30+ Best Digital Products To Sell On Etsy In 2024 (Includes Examples)

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Are you an aspiring online entrepreneur looking to start a profitable business in 2024? Consider selling digital products on Etsy, the popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage items.

According to recent statistics, there are over 90 million active Etsy buyers worldwide, and the platform generated over $10 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2024.

With its vast audience and easy-to-use platform, Etsy is an ideal place to sell digital products that cater to a variety of interests and needs.

So what kind of digital products can you sell on Etsy in 2024? The options are endless. From printable artwork and planners to digital invitations and tutorials, there are plenty of creative and practical products that can attract buyers.

For example, you could create and sell editable wedding invitation templates or offer a collection of watercolor illustrations for instant download.

The key is to find a niche that aligns with your skills and passions and appeals to a specific audience. With a bit of research and creativity, you can turn your digital products into thriving businesses on Etsy.

Arts & Crafts Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

You can sell digital products in the arts & crafts category on Etsy by following these suggestions and examples.

1. Crochet Patterns

Most people who shop on Etsy are crafters or makers, so crochet patterns are one of the most popular digital goods. As you might already know, crochet is a craft in which yarn is looped through a hook to create fabric.

Crochet Patterns

Crochet patterns are instructions for how to make certain patterns. Most of the time, they have pictures, diagrams, and step-by-step directions.

The great set of crochet hoop earring patterns on HappyPattyCrochet shows how profitable it can be to sell crochet patterns. Nearly 50,000 digital goods have been sold so far.

And if each sale is worth more than $12, that’s more than $500,000 in sales. There’s no question that the eye-catching pictures and the fact that the seller is selling 6 different patterns in one bundle have helped with this.

2. Sewing Patterns

Sewing patterns are computer downloads that show you how to turn fabric into clothes. Most of the time, they show you what to do with plan templates, step-by-step guides, and pictures.

Sewing Patterns- Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

If you send your sewing plans in PDF format, your customers can print them out at home.

These Daphna pants patterns are very popular, and it’s easy to see why: they look great and are very trendy right now.

3. Coloring Pages

If you thought coloring books were only for kids, you were wrong. Adult coloring books are very popular right now, so it’s not surprising that this kind of digital product sells really well on sites like Etsy, where buyers are more likely to be creative.

Coloring Pages- Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

In the set, there are more than 200 pages with geometric designs. As a bonus, the seller has added 9 “crayon”-looking Procreate paints for people who want to color them digitally. Many copies have been sold.

4. Wrapping Paper Patterns

People rush out to buy wrapping paper when the holidays come around. But wrapping paper in stores is usually too expensive, so smart shoppers buy digital wrapping paper designs and print them at home.

Wrapping Paper Patterns

Try selling your own wrapping paper designs on Etsy. Sales tend to go up around the holidays because that’s when people spend more money.

Here are some ideas and examples of successful businesses on Etsy that sell digital goods in the graphic design category.

5. Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are like custom filters that you can add to your pictures with Adobe Lightroom. Etsy has a lot of high-quality Lightroom presets now because of Instagram stars and amateur photographers.

Lightroom Presets

Influencers are a key market for preset sellers, so they are the ones who are especially targeted.

6. Procreate Brushes

Procreate is a well-known iPad app that lets you change pictures. There are a lot of brushes that come with Photoshop, but most graphic artists don’t use all of them. Because of this, Etsy is a great place to sell Procreate brushes that have been made just for you.

DrifterStudio has sold many Procreate brushes on Etsy. This item is all about watercolor brushes, which, as you can see, are in high demand.

7. Printable wall art

Wall art is one of the most-bought items on Etsy. If you are a good artist or designer, you can sell digital versions of your work that people can print at home and hang on their walls.

Map prints are very popular right now. Etsy seller PaperEmporiumCo has taken advantage of the trend by selling custom wall art map prints for any place.

8. Photoshop actions

Actions in Photoshop are a group of jobs for editing that have already been done. You can load them and play them on any file to make different effects.

It makes it easy for designers to add the same effects to any picture over and over again without having to edit it by hand. Almost everything has a way to do it.

Some actions make 2D images look like they are in 3D, and some actions turn photos into sketch art.

With this great action bundle from PrintableArtDigital, you can make your pictures look like cartoons or vector art.

9. Clip art

Why not make your own digital art if you’re a good artist or graphic designer and sell it as clip art? It’s better to sell a lot of your clip art at once than to sell one piece at a time.

There are 15 PNG files in this set with a rainbow theme, which is one of Etsy’s most popular clip art sets. Tens of thousands of people have purchased the book.

10. Fonts

Fonts are another type of digital product that artists, makers, and crafters often buy on Etsy. On the platform, you can sell script fonts, serif fonts, sans-serif fonts, experimental fonts, etc.

But Cricut fonts, which are made for Cricut machines, are one of the most famous kinds of fonts.

11. Etsy Shop Banners

A sign for a shop is another digital item that people like to buy and sell on Etsy. The people who make signs can easily change them to fit what customers want.

This makes them more useful. This kind of digital file from Etsy is easy for business owners to use and is a cheap way to help small and new businesses.

Depending on the design, quality, and number of banners per deal, you can sell a single banner for $7 or a whole set of banners for $50.

12. Logos

If you are good at making images, you could sell them on Etsy and make a lot of money. It’s one of the most popular kinds of goods on the platform, but there’s a lot of competition, so you’ll need to price your services fairly.

Logolane is one of the best-rated brand shops on Etsy. They do custom logo creation for reasonable prices and let you make as many changes as you want. Files are sent digitally in different formats.

13. Video intros

Are you an experienced video editor who is familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro? What if Etsy sold custom video intros for YouTubers? 

14. Video Effects (VFX)

You could also sell collections of custom video effects (VFX) for the tools you use the most, like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Filmora, etc.

Video Effects (VFX)

This VFX collection from BrixGraphic has effects like energy, shockwave, and smoke effects. It has been bought and sold by a lot of people.

15. Photography

On Etsy, pictures made by photographers who work on their own can be sold. You can sell prints of scenery, portraits, and even pictures of your own feet, which is a real niche.

Also, photography is a competitive area, so if you want to make sales, you’ll need to be good and find a hole in the market.

This mountain scenery photography print by LotusPrintStudio is a great example of how to sell photos on Etsy.

16. Zoom Backgrounds

In the last few years, a lot more people have started working from home, and online Zoom meetings have replaced many talks that used to happen in the office.

People want stylish Zoom themes more than ever because of this. Use Etsy to sell something you made. With this Etsy Zoom background, your real-life background is changed into a fancy office scene.

17. Custom Portraits

What is your skill level when it comes to making art? Consequently, you could charge customers a flat rate and offer them downloadable portraits on Etsy.

You can order watercolor wedding portraits from this seller.

Organizational Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

You can sell digital goods that help people or businesses get more organized if you follow these tips and look at examples of successful Etsy businesses.

1. Planners

A notebook is one of the most downloaded items on Etsy. They are made to help people stay organized and on track with their goals. There are two kinds of planners you can sell: digital planners and printed planners.


People can buy PDF files of printable plans and print them out at home. Digital plans can be used with apps like Goodnotes and Notability.

This is one of the most sought-after digital calendar sets on Etsy. You can choose from 192 different choices and change the design of your planner to make it just right.

2. Workbooks & Worksheets

Etsy is another good place to sell educational goods like worksheets or workbooks. Most people focus on one subject (like math) or age group (like preschoolers) and sell a big set of worksheets as one product.

One of the most famous sets of printable worksheets to help with anxiety is this one.

3. Journal Inserts

Keeping a diary is becoming more and more popular these days. Instead of paying full price, it is often cheaper to buy digital diary pages from sites like Etsy and print them yourself.

4. To-do Lists

Printable to-do lists are one of the most popular digital goods on Etsy because some shoppers don’t want to write their lists on a scrap of paper.

Most of the best-selling books are about a certain type of job, like making a list of things to do when planning a trip or a wedding. This simple list of things to do has been sold more than 90 times.

3. Calendars

A calendar is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay on top of their schedule and stay organized.


Why not make a calendar that you can sell in your Etsy shop? You can either make a digital calendar or sell a PDF that can be printed.

4. Budget Trackers

Budget trackers help you keep track of your daily spending and money so that you can stay on track with your savings goals.

Budget Trackers

You can sell templates for keeping track of a budget through your Etsy shop.

Digital Products for sale on Etsy that are related to business

If you plan to sell business-related digital products on Etsy, here are some suggestions and examples of successful businesses.

1. Ebooks

Ebooks are another thing that sells well on Etsy. You can sell any ebook, even ones that aren’t stories, like guides and worksheets.

Ebooks- Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

Most of the best-selling apps are about arts and crafts because Etsy is for people who like to make things.

It’s not too expensive and has more than 93 pages with photos, sketches, and step-by-step directions. It’s not surprising that the seller has sold a lot of copies and gotten a lot of 5-star ratings.

2. Branding Kits

Businesses don’t just buy logos when they want to buy a brand. You could also sell other branding kits, like unique banners, icons, etc., that go with the ones you already have.

Branding Kits

Find out about the brand branding kit from MBEPRINT. It has post themes, business cards, and more, as well as logos, pictures, banners, and icons for social media.

3. Business Cards

Business cards are doing so well because everyone seems to be an entrepreneur these days. On Etsy, you can sell business cards with one-of-a-kind images that can be downloaded.

4. Website Templates

If you are a skilled web designer, you could sell website page templates and themes as digital downloads on Etsy and make a lot of money. To get the most sales, you should focus on a specific area.

Website Templates

For example, you could make templates for photography-related websites or for a certain kind of online shop.

You can also look at the different website-building tools. Some of the most popular are WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, and Wix.

5. Invoice Templates

Bills don’t have to be dull and uninteresting. You can make professional-looking statement templates and sell them on Etsy to small business owners.

DigitalTemplatePaper on Etsy sells an editable statement template that has already been made in 5 colors and has been bought many times.

6. Social Media Templates

Everyone seems to want to be a social media expert these days, so there is a lot of demand for social media templates.

Social Media Templates

Instagram highlight covers, Facebook highlight covers, YouTube banners, LinkedIn cover themes, and thumbnails are some of the things we’re talking about.

More than 120 people have bought this set of social media themes from Lolapapercenter on Etsy. It’s made for companies that deal with real estate.

Etsy sellers can also sell other digital products

Lastly, here are some examples of successful businesses selling digital products on Etsy.


Stickers are also a popular type of item on Etsy. We suggest making your sticker designs fit a certain theme, like animals, space, vehicles, etc., and selling digital downloads of them in big groups.

Selling digital stickers is a simple and easy way to make money that is easy to copy.

Labels & tags

A great place to sell personalized gift tags and product labels is Etsy because it’s full of independent artists who sell handmade goods.

PinkFoxLabels is an Etsy store that sells ready-made labels that can be personalized. These labels are made for beauty and haircare products, but you can make labels for any product niche.

Greetings cards

Greeting cards can be sold on Etsy in many forms, such as birthday cards, get-well cards, thank you cards, Mother’s Day cards, and Father’s Day cards.

People have bought the funny birthday card made by SweetWhispersStudio thousands of times. It just shows how funny things sell.


Since the pandemic, a lot more people have chosen to teach their kids at home. Because of this, the need for educational materials has gone through the roof.

This includes flashcards and other digital products like decorations for the classroom, lesson plans, and so on. Flashcards that help you learn a new language are another popular type.

Thank-you cards

Having thank-you cards in your Etsy shop can bring in a lot of money.

Thank-you cards will always be useful. Businesses often send customers thank-you cards with the items they order.

This is meant to show appreciation for the help and get good customer feedback. Having great designs for cards and envelopes will help you make a lot of money.

Also, selling your digital thank-you cards in sets at competitive prices may bring more people to your Etsy store. You should use a useful tool to help your business make more money when you list your digital products on Etsy.

Puzzles & trivia

Quizzes are always fun. On Etsy, you can sell puzzles and trivia questions you create. Choose a niche that will maximize your sales. It would be fun to do movie trivia or music trivia, for example.

Printable wedding invitations

Weddings are expensive, so many couples choose to save money by making their own invitations at home. Since this is the case, printable wedding invitations are another popular item on Etsy. But don’t stop at invitations—anything that has to do with weddings can be a good moneymaker.

For example, you could sell templates for wedding menus, welcome signs that can be printed, bridal shower games, etc.

The best wedding package sold by EvoPrintables. It has more than 500 invitation templates that can be changed, as well as wedding planner templates and other goodies.

Creating Digital Products

If you want to sell digital products in your Etsy shop, you’ll need the right tools to make them. Even if you’ve never done it before, you can use a lot of online design tools even if you’re not a graphic designer.

You can use the following tools to make digital products:


Visme is an online tool for making graphics that you can use to make anything from templates for social media to digital prints.

It’s great for beginners because it has a drag-and-drop editor and a huge library of icons and graphics.

Visme also has a lot of templates that you can use for ideas or as a starting point to make your own branded templates to sell as digital products.

The free plan doesn’t have as many features as the paid plan, which costs money.


Canva is an online design tool with a great free plan that makes it a great choice for people on a budget.

It has more than 250,000 free templates that you can customize and brand, and on their paid plans, you can get an extra 100 million premium graphics like icons, stock photos, and videos.

With its drag-and-drop editor and easy-to-use interface, Canva makes it easy to make digital products.

There is a free plan for Canva, and paid plans start at $12.99/month.


Adobe Creative Cloud has more than 16 tools for designing graphics, making videos, making PDFs, and making illustrations. Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator are some of these tools.

If you want to sell digital products like Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and PDFs on Etsy, you’ll need these tools to make them.

To use Adobe’s tools, you have to pay for a subscription. To use all 16 or more tools, you have to pay $54.99 per month. However, you can use each tool on its own for $4.99 per month.

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Conclusion: Digital Products To Sell On Etsy 2024

In conclusion, selling digital products on Etsy is a lucrative and growing market for creative entrepreneurs. With the increasing demand for digital products and the convenience of online shopping, it’s the perfect time to jump into the market.

According to Etsy, over 1.9 million sellers sold their handmade, vintage, and craft items on the platform in 2021, generating over $10 billion in sales.

By offering unique and high-quality digital products, such as printables, SVG files, and stock photos, sellers can tap into this market and reach a wider audience.

So, if you’re looking to start an online business or expand your existing one, consider selling digital products on Etsy in 2024.

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