Zpush.biz Review 2024: Best Push Notification Advertising Network?

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Zpush offers all the features that make it a superb choice. It has significantly less competition than other networks, which means that the platform is relatively new despite already being popular. They have a higher chance of engaging users.

Out of 10


  • CPC rates that are high
  • Reach across the world
  • Withdrawal flexibility
  • Excellent traffic quality
  • All verticals are suitable


  • The platform is less known than others
  • Only deals with push advertisements


Price: $

If you’re curious about zpush.biz, you’re not alone.

I was, too! So, I decided to dive in and see what this site is all about and find out if it’s really worth your time and if it lives up to the buzz.

I explored every nook and cranny of zpush.biz, looking at what they offer, how they work, and most importantly, if they deliver on their promises.

Whether you’re looking for a new service or just exploring options, this review is all about giving you the real scoop on zpush.biz. So, let’s get started and see what they’re all about!

Zpush.biz Review 2024: Is Zpush A Profitable Ad Network?

As a relatively new affiliate network, Zpush offers all the features that make it a superb choice. It has significantly less competition than other networks, which means that the platform is relatively new despite already being popular. They have a higher chance of engaging users.

zpush overview - Zpush.biz Review

You should be clear about this: Zpush.biz accepts both publishers and media buyers as affiliates, so there is no restriction on what type of affiliate advertises there. As a result, all features of the platform have been designed to be used by affiliates who run their own sites.

Zpush.biz also provides a wonderful referral program. Marketers in the affiliate industry have built a tight-knit community that makes networking with other professionals easy.

It is possible to share your experiences with the network, recruit other affiliates, and earn good commissions.

What are the Biggest Advantages of Partnering with Zpush?

Zpush.biz, although it’s a relatively new network, has already developed a wide array of tools to help publishers monetize their content.

ADVANTAGES - Zpush.biz Review

As a flexible option, Zpush.biz can work for any budget and skill level. This platform will suit the needs of any website, regardless of how big or small it is, which is looking for a new way to monetize.

Zpush.biz has the following biggest advantages:

1. Large Traffic Volumes

A major element of any ad network is its traffic volume. By gauging the popularity of the platform, publishers can decide if they want to register on this network or find another.

With more than a million visitors since its launch, Zpush.biz has been partnering with dependable publishers. As a result, the Zpush is now a more attractive option and offers a broader range of features.

2. High CPC Indicators

Media buyers may benefit from low CPCs. To generate more revenue from an interaction, publishers need to find a platform with a higher CPC.

high cpm traffic

The traffic that Zpush.biz provides is of high quality, which usually means it is more expensive. It claims that the platform’s CPC is higher than the industry average. The fact that the platform only delivers top-notch traffic makes advertisers happy to pay more if their users are more likely to convert.

3. Global Reach

It accepts visitors from over 230 countries, territories, and regions around the world, versus other platforms that specialize in traffic from certain niches.

Furthermore, even publishers who do not cater to mainstream audiences can earn through their monetization program as long as they comply with international and local laws.

Affiliates with multiple platforms in different languages can make the most of their traffic by signing up with multiple networks. By providing a unified platform, Zpush.biz is paving the way for an era where companies can learn, grow, and succeed without having to keep changing.

4. Consistent Quality

As campaigns get bigger, the quality of traffic from low-quality networks tends to decrease. In order to maintain a high level of performance, affiliates must develop smaller campaigns, but this does not deliver profits.

The quality of traffic you receive from Zpush.biz remains the same, regardless of how many visitors you purchase. With its strict quality control measures, the platform is quickly becoming a favorite for publishers and affiliates alike.

5. Generate Profits from All Subscribed Users

Zpush ads provide you with the opportunity to monetize the same users on a recurring basis, which is one of the biggest benefits of running them on your site.

When users accept push subscriptions, they aren’t only converted once but also receive promotional messages that they may choose to unsubscribe from. The notifications should keep your audiences happy if the materials you use are good enough.

6. Scalability

Since Zpush.biz focuses on maintaining high-quality traffic regardless of volume, it is an ideal place for developing campaigns with huge growth potential. Marketing campaigns that require a lot of capital can take advantage of the scalable nature of this platform.

For publishers, what does this mean? The benefit is that you are able to attract as many visitors as you like without worrying about hitting the wall of not being able to monetize.

7. Frequency Cap

Publishers must be careful of how many messages they send to subscribers since the average consumer receives dozens per day. In addition to allowing you to view how frequently your subscribers are receiving messages, Zpush.biz allows you to limit the frequency of those messages.

You will keep your subscriber base active longer if you reach the maximum number of subscribers.

8. Customizable Opt-In Form

Your opt-in form must be accepted by every subscriber you get. According to research, opt-in forms themselves significantly influence subscription rates. With Zpush.biz, you can optimize your opt-in, which will help you to achieve your goals.

You know your traffic better than anyone, so the fewer fields you have, the better. Test your variants and verify that they work before you change your entire campaign.

9. Comprehensive In-House Tracking Features

In order to keep track of their campaigns, most publishers use a third-party tracker. This is a practice that can be beneficial to marketers in almost any situation, but Zpush.biz also offers powerful features for tracking your traffic and analyzing the results.

We’ll provide you with important metrics, such as ROI, CPC, and other statistics, which will help you make better decisions and discover new formats.

Some more advantages - Zpush.biz Review

10. Innovative Ad Blocker Circumvention Capacities

Advertisers and basically all stakeholders in the affiliate industry have been affected by ad blockers. We have put the most effort into standing apart from the competition here at Zpush.biz.

This ad network has committed significant resources to finding a solution to this issue instead of simply acknowledging it.

This has the effect of circumventing a large percentage of ad blockers. Thus, you’ll generate a lot more money from the same number of users because fewer ads will be blocked.

11. World-Class Support

Zpush’s world-class customer support team is built to help even experienced publishers hit a brick wall now and then. Whether it’s answering general questions, helping to resolve technical problems, or showing them through walkthroughs, the support team is here to help.

12. Ultra-Fast Payouts

Finally, most ad networks do not turn around payouts until 24 hours after a request is made. Also, most publishers around the world are able to withdraw funds using Zpush.biz, which is a great alternative for them. You’ll never miss out on money because the minimum request starts at $10.

Zpush Registration process

1. Getting Started with Zpush

Zpush registration process

Registering with zPush is straightforward. Complete the registration form with your email, contact number, and chosen password.

Email verification isn’t required, allowing you to quickly start setting up your ads and embedding the push code into your websites.

Should you face any issues during registration or have queries, the zPush moderators are readily available to help.

2. Overview of zPush Interface 

zPush offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to manage push notifications. Key features include the ability to:

  • Control push notification settings, like blocking mobile traffic and customizing the subscription form.
  • Set limits on daily notifications for each subscriber.
  • Access feedback on conversions to evaluate campaign effectiveness.
  • Monitor campaign ROI.
  • Analyze detailed statistics segmented by GEOs, websites, landing pages, ad formats, ad units, and device types.
  • Integrate with external tracking solutions for enhanced performance analysis.

Ad formats 

zpush ad formats

zPush offers several ad formats including classic push notifications, direct link ads, and in-site push ads.

Direct link ads allow traffic redirection to specially designed landing pages. These can be customized for high-traffic affiliates.

In-site push ads appear as screen-bottom stickers, targeting users who have opted out of traditional push notifications. This approach enhances audience reach and potential profitability, especially for users who have declined regular push notifications.

Publishers vs. Advertisers: Pros and Cons for Each

In addition to being a great choice for media buyers and publishers, Zpush.biz is also a great option for advertisers.

Push Notifications - Zpush.biz Review

We will go over some pros and cons for advertisers and publishers in the next section.

For Publishers

Publishers have the following pros and cons:


  • CPC rates that are high
  • The volume of quality traffic is high
  • Reach across the world
  • Withdrawal flexibility
  • The ability to track data robustly
  • A great team of support 


  • The platform is less known than others

For Advertisers

Adverts working with Zpush.biz can expect the following pros and cons:


  • Excellent traffic quality
  • User Engagement
  • All verticals are suitable
  • An effective push notification strategy


  • Only deals with push advertisements
  • CPCs that are higher than average

Customer Support offered by Zpush

Zpush.biz offers a range of customer support services to assist users with various aspects related to their platform.

The customer support provided by Zpush.biz includes responding to user queries about the operation of their website, ensuring timely payments, and providing operational support.

This indicates a commitment to a responsive support system and efficient handling of financial transactions and technical assistance.

FAQs Related to Zpush 

❓What is Zpush.biz?

Zpush.biz is a push notification advertising network that enables website monetization through push notifications. It is known for being a reliable platform for both advertisers and publishers

👀How does Zpush.biz stand out in the market?

Zpush.biz has significantly less competition compared to other networks, making it a popular choice despite being relatively new. It offers a higher chance of engaging users due to its unique features and benefits

🧐Can Zpush.biz be used for a variety of website verticals?

Yes, Zpush.biz accepts traffic from any geographic location (GEO) and works with a variety of verticals, including both adult and mainstream content

✅What kind of support does Zpush.biz offer?

The platform provides detailed statistics and functionalities to aid publishers in effectively monetizing their websites. However, specific details about customer support services are not explicitly mentioned in the sources

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Conclusion: Zpush Review 2024: Should You Try It?

zPush.biz stands out in the advertising network realm due to its user-friendly interface, flexible ad formats, and robust tracking features.

It offers classic push notifications, in-site pushes, and direct link ads, catering to a diverse range of marketing needs. zPush’s support for various traffic types, including iOS, and its ability to accommodate different GEOs and verticals makes it versatile.

The platform’s minimal payout threshold and diverse payment options add to its appeal. Considering zPush could be advantageous for those seeking a comprehensive and adaptable ad network solution.

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