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Would you like to know about best lifestyle blogs and most popular?

Would you like to start a lifestyle blog?

Maybe your excitement for sharing your unique interests and experiences is tempered by uncertainties associated with starting a business, such as:

  • Writing a lifestyle blog (or starting a blog, for that matter)
  • How to build a following of raving fans
  • Blogging for money: How to make money

The blogosphere is littered with lifestyle blogs, but only a fraction of them are successfully pursuing this niche.

Lifestyle bloggers maintain their audiences’ attention with common tactics, of course!

Our list of the best-of-the-best lifestyle blogs will inspire you to create your own winning blog formula, so we put together a megadose of the best-of-the-best lifestyle blogs that will inspire your own blog formula.

Before we get started, let’s define what a lifestyle blog is.

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

An individual or group of like-minded people can share and promote their daily life experiences and perspectives through lifestyle blogs. There is a wide range of subject matter associated with the lifestyle blog niche, including (but not limited to):

  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Luxury Living
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Self Improvement
  • Home Decor & Gardening
  • Relationships & Parenting

A lifestyle blog can be started by anyone. What’s the point?

Best Lifestyle Blogs

A Lifestyle Blog: Should You Start One?

You can share your unique personality while exploring your passions with an exclusive blog platform if you want to get your thoughts and ideas heard.

However, wait. There’s more!

Lifestyle blogging comes with a second benefit! Using lifestyle blogs to write about activities and things you enjoy can generate passive income.

Lifestyle blogs: How do they make money?

A blog can be monetized in several ways. Lifestyle blogs generate income by advertising brands that relate to the lifestyle they promote.

A lifestyle influencer (a blogger with a large, engaged audience) partners with brands through sponsorship networks (like Activate or Social Fabric) and is compensated for writing and publishing sponsored posts that recommend products to the readers.

Bloggers can earn sales commissions through affiliate links embedded in posts through affiliate marketing agreements with eCommerce programs and networks (such as ShareASale and Rakuten).

As part of our featured list, I will share some additional strategies that lifestyle bloggers utilize to monetize their sites.

Top 15 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Follow In 2024

Check out our list of top lifestyle blog examples for some insight into what makes them successful so that you can apply what you learn to your own site.

1. Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight’s tagline, “Designing a life well-lived,” modestly summarizes the variety of tangible and cerebral topics addressed on this top lifestyle blog.

Wit And Delight

Kate Arends started this blog in 2014 and it has grown into a one-stop resource and guide for defining who you are and how you want to live!

  • Audience: Women in different stages of adulthood
  • Topics: Design, Fashion, Beauty, Food & Entertaining, Relationships & Parenting, Travel & Leisure, Careers
  • Monetization: Sponsorship programs, affiliate marketing, private label products, courses, coaching, consulting
  • Instagram: @witanddelight_

2. The Skinny Confidential

By pushing beyond traditional beauty and wellness topics, The Skinny Confidential is a leading lifestyle blog for women.

the skinny confidential

Blogger and self-described “oversharer”, Lauryn Evars Bosstick disheartens more conservative bloggers by sharing information about topics like manscaping, hangover tips, and speaking to your kids about relationships.

  • Audience: Women seeking unfiltered advice on beauty and relationships
  • Topics: Baby, Fitness, Relationships (Realness)
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, selling books, courses, sponsorships, private label products, apps, etc.
  • Instagram: @theskinnyconfidential

3. Julia Berolzheimer (Gal Meets Glam)

Julia Berolzheimer started her fashion blog and business over ten years ago as a junior in college.

Since last year, she has taken on the role of curating fashions that celebrate femininity instead of designing her Gal Meets Glam dresses collection.

Julia Berolzheimer

Julia’s collection of “Daily Looks” captures Julia’s classic style in stunning photographs.

  • Audience: Women who are looking for classic feminine fashions
  • Topics: Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Home, Garden
  • Monetization: Product collaboration, affiliate marketing, sponsorship
  • Instagram: @juliaberolzheimer

4. A Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard is a blogger who started as a print and blog editor for syndicated magazines. She turned her hobby into a full-time career by sharing content about women through her blog.

A Cup of Jo

Postpartum depression was one of the first topics discussed on A Cup of Jo. Its highly engaged community relies on open and honest dialog to thrive.

  • Audience: Women
  • Topics: Relationships, Food, Travel, Design, Food, parenting
  • Monetization: Product sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and display advertising
  • Instagram: @cupofjo

5. A Beautiful Mess

The sisters at A Beautiful Mess share creative crafting and decorating ideas on their blog, A Beautiful Mess, to inspire their followers to “stay home and make something”.

A Beautiful Mess

The pair shares new recipes talks about family life, and experiments with hairstyles, beauty tips, and fashion updates when they’re not crafting. Sisterly stuff!

  • Audience: Creative women
  • Topics: Crafts, Decor, Recipes, Blogging, Fashion, and Beauty
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, books, courses, online store, product sponsorships, display ads, photo editing apps
  • Instagram: @abeautifulmess

6. Amber Fillerup Clark (Barefoot Blonde)

Aside from showcasing tips on beauty, self-care, and hairstyling, Amber Fillerup Clark also writes about life with her husband and three “littles”, and she loves to travel.

Amber Fillerup Clark

Amber’s Instagram account is filled with beautiful beauty posts as well as Barefoot Blonde style tutorials for followers.

  • Audience: Moms and women who love to travel
  • Topics: Motherhood, Beauty & Hair, Fashion, The Home, Healthy Lifestyle, and Travel
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, sponsored products, branded hair products
  • Instagram: @amberfillerup

7. The Blonde Abroad

Hundreds of destination reviews can be found on Kiersten Rich’s award-winning blog, The Blonde Abroad.

Even devoted homebodies are drawn to Kiki’s global explorations and expert travel advice as she aims to empower women to “find the confidence to travel the world.”

The Blonde Abroad

Travel planning, packing, and preparing for a trip are detailed in her “Start Here” guide. Brilliant!

  • Audience: Women who enjoy traveling
  • Topics: Photography, Travel
  • Monetization: Product sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and display advertising
  • Instagram: @theblondeabroad

8. Cupcakes and Cashmere

Originally Emily Schuman’s 2008 “favorite things” blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere has evolved into a thriving lifestyle blog and online store for women’s fashion, beauty, and women’s interests.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Topics that are relatable to millennials, such as yoga pants, chocolate chip cookies, and travelling with children, provide a sense of community that fosters support and conversation among friends.

  • Audience: Women in their twenties
  • Topics: Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Food
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, product sponsorship, e-commerce, display advertising, consulting, and books
  • Instagram: @emilyschuman

9. A Girl in Progress

Even though she acknowledges that perfection is an unattainable goal, Emma Norris knows how to get stuff done. She writes about personal growth and lifestyle for the “perfectly imperfect” millennial woman at A Girl in Progress.

A Girl in Progress

Through blog posts, group coaching, live events, and organized social media groups, A Girl in Progress helps followers achieve their goals, develop their production skills, and stay accountable.

  • Audience: Female millennials and nonbinary individuals seeking guidance in personal development.
  • Topics: Career, Relationships, Beauty, Self-Awareness
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, sponsored brands, memberships, group coaching, courses, books
  • Instagram: @_agirlinprogress

10. Luxe Digital

Lifestyle blogging is elevated to a sophisticated and epicurean level with Luxe Digital.

Luxe Digital

A new definition of luxury is championed in this digital magazine that aims to “shake the status quo”.

Our business section provides you with insider information from respected sources in the luxury industry so you can become inspired and empowered.

Posts about luxury brand collaborations that stimulate your desire for lavish amenities and indulgences are insightful and candid.

  • Audience: Affluent consumers and ambitious individuals
  • Topics: Business, Lifestyle
  • Monetization: Product sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and display advertising
  • Instagram: @luxedigital

11. Rachel Parcell (Pink Peonies)

Rachel Parcell’s blog reflects her innate passion for fashion, beauty, and living purposefully, which is reflected in her e-commerce website featuring her clothing line.

Rachel Parcell

Injecting style into everyday life through delicious recipes, elegant home decor, and entertaining inspiration, her elevated sense of style informs and inspires followers.

  • Audience: Women who are fashion- and style-conscious
  • Topics: Food, Fashion, Home Decor, Fitness
  • Monetization: Branded fashion, brand sponsorships
  • Instagram: @rachelparcell

12. Refinery 29

A well-rounded lifestyle blog, Refinery 29 covers a variety of topics related to fashion, arts and entertainment as well as topics of common interest for women.

Refinery 29

Additionally, the magazine provides career and financial advice, as well as reviews of the latest products and trends.

This award-winning site provides exclusive celebrity news, fashion, lifestyle, and other current events.

  • Audience: Modern women and men who are neophiles
  • Topics: health, sex, style, entertainment, career, finance
  • Monetization: Display ads, affiliate marketing, online shop
  • Instagram: @refinery29

13. Goop

Founded from Paltrow’s interest in wellness and healthy living, Goop is a multifaceted lifestyle website and empire.

Since the first Goop newsletter in 2008, which featured the actress’s two health-food recipes, Goop has expanded into clean beauty products, curated wellness products, and fashion.


The blog’s readers enjoy reading guest posts on topics like sexual health, parenthood, and sustainable living.

In addition to Facebook groups, live virtual book club conversations, health summits, podcasts, and a new Netflix show, “The Goop Lab”, Goop engages its fans.

  • Audience: Women (and men now) interested in wellness and self-discovery
  • Topics: Fashion, food, decor, holistic wellness, and travel
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, display advertising, product sponsorships, courses, online shops, books
  • Instagram: @goop

14. Downshiftology

On her personal blog, Downshiftology, Lisa Bryan shares her passion for wellness, meal planning, and travel.

Search her artfully photographed collection of recipes effortlessly by category, ingredient, dietary restriction, or ingredient to find some tasty, yet simple, recipes that you can prepare at home.


Despite dietary restrictions, she demonstrates that healthy travel is possible in her ebook and destination posts!

  • Audience: Healthy eaters seeking recipes and wellness advice for a healthy diet.
  • Topics: Recipes & Food (including meal preparation), Health & Wellness, Travel
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, ebook sales
  • Instagram: @downshiftology

15. Corporette

It was recognized by former litigator Kat Griffin that women in their professional careers weren’t able to wear office-appropriate attire.

As a fashion advice website for professional women, Corporette was started in anonymity.


In a matter of months, the blog became an award-winning site for professional women, giving rise to Corporette Moms, a community of working moms.

  • Audience: “Overachievers” who like to look professional and stylish
  • Topics: Career, Style, and Lifestyle Advice for Women
  • Monetization: Product sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and display advertising
  • Instagram: @corporette

FAQs Related To Lifestyle Blogs

👉How can I compete with the best blogs on the web with my lifestyle blog?

Competing with the best blogs involves consistently offering valuable content, staying true to your unique voice, and showcasing a lifestyle that resonates with your audience.

❓What role do passions play in building a successful lifestyle blog?

Your passions are crucial in building a successful lifestyle blog. They serve as the foundation for creating content that genuinely resonates with your audience.

✌What are the key elements to include in a lifestyle blog to make it successful?

Successful lifestyle blogs often include a mix of information, inspiration, and items that resonate with the needs and desires of their audience.

🙌How long does it typically take for a lifestyle blog to gain a significant following?

The timeline varies, but consistent effort, quality content, and effective engagement can contribute to building a loyal and growing audience over time.

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Conclusion: Starting a Lifestyle Blog 2024

Ready to take on the challenge?

The majority of lifestyle bloggers get their start by simply offering information, inspiration, and items that readers need or want.

Follow their example!

Use your passions to inspire and captivate your audience. Soon, your lifestyle blog will be able to compete with the best blogs on the web.

Your audience will follow you if you show them the lifestyle they want.

Your dream lifestyle will soon be yours!

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