Course From Scratch Review 2024– Is Danielle Leslie Worth?

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This blog is about Danielle Leslie’s Course From Scratch Review 2024. Check out whether it is worth it or not.

Are you wondering if this course by Danielle Leslie is a legit course or a scam? Are you here to get the most unbiased review for the course from scratch? So, here it is.

The Internet has become the most powerful tool today. It has answers to all your questions and solutions to all your problems. Of course, if you are in any kind of fix the first thing people do these days is run to the internet for resolving their issues.

Yes, there are certain barriers and exceptions but that is very low these days. You don’t just go to the internet to look for data but you can also be the one to share the data.

Isn’t this good when you do have friends and family to listen to you, you have an entire world waiting out there to read? Just like you can learn skills online the same way you can also make money online.

If you have a unique talent or skill that you would love to show off in front of the world, then the internet is the best option for you. You can gain cash by selling way too many things online.

Course From Scratch Review

The Leslies claim itself as one of the best online courses that one can design and create and also sell on the internet to make a lot of cash from the same. The Course From Scratch Reviews is pretty good.

Let’s read further and know whether this Course from Scratch review is really worth it or not, is it legit or not?

Course From Scratch Review 2024– Is Danielle Leslie Worth?

Before jumping into a deeper concept let’s first analyze the overview of the Course from scratch review and understand if it’s worth knowing more about it.  By knowing more about it, you will get to know if this is the right choice for you.

Not everyone is meant for educational courses some might be good in other skills too.

Since we are not very aware of everything and might not have enough knowledge to share. Making money is not easy but, you can make money even from the smallest and the weirdest business.

Course From Scratch Review Homepage

All you need to know is the tactics of marketing and dealing with people. (You will get a lot of help from this course).

In simple words Course from scratch is a program that will help you to choose your course in just 60 days. You will be so good at it that you can give advice to others and market it at a huge level.

During this, you will have access to a trainer and a weekly batch of coaching sessions. This course is been built for people who want to guide people with their mastery and get cash for the same.

As told before not everyone’s knowledge will be taken into consideration so you have to be enough skilled to impress people to pay you. Course from scratch is a perfect course and it will guide you and will tell you all of this and will teach you all the skills.

We would ask you to check the sites and check if the course that you have planned to put will flourish there. Course from scratch is a course for people who are willing to work hard.

It takes ample hours to lay the starting course. It is not easy to make money online; in order to earn money easily, you will have to look for some other course. You will not get all that information here.

Course From Scratch Review 2024

I happened to read a lot of reviews on the page where the course from scratch is up for sale. After analyzing it for a long time I found out that many people who did this course had gained benefits in terms of cash and were doing really great.

Now the question is if these reviews are legit. They may be or they might be a scam! Can’t bet right?

I’ve gone through so many reviews in the past which are just faked and are written or said by acting members. I don’t mean that these are one of them but even if they are it wouldn’t come as a shock to me.

Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch

This is a 60-day course that is made up of 5 modules in all. You gain some benefits like a live webinar where you have the freedom to ask questions and also gain to be a part of a mastermind group which is a private one.

Guess what? If you make a payment of the full $1997 at the same time, you will get extra benefits that are as follows:

  • Various strategies for launch and a breakdown of the same along with email information.
  • A call with Danielle Leslie to help you design your plan for content.

After I saw this part, I really thought that this should have been a part of the course and not just a bonus for some; because the price you pay for this course is really high and one should get this benefit inclusive in the course. Unfortunately, this is how it is!

The modules from the course from scratch are as follows:

  • An Introduction module.
  • Course for Minimum viable.
  • Course topic and your Customers.
  • Content and culture add.
  • Conversion.
  • Advanced Course launch.

Courses Topics

You also gain extra information on a few topics like:

  • A session on how to create a webinar.
  • Stories on success.
  • Tech tools.
  • How to form a great page.
  • More about emails.

In addition to all of this, you get a free trial for two long months to help create your own course. After these two months are over, you are expected to pay $97 to stay tuned on Teachable.

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Danielle Leslie Review

Hey, did you visit her website or did you get dragged to it from some kind of social media website or advertisement?

If you have read about her, I guess you would probably know who she is (though our opinions won’t be the same), and if not then here I am. Danielle is the creator of the Course from Scratch.

Leslie is an American Citizen who worked as a marketer in Silicon Valley and also launched a number of courses on Udemy. She currently says that she built $85,000 in the first year if you mark it on a calendar.

Earning Danielle Leslie

After which her sales just kept increasing every year where she made about 1.2 million dollars and then $2 million and it kept increasing at the same rate. If you consider my opinion I wouldn’t really trust this, it is just a kind of pitch that people use for marketing their idea.

They do not provide any clear vision about the investment they made initially. They just keep dropping the numbers to make it look fascinating and nothing else.

The concept of Return on Investment is never considered or explained in such courses and her course is definitely one of them.

What Is Course From Scratch?

Okay, so to begin with this course has been or was been put all over the internet but seems like Leslie was majorly able to get monetary returns from Teachable.

Here, comes the fun part where the entire internet is a witness that Leslie had no such brain behind this concept. Perhaps, it’s possible that she might have an idea that was hidden too deep and far away from the normal public.

From all of that, one can conclude that maybe she grabbed some information about courses from the internet, added her own shine, and sparks to it, and just waited for the magic to happen, which I must say turned out pretty well for her.

She claims to gain millions of dollars from this Course from Scratch, which I cannot believe as I stated above that there are no such evidence of the investment she makes and the returns she gets.

What Does Course From Scratch Offer?

1. The Content For The Course

The Leslies’ courses consist of quite many bonus modules, but let’s begin by first paying attention to the basic 5 modules in this review for Course from Scratch by Danielle Leslie.

Obviously, the bonus module is also important as it helps a lot in making huge amounts of cash. And that’s the main purpose you want to do this course, Right?

Honestly according to me, this is the most unorganized course I’ve ever seen before. It feels like the information is just stuffed, just for the sake of being there.

Course From Scratch Review Introduction

You will notice that there is no particular structure followed in the entire course. If you check Teachable you will notice that this course is super difficult to navigate.

I agree she does not believe in spoon-feeding and has an ideology that people must benefit from the content and the course according to their needs and wants. This according to me is not right at all, because when you are investing so much you have the right to gain a lot more than this.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that the information provided by DANIELLE LESLIE is very qualitative and can be very helpful. You can make the best of this as 75% of the information has a lot of meaning, value, strategies, and tactics that can help you create a huge amount of money (if you are lucky enough).

2. The Modules

There are 5 modules mainly in this course by Leslie. I wouldn’t provide you with a detailed version of every module, but will definitely give you an overview. Let’s go ahead and see:

Module 1 –

Introduction to the course.

Module 2 –

Minimum Viable course.

Module 3 –

Choosing the topic and finding your customers.

Module 4 –

Creating content.

Module 5 –

Gaining traffic.

Module 6 –

Launching your course (this is not exactly a module but more like an overview).

So, these are not the actual names that Leslie has given in her course but these are simplified and provide you with the gist of what the module consists of.

Basically, you will be designing and formulating a course of your own, and finally would be launching the same on Teachable.

One thing that I was very curious about is that initially you create a small course and keep updating with time, which is a long-term task (much longer than 60 days).

If in case, you have a course that is not so great in the beginning (imagining that the updates will be good), and when you launch the course it is just not accepted by people and you happen to get negative reviews. Do you think this will be good for the long term?

Do you think people will trust you again? It’s very difficult to say and analyze. I wish this was not the way Course of Scratch worked.

Premium Search

Another point I would disagree with is the session on how to gain traffic on your site, the session details are not really good and due to this one has to invest a large amount of money in advertisements.

Though there is information available out there on the internet so, you wouldn’t have to bare major losses.

Lastly, this is something I am very disappointed with; this course provides you with information about the landing pages but gives no proper data on how to make good sales.

Again, you can get this data from other sites and videos but, aren’t you spending too much on this course? Wouldn’t you expect this from the course? If I’m spending this huge amount I hoped that Leslie would provide more brief content on various strategies for sales and marketing.

3. Free Webinar

I’m sure, you were pulled for this webinar through some social media advertisement, am I correct? As a fact, I know Leslie loves to invest in these advertisements to market her course and reach as many people as possible.

Similarly, this is also a kind of marketing she does, where she gives an introduction about herself leading to a session that trains you on how you can gain organic traffic on your site.

It is a 15 minutes long video where she guides you through all the details of the course providing you with a blueprint of the Course from Scratch. She will give you details about all the things you will get from this course.

When I went through the details the first thing that popped up in my head was the cost of the course which is $1997, and all I thought was will I get some gold-plated content (just an expression of my thought)?

She uses so many huge numbers from the sales she made in these years that you will be super fascinated and excited, but hold on the only relieves the silver-coated stuff, the truth is she does not give any information about initial investment or any detailed information about the return on investment, which I feel is totally unfair.

4. Bonus Module

A bonus module means exactly what the name says, a bonus that means extra benefits. This module offers you a few tools that will be helpful to boost sales and increase profits.

This is not a compulsory session and not really necessary, but it provides you access to live calls, frequent sessions for questions and answers, and webinars.

 Course From Scratch Review Pricing

Perhaps, it’s been a long that these live calls are not being used, and there are no details for the same.

You will get a number of tools that you can make use of and also a free trial which could help you save money.

5. Training

Training provided by this course is definitely not enough, I mean invest $1997 at nearly $2000 in a course and look for information (like how to gain traffic) from other sites and videos, and this is fair?

2024, is full of millennial groups who have maximum knowledge about technology, and creating a course is definitely very easy for them. One really does not have to spend thousands of dollars on this.

If I have to be blunt and honest, I would say that generating traffic is the key factor for any online business and that my friend is the least informative in Course from Scratch.

If you are completely new to this field it is going to be very difficult for you to cope up initially because the data is very complicated and unorganized.

6. Refund Policy

The Danielle Leslies Course From Scratch gives you a 30-day refund and guarantees a money-back policy.

I really don’t know what I can exactly do in those 30 days, initially, all those huge sales numbers just keep you distracted from the real world out there and the silver-coated stuff keeps you fascinated for a long time.

When you start understanding the depth of the course you are creating and waiting for the launch of this course you will realize that the 30 good days are already gone, and it’s way too late to go back. What regret, right?

Who Is This Course For?

To begin with, I know that you might be thinking that this is for any person who wishes to make money through online business, but let me give you a reality check; it is far away from the truth.

It’s only a good choice if you are super rich and you are willing to spend that huge amount on a course. It is for someone who is very serious and wants to make money online and will take major risks for the same.

Don’t get me wrong you might have a ton of cash to invest, but you do require a lot of time to put into this and to remind you Rome was not built in a day exactly the same way you cannot get rich overnight so, you have to a lot of patience to get successful.

Course From Scratch Pricing: How Much Does It Cost? 

So, this is the fun part. Do you know why? Because the maximum number of people out there who have been researching this course will just rush out and save their lives from this huge cost.

The cost of this course is $1997, that’s way too much, right? Though you can definitely pay in 5 installments using Teachable, you definitely have to pay an entire amount.

There are chances you might get a good return on investment but there is no guarantee because the return policy is just not attractive to me! If you make losses you will be sinking badly into those.

Your investment just doesn’t stop here; you have to undergo heavy advertisement costs because traffic-generating sessions are not really good at this course. And also did I mention the cost of emails?

Yes, an additional $500 for email advertisement and the list continues. I really don’t know why these things are not included in the course. It is disappointing.

Course From Scratch – Pros And Cons

Why do I like it?

  • Course from scratch is something super easy and can be easily adapted.
  • If you invest money at one time then you gain a benefit; which is a call from Danielle Leslie.
  • This is a great choice if you wish to teach other people.
  • It is a business that you can begin from your own home.
  • Teachable provides you with two free months for this course, again it’s the same place you will be launching your course.
  • Once your two months of free sessions are over, you will have to pay $99 every month. This gives you a saving of $200.

Things I Don’t Like

  • It is heavily priced and too hyped up (I don’t like overpriced stuff).
  • Paying $2000 and not getting enough knowledge on how to generate traffic, is super unfair.
  • It is very theoretical, it can only provide you with information on how to build a course but what about where to sell it?
  • The most important thing, which is how to monetize from this course, is very unclear.
  • Remember you can have the best, but if it does not reach the public out there; it’s of no use! Apply this to the Course from Scratch.

Maybe, hoping that quite many things would change in the near future, but we can just hope for it to be the best!

Quick Links

FAQs | Course From Scratch Review

🤙 Is a course from scratch worth it?

If you want to make quick money using an online business you should look somewhere else if you do not have $5000 to spend then you should not look in this direction (I’m already looking in other direction *wink) because this is a very expensive course which is not made for everyone. It does not have any kind of guarantee that you can gain returns on your investment, and the return policy is awfully sad in my opinion. This course gives no information on how to increase sales with the help of trafficking which is far most the most important aspect for any online business.

🤷 What is the course from scratch?

To put it in simple words course from scratch is a program designed by Danielle Leslie which will train you to build an educational course. This is a 60-day course that comprises of 5 modules mainly.

💁‍♀️ Who is Danielle Leslie?

Danielle Leslie is the founder and creator of the course from scratch. Leslie is an American Citizen who worked as a marketer in Silicon Valley and also launched a number of courses on Udemy. She currently says that she built $85,000 in the first year of this course. After which her sales just kept increasing every year where she made about 1.2 million dollars and then $2 million and it kept increasing at the same rate.

🙇‍♀️ Are Udemy courses legitimate?

Yes, Udemy offers legitimate courses. It is a well-known company that provides various courses that help you improve your skills and knowledge. After every student completes the course, he or she gains a certificate for completion.

My Final Verdict- Is Course From Scratch Really Worth It?

Course from scratch is definitely not a scam, but also it’s not as fascinating as it looks. It is a legit platform but not for everyone out there. If you are a newbie then this is definitely not a good choice for you.

Now, coming to if this course is worth the price or not? According to my opinion, it is very overpriced and hyped up for no such relevant reason.

The numbers shown by Danielle Leslie are very fascinating and not to forget the advertisements on Instagram but the real world has bitter and harsh truths that you need to accept.

These advertisements and numbers are just a way to make sales.

If you are going to invest this huge amount you should be well prepared to take major risks and be ready if you dive into losses because nothing is really guaranteed.

Your investment doesn’t end with just $1997 it keeps continuing as you have to invest a huge amount into social media advertisements and if you have no knowledge about this particular field you might end up losing $5000, which is definitely not good.

If you are a person who knows how to make the best out of online courses and you are ready for an adventure then you can go ahead with it, oops did I mention you also need to be rich for this?

Before making any decision make sure that you have done great research on a course from scratch.

Hope you found this Course From Scratch Review 2024 useful!

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