FeedbackExpress Review 2020 | How Can It Improve Your Amazon Business?

Feedback Express Review - Amazon - Feedback - Software
Feedback Express Review
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  • Really like the functionality of this product
  • Deal with any issues customer may have
  • It allows you to respond in real time
  • Gives you a huge boost in the right direction
  • Private label seller this would benefit you hugely
  • Dashboard is ok not bad you can see your feedbacks emails performance etc.
  • The ease of use and setting up
  • They make it very user friendly
  • Saves me time and I get more feedback and reviews than before
  • It isa great product


  • The biggest disadvantage is the fact that you do not get the flexibility to 

Today we have featured FeedbackExpress Review, with its proper insights, we have also covered its pros and cons, so let’s get started… Are you looking for an efficient platform to review requests or automate your Amazon feedback? If the answer to this question, then FeedbackExpress is your one-stop destination.

It is the perfect solution for ensuring that getting more product seller feedbacks and product reviews.

Also, it is superb for all those who are interested in ranking your products higher in the Amazon search engine.

Feedback Express Review - Amazon - Feedback - Software

It is important to pay attention to the fact that FeedbackExpress is a cloud-based and powerful software solution.

It has a major role to play in offering help to the Amazon sellers for automating and managing their feedback communication with buyers. 

Well, this amazing software is proving to be of great help for all the sellers. This way they are able to get more product reviews and positive feedback.

Also, they get the perfect opportunity to get rid of the neutral as well as negative feedback efficiently and quickly.

All of this will eventually lead to improved seller metrics.

Also, the sellers get to win an increased number of Buy Box at elevated profit margins.  

Impressive Features Of FeedbackExpress:

Email Templates –

You will be getting a basic email and all the necessary points that can be covered through the email namely, Seller Feedback, Customer Service, or Product review.

Email Template
Email Template

There will be spaces that are left to be filled. You will also be getting links to the respective pages that need to be filled in by a customer in response.

Phone Alerts –

When a response is left by a customer, a response will be received by the user.

This way he or she would be getting a phone alert regarding the response if it is positive or negative.

Phone Alert

This gives the perfect opportunity to the seller to react in the right manner and also improve the customer’s experience.

Seller Feedback –

The feedback you will be getting with the help of this Feedback platform can be checked without any hassles.

FeedbackExpress - Review - Feedback

You will be getting all the responses and also the ones which are a result of the emails sent by you.

Email Filters –

This is an amazing feature for helping the seller filter who will be getting the email.

A lot will be depending on the seller’s requirement i.e. customer service, seller feedback, product review.

FeedbackExpress - Amazon - Feedback - Software - Review


This is an amazing feature as all those customers who chose to leave a negative review will not be receiving a follow-up email and will be blacklisted.

Payment Plan –

The best part is the flexibility in terms of the plans that can be chosen as per the specific needs of the users. 


Better Feedback Responses:

Well, it is the perfect platform for all those sellers who are interested in getting better feedback responses.

Thus, they get to earn the trust of the customers also with the increase in sales. This will ultimately have a positive impact on the seller’s product sales.

Get On-Time Alerts:

With the help of this software, the sellers will be getting on-time alerts. This will improve the entire customer’s experience with great ease.

The idea about the Success of the Emails:

This is also an exciting feature as the sellers can now get to know about the failure or success of the emails.

Thanking Customers:

Customers are repeatedly thanked for their positive feedback and at the same time, a product review can be asked.


  • The biggest disadvantage is the fact that you do not get the flexibility to 
  • send multiple emails in the equivalent email group.
  • Some of the users have faced some minor issues related to the platform. 

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Conclusion: FeedbackExpress Review 2020

FeedbackExpress is known as the ultimate platform for the sellers for the purpose of boosting their sales.

This happens by asking for feedback from the buyers or product reviews.

With the help of this amazing platform, it is now possible to track the positive as well as negative feedback.

At the same time, negative reviews can be easily blacklisted. Go for FeedbackExpress if you are serious about getting an improved seller rating.

This, in turn, means improved product visibility and winning the buy box.


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