FeedbackExpress Review 2022 | Is Repricer Express Worth It? (Pros & Cons)

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Pricing Policy
Users Feedback
Ease Of Use
Customer Service
Value for money


  • Really like the functionality of this product
  • Deal with any issues customer may have
  • It allows you to respond in real time
  • Gives you a huge boost in the right direction
  • Private label seller this would benefit you hugely
  • Dashboard is ok not bad you can see your feedbacks emails performance etc.
  • The ease of use and setting up
  • They make it very user friendly
  • It is a great product
  • Saves me time and I get more feedback and reviews than before


  • The biggest disadvantage is the fact that you do not get the flexibility to

FeedbackExpress is the best amazon feedback software. Remove negative feedback. Increase your Amazon feedback rating. Get more product

Price:$ 47.37

Today we have featured FeedbackExpress Review 2022, with its proper insights, we have also covered its pros and cons, so let’s get started…

You will not have any hidden fees or commissions with FeedbackExpress. You can see their prices on this page and what you will be paying each month.

Are you in the retail, commercial or e-commerce space?

Are you looking for feedback from customers? It’s time to upgrade your customer service system.

Solution: FeedbackExpress is your one stop shop for feedback requests and reviews on Amazon. We will help boost your ratings by converting dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones.

Want to get better feedback from your customers? FeedbackExpress has you covered with a simple, safe and easy to use tool that makes it quick and easy to request a review and boost ratings on Amazon.

This tool is perfect for any retailer looking to improve customer service or increase their sales through getting the right kind of feedback from their customers.

Are you looking for an efficient platform to review requests or automate your Amazon feedback? If the answer to this question, then FeedbackExpress is your one-stop destination.

It is the perfect solution for ensuring that getting more product seller feedbacks and product reviews.

Also, it is superb for all those who are interested in ranking your products higher in the Amazon search engine.

Feedback Express Review - Amazon - Feedback - Software

Bottom Line Up Front | Your seller rating and feedback score are key metrics used by Amazon to determine who wins the Buy Box. Sellers with consistently stellar … FeedbackExpress has some notable features that other tools don’t have and this is what makes it an Amazon merchant’s first love. I highly recommended, FeedbackExpress check out now

FeedbackExpress-Reviews-2021-Details-Pricing-Features-G2 (1)

It is important to pay attention to the fact that FeedbackExpress is a cloud-based and powerful software solution.

It has a major role to play in offering help to the Amazon sellers for automating and managing their feedback communication with buyers. 

Well, this amazing software is proving to be of great help for all the sellers. This way they are able to get more product reviews and positive feedback.


Also, they get the perfect opportunity to get rid of neutral as well as negative feedback efficiently and quickly.

All of this will eventually lead to improved seller metrics.

Also, the sellers get to win an increased number of Buy Boxes at elevated profit margins.  

Content Outline

🚀FeedbackExpress Review: Quick Expert Summary

I never thought I would say this, but I absolutely love FeedbackExpress! This tool has completely changed the way that I manage my e-commerce business.

Prior to using FeedbackExpress, I was constantly bogged down by the day-to-day tasks of managing my online feedback. Now, with FeedbackExpress, I have more time to focus on other aspects of my business. Here’s a look at why I love FeedbackExpress and why you will too!

One of the things that I love most about FeedbackExpress is how easy it is to use.

The user interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, you’ll be able to figure out how to use FeedbackExpress with ease. And, if you do happen to run into any problems, the customer support team is always quick to respond and help you resolve any issues.

Another reason why I love FeedbackExpress is because of all the time-saving features it offers. For example, there’s a great feature that allows you to automatically send follow-up messages to customers who haven’t left feedback yet.

This is a huge time-saver because it means that I don’t have to manually send follow-up messages to each customer individually.

Lastly, I love FeedbackExpress because it offers comprehensive reporting features. With this tool, I’m able to track my progress over time and see which areas need improvement. This information is invaluable in helping me fine-tune my e-commerce operations.

FeedbackExpress has completely changed the way that I manage my e-commerce business for the better. If you’re looking for a tool that will save you time and help you optimize your operations, then you need to give FeedbackExpress a try!

FeedbackExpress Review New Update 2022

Improve your Amazon seller rating through powerfully effective, automated feedback/product review requests, and a whole lot more. Learn more about FeedbackExpress

FeedbackExpress is now a part of the eDesk Feedback suite of products.

FeedbackExpress, the popular Amazon feedback platform, was acquired by eDesk in 2019. FeedbackExpress allows sellers to seek and promote comments and reviews in a safe and secure manner.

For over a decade, we have actively listened to and learned from our FeedbackExpress customers, and we have turned their greatest ideas into reality with our eDesk Feedback product.

The 100% compliant and automated system used by eDesk Feedback, which allows consumers to gather more feedback and reviews in a safe environment, has won the hearts of FeedbackExpress customers as well.

They also appreciate the fact that they can collect reviews across many platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot, and Google My Business, which has the impact of driving conversions on their websites as well.

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How to Avoid an Amazon Suspension What should a feedback email contain?

How to Get Positive Feedback on Amazon?

How To Use Feedback Express?

What are the Cons of FeedbackExpress?

What are the Pros of FeedbackExpress?

What is an alternative to FeedbackExpress?

Why You Should FeedbackExpress? | FeedbackExpress Review

  • This application can assist you in increasing the number of buyers who submit reviews on your website. As a result, your customers will have greater confidence in your brand and will have more knowledge to make a purchasing decision, which will result in increased sales.
  • Real-time alerts assist sellers in responding swiftly to fresh reviews, thereby improving the overall buying experience for customers.
  • With the help of FeedbackExpress, the seller may determine which messages are effective and obtain responses, have a high open-rate, and which messages result in unsubscriptions and unpleasant reactions.

Features Of FeedbackExpress Review:

Email Templates –

You will be getting a basic email and all the necessary points that can be covered through the email namely, Seller Feedback, Customer Service, or Product review.

feedbackexpress review Email Template
Email Template

There will be spaces that are left to be filled. You will also be getting links to the respective pages that need to be filled in by a customer in response.

Phone Alerts –

When a response is left by a customer, a response will be received by the user.

This way he or she would be getting a phone alert regarding the response if it is positive or negative.

Phone Alert

This gives the perfect opportunity to the seller to react in the right manner and also improve the customer’s experience.

Seller Feedback –

The feedback you will be getting with the help of this Feedback platform can be checked without any hassles.



FeedbackExpress - Review - Feedback

You will be getting all the responses and also the ones which are a result of the emails sent by you.

Email Filters –

This is an amazing feature for helping the seller filter who will be getting the email.

A lot will be depending on the seller’s requirement i.e. customer service, seller feedback, product review.

FeedbackExpress - Amazon - Feedback - Software - Review


This is an amazing feature as all those customers who chose to leave a negative review will not be receiving a follow-up email and will be blacklisted.

Payment Plan –

The best part is the flexibility in terms of the plans that can be chosen as per the specific needs of the users. 

Analytics and A/B testing

FeedbackExpress has a feature called A/B testing that enables users to create several variants of a single letter, eventually, distribute them across orders, and measure the open rate of each letter.

This allows users to determine the best time and weekdays to send letters in order to achieve the highest conversion rate. You will only need a few minutes to determine which alternative is the best, and after that, the system will perform all of the necessary calculations on its own.

VAT Invoicing

After making a transaction, EU customers frequently inquire about receiving a VAT invoice. It is a highly time-consuming task to send them manually, particularly when there are a lot of orders to process.

Now all you need to do is fill in a few fields, and FeedbackExpress will take care of the rest of the work for you.

The Amazon invoice generator on FeedbackExpress will automatically compute your VAT rates across all EU marketplaces and for each order. Simply select the manner in which you would like to send client invoices: for all orders, orders with specific ASINs, or orders from specific marketplaces.

Inbox & manual emails

With this feature, you can monitor all of your Amazon buyer messages from across all marketplaces on a single page and respond to them as they come in.

There is no longer a requirement to manually monitor the Seller Central of each marketplace for fresh communications. You can also speed up the process of responding to common inquiries by using templates that you have previously produced on your own.

FeedbackExpress Infographics:



FeedbackExpress has some notable features that other tools don't have and this is what makes it an Amazon merchant's first love.

💰  Price

$ 47.37

😍  Pros

feedback express sending the youtube tutorials and asking for feedback.

😩  Cons

The review tracking, since the review is more important than the feedback.


FeedbackExpress is the best amazon feedback software. Remove negative feedback. Increase your Amazon feedback rating. Get more product

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Videos On Feedback Express Review

1. How To Setup Account Set-up On Feedback

This video is about the initial settings to be completed when you sign up for FeedbackExpress.

2. FeedbackExpress Dashboard how to use it

This video will introduce you to the FeedbackExpress dashboard and discover how to use it and what data it contains.

3. positive and disputing negative feedback On FeedbackExpress

This video will introduce you to reviewing positive and disputing negative feedback within FeedbackExpess.

4. Setting Preferences Of FeedbackExpress

This video is about how to set your preferences and account settings within FeedbackExpress.

5. How To Add a Channel On FeedbackExpress

This video will introduce you to adding a new channel to your FeedbackExpress account.

6. How to Use Smart Tags

This video will introduce you to smart tags, how to use and edit them for your own campaigns.

7. Product Review Campaigns

This video will introduce you to product review campaigns and show you how to set one up.

8. Seller Feedback Campaigns

This video will introduce you to seller feedback campaigns and show you how to set one up.

9. How to Get Negative Notifications via SMS

This video will show you how to get text notifications for negative feedback to your mobile/cell phone.

10. Reviewing Recent Feedback

This video will show you how to use the dashboard to review recent feedback.

11. Feedback Charts

This video will introduce you to the various feedback charts available in FeedbackExpress.

12. How to Sign up for a Paid Plan

This video will show you how you can sign up to a paid plan following your trial period.

Monthly Plans Between – FeedbackExpress Vs SageMailer (Feedback Express Review)

FeedbackExpress SageMailer
Email Limit 7000 5000
Supported Marketplaces 15 13
A/B Testing YES NO
Inbox & manual messages YES NO
The “Request a Review” button YES NO
VAT Invoicing YES NO
Chat support YES NO
Price $50/month ($50/month)

How Can FeedbackExpress Improve Your Amazon Business?

To be successful in selling on Amazon, you must ensure that Amazon’s customers are satisfied. That is what Amazon is concerned about. Over the years, they have earned the trust of their customers to the point where they are now the world’s largest retailer.

What this means for us sellers is that we must do whatever it takes to ensure that our seller accounts are in good health and that all of our metrics meet Amazon’s requirements.

This month, I’ve been testing FeedbackExpress in my second seller account to see if I could use it in my business to improve customer relations.

To summarise, I have been very impressed, and it ultimately achieves what it is intended to do: improve customer relationships, which leads to an improved relationship with Amazon.

FeedbackExpress Pros:

Better Feedback Responses:

Well, it is the perfect platform for all those sellers who are interested in getting better feedback responses.

Thus, they get to earn the trust of the customers also with the increase in sales. This will ultimately have a positive impact on the seller’s product sales.

Get On-Time Alerts:

With the help of this software, the sellers will be getting on-time alerts. This will improve the entire customer’s experience with great ease.


Success of the Emails:

This is also an exciting feature as the sellers can now get to know about the failure or success of the emails.

Thanking Customers:

Customers are repeatedly thanked for their positive feedback and at the same time, a product review can be asked.

FeedbackExpress Cons:

  • The biggest disadvantage is the fact that you do not get the flexibility to 
  • send multiple emails in the equivalent email group.
  • Some of the users have faced some minor issues related to the platform. 

How much is FeedbackExpress?

The cheapest plan for FeedbackExpress is $54 a month, but this only gives you 5,000 emails. For 25,000 emails it costs $143 a month and for 60,000 emails it costs $292 a month.

How does feedback express work?

Feedback Express is a tool that helps you get reviews. Reviews help your business on Amazon. You can start with a little time to set it up, but after that, it will automatically send emails to people who have bought from you and ask for feedback.

Do you offer templates? Can I set up a campaign in a different language?

Yes, they do. If you are not sure what to send to your buyers, feel free to use the templates in your FeedbackExpress account. They have been designed so that they comply with Amazon’s Terms and Conditions and will provide you with a great base to start from. FeedbackExpress encourages sellers to make adjustments and personalize them in order to get the best results. The templates within FeedbackExpress have also been professionally translated into German, French, Italian, and Spanish — so they are ready for any marketplace of choice.

Can I include images or videos in my emails?

When you sell products on the internet, you may want to send emails. Emails are messages that people can read on their computers or phones. FeedbackExpress is a program that will help send these emails to you.

You can choose to add pictures, files, and even videos when sending your email so that people know what your brand is all about.

When will the emails be sent? Can I choose this?

You can choose when you would like to send your email. You can choose based on order status (confirmed, dispatched, or delivered). For example, the seller below has decided to send an email three days after the order is delivered at the same time the buyer placed the order.

Why choose FeedbackExpress?

FeedbackExpress offers amazing features and is one of the most cost-effective feedback management tools on the market.

You can set up your account in no time, the software itself is super easy to use and you will automatically get a 30-day free trial. On top of that, their support team is great.

Don’t just take their word for it, check out what their customers are saying on Web Retailer.

Do you have any hidden features/fees?

You will not have any hidden fees or commissions with FeedbackExpress. You can see their prices on this page and what you will be paying each month.

How do the packages work?

The packages they offer are all the emails you want to send. You can add more marketplaces for free and create campaigns to start sending emails. If you need to change your package, you can do it. For example, if you have two Amazon US accounts and one Amazon FR account and wish to send an order confirmation email and seller feedback request for each order, on average you would have 2 emails per order x 500 orders on each US account and 1,000 orders on the FR account.

Why should I use your service if customers can opt-out of receiving messages?

You need to know that Amazon’s opt-out policy does not affect everyone. This means that people who want to find out about your products are not affected by the policy. The good news is that you can focus on only these people, and use FeedbackExpress for help. With their emails, they will be able to get you the best seller feedback and product reviews.

What if I want to cancel?

Here is what you need to do if you want to cancel. You can stop the service at any time with FeedbackExpress. They work on a month-by-month basis, so you can cancel whenever.

Why is Customer Feedback So Important on Amazon?

Amazon’s mission is to become “the company that cares more about its customers than any other on the planet, by providing a platform through which shoppers can locate and learn about products they might be interested in purchasing online.”

One thing that has always been essential to them has been reflected in their mission statement in the form of a focal point: the consumer.

Amazon looks at its seller feedback rating to determine whether or not third-party vendors are living up to the high expectations it has set for customer care.

Your feedback rating on Amazon is determined by the total amount of feedback received from Amazon customers over the course of the previous year.

If you want to increase your chances of getting selected for a portion of the Buy Box (and who doesn’t?!), you need to keep your feedback rating at or above 95%, and ideally, it should be over 98%.

Feedback Testimonials: FeedbackExpress Review

FeedbackExpress-Review -and-Pricing-2021


Frequently Asked Questions: 

⚡How to Get More Amazon Reviews Legally?

There are some following ways to get more Amazon reviews legally. A review can easily increase the overall sales and encourage more people to give their feedback. You can create a mailing list and ask buyers to leave their reviews. In this way, you can collect feedback from various people. You can also use research tools for keywords. You can use social media platforms to boost the number of customer reviews.

✅ How to Get More Number of Product Reviews on Amazon?

In FeedbackExpress Review, you will understand how Amazon can help you in getting more product reviews on it. You should trust the automated follow-up system of Amazon. Make Use of the ‘Request a Review’ Button of Amazon to send an auto-generated email to their customers within four to thirty days of purchase for the review request. You can enter the Early Reviewer Program of Amazon that pushes purchasers to give feedback for the products. You can also enroll your product with the Amazon Vine Program.

👉 How Can FeedbackExpress Improve Your Amazon Business?

FeedbackExpress is an essential feature that integrates with Amazon to increase sales and reviews. The dashboard has a clean, easy, and user-friendly interface. Anyone can use that layout to navigate. Customer Campaigns are beneficial as they can allow you to set interactions with different customers for purchases. You can easily know information regarding customer satisfaction from their reviews. The payment Plan depends on the campaign size and its offered features. You can try this application for 30 days to know how it can improve your business.

🎉 How to Write Winning Product Titles?

You must write what your target audience likes. The title should connect you with your people. It must be in the right format, including proper name, description, etc. You must choose the right length with descriptions. A title should carry key features of the product and its benefits. You can also compare your products with other shoppers before buying them.

💥 How To Use FeedbackExpress?

In FeedbackExpress Review, it is relatively easy to use because it offers impressive features. It offers well-defined and ready-made templates. You can get notifications for negative feedback. An email automatically triggers after some days of the purchase. If you are getting negative feedback from a specific customer, then you can also blacklist that person. You can resend your emails to allow your buyers to provide feedback on the product. More reviews can increase your sales and profits.

✅ What is FeedbackExpress?

It is a feedback solution that helps sellers to operate and manage their reviews from the customers. It is a powerful cloud-based software with features like providing notifications, reviews, email templates, etc., from the buyers. You can set up the communication between the buyer and you. It can help you to find out the necessary needs of a customer. It collects reviews from the purchasers on your behalf through easy and automated product review requests.

⚡ Who Uses FeedbackExpress?

It offers a trial period for 30 days without asking for any credit card details and commissions. It can set up and integrate with other applications easily. You can get recommendations on Amazon forums by a friend, colleague, or family. It helps in achieving positive feedback from the customers. It will improve the feedback ratio of your products and make them famous. You can get notifications whenever you receive any negative feedback from the customers.

💲 How Much Does FeedBackExpress Cost?

The basic plan offered by the FeedbackExpress will cost you $39 per month, and $35 per month for annual payments. The medium plan offered by FeedbackExpress will cost you $88 per month, and $79 per month for annual payments. The advanced plan offered by FeedbackExpress will cost you $177 per month, and $159 per month for annual payments.

🏆 How to Get Positive Feedback on Amazon?

You can inform customers about feedback through emails. Automatic email request is another feature that helps in triggering emails to customers who purchased anything from your online store. You can also use paying slips to leave any message, or the seller can request the customer's feedback. The Buyer will respond to the request and give reviews. You can monitor your sales performance metrics.

💥 Will I recover my previous FeedbackExpress invoices?

Do not worry; after your account is transferred to eDesk, the Support Team will send you a copy of all your previous FeedbackExpress invoices for comparison.

🌴 How can I alter my course of action?

Click on your initials in the blacktop bar's far right-hand corner to access Settings and Company Settings > Billing. This screen allows you to add or change your schedule at any stage.

🔥 Where may I get a copy of my invoices?

Click on your name in the blacktop bar on the far right and then on Settings and Company Settings > Receipts. On this tab, you'll be able to download all of your previous month's invoices.

🌟 What is the procedure for canceling my eDesk account?

Only the eDesk account owner will have access to this screen; any other users will be denied access. You can cancel your eDesk account by navigating to Settings and Company Settings > Billing and then selecting Order Termination. The eDesk Team will then expeditiously process your submission.

🪵 How can I keep track of product reviews?

Due to a significant update in Amazon's Terms of Service, eDesk does not support tracking Product Reviews.

🚀 Where will I find the percentage of messages that have been opened?

You will not be able to see a percentage of messages opened for your feedback rules in eDesk, but you will have access to more precise details, reports, and feedback statistics through the Dashboard.

Quick Links:

Alternatives to feedback Express

1. Podium:

Podium is reimagining how consumers engage with independent companies.

Podium is the solution for anything from collecting ratings on the most important platforms to text-enabling your website via Webchat,


collecting payment by text, gathering personal input after an encounter, and handling all your consumer messages from a single central dashboard with Inbox.

Podium’s Interaction Management software leverages texting to make it simple to communicate with leads, clients, and team members at any point of contact.

Podium enables you to connect with leads and clients, gather ratings and comments, collect payments, and collaborate efficiently with your staff, all from a single, easy-to-use inbox.

It drives the most critical conversations for your company, bringing you miles ahead of the competition.

2. Reputation:

By consumer reviews, reputation has altered how businesses enhance their customer experience (CX).

Their platform converts massive volumes of solicited and unsolicited input data into information that businesses can use to improve their CX, operations, and much more.


This method is referred to as Reputation Experience Management.

Thousands of multinational companies depend on Reputation Score XTM’s proprietary algorithms to provide an accurate index of brand success to make targeted market changes.

And Bessemer Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Capital Management have invested in them, and they are trusted by over 250 clients, including, Amazon, J.D. Power, Salesforce, Facebook, and Google.

3. Birdeye:

Birdeye is an all-in-one Experience Marketing tool designed for companies with many locations.

Birdeye enables over 60,000 companies of all sizes to be identified digitally and selected by listings, ratings, and referrals;

to engage with leads and buyers on their preferred channels; and to offer the most excellent consumer service possible by survey, ticketing, and analytics resources.


Birdeye was established in 2012 in Palo Alto and is led by alumni from Yahoo, Salesforce, Amazon, and Google.

Birdeye is funded by Marc Benioff, co-founder of Salesforce, Jerry Yang of Yahoo, Trinity Ventures, and World Innovation Lab.

For the last five years, the business has become the highest-rated Experience Marketing site on G2.

4. Chatmeter:

Chatmeter, the world’s first Local Brand Management app, enables multi-location companies and agencies to monitor and optimize their marketing effectiveness.

Due to the fragmentation of local search marketing today, it’s almost difficult for agencies and major retailers to handle their brands effectively on a regional basis.


Their service assesses each location’s online presence by assessing its online exposure and credibility.

Via their digital Dashboard and regular email updates, they compare their results to those of other local rivals and make customized suggestions for change.

By gaining control of their online presence and user engagement, advertisers will significantly affect their ability to acquire new clients.

They have a comprehensive, end-to-end marketing insights tool for multi-location agencies and retailers.

5. Yext:

Intending to assist companies and organizations worldwide in providing authoritative answers anywhere people look, the Yext Search Experience Cloud application empowers businesses to take care of their online facts.

From a brand’s website to search engines, voice assistants, charts, games, and chatbots,


Yext enables its consumers to have reliable, up-to-date, and official responses to consumer queries throughout the entire search ecosystem.

Fortune and Great Place have recognized Yext to Work® as a Best Place to Work and the Best Workplace for Women.

Yext is based in New York City and has branches in Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Dallas, Geneva, London, Miami, Milan, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

FeedbackExpress Real Customer Review & Testimonials


The website is fluid and easy to navigate. Designing and making campaigns couldn’t be easier and they have proven effective with the amount of positive feedbacks we now receive on a daily basis. There is a plethora of information available on the first page with gives me an insight on how well we are doing.


The best feature of the website is the notifications that get sent out if something has gone wrong like receiving a negative feedback. Not only do we get sent an email but also a text straight to my phone which is very useful especially when I’m out of the office.

I like that everything is organize and you can use this tool so easyAutomated emails. Great website. Easy to use. Easy to customise different languages for use on different sites. Reliable.


Works wellFeedbackExpress is easy to use and was easy to integrate with our Amazon seller account.Ease of us, the automation and the customer service is good too.


The bad feedback alerts instantly by SMSQuickly create campaigns to increase product reviews.Easy to use interface. Highly attentive service when an issue does arise. Reliable and effective.


This is great for Amazon, but if you want to sell on other channels, you’ll need a different deal.

I really like how this product works, especially the text alert for negative feedback. This lets you respond right away and fix any problems customers may have, which cuts down on claims and unhappy customers.

The templates for sending emails and asking for feedback and reviews, among other things, are very useful and easy to use. All of the feedback monitoring is easy to do because everything is on one dashboard. A blacklist that you can add to is useful.


I like the same things about this as I do about the Repricer, which is that the website is so easy to use. Also, the customer service is perfect, and they told me to use a template. When you’re a new seller, I think this gives you a big boost toward getting the buy box more often because it makes you more appealing to buyers. This would also help you a lot if you sold private label products.

Conclusion: FeedbackExpress Review 2022 | Is This Amazon Seller Tool Worth?

FeedbackExpress is known as the ultimate platform for the sellers for the purpose of boosting their sales.

This happens by asking for feedback from the buyers or product reviews.

With the help of this amazing platform, it is now possible to track the positive as well as negative feedback.

In Short:

Features: Scans the web and gathers reviews from multiple sources. Then combines it into one single page so you can get up to date view of what is popular and what is not.

Advantages: One click review system that gives you quick feedback for your products. They love the fact that they can gather reviews across Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot effectively increasing conversions on their webstores too.

Benefits: You don’t have to spend time or money on hiring a developer or designer when you can easily manage your website yourself with Feedback’s 100% compliant system for gathering more feedback and reviews safely.

At the same time, negative reviews can be easily blacklisted. Go for FeedbackExpress if you are serious about getting an improved seller rating.

This, in turn, means improved product visibility and winning the buy box.

Amazon Feedback Software – FeedbackExpress

FeedbackExpress – Account Setup

FeedbackExpress – Product Review Campaigns

FeedbackExpress – Reviewing and Disputing Feedback

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  1. The best customer service you could ask for!!”I got the ultimate feedback by signing up to FeedbackExpress. I always hated it when I would receive emails asking me to leave a review but now its all automated and once they find out about any negative feedback, they will contact you so it won’t affect your profile on their website! Which is great because sometimes people are just mean spirited and don’t give genuine feedback which can be very frustrating. Not only do they send an email notification of something wrong with my account, but also text me straight away if I’m not at work or home! They really take care of their customers whether that has negative or positive feedbacks.” Thanks for providing feedback express review

  2. FeedbackExpress is the best! It’s easy to design and create campaigns, effective in winning more positive reviews, has customer service notifications including sending texts directly to my phone when I receive a negative review.

  3. I recommend feedbackexpress, they have made my life so much easier. It eliminates the stress of having to constantly check for negative reviews and get notifications sent straight to my phone when something goes wrong. Thanks for providing feedback express review

  4. FeedbackExpress is the best website I’ve found to monitor feedback for my company. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t take long to come up with a new campaign or two. There are also features that can help you fix any mistakes before customers see them, like an instant text notification if someone has left negative feedback instead of just an email. Thanks for providing feedback express review

  5. FeedbackExpress is a revolutionary new online tool that allows individuals to monitor and respond to feedback. It works by alerting you any time a potential customer leaves a review on your product, service or business. FeedbackExpress uses feedback data to generate insightful reports which break down key performance areas like Satisfaction Index, Product Ranking and Revenue Impact.

  6. FeedbackExpress provides a fast and easy way to give feedback to your business, interact with potential buyers, and read other people’s reviews. A user from Feedback Express had this to say: “It was quick, simple and I even got a text message when my feedback went live.” Thanks for providing feedback express review

  7. FeedbackExpress makes creating and monitoring campaigns easy. Not only can you see your campaign’s statistics with a few clicks, but you’ll also get an instant notification if something has gone wrong so that nothing is ever missed again. In my opinion FeedbackExpress does pretty much everything I need it to do in order to have a successful marketing campaign. That being said, their notifications are an added perk that gives me peace of mind when I’m not tethered to my computer at all times!

  8. Feedback Express is an amazing website that has made it so simple to keep on top of our feedbacks. We are now getting positive responses daily because it makes designing and launching campaigns a breeze which builds up your better odds of more comments coming through. My favourite thing about the website though is that if there ever are any problems with another customer, or feedback received then they send out notifications straight to my phone so I can deal with them on-the-go. A great piece of technology! Thanks for providing feedback express review

  9. FeedbackExpress gives my business the potential to be even bigger than it is now by making everything easier for me to handle. With all the information just on the home page, I can see how well we’re doing and what any issues might be. The notifications that get sent out are amazing because I always know if our customers have a problem or an issue with their product.

  10. Hands down, FeedbackExpress is one of the most useful tools that Amazon has to offer. This feedback boosting tool enables you to safely get seller feedback and reviews without risking a bad situation for yourself or your buyers. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  11. FeedbackExpress provides a fluid and easy to navigate website that is packed with information for both the client and designer. Their daily email notifications are very handy when I’m not in the office because they serve as a quick summary of all emails, feedbacks, messages etc. They have an expansive range of design options which allow you to create your campaign easily so what better place is there than here! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  12. Hands down this is my favorite Amazon feedback tool. As a seller I have longingly browsed the page for FeedbackExpress, wishing that one day I could buy it to help me out. When they released their feedback boosting service to Amazon sellers, just after Christmas in 2016, I was overjoyed! The business owners behind the product take great care to make sure you know exactly how to use it and what it’s capable of highlighting its importance as your first line of defense against negative feedback on Amazon. They call themselves “your sanity savers” because they will answer any questions about FeedbackExpress via Twitter or email 7 days a week (excluding PTO). Trust me, these people love what they do and that passion comes across through every interaction you

  13. “YES, I AM TERRIFIED of your feedback. No need to put my name out there where everyone can see it! FeedbackExpress helps me write enticing words about the awesomeness that is your product, but with NO IDEA what I’m saying.” conversational style popular in fantasy stories for children or teenagers; genre specific voice like Roald Dahl’s Matilda’s vocabulary and language usage (Matilda) or JK Rowling’s Hogwarts series (Harry Potter)

  14. FeedbackExpress is the best and safest way to boost your Amazon seller feedback and reviews, we guarantee we can help increase their look at my feedback by 200%. I’ve been using Feedback Express for 2 months now, and had a 250% increase in views of my feedback. Those numbers speak for themselves! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  15. The ability to request product reviews is a great feature if buyers are disgruntled. FeedbackExpress removes the guesswork from getting responses because it’s direct and easy to use.

  16. FeedbackExpress is a must-have for any product seller who wants to rank well on Amazon. It’s so simple, users can be up and running in just a matter of minutes.

  17. You know, I had honestly forgotten all about the importance of seller feedback until I experienced buyer’s remorse for my first time. Boy, am I lucky that FeedbackExpress was there to save the day! What good is a new couch if you can’t sit on it? Anyway, with this handy tool (and an extra carefully wrapped product) your piece will be back on market in no time 🙂
    Added bonus: The best place for reviewers are great traders – so don’t forget to check out their experiences before you commit! It feels so satisfying when they love what they got too. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  18. Welcome to the wonderful world of FeedbackExpress! Your one stop shop for all things Amazon feedback. Five stars, plus an additional two thousand bonus stars from the developers at FeedbackExpress HQ… now what could be better? Once you integrate our easy plugin with your app, module, widget or system – that’s a whole lot of people you can delight. The beautiful benefit of a simple and uplifting transaction is that after every sale it would be crazy not to share your excitement with us! So sign up today and we’ll show you just how easy it is to start enjoying this life changing work of art called “FeedbackExpress.”

  19. FeedbackExpress is the best email feedback widget for any Amazon merchant. It can connect with your account to find out all of your customer information, depending on the amount of features you want (for example; saved cart or abandoned cart recovery) FeedbackExpress has everything that other tools don’t have and this is what makes it an Amazon merchants first love. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  20. I’ve been on the receiving end of those bad feedbacks and it’s not fun. However, customers know that no one can be perfect and I like how FeedbackExpress lets you make amends by giving coupons and refunds if need be. It has some features that other tools don’t have which is what makes it an Amazon merchant’s first love — supports several Amazon marketplaces, guess all of them!

  21. This is one of those tools that’s not just a handy to have, this tool is invaluable. Talk about the power of FeedbackExpress!

    Look out for these features:
    -Save time with auto contact form filling and email notification sequence automation
    -Prevent bad feedback from happening by quickly removing negative buyer comments before they take a toll on your business
    -Provides accurate responses

  22. The best thing about FeedbackExpress is that it’s easy to use, simple and quick. You can get in, boost your Amazon feedback in just a matter of seconds. I rang the seller for “Bubble Wrap” recently and he was an absolute babe about it. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  23. This tool, FeedbackExpress by a company called Feedback Toolbox provides a lot of insight into what other people are thinking about your products. Kinda cool if you’re looking for feedback on how to create the best quality customer experience.

  24. “I’ve tried everything under the sun when it comes to feedback tracking, but this was hands-down my favorite. I love how easy it is to use and that there are no questions about what you’re doing or anything like that.”

  25. Imma just say it now, FeedbackExpress is my favorite feedback tool. I don’t have to do anything else anymore because this one app does it all. From “thank you” emails after receiving positive feedback, sending out buyer return surveys so they know what went well with their purchase and request for whole sale changes before something goes wrong – this app has everything. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  26. I’ve been using FeedbackExpress for years and I recommend it to anyone who’s just starting out. It’s probably the best one that I’ve seen so far, but not necessarily because of what it does. It sort of has a nice interface.

  27. “FeedbackExpress has been a godsend, as it has eliminated all the tedious hours of moderating feedback from buyers. There’s so much more time to do things that I actually enjoy now!” Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  28. I was surprised when I first tried FeedbackExpress, but now it’s my go-to tool for managing all my product reviews. When it came to feedback software, there were some things about FeedbackExpress that really stood out for me. Unlike other products on the market, this offers several integrations with all of Amazon’s markets (so you’re not confined to just one). It also gives you a better sense of your overall feedback statistics like what categories are doing well and where your pain points are. Lastly, the UI is clean and the email alerts make sure I never miss anything–from package arrivals to unscheduled evaluations!

  29. FeedbackExpress is a long-term investment and should be treated as such. FeedbackExpress will grow with you: don’t settle for inferior products that work poorly now but are shoddy in the future, FeedbackExpress is always improving to keep you on top of things.
    A few standout features are Level 5’s Analyst, Advisor, Manager which are extremely helpful when it comes to getting your review strengths where they need to be. They also have three options underneath these which can help guide you through what level suit your needs best.” Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  30. FeedbackExpress is your best friend when it comes to profiles on Amazon. It has all the features you need in one program, making profiles stress-free and hassle-less. FeedbackExpress offers several advanced options like export review data by category, copy or export email templates for soliciting feedback without replying to every single reviewer, mark entire reviews as helpful votes for bundles of products in a row with just one click, easy exported CSV files that maintain inventory levels while keeping track of customer satisfaction metrics – which can’t be said about its competitors. I could go on and on here but I will leave you with this: Feedback Express saves time! Trust me when I say after using many different tools it’s the best when it comes down

  31. I switched from FeedbackFive to FeedbackExpress for a month and wow what a difference! Those five words are going to come back to haunt me as I try and think of how many other things I didn’t do before drinking the Amazon juice. Compared with only 1 flagged review during my first 8 weeks using your tool, that number jumped up significantly once I switched over – 9 out of 10 orders shipped were flagged by UPS as “questionable” which then led those customers (including one man who threatened me) contacting Amazon customer service and accusing me of unfair practices. Thanks for this product because now after switching again, no dodgy feedbacks could be shown on my seller performance score!

  32. I’ve used some other Amazon review management tools before, but FeedbackExpress has some cool features that set it apart. For starters, you can react to reviews by email instead of just thanking people. But the best feature might be the new confirmation step where they send you an email when feedback is received so there’s not any back-and-forth getting lost in cyberspace. And if your customer service is anything like mine then this will help ease your sleep deprivation 🙂 Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  33. FeedbackExpress is the most user-friendly Amazon review management software that you’ll find. I’ve used FeedbackExpress, FeedbackFive, and a couple other tools to manage my reviews, but this one has some excellent features the others don’t – Features like keyword filtering by overall feedback rating so there’s no need to sift through pages of reviews for keywords. It doesn’t take long before you notice how easily FeedbackExpress saves time because there are so many ways the product excels. You can filter spamware or requests based upon time frame or even create your own pre-defined filters. This allows for better breakdowns on complaint types which allow you to be alerted when people report aggressive sellers with bad customer service practices that could ruin your business’

  34. “Finally, a tool that is easy to use. With other tools I had difficulty with navigation, but FeedbackExpress has made it simple for me to manage my reviews.”
    “I had an issue with getting negative feedback taken down on one of my products. Support handled the request quickly and efficiently!” “It’s quick and takes care of all aspects of buying reviews.” “After only two days FeedbackExpress had lowered the percentage of fake reviews”. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  35. I absolutely love FeedbackExpress. I’ve used FeedbackExpress, FeedbackFive, and a couple other Amazon review management tools so this isn’t the first tool that I used. What makes it 5 stars are features that not all tool have. This app does say “no” to unacceptable feedback! when any less than glowing reviews come in you know what to do…kickback with your automated email response which will be sent within 24 hours to anyone who leaves anything less that five star feedback, advising them on how they might provide us with an improved experience … because if they don’t want to wear our shoes then we’re not selling ’em

  36. FeedbackExpress is a fantastic tool for giving customers, both new and old, the opportunity to speak their mind. You can ask your current base for feedback or you can recruit up to 2 guests per 24 hours with this robust system. Ii’s got features like live chat so you don’t have to wait around on replies, filters so that people whose opinions might be biased are ignored (or at least excluded), deleted reviews kept only in case they turn into unedited ones, among other things that make it stand out from the others! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  37. We all know how annoying it is to get bad reviews on Amazon. Those can get under your skin really bad. We are finally rid of the problems by having the FeedbackExpress app installed on our devices! This nifty little device lets you take control, and it’s just a preview away from being done with those vexing one-star ratings for good.

  38. This review service is so sweet. There are so many reviews on Amazon and it’s even more difficult to get reviews when you sell baby clothes or plants for sale, but FeedbackExpress manages all of that stress. You can target your customers based on their order history which ensures the editor only sees listings they have bought from before, or if there weren’t any orders in time then you can use a different targeting method to make sure editors see products from qualified prospective buyers. Screenshots of all reviews – I set mine up with four out of five stars because I know what my target audience likes best about how the product looks through a screenshot where they need a little help along with getting feedback express logo in all parts of every review shown.

  39. Feedback Express is a feedback management software that serves to streamline the process of collecting and managing customer feedback. It has been designed to have an exceptional performance with its real-time text alerts for negative feedback, personalized sound notifications, email notification capabilities, user analytics, AI chatbot service providers. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  40. FeedbackExpress is a handy and useful customer feedback tool. FeedbackExpress will let you know about complaint or complaint2 on your site as soon as they happen, so you can respond immediately and make sure the issue gets resolved; we’ll also keep tabs on how many posts were 4-5 stars as well as those 5-stars to give some indication of what customers like most about your service or product. You’ll never miss out on an angry post again with FeedbackExpress! We send timely alerts, track conversations for important information quotient and more!

  41. FeedbackExpress is the only feedback software on the market that also notifies you when you receive negative comments from customers. It’s perfect for businesses looking to better their customer service and responding quickly with a message that makes them feel heard. FeedbackExpress connects directly to your email, which means that any time a client sends in a comment, FeedbackExpress extracts it from the email and assigns an appropriate category for it – Positive, Negative, etc., then gives you real-time alerts as soon as someone logs onto their account or books an appointment so you can respond right away

  42. If you’ve ever had to deal with an unhappy customer who left an angry comment, that’s a terrible experience. It’s even worse when the patron gets ahold of your contact info and starts bombarding you with emails or voice mails. FeedbackExpress is a new suite of tools designed to anticipate what customers will say, respond remotely in real time, notifying you as soon as they post feedback so you can resolve the issue before it spirals out of control. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  43. FeedbackExpress is a great product for fast and simple feedback. I like the text alerts feature because it allows me to respond quickly and correct any mistakes with someone’s order

  44. I have used FeedbackExpress and I really like how it helps me monitor feedback and take care of issues that way. It worries away the uncertainty, which takes the stress out of running a company. Plus you can text customer service as well as respond to negative feedback in real-time! All the functionality is great for helping entrepreneurs deal with their businesses without feeling overwhelmed or left guessing.”

  45. FeedbackExpress is by far my favorite feedback tool for websites. The text alerts are super helpful because I hate checking the email every day to see which negative comments need to be addressed or how many questions come in that need answers. It’s also nice that you can use it on any page, but most importantly FeedbackExpress was designed with user feedback in mind! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  46. FeedbackExpress is a well-designed, effective product that I will not hesitate to tell my friends about.

  47. FeedbackExpress really makes it easy to respond to customer feedback in real time. With just a text notification, you can fire back responses that are helpful and kind. It’s an all-in-one solution for listening to customers and handling their inquiries easily. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  48. FeedbackExpress is a fantastic product that solves the problem of negative feedback and allows you to respond right away and sort out any issues your customers may have. The text alert for negative feedback will make sure you never miss anything, reducing claims and unahppiness.

  49. All of your feedback needs in one convenient place, FeedbackExpress helps you get reviews and has a lot of safeguards to keep the reviews from falling into the wrong hands. FeedbackExpress monitors for bogus reviews and will help remove any reviews that violate our terms of service agreement. The templates for requesting feedback are easy to use and offer a variety of choices depending on what you need. You can even request text-message reviews with this program! A blacklist is included so you can weed out anyone who might leave negative reviews just because they don’t want competition nearby. We all know how frustrating it can be when people give scathing reviews on places without getting their facts straight first! It’s great to have options that allow us, as small business owners. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  50. I love FeedbackExpress so much I’d tell it to my mom. As a freelancer, the basics are important for successful work relationships – clear expectations, designated responsibilities, and timely feedback. Feedback Express provides customizable templates that make the process simple–whether you’re requesting feedback or providing reviews. Being organized can be challenging in this digital age but Feedback Express makes it easy with built in tools like blacklists of undesired contacts or bad senders. It’s easy to manage all your business contacts on one platform which is great when balancing multiple projects because it reduces time spent switching platforms looking up contact information-invaluable for entrepreneurs who value their time! Having everything collected neatly also eliminates unnecessary back-and-forths about contracts or timelines–we’ve

  51. **I like that this product found feedback easily without bothering people too much. It was really easy to send out my survey and they were nice enough to make me a list of ideas on how to improve my business based on what reviewers had the most success with.**
    * I found it pretty cool that you can request feedback anonymously or publicly if you prefer, which is awesome for those who are shy about asking for reviews because now there is no way for them to say no since they don’t know who’s sending it! And just when I thought this couldn’t get any better, FeedbackExpress automatically un-responds to email replies so all of these emails aren’t clogging up your inbox every time someone asks “How do you want us

  52. You try to do some marketing, but never know how effective it actually is. FeedbackExpress helps you with this because the templates for requesting feedback and reviews are quite handy and easy to use. The feedback monitoring is helpful having everything easily brought together in one dashboard. Having a blacklist you can add to is another handy tool at your disposal. You will soon feel relieved of stress or anxiety knowing that FeedbackExpress can take care of all these needs on behalf of your company! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  53. is a great site that I’ve used to send out requests for feedback and reviews, to monitor the status of customer feedback, and to create blacklists for agents/businesses where you know you want to be turned down when soliciting for reviews! Definitely well worth the price in my opinion.

  54. FeedbackExpress, an online email templates and monitoring service for your business, helps you create feedback requesting emails and responde to reviews or complaints. Review their tools that include blacklisting and customer satisfaction surveys.

  55. FeedbackExpress is the only tool you need for emailing, feedback monitoring, and blacklisting. This browser plugin takes care of everything including requesting feedback or reviews from your clients. It’s important to know who has interacted with—and who hasn’t—so FeedbackExpress sends performance reports that are easy to read at a glance using interactive charts. There’s also the opportunity to blacklist companies that have tried misleading or bullying tactics against your business which can cause an unwelcome interruption in business processes.

  56. FeedbackExpress is an amazing program that I couldn’t live without. I liked how they had really great email templates for requesting feedback and reviews, plus the monitoring was essential to have everything brought together in one place. But my favorite part of FeedbackExpress is being able to blacklist people! There were so many things on their site, it seemed more like a treasure trove of marketing tools than just software myself. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  57. I love receiving feedback from my customers and have been making a habit of soliciting it more often, but FeedbackExpress has made this so much easier. The templates for emails and the master blacklist is such a timesaver and they’ve upgraded their monitoring service to make it even better! I don’t know what I would do without FeedbackExpress now that I use it all the time!” Anonymous Customer

  58. Feedbackexpress is a really cool app that helps you know what your customers are thinking. Feedback express monitors customer feedback by email and social platforms, making it easy to have everything in one place all the time. It’s great for business owners looking for good feedback about their business too!

  59. I stumbled across this product on Amazon. I don’t know it if was because I want to improve my listing page, or if there were something wrong with my feed, but after downloading this thing repitition has decreased significantly and now my feedback is much cleaner. It’s really affordable too! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  60. I am head over heels in love with the FeedbackExpress platform. If you are a seller, who is new to this space, or your competitors are coming on strong, then I cannot recommend this enough! Moreover when it comes to my feedback management…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!! It is SO easy!!!

  61. FeedbackExpress is a good product because it only takes about 30 seconds to set up, has high customer service standards, and will be incredibly helpful for new private label sellers.

  62. FeedbackExpress is a name many Private Label sellers have been mentioning recently. It has profiles for over 10 top marketplaces and they’re all up to date, which makes it perfect for novice marketers. All of the most crucial features are included, with screenshots and video tutorials on how to use them most effectively. Feedback Express also creates a free one-page ecommerce website template you can customize as well! Seems like every seller wants feedback from their customers now? But no worries because if my numbers don’t lie FeedbackExpress is going to make your day a whole lot easier when it comes down to managing your private label listings on listing sites instead of having that small pest inside your head nagging at you about getting those sell orders in hand ASAP, Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  63. I love the FeedbackExpress. I was able to use it in minutes after some help from their customer service. They recommended that I used a template which really helped with getting reviews more often and competing for the buy box more often as well! Definitely worth trying, especially if you’re new to selling on amazon!!

  64. FeedbackExpress is a great tool designed to help you stay on top of your feedback and proactively address any issues that may arise. The interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to use. They also provide templates for specific situations like negative product reviews or neutral ones in order to prevent further problems from arising. Moreover, they provide personalised service with no hold time and their customer service representatives are courteous and fast at resolving issues which means nobody will ever need to worry themselves when fighting with this efficient system! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  65. This product is great because it solves all of your problems. You have no regrets with this purchase! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  66. Not sure what to get your child for their birthday, or that client who’s been with you for 10 years? Fear no more! We at Feedback Express want to make sure we put a smile on both of those people and make this the most memorable present. With our feedback express, they’ll never forget how much you care about them and it doesn’t even need any instructions because we send an email with all the directions. The best part is that if there was anything wrong with it, just email us and we’ll replace it right away!” Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  67. FeedbackExpress is a great tool that can help you learn what customers are saying about your product. These amazing templates will enable you to respond to their feedback in an efficient and timely manner, gathering important info from them that can lead to better customer service or product changes, which will bring an increase in sales over time.

  68. I never know what to say in customer service surveys. FeedbackExpress fixes that problem, and you will too with their templates! Get one today and get back to playing your games.

  69. I was ultra ecstatic that I got to be apart of this product for review because I’ve always wanted to get into designing my own puzzle boxes. The instructions were included but difficult enough so you can feel satisfied when completing it.

  70. FeedbackExpress is a challenging, yet addictive reward system for people who love puzzles. When its your turn to open the box you take it with anticipation and excitement as you race to find what’s inside. We designed FeedbackExpress so that packaging would be opened by the customer, removing any need for instructions or an assembly guide that could tell them what they should do next as frustration sets in. This means that as customers complete their puzzle we’ll automatically send them feedback asking about their experience and we’ll cover any tutorial videos required so there won’t be any questions unanswered…since I didn’t receive ANY negative reviews. Did you?, And Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  71. When receiving a FeedbackExpress box, it’s time to have some fun! For no extra cost, we provide your puzzles with detailed instructions and tutorials by experienced puzzle solvers. Our YouTube channel includes a timer widget that lets you know when the next video update will go live, so you’ll never miss new content (although some people really like doing nothing but solving puzzles on their own). This also eliminates any ads or crashes after opening solved boxes for feedback. “I’ve always appreciated having someone else do my work. Closed an easy one today in 20 seconds. I think this might be my favorite part of the day” – Amanda S., Puzzle-Solver Extraordinaire. Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  72. This is why we love feedback express: I had this idea to make a complete, bare-bones puzzle box and try selling it for what would be considered an absurdly low price. I must say that the customer service was great! The puzzels were no instructions but you send out an email with youtube tutorials of how to solve the puzzles so it’s very easy to do on your own time without having someone constantly telling you what steps are coming up next. And even better, I did not receive any negative feedback whatsoever! Great product that guarantees satisfaction for everyone!

  73. You will receive an unmarked wooden box, delivered your home with no instructions. The full price is $53.96, but you can buy it right now for $45.99! Instructions are available on Youtube videos in the email we sent after purchase, or by sending us a request through Feedback Express requesting feedback and not receiving any negative message back in return guarantees my product is worth the money. With my special offer of $45.99 you pay less than half the regular amount! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  74. I opened my FeedbackExpress and was pleasantly surprised to find it is a fun little puzzle. I had no idea what’s in store for me, but the email gives you the entire solution if you want. Also included are helpful tutorials on YouTube! You can’t go wrong with this one; it’s cheaper than other options (customers also receive exclusive coupons), interactive, and super fun. These boxes are made out of beautiful solid oak wood that feels cool to the touch. They can be customized with beautiful designs or logos at no extra cost which makes them perfect business gifts while also giving back animosity pieces of reclaimed wood removed during furniture making process so they won’t

  75. The FeedbackExpress my favorite puzzle and I can’t believe it’s so simple. they were so easy to maneuver around, they almost seemed like puzzles for children, but the psychology behind them is brilliant. they made me feel accomplished and excited whenever they became solved. The thing that really takes this product to the next level is just how rewarding each one is when completed – I was immensely satisfied with myself after completing all of my feedback express which was about an hour after the received it in the mail.

  76. FeedbackExpress is a brand new A+ feedback service that I stumbled upon as a seller. As a first-time business owner, I was faced with the problem of not only selling all my products but also retaining customer attention and pleasing them. FeedbackExpress has been working wonders for me so far! My packages have become more reliable and personalized, and customer ratings on Amazon have noticeably increased. It was really easy to set up an account, input basic information about myself, and wait for emails from potential clients looking to buy what I am selling. I am happy with the quality of service from this company – it’s brutally honest yet tactful in its delivery of “feedback” on what they think could be improved or changed about the actual item being sold

  77. I love this new FeedbackExpress app. It’s easy to use, and I am getting so many more sales because of it! Thanks for providing Feedback express review

  78. FeedbackExpress has been a favorite of mine for the last few Word Word games. It is a puzzle box, delivered without instructions and will require you to use your creativity to solve- not everyone can do it. There are videos on the company’s youtube page that have all the answers, but I recommend waiting until after you complete or fail 20 puzzles from feedbackexpress to go back then watch those tutorials as your baseline. Thankfully there still isn’t any negative reviews out there about this product because I guarantee they’re coming up soon enough.”

  79. I love the easy to use website with Feedback Express. The customer service is also great–they provided me would would be perfectly suited for my use, so I was able to start right away. It gave me a boost when marketing myself in search engines–I appeared more popular! With private label sellers, this made waves when marketing myself because buyers could see that I was reliable and had great feedback.

  80. I love this product! It is easy to use on the website and their customer service is impeccable. They also have a template you can download to make things even easier! If you are new seller, I would recommend FeedbackExpress because it will surely help with your chance at getting more reviews or being in the buy box more often as they increase your attractiveness for buyers. And if you are a private label seller, FeedbackExpress will be crucial in making sure that you get all of those reviews every month!

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