Teachery Review 2024: Is It The Best Platform For Selling Digital Courses?

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Teachery Review


Teachery is outstanding as it is easy to use and provides simple plans. It allows to create your own courses quickly as many as you want. It helps in market your courses with landing pages, emails and drip lessons. The features are limitless and best.

Out of 10


  • Beautiful Course Editor
  • Support for All Kinds of Media and Files
  • Attractive and Uncomplicated User Interface
  • Custom Styling
  • No Transaction Fees


  • Limited Email Service Integrations
  • Not for Advanced Users


Price: $ 49

This article is all about Teachery Review and if you want to know about this then stay tuned with us till end.

By letting an online course platform handle all the technical stuff, you can focus on creating and selling your best content. Teachery does exactly that.

It has a lot of great features and a great pricing plan for beginners. It is one of the most attractive online course platforms out there.

Teachery has a few disadvantages, too, as any other product does, and it is not suitable for all course creators.

Teachery is undoubtedly a powerful tool for online learning, but is it right for you?

I will address your question by providing you with a detailed overview of the platform’s features, pricing, and overall pros and cons.

Let’s get started.

Teachery Review: What Is Teachery?

Using Teachery, you can create Sellable Online Courses from your expertise and monetize it.

The two co-founders of Teachery are themselves course sellers and created Teachery to address the most common challenges beginners encounter.

Has their mission been accomplished? They’ve definitely made progress. Teachery offers a lot of benefits. With all the features and tools it comes with, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Teachery - Teachery Review

Creating and selling courses on Teachery does not require any technical skills. An easy drag & drop interface makes it easy to construct a course online. It’s a user-friendly product.

Furthermore, it provides an equally impressive learning environment for your students and allows them to focus on their studies without any distractions.

Despite its many great features, Teachry is primarily designed for beginners and intermediate course developers who don’t require advanced features.

To better understand what Teachery offers, let’s explore its features in greater depth.

Teachery Review: Features

The features offered by Teachery include course creation, course selling, and a number of unique features that many other platforms don’t offer.

Some of them are listed below.

1. Countless Students Can Buy Unlimited Courses

Using Teachery, you can sell as many courses and lessons as you want to as many students as you want. Online course platforms typically offer limited courses and charge additional fees for extending them.

However, Teachery does not charge according to the number of students, courses, or lessons. The same monthly/annual fee will apply to as many courses as you wish. All classes and sub classes in a course are included.

On your account dashboard, you can find a list of all your courses. Adding a new course is as simple as clicking the Create new course button on your dashboard, filling out the details, and the course will be added.

2. Make Your Course Look and Feel Unique

The look and feel of your course can be edited using the drag & drop course creator in Teachingy. This editor lets you alter everything from images and text content to colors and borders.

Because all your changes and content are saved on the fly, you do not have to worry about losing your work if the browser crashes or the system crashes.

Your course page can be written in any language since Teachery uses a standard text editor. Moreover, you are able to change the colors of the background, button styles, and sub lessons within your course.

Customizable Course Editor - Teachery Review

Using this editor, you can edit various pages in your course, such as payments, lessons, sub-lessons, landing pages, opt-in pages, etc.

The following examples show some of the different course pages created with Teachery.

You can use Teachery’s course page templates to set up your course faster.

  • Minimal Template: A more sleek, simple, and modern course layout
  • Sidebar Template: A boxier, more conventional course layout

There are two styles of presenting your content in both templates, with the same technical features. The page where you create a course will let you choose them.

Teachery’s course editor is an impressive tool that offers lots of customization options.

3. Develop Diverse Content for Courses

Teachery gives you plenty of options for creating the course content. Each lesson and sub lesson in your course can include a combination of videos, audio, text, and presentations.

Teachery, however, does not host your files. Your content can be hosted on sites such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Slideshare or others and will be embedded on the course website.

Diverse Content for Courses

A lesson block can be embedded by copying the embed code from the content and pasting it into the learning path. You can see an embedded YouTube video in this section. This is how the lesson page looks like this.

There are different sections in each lesson. Content blocks can be added in as many different formats as you like. Following a YouTube video embed, you can add a presentation or audio block to the next content block.

You can easily create a course with Teachry’s course builder if you know how to use Gmail. That’s all there is to it.

4. Schedule Lessons With Drip Courses

Creating a course and ensuring that their students consume the content can be one of the biggest challenges.

The solution to this problem is drip courses. Students take drip courses after completing specific tasks or after a set duration.

As an example, you might drip the lessons through the course monthly or weekly, rather than providing access to all of them at once. When a student completes the previous lesson, they can access the new one.

Lesson Drip Options

Your main course editor in Teachery has Lesson Drip Options where you can create drip courses.

As you can see, there are three ways to give students access to your course content.

  • At the same time
  • Based on a fixed schedule
  • Upon completion of previous lessons

Also, you can send your students an automated email whenever a new lesson is available.

If you want to make your students feel compelled to complete the course, you can set an expiration date after which they won’t be able to access it anymore.

The options below give you greater control over how students access your content and how the completion rate of your course is impacted.

5. Make Landing Pages Effective at Capturing Leads and Customers

It gives you three landing page categories by default when you create a new course in Teachery.

  • Pages of the course
  • Websites for payments
  • Login Pages

The pages in each category have their own layouts and designs. The Course Pages category, for example, contains pages for every lesson and its sublessons.

There are many payment pages in the Payment Pages category, including checkout pages, payment confirmation pages, successful payment pages, unsuccessful payment pages, etc.

In addition to the default landing pages, you can also create landing page categories and pages. This option allows you to create a landing page for your course, a webinar page, etc.

In the landing page builder, you can choose from the same features as in the course builder but an additional page template is included.

You can edit everything on the page, including adding/removing sections and changing the background colors.

6. Use Your Email Provider to Integrate

With Teachery’s email integrations, you can create landing pages that capture leads and emails or add customers to your mailing list through payment pages.

Teachery currently integrates directly with Mailchimp and ConvertKit. You can access the integration page from your dashboard under Account > Integrations.

To connect your email account with Teachery, you’ll need its API Key. Apart from these two email services, Teachery can integrate with several other email tools through integrations with Zapier.

7. Increase Course Sales With Affiliates

If you want to speed up your course sales, offer rewards to people who refer students to you. Describe your recruitment and management methods for affiliates. You can manage affiliates in your account dashboard.

Affiliates can be registered by adding their PayPal address, entering their commission rate, and selecting the course they wish to promote.

You’ll send an automated email with your affiliate’s unique tracking link and a link to your landing page after you approve them.

8. Provide Your Students With Flexible Payment Options

Would you like your course sales to increase? Offer your students multiple payment options. You can choose to pay one-time, in installments, or annually or monthly for every course in the course editor.

Payment Options

If students hesitate to buy a higher-priced course all at once, this option comes in handy.

9. Use Custom Domains for Your Courses

Teachery courses are by default hosted on subdomains (your-domain-name.teachery.co). Your courses can also be hosted on a custom domain. All you need to do is register and link a domain to your course.

You can make your course look more professional by hosting every course on a separate custom domain.

What You Need to Know About Teachery ?

You’ve seen a quick overview of Teachery’s different features. Let me now show you how to use Teachery.

Step 1: Get a free account by signing up

  • Create a free Teachery account by clicking Start For Free.
  • Sign up with your name and email address.
  • That’s it, your free account has been created.
  • Click Get Started to start creating your course.

Step 2: Design Your First Course

  • In the online education industry, Teachery has one of the best onboarding processes.
  • As you create your first course, it guides you through each step.
  • Start by naming your course.
  • Explain in a few words what your course is all about.
  • Now you have created your first course on Teachery.
  • Let’s begin by creating the lessons.

Step 3: Create Your Course Lessons

A lesson is an individual module in a course that focuses on a particular subject. A course can have an unlimited number of lessons, and sub-lessons can be created.

You can add more lessons later. Teachery helps you create the first three lessons during the onboarding phase.

  • After naming your lessons, describe them briefly.
  • Your first three lessons have been successfully created.
  • Creating your course content is now the next step.

Step 4: Create Your Course Content

Your course builder will appear once you’ve created the first three lessons. This will let you add content, create new lessons, and customize your course.

All options for editing individual pages, course settings, styling options, etc., are listed on the left side of your screen.

  • Click on “Add course content block” from your dashboard to begin building your content.
  • Adding a video, audio, or presentation to a content block is easy. Just give it a title and add a brief description.

There is no limit to how many contents blocks you can put into a single lesson.

Step 5: Edit Your Course’s Appearance

Additionally, you can edit the appearance of your course using the course builder.

The header image can be changed, the course logo can be added, the color theme can be changed, and the call-to-action buttons can be customized.

Step 6: Set Up Your Stripe Account

The Teachery integration page lets you connect your Stripe account with Teachery so that Teachery can pay you for your course sales. Nine different currencies are available for students to use to pay.

You can use Zapier-Teachery to set up PayPal payments, but Teachery does not yet support PayPal payments. Congratulations! The Teachery course you created is ready for sale.

Teachery Review: Pros and Cons

We have some pros and cons of Teachery Review:


  1. You can easily create a course outline with the platform by answering a few prompts.
  2. Easily customize your course’s layout, landing pages, colors, fonts, and more with the robust editor.
  3. The ability to drip content is not available on all course platforms, so if you don’t want to deliver your entire course at once, you should select Teachery.
  4. Templates for the welcome email and the “course completion” email come with the engagement package.
  5. Pricing is attractive: Teachery offers a zero transaction fee pricing model, which distinguishes it from other course-building platforms.


  1. As opposed to other online learning platforms, this platform does not offer quizzes like multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks. However, Google Forms can be integrated so that students can take quizzes there instead.
  2. There is no self-directed learning: After completing one module, students cannot access the next. You have to provide your content the following day.
  3. Students can only submit PDFs, Word documents, image files, and video files for their assignments.

Prices and Free Trials for Teachers :

You can try Teachery for free for 14 days (no credit card needed.) All premium features are available to you during the free trial. After the trial period, you must choose between the three plans.

There are no differences between these plans. On the other hand, you’ll save 20% if you choose an annual subscription.

Unless you’re considering other platforms’ transaction fees in addition to their monthly fees, $49/month or $470/year probably isn’t that cheap.

Teachery Pricing - Teachery Review

A high sales volume can result in thousands of dollars in transaction fees each year. Transaction fees are not an issue with Teachery.

There is no fee for each course sold at Teachery (the standard payment service fees still apply). You will save a lot of money in the long run if you do this.

Is Teachery a legit company?

Create and sell your online course successfully with Teachery, a simple, no-nonsense, budget-friendly learning platform. Just comparing Teachery with another course builder will demonstrate the difference in opportunity. 

The intuitive software helps people with no technical expertise get up and running in the shortest time possible without falling victim to analysis paralysis. 

As you work on building your online course or school website, you’ll find a steady dose of humor to keep things light.

Choosing simplicity over complicated features makes it a great option for you.  Choosing a color for your “Enroll Now” button won’t take you hours with Teachery.

In summary, if you need a solid, user-friendly platform that allows you to create Teachery courses quickly and have them available for delivery within a short period of time, then Teachery is the right choice for you.

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Conclusion: Teachery Review 2024

Using Teachery, anybody can create a high-quality course due to its eye-catching templates and innovative layout.

Further, the marketing tools provided by the platform allow you to keep a close eye on customers, which facilitates continuous improvement.

In spite of the fact that it is significantly cheaper than some of its nearest competitors.

It is worth the effort to create a Stripe account if you do not already have one, even though it is not integrated with Paypal, the most widely used platform of today.

The system is convenient to use, efficient, and accessible, as well as monitoring the needs of its users in a timely manner. The trial is free! What are you waiting for?

Take a look at Teachery today and see how it works for you.

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