Best Affiliate Marketing Forums 2023 : Free and Paid

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Affiliate marketing forums are the best place where a newbie or an expert can create a good repo for their products and services and get the perfect knowledge from industry experts to flourish their online businesses.

The forums are the community of people, by the people, and for the people dealing in the same niches or field. They are the best and the most prevalent social platforms which help the digital marketer to fulfill their dream of getting quick conversions.

I too have gained a lot from such discussion groups and made my career in affiliate marketing more thriving.

Some of these marketing platforms are free, and some are paid. The free or open forums give limited access to knowledge gaining process from the experts and the tools used for getting traffic. Through message boards only, one can share and create a market for their brands by asking and replying to queries.

Thus affiliate marketing forums are constructive for everyone like you and me, so as to show us the actual path in the digital marketing field. Below we have given the best free and paid affiliate marketing forums according to Alexa ranking. I too have tried few of them and believe me, its been a real help to prosper in this competitive industry of experts.

We use the INTERNET almost every time during the day. It would be better to start a business which is related to the internet.  Blogging is one of the online platforms where you can share your self- experience and you can let your users explore your ideas and inventions. For me, blogging is one such career where you will not get bored at all; you will have something new to experience every now and then.

Through blogging, you may get famous for your good work and dedications. Nowadays blogging is used to share the tech surroundings. Blogging is the type of platform through which we help others to follow our tips to improve their lifestyle. There is another platform which is bigger than blogging is “forum”. Existing online users of forums are bigger than the blogging sites.

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Best Affiliate Marketing Forums 2023: Free and Paid

1) Wealthy affiliate

Internet marketing forum

This platform helps digital marketers from all the streams to find the sources to flourish their online business. Through various guides, lessons, videos and online training programs, one can get an answer to all their queries from the industry experts. WA gateway is for like-minded people (both beginners and experts) covering basic and advanced topics on affiliate marketing.

It is an all-inclusive platform that provides websites, hosting, domains, education, and a full-fledged community of experts for sharing know-how on Affiliate marketing. So, you don’t only get knowledge about starting your online business, but you can also find popular domains to launch your website.

Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best way to turn your passion into thriving online business. You can become a free member at the initial stage, and then become a paid member to access all the topics, tools and training programs.

2) STM Forum

This overwhelming platform came into existence in January 2011. It was established with the objective of providing quality info, case reports, and compendiums on a variety of subjects. STM also acts as a central networking hub for industry experts. But slowly and gradually after 7 years, STM became the influential council on affiliate marketing, and their scope continues to grow.

Now they offer higher learning, host seminars, and local networking events, and are taking initial steps to provide every affiliate marketer with the best solution. Check my honest review about STM FORUM here

StackThatMoney - Internet marketing forum


3) Affilorama

Affilorama - marketing forum

Affilorama is also a great platform for sharing knowledge and getting the tools to build and flourish your online business. But it is for those who already possess a basic understanding of digital marketing as the tools offered are little advanced. It has one of the top most professional affiliate marketing forums online. With over 200 online learning videos and half a million members, Affilorama has built a strong reputation among the digital and affiliate marketers.

The discussion forums include topics related to SEO, PPC, Link building, tips for getting success on social media, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc.

There are many other sub-forums dealing with website building, content creation, landing pages, WordPress, etc. for have a proper understanding of each topic in detail. So, it covers the heart and soul of affiliate marketing related subjects, and hence is an influential platform for marketers to prosper their online business.

4) AffplayBook

If you are looking for lower price than STM Forum then I would recommend join Affplaybook forum which is one of the best forums for learning affiliate marketing and getting case studies of top affiliates around the world. Check out Affplaybook coupon codes.

Since 2009, Aff Playbook has grown to become one of the most respected affiliate marketing forums in the online marketing industry. With over 3,600 members, it’s a great resource for mastering all areas of affiliate marketing and networking with other successful, take-action affiliates.

Affplaybook review best affiliate marketing forums

The founder of Affplaybook is David Ford and he got his start in affiliate marketing over 10 years ago when he was working in IT support job. It was a good job, but he was bored and had no opportunity to increase my income. He started looking for ways to make extra money and soon after found himself doing affiliate marketing.

5) Warrior Forums

Warrior Forums

WF is a popular affiliate marketing community of friendly people, who come together at one place to share their experience and contribute on their individual levels. It is also an expedient, compelling and interactive forum for the associates who want to make money online.

The members use various threads to interact with experts and thus get involved in discussions related to web marketing, supporting programs and design, networking and sales of product and services.

The topics include:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ad Networks
  • Social Media
  • Offline Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • eCommerce
  • Email Marketing

6) BlackHatWorld


It is a smaller forum than the rest but is of great importance to those who want to learn affiliate marketing and related subjects. It covers great topics of discussion like taxation, IT, online training, and offers significant information on the same thru an active community of members. The sections on affiliate laws, legal issues and business are focussed on providing proper guidance to its members.

The entirely dedicated subdivisions are useful for newbies, and you get knowledge about blogging, content creation, hosting, and promotion of products and services on social platforms.

Then they also have a section customized to more innovative affiliate marketers with subjects on traffic, SEO, encoding, circulars, promotion, analytics, and optimization. Therefore, you can take advantage of this community forum and ask your queries and build networking with industry experts.

7) Digital Point

Another great forum for affiliate marketers where you will find lots of exposure for your brand. It’s an international forum which has various threads related to SEO, business and marketing, development, designing and trading.

One can get many ideas and also put up their own brands for sale like- domains, website, services, designs, eBooks, articles and templates. Such items can be bought and sold on the Digital Point Marketplace.

The DP forum has separate sections and sub-forums which are focussed entirely on SEO for Yahoo, Google, and Bing, and on website development & planning, marketing and business subjects. You can even outsource your affiliate work and find relevant sources to develop your online business in different niches.


8) AffiliateFix

Looking for a friendly and most active community online, go for AffiliateFix subscription. This forum is among the top ones as it offers strong knowledge on affiliate marketing through real-life case studies and success stories. All the topics are organized very well and the members of the community are very responsive. It really becomes motivating for those who are new to this field and find wonderful and inspiring stories of experts in affiliate marketing.

The stepwise tutorials and guide are full of information and true examples of those who have gained immense success in affiliate marketing. One more sub-forum is related to traffic sources and teaches all the possible ways to get traffic and conversions through mobile marketing, SEO, PPV, eCommerce, lead generation, PPC, and much more. So, overall AF is an excellent source for affiliate marketers looking for experienced learning from experts.

9) DNForum

Last but not the least, DNForum is again a resourceful and well-conversed affiliate marketing forums with lots of info on domains, website development, content marketing, legal stuff, and much more. There is a lot of free stuff that can be accessed by the professionals and freshers to start their own online career. DNF also has paid membership of Platinum and Gold forums which gives access to all the advanced levels of learning to the aspirants.

It covers all the advanced parts of affiliate marketing so that associates can have flourishing online exposure.

JOIN: Affiliate Marketing

There is a huge difference between “blogging’ and “forum” is that forum is community building. Many users run forums at a time but the blogging is run by the individual person. The forum has many advantages to traffic, backlinks, branding, and exposures.

If you are a normal blogger then start experimenting daily with new ideas. Start working on the Forum and after sometime, you will get exposures after some time. You should find a forum according to your niche.

Join an Online Internet Affiliate Marketing Forum:

If you want to get an online identity and fame then do something which should be beneficial for people. You can join the internet marketing forum and get introduced to a few bloggers and many online marketers.

If you are active on the forum on a regular basis then you will get a reputation identity. Be unique always and choose a specific name and good picture in your forum profile. You should use Gravatar for this purpose.

Additional Information:

Regularity is very important in the blogging platform and each and every minute is very important. If you are making any slightest mistake in SEO or blogging then it will definitely ruin your career. When you are there in the forum just ask the experts about your condition. You will find many experienced people who will solve your problems in minutes. The beneficial part is that all the suggestions and help will be free of cost.


Do you know many big companies of various forums they have assigned few duties to persons for solving the problems of the people? If you want to learn how to promote your products then learn from these companies. It will good for you to be active on forums if you are willing to selling products or trying to give online service.


There are many blogs available online and all the traffic is divided among them. It is quite difficult to get traffic and genuine visitors to your site. But here is a solution to this problem, you can go to forums and help as many people as possible. After some time they will start following you and your blog. This idea may help you a lot.

Today’s era is full of internet marketing, blogging and affiliate marketing this will definitely help you a lot get the desired traffic

Better Understanding:

When you will be using Forum then you will see the marketers responding to a particular problem and their way of solving the problem and their language. Because if you have a better understanding then it will be good for your online business.

Equipped with Latest information:

Always be updated with technology and change in the algorithm of Forums. Get in touch with trending topics and problems. And always try to solve problems with a different approach. When you have all the information regarding all the latest topics then you will solve problems like a ninja.

These are not ordinary forums because more than thousands of people are online there at a time. You can set a time in the day to post something in forums. And you will be getting the advantages you are not aware of.

Conclusion: Best Affiliate Marketing Forums 2023

All the above-mentioned affiliate marketing forums are active as well as responsive to all queries related to affiliate marketing. You can take full benefit of such discussions if you are serious for making your bright career in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one such field which is changing lives of many internet marketers and giving them the life of their dreams. I would Recommend these 2 Affiliate Marketing Forums Wealthy Affiliate & Affilorama.

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Hope you enjoyed the post, and will surely benefit from these affiliate marketing forums and succeed in life. 

Finnich Vessal

Finnich Vessal is an experienced affiliate marketer, he has been in the affiliate industry for the past 5 years and living his dreams online. Spending a larger part of his life researching making money online through affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing systems. Now, he’s involved in creating a colossal catalog of his lifelong research, intertwined with glimpses of his day-to-day experience. Finnich is an active investor in other projects such as GizmoBase, Newsmartwave, Imagestation, and DigiExe Blog

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