Sellix Review 2024: Is It The Best Way To Sell Digital Goods Online?

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Sellix Review


A robust e-commerce platform designed for business owners is called Sellix. We provide all the tools you need to start, develop, and run an online business. With Sellix, business owners can link key software tools and services for growth, transport goods more efficiently, and provide clients with global assistance – all in a secure setting.

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  • Visually appealing stores
  • Great customer support
  • Upgrades are allowed
  • Multiple payment options
  • Highly secure platform
  • No setup fee
  • You own the product
  • Low fees
  • Easy to work with
  • Freemium pricing


  • No disadvantages found


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Are you looking for a better way to sell online? I was too.

I used to spend hours trying to list my products on different marketplaces and then dealing with customer service issues, returns, and more.

It was exhausting. That’s why I was so excited when I found Sellix. It’s a digital selling platform that makes it easy to list your products on multiple marketplaces – all from one central location.

Plus, their customer service is top-notch, so you can rest assured that any issues will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Let us understand more about Sellix Review in detail.

Sellix Review: What Is Sellix?

Sellix is a one-stop shop where anybody can sell digital goods online.

They’ve made it very easy for you to take payments and be paid online, whether you’re selling downloaded files or software, unique on-demand services, or monthly invoiced subscriptions or memberships.

Sellix was created to serve as the focus for logistical operations for your upcoming digital empire. You submit your stuff, and they take care of everything around-the-clock, in all directions.

Sellix Review

Accept payments from all across the globe via the main payment gateways that run the financial system.

This covers well-known fiat options like CashApp, Stripe, and PayPal as well as a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Cronos, Monero, Nano, Solana, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

By being used and adored by thousands of people, Sellix has so far developed to a phenomenal reach, further reaffirming our commitment to constructing the future of digital eCommerce.

Sellix – Best Features

here we have concluded some of the best features of sellix.

1. Payments:

Earning revenue can be as easy as ever with Sellix! You must integrate a gateway and collect earnings directly in your bank account or crypto wallet.

With support for the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, tackling payment worries easily becomes achievable – payouts are sent straight away and offer maximum security without hassle.

Forget about other costly platforms; by using Sellix’s revolutionary low fees, money matters just got simpler than they used to be before!

Sellix Payments Features

Moreover, their next-generation API lets you expand even further onto extraordinary features that include enabling secure automation of real-time notifications linked to your orders which also makes scaling up businesses possible, amongst many more amazing benefits.

Experience the glitz and glam of running your business without the daunting complexity.

Let Sellix power up your system with its intuitive and clear documentation–setting you straight to success in minutes!

Don’t wait for weeks or months on payments: choose from the 33 largest international currencies, connect a gateway/wallet -and POW- get paid instantly.

Make crypto transactions hassle-free, as easy as 1-2-3, by simply linking Stripe, PayPal, CashApp…etc., directly into Sellecx’s seamless integrations platform. Unlocking keys is quick, so that bright future awaits!

2. Fraud Shield

Rejecting fraud and embracing honest customers is now easier than ever! With Sellix’s cutting-edge software, you can trust that your shop will be protected from illegitimate activity 24/7.

They monitor the latest global regulations to ensure they always comply with privacy laws like PCI DSS, GDPR & CCPA – so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Sellix Fraud Shield Features

Their defense mechanism also automagically scales with traffic growth; plus, it allows for customizable whitelists or blacklists based on IP address/country of origin/email domain name.

Say goodbye to platforms that leave your business vulnerable. With their blocking tools and features, plus partners who take chargeback management into their hands – you’ll feel secure knowing your transactions will go smoothly.

3. Manage

Knowing your customers and keeping them happy is key to any successful business.

That’s why Sellix supports you with their integrated system; it allows for 24/7 customer support, daily backups of critical data, access to order information & more – all straight from the dashboard!

With this level of attention, they’ll surely return repeatedly. Check out deep analytics, too – understanding trends simultaneously can drive up revenue by as much as 85%.

Sellix Manage Features

Get everything set up quickly with a free chat management integration that links directly to your store – forget about long waiting times or nights spent trying to organize things manually!

It’s so important for them at Sellix because they want every user experience here to be not just great but simply outstanding.

With a single dashboard, you’re equipped with informative analytics that provides easy-to-digest insights into key metrics like shop views and product orders.

Plus, daily/weekly/monthly earnings data and tickets are just a click away, so you can spend less time deciphering the numbers – more energy making decisions!

4. Marketing

Selling with Sellix could be the perfect solution for you.

Not only can it replace dozens of tools, but it’ll also help to save money while marketing your entire eCommerce business no matter where in the world you are!

Plus, upselling helps customers see bundles or packages they may have missed out on – and what’s even better is that their robust payments allow shoppers to enjoy great discounts just by adding a few more products to their purchases.

Lastly, connecting with your customers has never been easier thanks to their email marketing features: all customizable from Mailchimp, so emails always feel personalized.

Sellix Market Features

Stay ahead of the competition and deliver tailored product announcements, cart abandonment reminders, stock alerts, and feedback requests to your customers in their inboxes with their easy-to-use email integrations.

And now you can take it one step further by staying connected on Discord!

Their innovative bot will assign roles based on customer purchases so they can benefit from exclusive deals –all while giving them access to a high-converting digital shop where any type of goods is available for purchase at lightning-fast speeds.

With every plan come multiple products that let buyers quickly add items into their carts without ever having to exit or start over— making shopping both simple AND satisfying.

Shopping for multiple items is now simplified! Here at their shop, you can sell whatever digital products and services your heart desires.

Plus, the payouts go directly to your Stripe account – no fussing around with extra fees or money transfers.

And invite anyone & everyone you know because when they make sales in their store? You get a piece of that action, too – 1% forever revenue + 5% subscription purchases coming right into your pocket (sweet!).

Keep your customers coming back for more with their incredible discounts and rewards! Their Pro and Business plans let you easily grant customized deals tailored to individual needs.

With volume-based discounts like 50% off 100 pieces of stock—from $19.99 down to just $9.99 per item—your customers will love their special savings while you keep the profits rolling in directly through Stripe’s secure payment system – everybody wins!

5. Customize

Looking to make a power-packed first impression with your business? Look no further!

With their professional domain customization options, you can brand and grow your venture the way you want.

Their unique platform doesn’t withhold any of your SEO potential for success – as they both climb together toward victory!

Setup is also speedy; once complete, it will be live within minutes, so nothing stops you from connecting and selling quickly.

If customizing is different for now, never fear: embedding products on various platforms works seamlessly also – let them help create that personalized button to start earning money online today through software sales or services in record time.

Sellix Customize Features Overview

Unleash the power of online selling with their simple but powerful button code snippet.

With a few quick clicks, you can take your shop to new heights and craft an impeccable buying experience for all customers – from desktops to mobile devices!

You’re backed by experienced developers committed to seeing you succeed, plus comprehensive documentation, so there’s no way for your store growth not to reach its potential.

Choose one of their richly customizable themes that perfectly reflect what you’re offering in minutes – without ever leaving the page – and watch as customer satisfaction takes off at light speed!

With any of their premium plans, you won’t have to start the process from scratch; we’ll help make a smooth transition by importing your feedback and other commerce data!

To ensure your success with Sellix, migrations are available only here – so don’t look elsewhere for this exclusive feature.

Plus, their top priority isn’t just providing zero-inbox responses – it’s also offering unbeatable customer service every day.

6. E-commerce

If you are looking for a secure, reliable platform to distribute your creative work – Sellix is the place! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced 3D modeler or just starting.

Supercharge your creativity with this battle-tested platform that will make selling online easier, from PDFs and files to any type of digital download.

They understand how difficult it can be when trying to get paid for something which requires time and effort invested in creating amazing products – let them help simplify things so all of your hard work pays off!

Sellix E-commerce Features Overview

With Sellix’s automatic delivery setup, rest assured, knowing each sale made will reach its intended customer safely & securely!

Seamlessly go from setup to selling with one click and never look back! Allow your customers the convenience of using cryptocurrencies, debit/credit cards & even tokens.

Take complete control over stock management for maximum success – make custom codes, create license keys easily track purchases in detail.

Plus have options on how, when & where you want to sell digital goods – Sellix takes care of everything else.

Give them the unique ability to buy a product as a gift, too – add personal touches like love notes if they prefer!

They’ve got plans that fit all budgets; daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly- it’s simple integration into your system every time.

With their cutting-edge payments system, you can earn recurring income immediately just by granting access to your chatrooms and more!

Forget the hassle of having to bill, refund, or manage it yourself – they’ve got that taken care of.

With this revolutionary platform, there is no limit on what product offerings you can make available (even freebies!).

Start generating passive revenue while you rest easy knowing everything relating to business operations is being managed swiftly and securely – leaving only a shop link for customers who cannot wait to get their hands on whatever treasures await them in your digital store.

Your reputation is your currency – and having a stellar one in any industry pays off.

Show the world how serious you are about trust by delivering exceptional customer service so customers can leave positive reviews of their own accord.

You’ll be able to boost sales even further when those authentic reviews appear directly alongside products on your storefront; if something goes amiss, rest assured that they offer an appeal process for times when you’re not at fault!

Sellix Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

They’re so sure that you’ll like Sellix that you won’t need a refund, but you’ll be surprised to learn that they provide a 14-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

There are no fees associated with selling digital items on Sellix. However, they charge a nominal transaction fee for processing your cryptocurrency and fiat payments.

Payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe often incur their transaction fees when your clients pay via Sellix (about 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction).

Sellix Pricing Plans

Here you may discover more about the transaction costs associated with each Sellix plan.

You may terminate your membership using your subscription billing dashboard without incurring any fees or penalties. There are no agreements.

Starting a company and selling digital items on Sellix is entirely free.

Feel free to subscribe to a premium plan whenever you’ve fully experienced their free plan and want to access additional business-focused features.

A Peek Into Sellix

This is what the Sellix dashboard looks like.

Sellix Dashboard

You can add products by clicking on ‘Create Product’. The list of your products will appear here. Check out all the options with products on the left side.

Sellix Dashboard Overview

Check out your balance here.

Check out your Sellix balance

You will find all your analytics here in detail. And you can download your reports from the ‘Reports’ section.

Sellix Reports’ section

Everything related to your online store appears here.

Sellix online store

You will find all your integrations here.

Sellix integrations

Check them out.

Why Do I Recommend Sellix?

Sellix offers a variety of features and benefits that set it apart from other e-commerce platforms.

The first thing to note is that it is incredibly user-friendly—even for those who have never used an e-commerce platform.

The dashboard is simple and intuitive, making navigation easy. Additionally, the platform has customizable product pages, allowing you to design your page to best suit your needs and brand.

This makes it easier to differentiate yourself from competitors and ensure your products stand out.

The platform also provides excellent customer service options, such as live chat, email, and phone support.

This allows customers to get answers quickly if they have any questions or issues with their purchase.

Additionally, Sellix offers advanced analytics so you can track customers’ behaviors on your website and optimize accordingly.

Finally, they offer various payment methods such as PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, Apple Pay, etc., so customers can choose whichever works best for them.

All these features work together to make Sellix an incredibly user-friendly platform perfect for small business owners or entrepreneurs who may not have technical experience setting up an online store.

One of the most important aspects of any online store is security—you must ensure that customer data is safe and secure at all times.

Fortunately, Sellix takes security very seriously; they use industry-standard SSL encryption technology to protect all customer data transferred through their servers.

Additionally, they require two-factor authentication when logging in, so only authorized personnel can access sensitive data such as payment information or customer records.

Finally, they regularly update their software with the latest security patches so customers can feel confident that their information is always secure on this platform.

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Conclusion: Sellix Review 2024

Sellix is a great choice for businesses looking to take advantage of digital selling opportunities without having technical expertise or experience setting up an online store themselves.

Its many features make it incredibly user-friendly, while its security measures ensure customer data stays safe at all times – something any business owner should prioritize when choosing an eCommerce platform!

With its reasonable pricing plans (no contracts required!), Sellix is worth considering for anyone interested in taking their business online!

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