Is It Worth Advertising On Etsy In 2024? How Much Does It Cost?

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Is it worth advertising on Etsy?

There is considerable controversy surrounding the paid Etsy Ads service. In Etsy’s discussion forums, you’ll find both praise and criticism.

Google Etsy Ad, and you’ll spend approximately a year scrolling through the results. It is not surprising that so much interest exists.

Your sales will likely increase if a large number of people in your target audience view your Etsy listings. And if you don’t want to increase your sales, why are you on Etsy?!

There appears to be far too much contradictory information available.

Here are some of the most prevalent Etsy Ads tips you’ll come across as you peruse thousands of blogs and articles:

1. Spend only on best-sellers

2. You can spend between $3 and $10 a week… or day (depending on the source).

3. All tags should contain long-tail keywords

4. Keywords with short tails should be used

5. If you want to stop Etsy from using Offsite Ads, lower your Etsy ad budget.

6. Spend no more on Etsy ads than you make in sales

7. Place a high bid

8. Low-ball bids

I could continue… Etsy Ads require more than a superficial understanding. Recent changes to the Etsy Ads 2022 dashboard make it difficult to determine whether the advice you select is effective. Therefore, let’s begin at the beginning. It appears to be the best place to begin.

What Are Etsy Ads?

etsy ads

When examining Etsy’s search engine results pages (SERPs), it is easy to spot advertisements. Ad-supported listings always contain the phrase “Ad by…” Etsy Ads does not guarantee the top position, as evidenced by the Party Décor category results with an unfiltered, empty search bar shown below.

Eight of the top 12 positions are occupied by non-ad users. Because Etsy Ads is an SEO option, this is the case.

When alternative SEO techniques are effective, they can (easily) outperform Etsy’s ad results. And last for longer. Additionally, the majority of strategies are inexpensive.

Etsy Ad spots are reserved prior to the beginning of bidding wars. Therefore, you will almost always find at least one in the top rows of search engine results pages.

However, other reserved Ad spaces are dispersed across multiple pages. What does this indicate for sellers?

Etsy Ads are a CHOICE, NOT a requirement.

Consider who has reached the top of the generic first SERP. The top four are Ads. The four reserved spots enhance the appeal of Etsy advertisements.

Because they are not just a way to increase the visibility of your listings. In addition, they make this Etsy marketing strategy more visible.

If you conduct your own generic search, you will find numerous paid advertisements on pages 2, 3, 4, and even 20.

Paid advertisements do NOT guarantee a top position on the first page of search results. The fortunate four have paid for the privilege and meet numerous other strategic metrics. The majority of Etsy advertisers are relegated to the second page.

The Etsy Ad first appeared in 2019, and it immediately caused confusion and frustration.

The initial Ads integrated the then-onsite Promoted Listings service with off-site Google Ads.

Some marketing “experts” continue to assert that if you reduce your Etsy Ads budget, Etsy will spend less on Google Ads… and your product will be promoted more on-site.

This was once sound advice, as Google can be costly. It is now obsolete advice.

Onsite vs Offsite Ads

Etsy onsite ads

Etsy offers two advertising options: onsite and offsite. Onsite advertisements are promoted listings that run solely within the marketplace.

When you run an onsite ad, your shop is featured prominently on Etsy’s market pages, category pages, and search results.

In contrast, offsite advertisements are those placed outside of the Etsy marketplace.

A search engine will display your Etsy shop when someone searches for a keyword related to the products you sell.

For instance, if you sell handmade bracelets and someone searches “handmade bracelets” on Google, your listing may appear in the search results.

Etsy ads can also appear on social media platforms and popular blogging websites like Buzzfeed and Google Shopping, in addition to search engines.

What’s Changed With Etsy Ads?

By 2020, Etsy advertising was undergoing a transition. Some Etsy sellers were given the option to TEMPORARILY opt out of Offsite Ads in July of that year.

During the month-long Stop Hate For Profit campaign, the lucrative on-site and off-site packages could not be purchased separately.

Etsy Ads once placed numerous off-site advertisements on Facebook. Facebook received a great deal of negative attention in 2020 due to its publication of hateful posts. Etsy was compelled to give enraged sellers the option to opt out of off-site advertisements.

The Stop Hate For Profit campaign compelled Etsy to prioritize advertising alternatives for on-site products on acceptable off-site channels AND/OR Etsy search engine results pages.

Does this mean selecting one option will save money? Yes. But you can’t select any. That is, you cannot if your Etsy shop is not earning a minimum amount.

You MAY opt in or out of Etsy advertisements. However, the same rules do not apply to Offsite Ads. Earn over $10,000 in annual sales and off-site advertising is REQUIRED. Etsy receives 12% of each Offsite Ad-generated sale (including shipping).

Don’t forget to opt out when your annual income is below $10k. Because below $10,000, that 12% rises to 15%. Etsy Ads is the other division of the Etsy Advertising and Marketing department.

And the bidding system generates a variety of contradictory recommendations.

How Does Etsy Ad Bidding Work?

Etsy Ads auctions on-site advertising space. Ad spaces are reserved for results pages. And you cannot fill those positions with listings that are not advertisements. However, not every prime position is reserved for advertising.

You are part of a sealed bid generalized second-price auction system once you’ve allocated your chosen advertising budget to the listings you’ve chosen for advertising space (SBGSPAS).

An SBGSPAS or Vickrey auction is unlike the antiques and automobile auctions shown on television. It helps the Etsy Ads algorithm determine demand and adjusts the order of listings on search engine results pages (SERPs) based on that demand. This type of bidding system is essential because it provides extensive data on supply and demand.

And you cannot anticipate a bargain when bidding for a spot. Because when you choose to pay $0.5 per click that Etsy Ads generates for your listing, the algorithm assumes you’ve done the math.

  • Assume your selling price includes $0.5 multiplied by your Etsy Ads conversion rate multiplied by the estimated total number of clicks.
  • This assumes that you have calculated your estimated organic revenue.
  • We assume you have researched the costs associated with production, storage, and shipping.

Therefore, the algorithm assumes you are realistically calculating the following:

  1. a) the value of your product
  2. b) how much profit you would accept for that product

Many sellers search Google for the average Etsy bid amount. The outcome? They suffered a significant loss on ad-generated sales because they bid excessively.

Or they do not receive any bids for listings that are more competitive. Or they are fortunate in that the realistic bid price of the item they have assigned to Ads coincides with the Google average.

Etsy collects a large amount of data when hundreds to thousands (possibly millions) of sellers listing identical products make identical bid estimates.

It constantly monitors product supply and demand. Information that affects the amount of the winning ‘bid’ AND your position in the Etsy search engine results pages.

Using the ‘average Etsy bid’ strategy is a mistake. The Vickrey method is enhanced by the sealed-bid auction system’s second-price component. If the winning bid is $0.5 per click and the second-place bid is $0.3, you pay $0.3 per click on your ad. And you believe you are receiving a discount.

It’s a marketing strategy used by sellers. Similar to the marketing strategy of offering free shipping while increasing the price of the product;

How is Etsy Ads Budget Used?

When you select a daily budget for Etsy ads, you indicate the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend daily on advertising.

Consider the possibility that you will not use your entire daily budget. As you are only charged when a buyer clicks on your ad and visits your listings or shop, there is no cost to list your items.

Your budget is not used if a buyer views your advertisement but does not click on it.

Do sellers frequently question whether Etsy ads are worthwhile? Yes, they do, in terms of budget, but have no fear: Etsy will never exceed your daily budget. Etsy will pause your ads for the day when your budget is depleted.

How do you choose the countries in which buyers see your ads?

Your advertisements will only be visible to consumers in the countries to which you ship. If you are utilizing shipping profiles, the steps below will assist you in selecting the countries to which you ship:

  • is a resource for locating a shop manager.
  • Click the configuration button.
  • To modify your shipping options, click on shipping options.
  • To view a list of shipping profiles, tap shipping profiles.
  • To make modifications, click the edit button next to the desired profile.
  • It is possible to add or remove locations.
  • Click Save Profile to save your profile.

How to disable Etsy ads?

Etsy ads can be turned off completely, or you can stop advertising individual listings.

Follow these steps to disable Etsy ads:

  • Visit’s shop manager.
  • Take advantage of marketing.
  • Click on Etsy ads.
  • Other options are available.
  • By clicking the disable button, you will be able to stop advertisements.

When Do I Use Etsy Ads?

Before opening your Etsy shop, you should review the Etsy Ads setup page. It states that the daily minimum default budget is $1—roughly $30 per month.

If you make $100 per month in sales with a small profit per item, you may wish to disable Etsy Ads. And here is some vital information for new businesses… You must physically disable the service. Because NEW accounts automatically accept Etsy Ads.

Also inappropriate is the use of paid advertising space to promote new, unproven businesses. Because, as we shall see, the highest bidder does not necessarily win.

Etsy Ads necessitate ongoing product research for existing businesses in order to find the best products. Yes, the service benefits Best Sellers. However, Best Sellers are popular across the board. The winning bid will likely be expensive.

The optimal solution is to allocate ads to a limited mix of your highest earners, unique and unusual items, items that sell well across Etsy (and consume a large portion of your Etsy Ads budget), and items with high-profit margins in your shop.

More Etsy Ads Tips

When competing with savvy Etsy sellers, it is unlikely that you will receive a discount Ad. Nearly always, the winner of a bidding war is a vendor selling a highly popular item at a reasonable price with a small profit margin. Etsy Ads is not the best choice if you’re seeking high-profit margins.

The demand-based bidding system also entails that the cost of your listing ads can fluctuate from week to week. The greater the competition for specific product listings, the greater the cost per click – at least until profit margins become extremely slim.

Numerous marketing experts recommend using long-tail keywords in the metadata of Etsy ad listings to combat this. However, although long-tail keywords may attract highly targeted buyers, they generate less traffic overall. Furthermore, the Etsy Ads algorithm seeks efficiency. It will lend more credibility to a popular product that appeals to a larger audience.

Typically, new Etsy shops are more stingy with their advertising budget. However, if you are underbid, you will not appear anywhere. In generalized sealed-bid second-price auctions, unrealistically low bids for already-proven products are rarely successful. Alternative Etsy SEO solutions are more advantageous.

In theory, Etsy Ads to new Etsy shops can be used as a costly brand awareness strategy. For this objective, your Ads budget must be substantial. This $1 per day limit may initially appear reasonable. However, as a new shop, Etsy has very little information about you.

It occurs after two days or sometimes just a few hours.

The temporary boost Etsy provides your listings will then expire. Abruptly. In these cases, you shouldn’t thank Etsy Ads for your top positions on search engine results pages (although the service won’t hurt). Thanks to the Etsy algorithm’s data deficiency.

The Etsy Ad Algorithm

Etsy calculates bid value based on your daily budget and a variety of obscure metrics.

Etsy only spends advertising funds on best-selling products, and this should be carved into every Etsy seller’s office wall.

Etsy, like you, seeks to maximize the impact of every advertising dollar. This is where the recommendation to only pay for Best Seller ads originated.

However, no online marketplace algorithm considers a single data point. Algorithms collect multiple data sets and assign distinct weights or swaying powers to various metrics.

We can conclude that winning an auction carries considerable weight. Without a winning bid, you will never receive an advertisement for your listing.

By examining the listings of your competitors that contain the same keywords, you can gain a better understanding of the various data values.

You would expect ALL the first page to be ads for a popular item like a baseball cap. However:

  • Etsy advertisements appear in 8/20 results, but not all in the first row.
  • 9/20 includes Free Shipping icons.
  • 5/20 are Star Sellers (not as much weight as you might think)
  • 20/20 have a minimum of 4.5 stars (the most important metric)
  • 2/20 are Best Sellers (so do not place all of your advertising eggs in this basket).
  • In addition, 1/20 have the Etsy’s Pick badge (awarded to content on the Etsy site – some weight)
  • 6 of 20 possess Popular Now badges (demand data collected by Etsy – some weight)
  • 1/20 does not include ‘baseball cap’ in its description or image (relevant listings are NOT foolproof).

It’s interesting how many factors influence Etsy SERPs when generic search terms are used. If ranking was based solely on the highest bid, why do NONE of the results have ratings lower than 4.5 stars? And why don’t ALL results contain advertisements?

Nearly half of retailers offer free shipping. Only one-fourth of the products are Star Sellers. And Etsy Ads with Best Sellers appear in only 10 percent of results… for a group of products that sell exceptionally well in all markets.

Popular Now, the expiration of badges is algorithmically controlled. This pink lozenge is automatically added to the listing when particular items are purchased.

You cannot control demand, and thus, you cannot control certain factors that influence the Etsy algorithm.

The importance of these metrics, however, is significantly lower than that of free shipping and five-star customer feedback. However, they can give you an advantage over your competition.

According to additional research, some vendors sell thousands of products in a couple of years, whereas one vendor sells only 84 items.

And that website did not utilize advertisements. And all but one of the product listings using Etsy Ads are priced above the widely publicized threshold of $12. The one item that is not? $11.99.

There is NO point in paying realistic CPC prices for low-value items UNLESS you are launching a new shop with a substantial budget.

Why does the Etsy Ads algorithm choose such a diverse selection of results? When we know the answer, we’ll be able to outsmart the algorithm and achieve first-place rankings for every listing, right?

Beat the Etsy Ad Algorithm

As with all search engine algorithms, developers do not want you to know what they measure and how. Internet recommendations are either fabricated, guessed, plagiarised from reliable or unreliable sources, or thoroughly researched and tested—understanding which is which is difficult.

Algorithm developers encourage confusion. Because when the selling public understands how a marketplace algorithm operates, they are on equal footing. There is no value in purchasing additional marketing tools.

When the mysteries of a search engine’s algorithm begin to be revealed, the updates appear to add a new layer of enigma.

You cannot achieve consistent SEO results unless you are always one step ahead and know how to infiltrate in-depth, private programming forums.

But for the Etsy Ads 2024 service, the methods with the highest Etsy Ads algorithm score (not the Etsy search algorithm) are CERTAINLY:

Bidding Power

Your listing will not be advertised if you do not place the highest bid. Vickrey’s bidding system changes according to popularity and demand, as we’ve already seen. In this way, realistic prices are forced. In order to avoid underbidding on popular items, do not underbid.

Buyer Personalization

So much depends on something you have no control over, such as buyer preferences. Personalization is synonymous with superior consumer targeting. Consequently, it is a component of your Etsy Ads strategy to develop strong target profiles.

Women and gift purchasers with low to moderate incomes are the typical Etsy buyers.

By creating detailed Etsy Ads profiles (the same applies), you will also improve your Etsy SERP ranking without Ads.

You may or may not win ad space depending on how relevant your listing is to your target market. Here is where 5-star ratings come into play. Many consumers avoid purchasing from stores with negative reviews. And the Etsy Ads algorithm places a TON of importance on feedback. AND shipping is free.

Listing Quality Score

Demand is central to the Listing Quality Score; how well does your listing sell? Remember that Etsy will only invest in items that sell.

One of the reasons why genuine crafters of intricate goods feel unfairly treated by Etsy Ads is that products that do not sell in large quantities are immediately at a disadvantage.

Listing Quality Score may include image quality, but it isn’t easy to demonstrate this. If you are selling a baseball cap and want to use Etsy Ads to increase the listing’s visibility, your primary image should depict the cap’s typical shape.

Do not risk diminishing your LQS by using an indistinguishable close-up.

Tips and Strategies for Successful Etsy Ads

The following tips will help you run a successful Etsy ad:

1. Promote Your Entire Shop

Promoting your entire shop is an effective strategy for Etsy beginners.

It enables Etsy’s advertising algorithm to analyze how customers interact with your shop and which of your products are most popular.

It also provides an idea of which terms and keywords appear for you, allowing you to optimize your Etsy-promoted listings.

Note that the algorithm for ads is distinct from the algorithm for organic search results.

2. Promote Your Best Sellers

After a period of time spent promoting your entire digital store, you will have a sense of which listings are the most popular.

You can give them a boost by selling them on Etsy.

Examining which listing items generate a higher return on advertising investment is a useful method for identifying your strongest competitors.

Thus, you can allocate your daily budget to the items that will generate the greatest profit.

3. Find the Right Keywords Using Alura


Utilizing the proper keywords will elevate your Etsy advertising campaign.

You can increase traffic to your shop by identifying the keywords shoppers use to search Etsy for products.

Fortunately, keyword search query tools such as Alura make this task straightforward. This application simplifies product research and facilitates the discovery of profitable items to sell.

Using the appropriate keywords, you can optimize your listings so that they appear in organic search results.

You can compare keyword metrics based on views and competition on Alura.

Reviewing your data frequently allows you to optimize your advertising in response to changes in inventory and seasonal trends.

In addition, it helps you determine which listings generate the highest return on advertising investment.

4. Set an Advertising Budget

Before promoting your store, you must establish a budget for advertising.

We recommend setting a daily ad budget between $3 and $10 to collect sufficient data on which promoted product listings work and which do not.

Note that increasing your budget does not necessarily result in a rise in sales.

5. Use Great Listing Photos

photography etsy

On Etsy, images are one of the most essential advertising components.

Upload high-resolution images of your products to attract customers. You may include up to eight images with your Etsy listing.

Ensure that you use the most pertinent and appealing images to showcase your offerings as effectively as possible.

Ensure that the file size does not exceed 4 MB to avoid slow load times and improve the user experience.

In addition to adding high-quality images, you must also write effective Etsy descriptions.

Descriptions appeal to the buyers’ emotions and provide them with the necessary information to make a purchase.


👀Can beginners easily set up Etsy ads?

Yes, setting up Etsy ads is straightforward. Etsy provides a user-friendly platform with guidance to help beginners start advertising effectively.

🧐Are Etsy ads suitable for all types of products?

Etsy ads are most suitable for products that align with the interests of the Etsy community, such as handmade goods, unique crafts, and vintage items. Products outside these categories might not perform as well.

❓How does Etsy advertising work?

Etsy advertising works by allowing sellers to pay for their listings to appear in prominent spots within Etsy’s search results and other pages. This increased visibility can lead to more traffic and potentially more sales.

✅Is advertising on Etsy effective for increasing sales?

Yes, advertising on Etsy can be effective for increasing sales, especially if you have a niche product that aligns well with the Etsy audience, which primarily consists of customers looking for unique, handmade, or vintage items.

Also, check:

Verdict- Is It Worth Advertising On Etsy?

Etsy’s advertising process is a powerful marketing tool to promote your active listings and generate more sales.

Remember to start small, as impactful marketing boils down to analyzing data and paying attention to what works. If something isn’t working, change it.

All of these factors are considered when a potential customer visits your store, and they are all worthy of your time and attention before you begin online advertising to maximize the effectiveness of your ads.

Keep in mind that it is highly unlikely that your first attempt at online advertising will be successful.

Determine what is effective and what is ineffective, and then use this information to inform future campaigns.

Consider your plan a work in progress as opposed to a finished product, and be receptive to experimentation.

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