliate marketing works:

  • Their content marketing strategy encompasses a broad range of product niches, including electronics, home and garden, and travel. This extensive coverage also helps to diversify their affiliate income sources so that they do not rely solely on Amazon Affiliates.
  • In addition to reviews, they offer narrative and educational content, which is more engaging and helps increase audience trust.
  • High-quality photos to assist users in visualizing products prior to purchase.

Revenue: In the first four years, $150 million in eCommerce income was generated. (The New York Times paid $30 million for the website, and revenue is no longer separated from the paper’s overall profits).

18. Sleepopolis

Derek Hales launched Sleepopolis in 2014 as a mattress review website. It was later acquired by Casper following a legal struggle, but it remains one of the leading mattress comparison websites.

Although the homepage of the website is relatively uninteresting, there are several tactics to be learned from it.

Here are some reasons why affiliate marketing works:

  • Exhaustive information on every sort of mattress, pillow, and sheet imaginable.
  • A page describing who they are aids in establishing credibility. The page contains photographs of their team and personalized biographies.
  • Due to the navigation bar and prominent placement of category pages on the website’s homepage, navigating the website is simple.
  • The comparison guides to aid in capturing Google snippets and make it simple for users to find precisely what they are seeking.

Revenue: $5.7 million in revenue estimated for the year.

19. 100 Days of Real Food

Lisa Leake launched the blog and affiliate website 100 Days of Real Food in 2010. It was originally intended to share the changes she was making to her family’s eating habits by consuming only genuine food for 100 days.

Over the years, it has grown into a major forum for sharing information about eating nutritious, clean meals.

100 Days of Real Food

Families seeking to improve their health by avoiding processed meals can find a variety of healthy recipes, blogs, and other suggestions on this website.

Here are some reasons why affiliate marketing works:

  • Utilizing social evidence, such as reader testimonials and websites where their information has been featured:
  • The separation of material based on the stage of the reader’s journey facilitates the discovery of relevant content.
  • Diverse sources of income. In addition to Amazon affiliate revenues, the website also generates revenue by promoting its own products, such as cookbooks and courses. Additionally, 100 Days collaborates with marketers to provide sponsored pieces. This diversity guarantees the site’s survival even if Amazon, for instance, decreases its Amazon affiliate commission rates.
  • Extremely active social media presence, which helps drive traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to the website.

Revenue: Lisa does not disclose her income, although she has three New York Times best-selling books, more than 1.6 million Facebook followers, and 130,000 Instagram followers. Her husband also works full-time at the site.

20. The Points Guy

The Points Guy’s site is frequently cited as an illustration of an affiliate website. The website is frequently held up as a model of effective affiliate marketing.

The website has a wealth of information for passengers seeking to gain points through credit card hacking, as well as industry news, credit card comparisons, and reviews of new luxury airlines.

The Points Guy Overview

Here are some reasons why affiliate marketing works:

  • TPG generates revenue from credit card referral bonuses, a highly lucrative affiliate marketing niche. Instead of focusing solely on credit cards, they narrowed their focus to users who use “travel hacking” to earn points and travel cheaply.
  • Using a highly relevant lead, they concentrate on building an email list (even when travel is reduced due to the coronavirus).

In addition to credit cards, they cover the latest news that is relevant to their audience:

  • TPG generates revenue through credit card referral bonuses, an extremely lucrative affiliate marketing niche. Instead of focusing solely on credit cards, they narrowed their focus to people who utilize “travel hacking” to acquire points and travel cheaply.
  • Using a highly relevant lead, they concentrate on growing an email list (even while travel is reduced due to the coronavirus).

Revenue: I was unable to locate TPG’s income statements, however, the company was sold to BankRate in 2012 for $20 million and to Red Ventures in 2017 for $1.25 billion.

21. This is Why I’m Broke

This is Why I’m Broke is an Amazon associate partner website specializing in bizarre things.

This is Why I’m Broke takes a less formal approach to affiliate marketing compared to some of the larger Amazon affiliate sites.

The frequently tongue-in-cheek website searches the entire Internet for the most unique and intriguing things.

This is Why I’m Broke

The website itself is unremarkable, but style is obviously not everything. Despite its modest design, the website has discovered some effective tactics.

An abundance of social evidence in the form of reviews and saves is one of their most effective marketing techniques.

The power of social proof lies in that.

Here are some reasons why affiliate marketing works:

  • It uses a tongue-in-cheek style to appeal to young internet users.
  • Their funny product finds often go viral, bringing in tons of free traffic.
  • They offer gift guides, which are a funny yet informative way to promote affiliate products.
  • It is an unusual niche site — people looking for off-the-wall products — so competition is pretty limited.
  • They highlight prices and “saves,” which serve as social proof.

This is Why I am Broke can still make money as an Amazon affiliate even if you don’t buy any of the strange products they promote, so long as you click an affiliate link and buy something on Amazon within 24 hours.

Revenue: While they do not release official numbers, the owner has stated, “It is a very profitable business model – it is an extremely low-cost website filled with affiliate links that receive viral traffic.”

22. Bookish

Bookish is an affiliate website devoted to all aspects of literature. They publish a variety of reading-related reviews, interviews, and book lists.

Bookish Overview

Why this example of affiliate marketing is effective:

  • Bookish partners in affiliate programs with IndieBound, Amazon, Etsy, Barnes & Noble, and other merchants to generate many streams of revenue. Additionally, they advertise their own works via NetGalley and book club kits.
  • In addition to book reviews, they also provide interviews, anti-racism tools (which are timely), and instructions for engaging in a readathon.
  • They employ entertaining quizzes like this one to keep readers interested and amused.

Revenue: NetGalley owns the Bookish website, which is used to share books from NetGalley. There are no revenue reports available for NetGalley, but SEMrush estimates 22,500 organic visits per month.

23. Kommo

Kommo is another company that offers a method to earn money as a side gig or even as a primary source of income.

As a lesser-known brand among the affiliate marketing website examples listed here, Kommo offers numerous advantages to those who decide to become partners.

It specializes in a market quite distinct from the others listed here: software. Specifically, a CRM System for managing enterprises and their methods of client engagement.

In general, the affiliate program is relatively easy, paying commissions of up to 35% without requiring any initial investment. Affiliate services for Kommo are provided by both liberal professionals and marketing organizations.

This affiliate marketing example works because:

  • It is quite direct and draws the attention of a diverse group of people.
  • They provide courses and in-depth training to people interested in becoming affiliates; the product sold is highly sought after in today’s market, and they have a strong and well-known product.

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Final Words- Best Affiliate Marketing Websites 2024 

It’s always interesting to be a blogger, but earning money can be a real pain. In order to start earning through blogging, you should consider affiliate marketing.

As mentioned above, there are quite a few good platforms in this field that are ready to receive you.

Your selection should be based on the products you are trying to sell and the goals you have set. Also, we suggest you ensure the payment method is something you are comfortable with, since sometimes it may not be.

If you have the dedication to affiliate marketing and do everything as prescribed, you can make a lot of money from it.

We discussed Affiliate marketing and some of the best affiliate websites on the internet. By blogging online, you can earn a good amount by joining one of these affiliate marketing websites.

If you want to earn passively and well as an online blogger, you should opt for affiliate marketing. In addition to being among the best affiliate marketing sites, these are also reliable. These Affiliate Marketing Websites allow you to promote products and make money.

Affiliate marketing is a popular method of making money online that is part of Digital Marketing. As a marketing strategy, it is becoming increasingly important in the internet age.

Affiliate marketers who are successful acknowledge that digital marketing is essential to their success. 

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