BizzOffers Review 2024: Is It The Best Affiliate Network For SAAS Products?

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BizzOffers Review


BizzOffers is an affiliate program that differentiates itself by offering exclusive and profitable deals, maintaining direct partnerships with advertisers, and providing valuable resources and information to its affiliates.

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  • Ready-to-Use Bundles
  • Exclusive High-Margin Niches
  • Out-of-the-Box Collaborations
  • Early Access to New Niche Leaders
  • Affiliate Support


  • Customer service responds within one business day.


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Do you interact with lots of people as a blogger, YouTuber, or working with ads? And do you want to make money with your audience? One idea is to join an affiliate program and promote products. And I am sure you are aware of it, but still confused.

But here’s what keeps you away from it: some affiliate programs have so many products that it takes time to choose what to promote. That’s where BizzOffers comes in. They focus on a few specific areas and have only a few great products in each one.

If you want to do well in affiliate marketing, BizzOffers could be a great choice. Please keep reading to find out why in my detailed BizzOffers review.

What is BizzOffers?

BizzOffers is an affiliate program that differentiates itself by offering exclusive and profitable deals, maintaining direct partnerships with advertisers, and providing valuable resources and information to its affiliates.

BizzOffers Review

With their generous revenue share and CPA payments, BizzOffers is positioning itself as an attractive choice for affiliate marketers looking to maximize their earnings.

How to earn money with BizzOffers?

This affiliate program offers you the chance to earn money in a few different ways:

Earn from 40% per Sale: You get 40% of the money when someone buys a product through your referral.

Earn from $20 per Action: You can also earn $20 for specific actions taken by people you refer, like signing up for a service or completing a particular task.

Hybrid Deals: They have flexible arrangements where you can earn through both sales and actions, offering you multiple earning opportunities.

Long Cookie Lifetime: They use a “cookie” that stays active for 120 days. You still get credit if someone clicks on your referral link and purchases within 120 days.

Custom Creatives: They provide custom materials and creatives to help you promote their products effectively.

Rewards and Bonuses: High-performing partners can receive extra rewards and bonuses for their outstanding efforts.

Exclusive Offers: They have unique, exclusive deals in popular and profitable niches that you can promote.

Wide Language and Location Coverage: You can promote their products in over 17 languages, and they accept traffic from around the world.

Payment Frequency: You can receive your earnings weekly, monthly, or upon request, providing flexibility in getting paid.

Hold Period: There is a two-week waiting period from when an invoice is created before you can access your earnings.

Two-Tier System: If you refer other affiliates using your BizzOffers referral link, you’ll receive a guaranteed percentage of their earnings. This means you can earn money from your efforts and the efforts of affiliates you bring in. It’s like building your affiliate team.

BizzOffers features that have impressed me.

BizzOffers offers several standout features, making it a compelling choice for affiliate marketers. Let’s explore these features and provide examples to illustrate their value:

BizzOffers Features

1. Exclusive High-Margin Niches:

BizzOffers specializes in exclusive offers from niches with high-profit potential. This means they focus on specific industries or categories where you can earn significant commissions. BizzOffers focuses on SaaS products from the parental control, wellness, and phone tracking niches.

2. Ready-to-Use Bundles:

BizzOffers provides ready-made bundles, which can include a selection of offers and promotional materials. These bundles can save you time and effort in assembling your campaigns. For instance, they might offer a bundle that includes top-performing wellness products and pre-designed ad creatives.

3. Affiliate Support:

The platform offers dedicated affiliate support to help you navigate the affiliate marketing world. You can reach out to them for assistance with campaign optimization, creative advice, or any questions you have along the way.

4. Insights and Expert Tips:

BizzOffers shares valuable insights and tips from experts in the field. These insights can guide your marketing strategy. For example, they might provide expert advice on effectively targeting a specific demographic or geographic location.

5. Out-of-the-Box Collaborations:

This feature encourages you to think creatively and develop unique promotional ideas to increase earnings. For instance, you might collaborate with a famous social media influencer to create engaging content about the products you’re promoting, reaching a wider audience.

6. Early Access to New Niche Leaders:

BizzOffers gives you the advantage of being among the first to discover and promote emerging leaders in specific niches. This early access can give you a competitive edge as you introduce fresh, in-demand products to your audience before others.

For example, you could be among the first to promote a personal nutrition plan creation product that becomes a trending sensation.

Which Niches offer great potential for affiliate marketers

Promoting SaaS products offers potential for affiliates due to their high demand in various industries.

Becoming an affiliate with BizzOffers means you can earn commissions by referring and marketing these sought-after SaaS products to potential customers or businesses. Consider giving the below-mentioned exclusive offers from thriving and lucrative niches a try.

Here’s why these niches are worth your attention:

1. Parental Control Apps:

Parental Control Apps

Fast-Growing Niche: This niche is rapidly expanding, which means a growing demand for parental control apps as more parents seek to protect and monitor their children’s online activities.

Low Competition: With relatively low competition, you have a better chance of standing out and capturing a substantial share of this niche.

High Lifetime Value (LTV) and Rebill Rate: Parental control apps often lead to recurring payments, providing a steady income source with high customer retention.

2. Phone Monitoring Apps:

Phone Monitoring Apps

Payable Target Audience: The audience interested in phone monitoring apps is typically willing to pay for a valuable service, making it a profitable niche.

No Free Alternatives: Low free alternatives mean potential customers are more likely to opt for paid solutions, increasing your conversion rate and profits.

High Conversion Rate and Profit: The nature of this niche often results in a high conversion rate, and recurring fees can lead to significant profits over time.

3. Fitness Apps:

Fitness Apps

Large Market Size: The fitness app market is massive, exceeding USD 10 billion. This means there’s ample room for growth and profit.

Versatile Promotion Options: You can use creative strategies to promote fitness apps, including social media marketing, influencers, and content creation.

High Lifetime Value and Profit: Users of fitness apps tend to stick with the service over the long term, contributing to high LTV and profits.

4. Weight Loss Apps:

Broad Audience Targeting: Apps for weight loss appeal to a broad audience, allowing you to reach a wide audience with your message.

No Chemical-Related Products: These apps offer a more natural and appealing alternative in a market saturated with chemical-based weight loss solutions.

High Conversion Rate and Rebill Rate: Customers looking to shed pounds are often committed to their goals, resulting in high conversion rates, and the recurring nature of these apps can lead to steady rebill income.

Who can benefit most from BizzOffers?

Influencers and Bloggers: If you are an influencer or blogger with a dedicated following, BizzOffers can provide you with opportunities to monetize your platform. You can promote the exclusive offers from BizzOffers to your audience, earning commissions for sales and actions generated through your content.

Site Owners: Website owners with traffic and an online presence can leverage BizzOffers to turn their web traffic into revenue. By promoting relevant offers to their site visitors, site owners can earn commissions on successful conversions.

Marketers: Marketing professionals, including digital marketers and affiliate marketers, can find value in BizzOffers. They can utilize the program to expand their portfolio of promoted products and services, increasing their potential earnings through affiliate marketing.

Media Buyers: Media buyers specialize in purchasing advertising space and traffic to drive campaigns. BizzOffers provides media buyers with exclusive offers to promote, enabling them to optimize their ad spend and achieve better results for their clients.

CPA Networks: Cost Per Action (CPA) networks can benefit from joining BizzOffers by accessing a range of exclusive offers that align with their network’s goals and objectives. BizzOffers provides an additional source of affiliate products to promote.

Agencies: Advertising agencies can use BizzOffers to enhance their client campaigns by including relevant affiliate offers that generate additional revenue. This can be a value-added service for agency clients.

How to join BizzOffers?

Getting started with BizzOffers is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to join:

How to join BizzOffers

Sign Up (45 Seconds):

First, you’ll need to sign up for the BizzOffers affiliate program. This usually involves providing basic information such as your name, email address, and contact details. The sign-up process is designed to be quick and easy, taking just around 45 seconds of your time.

Copy Your Affiliate Link:

After you sign up, the BizzOffers team will take about one business day to review your application. After the application is confirmed, the partner gets access to his account, where he copies his link for promotion.

Post the Link on Your Resources and Start Earning:

Now, you can use your affiliate link to promote the exclusive offers from BizzOffers. This typically involves placing the link strategically on your resources, including your website, blog, social media profiles, or other platforms where you have an audience.

When people click on your affiliate link and complete the desired actions (such as making a purchase or signing up), you’ll earn commissions for those conversions.

How is the Customer Support of BizzOffers?

Connect with us on WhatsApp at +351 929 198 663 to contact their customer support team. They’re here to assist you and aim to respond within one business day to address your inquiries and the help you need.

Additionally, you can contact them via Skype, email, WhatsApp, or Telegram for your convenience.

If you have questions about the effectiveness of an advertising campaign using their program’s products, don’t hesitate to ask.

Request a performance forecast to gain insights into the expected results of your campaign. Their team is here to provide the information you need for informed decision-making.

To stay updated on their latest news and offerings, subscribe to their newsletter by entering your email address and hitting the “SUBSCRIBE” button. This way, you can receive regular updates and insights to help you make the most of their program.

FAQs Related to BizzOffers

❓How does BizzOffers reward its affiliates, and what payment models are available?

BizzOffers offers a generous revenue share and CPA (Cost Per Action) payments to its affiliates. Affiliates can earn based on the revenue generated through their referred actions, providing an attractive opportunity to maximize earnings.

✔How does BizzOffers differ from other affiliate programs in terms of deals and partnerships?

BizzOffers sets itself apart by offering exclusive and profitable deals to its affiliates. The program maintains direct partnerships with advertisers, ensuring a unique and advantageous proposition for affiliate marketers.

👍Is BizzOffers a suitable choice for affiliate marketers looking to boost their income?

Yes, BizzOffers positions itself as an attractive choice for affiliate marketers seeking to maximize their earnings. The combination of exclusive deals, direct partnerships, and favorable payment models makes it a compelling option.

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Conclusion: BizzOffers Review 2024

If you’re considering entering the affiliate marketing world, choosing BizzOffers is wise.

Their unique approach of concentrating on specific niches and their extensive expertise in the products they promote genuinely set them apart from the competition.

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