Teikametrics Review 2024– Is It The Most Robust Amazon PPC Manager?

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People having their baby steps in Amazon more often than not hold an opinion that they are in an equal position just like their competitors as it is an open marketplace. This where most people are really very wrong. 

Amazon might just seem like a marketplace, when in reality, it is way more than just putting things for sale and then sell them all as soon as you list them.

All of this just makes up half of the entire battle. The remaining half depends upon the consumers looking up for your store to start with. 

This is where retail optimization platforms come into the picture as they can bring a revolutionary change in the way you sell products on sites like Amazon.

One such platform that we will be talking about in this article is Teikametrics that gives a competitive edge to its users. 

Here you will find all the answers to the queries regarding Teikametrics, its features, and pricing so you can figure out if this tool can work well for your business. But first, let us begin with knowing more about Teikametrics. 

teikametrics review

What Exactly Is Teikametrics?

Teikametrics is basically a software that manages Amazon advertising. It is a combination of data science and automation that will help you in having complete control over your Amazon business and also in enhancing the Amazon PPC performance, which will help you in improving your sales.

What is best is the fact that it is not just PPC software. It comes up as the all-in-one tool for the people selling on Amazon.

It is pretty simple to use and still has everything that a competent tool should have, ranging from keyword ranking research, inventory management, product review analysis to PPC campaign optimizer and A/B testing. 

With all these incredible and wide array of features, Teikametrics stands out and claims to boost your sales and, therefore, the profits.

It also provides you with the in-depth insights regarding where to invest so that your income can be maximized.

There are many satisfied sellers who opted for Teikametrics for their Amazon PPC optimization, like Mark Cuban Companies, Razer, Slyde, Two Rivers Coffee, Power Practical, just to name a few. 

With Teikametrics, you can discover new opportunities for keywords, eliminate unnecessary spending on advertising, automate bids on keywords through a proprietary algorithm, maximize returns on the keywords that perform the best, easy access to data on a dashboard, and a lot more.

This efficient tool thus helps in expanding the profitability and sales on Amazon. 

All in all, you are not required to use rule-based, archaic bidding as you get world class and top notch machine learning optimization.

You also have access to see the profitability of both the individual as well as the accounts, including the advertising, fees, and promotions.

No task remains tedious, and you get a lot more sales, visibility, and efficiency. To add a cherry on top, you also get an incredibly efficient expert team ever ready to offer expert solutions to your queries and problems. 

Now that we have a brief overview of Teikametrics, let us dive deeper into the features of this platform. 

Keep reading ahead to know more about the pricing schemes of Teikametrics. 

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Pricing Scheme Of Teikametrics

Teikametrics has a total of three pricing plans to offer viz Flywheel Self-Service, Flywheel + Pro Services, and Flywheel + Premium Services. 

teikametrics review- pricing plans

  • Flywheel Self-Service

Flywheel Self-Service is ideal for those who have small to an average sized business on Amazon. The supported Marketplace in this plan is Amazon.

You can also get a free trial. After that, the cost of using the Flywheel Platform is $59 per month.

In this plan, you get AI for Ad optimization and many other features like Algorithmic Bidding, Goal-based Campaign Optimization, Automated Keyword Actions, and also a Performance Analytics Dashboard.

It costs a 3% ad spend fee of over $5k. Teikametrics also has incredible support to offer via In-app chat support, video tutorials, and a compendious help center.

  • Flywheel + Pro Services

The Flywheel + Pro Services can prove out to be the best for those brands that are growing. These services are operationally managed and support both Amazon And Walmart marketplace.

You can connect with the team by simply filling the form. The cost of using the Flywheel Platform is $59 per month.

In this plan, you get AI for Ad optimization and many other features like Algorithmic Bidding, Goal-based Campaign Optimization, and Automated Keyword Actions. It costs a 3% ad spend fee, but the first $5k is free. 

The Pro Managed Services for Amazon costs $1,500, whereas, for Walmart, it costs $500. In this plan, you get Flywheel Support plus, which includes features regarding the Account Management, Ad Types, and Onboarding. 

Under the account management, you get features like a particular account manager designated for you and email updates on the weekly basis, as well as the check-in calls on the monthly basis.

Under the Ad Type support, you get features like bidding for Amazon SD, SB, and SP on the hourly basis, Management of Walmart SP and Amazon SP on the weekly basis, and lastly, the management of SD and SB targeting on the monthly basis.

In the Onboarding and Discovery category, you get various features like training of Flywheel Platform, data sync and platform configuration, Standard campaign launch and configuration, goal alignment, data audit, and catalog review.

Lastly, in the ongoing monitoring and optimization section, you get adjustments in the bidding algorithm, budget, and product lifecycle on the weekly basis, as well as the adjustments in the advertising seasonality.

Along with this, you also get refinement in keyword targeting on the weekly basis and campaign planning as well as its execution on the monthly basis. 

  • Flywheel + Premium Services

The Flywheel + Premium Services can prove out to be the best for those brands that are very well-established. These services are strategically managed and support both Amazon And Walmart marketplace.

You can connect with the team by simply filling the form. The cost of using the Flywheel Platform is $59 per month. In this plan, you get AI for Ad optimization and many other features like Algorithmic Bidding, Goal-based Campaign Optimization, and Automated Keyword Actions. It costs a 3% ad spend fee, but the first $5k is free. 

The Premium Managed Services for Amazon costs $5,000, whereas, for Walmart, it costs $1000. In this plan, you get Flywheel Support plus, which includes features regarding Account Leadership, Integrated Ad Strategy Development, Onboarding and Discovery, and lastly, account optimization, and strategy. 

Under the category of Account leadership, you get strategic planning on a quarterly basis, a dedicated team for your account with a strategist, custom reporting delivery as well as configuration.

Under the Ad Strategy development, you get Walmart SP and Amazon SB + Video, SD, and SP. In the Onboarding and Discovery category, you get custom campaign launch and configuration.

Lastly, under account optimization and strategy, you get one totally free incrementality test, adoption of new betas and ad features, management of negative keyword library, detailed research of keywords, campaign planning, and its execution, refinement of bidding models and campaign designs and lastly the strategic planning as well as extended support for promotional as well as seasonal events.

teikametrics review- dynamic bid optimization

Features Of Teikametrics

The flywheel is the Teikametrics retail optimization platform that is available as both managed and well as self-managed.

They also have customized services to offer, which the agencies and vendors can customize and tailor depending upon their needs and requirements for doing their Amazon business. Following is the list of various incredible features of Teikametrics. 

  • Informative And Intuitive Dashboards

The dashboard on Flywheel allows the users to maintain the campaign of Amazon easily. On the dashboard, you can get the overall data of your campaign that mainly involves total ad revenue, ad spend, revenue, wasted ad-spend, and cost of sale of 56-day advertising.

The above mentioned metrics can be compared by the users on one period to another selected one. The other available data to view includes conversion rate, conversions, click-through rate, cost per click, clicks. Impressions and spending.

On the dashboard, you will also find the net ad revenue performance of the keywords. The home page shows only the top contributing keywords and the net ad revenue.

But the users can have a closer look by simply selecting the option to view all the keywords used in both presents as well as the previous campaigns. 

  • Advertising Campaign Manager

With Teikametrics software, you get everything automated, and all that a user has to do is log in, create your marketing campaign, and implement the recommendations given.

It also marks the keywords whose conversion rates are poor in spite of their incredible click through rates. You can also set the target ad cost on the sales threshold.

This way, Flywheel can be taking over, stopping a particular campaign without them even monitoring it. In the section named ad management, users can view the weekly action things.

Every campaign is recorded, tracked, and classified under the categories viz negative keywords, top contributing keywords, automatic to manual campaigns, and targeting improvements. Every keyword in these categories has data on spend, impressions, advertising costs of sales. 

driving results teikametrics review

  • Algorithmic Bidding 

Sponsored Brands algorithmic bidding got included since the November of the year 2019.

The addition of this bidding technology that is dynamic, as well as profitability-focused all in all, makes the working of your Sponsored Brand campaign smarter.

It automatically adjusts the bids on the basis of competitive pressure and, while doing this, also maintains the desired budget and margin.

This way, your sponsored brands campaign will be helping in the growth of incremental sales by maintaining the profitability. 

  • Budget Aware Biding

Users can be setting up their configurations for bidding ads on this platform. The configurations let the Flywheel’s algorithm know the preferences of the users and their budget regarding the ad spend.

The algorithm takes care of each and every thing regarding the needs of the campaign and gets it done at the best value.

The algorithm has an incredible responsiveness to offer with regards to the changes that are made on the configuration.

  • Support For Ad Campaigns And Unlimited Products

There are no limitations on Teikametrics when it comes to the number of campaigns and products that a user wants to implement. As long as your ad-spend is within your subscription plan, the charges will remain the same.

  • Integration With The API Account Of Amazon Seller Account

The Flywheel Teikametrics does not need or even store the Amazon Login details of the user. It does that by directly integrating with the API of the Amazon seller account. 

  • Regular Updates Every Week

Users of the Teikametrics get updates on automatic targeting ad groups and keyword bid changes.

The email will consist of the list of actions that are required in order to eliminate the keywords that underperform and to bring about changes in the campaign so that the performance can be improved. 

  • Managed Services

With Teikametrics, you get dedicated account managers for those users who are looking towards leveraging the time and effort of other people in overseeing the marketing campaigns.

The account managers are experts in creating and auditing the campaigns.

They also maintain the campaigns every week in order to implement the negative targeting improvements and auto-to-manual keyword actions that can maximize the profits and minimize the costs.

These account managers are completely transparent in their actions, and they also schedule regular calls in order to review the performance of the accounts and update the strategies for the campaigns. 

Keep reading ahead to know more about the pros and cons of Teikametrics. 

algorithmic bidding - AI-based technology

Pros And Cons of Teikametrics Review

As with everything, Teikametrics also enjoys its own sets of benefits and positives along with some negatives or let downs. Both the positives and the negatives all listed down as below:

Things to like:

  • Very accurate and smart tracking of advertisement delivery.
  • A very good and efficient custom reporting feature that is very powerful and yet easy to use.
  • Teikametrics provides a very elegant and robust system, especially if you are someone using Amazon businesses on a large scale.
  • With Teikametrics, users can enjoy the benefits of the suggestions and tips provided by the platform’s smart analytics algorithm. The algorithm learns from the business’ model and regularly comes up with strategies and suggestions to make it better with each passing day to benefit the user.
  • The data analysis provided by this service helps the user to understand and identify which product is profitable and which one is not. This enables the user to make better decisions so that they can easily think about what products are okay to sell and what not.
  • Sellers are also able to save money, which they would spend in testing keywords as Teikametrics already knows and understands what keywords will work. Testing out each keyword and choosing one from all of them is a thing of the past now.

Things not to like:

  • No matter how good Teikametrics is with all its professional tools, analytics, and algorithms, it remains a bit expensive.
  • The data and analysis and everything provided by Teikametrics is focused around medium and large businesses rather than small and new businesses available on Amazon.
  • New sellers cannot really enjoy the benefits for which Teikametrics is famous for. For Teikametrics, new businesses should learn all the basics and steps of selling on Amazon. It is only then that Teikametrics will really help them out.

amazon & walmart pro managed services

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FAQs | Teikametrics Review 

Does Teikametrics really help in boosting up the sales of Amazon Businesses, or is it just a hoax?

Teikametrics really does help out in boosting sales and increasing the customer base with its methods. With the advanced analytics method, Flywheel, and automated algorithms to suggest to you what needs to be changed in your business model and what not, Teikametrics will surely boost up your sales. You can surely say that this isn’t a hoax or gimmick; Teikametrics really works. However, for those smaller and new businesses on Amazon, it won’t make much of a difference as it is not made for small businesses in the first place.

Isn’t Teikametrics a bit too steep with their prices and their subscription plans?

It is true, and there is no denying in the fact that Teikametrics is a bit too steep when it comes to pricing, and this is one of the most significant setbacks when it comes to using Teikametrics. However, for smaller and new businesses, it isn't very helpful too. The price does become unreasonable and logicless. For a medium sized or a large business, the price is worth it given how much business it generates and how easy it is to handle the business with Teikametrics.

What if I don’t like Teikametrics or if I want to try out Teikametrics before I actually buy it?

Teikametrics got you covered if you want to try out Teikametrics before you actually start paying for it. Teikametrics comes with a 30-days free trial. Hence, you get to try Teikametrics for a 30 days period, during which you can cancel the subscription if you want or if you feel like that Teikametrics is not making any difference for you.

Now that we have covered almost every aspect of Teikametrics, let us wrap it up. 

Wrapping It Up | Teikametrics Review 2024

All in all, Teikametrics is an easy-to-use yet an accurate and a powerful tool that can work great for huge Amazon businesses and claims to make your business a lot more profitable by bringing about an optimization in the products bid that are Amazon sponsored, cutting the waste ads from the PPC campaign and also help you in finding incredible and novel opportunities.

What gives it an extra edge is the human touch as it has somebody on the other end on a live chat, phone call, or an email at any point when you are looking for some tips and advice on using the functions.

It is definitely one of the best Amazon seller tools out there in the market but is pretty expensive that disqualifies it from the list of many small traders and sole sellers who have a tight budget and less money to spend.

Such people need to jump on other options that have varying costs and are relatively cheaper.

Teikametrics is an incredible way of boosting efficiency, profits, and guarantees to take your business to another level if you can sell products enough to get the most out of it.

In very simple terms, if you are someone who is selling on Amazon and can afford it, then you definitely need it. 

The capability of Teikametrics tools to mix with some other tools from other places in order to save money still makes it an option that is worth considering for people who have a less expandable budget despite the inflated price.

It is also essential to keep in mind that you can anytime sign up for 1 to 3 months in order to handle a product launch that can be canceled once your stuff is running well and there is no longer a need for it as much.

The investment is worthy because of the high quality tools it has to offer.

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