Review 2022: Does It Help Make Money With Push Traffic?

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With the quickly increasing amount of online companies bursting into the scene every second day, the rivalry is becoming ferocious and online methods of gaining cash are multiplying.

Today, the internet is the largest brands platform to gain a decent quantity of income to maintain up with the contest. There are many methods Internet companies can create money online. Push notifications are one of the most significant ways to do this!

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Push notifications are the notifications you receive on your desktop browser or smartphone for those of you who don’t know when the brand you subscribed to roll out a new update, product or service.

There are many online platforms that offer online brands and websites to create their own push notification module and is one such reliable online platform.

Read on to learn more about them! Review 2022: Earn Cash From Push Notifications?

What is ProPush?

ProPush is a website that uses push notifications to help internet companies and websites monetize traffic. It was created by the popular ad network Propellerads and provides website users with a broad range of payment systems (CPS, Revshare). review

For each subscription, users of this platform can play with a simple configuration, tracking, and comprehensive statistics.

ProPush enables editors to easily gain cash by pushing notifications. The platform has become a common option for bloggers and editors to create cash from their internet content, based on the achievement and knowledge of propeller advertisements.

5 reasons to like ProPush

  • ProPush offers real-time tracking of their (Website’s) performance.
  • Two advances revenue models, CPS, and revenue share.
  • ProPush pays publishers through multiple payment options.
  • Publishers have the option to earn additional money from the referral program.
  • Every impression and subscriptions pay you.

Earning revenue through

Since online business is about offering the audience what they want and getting cash out of it, let us now know and comprehend how to create cash with ProPush using push notifications and media lockers! features


The first and most important thing to do here is to add a smart tag to your blog, which in this article we will expand on subsequently.

This smart tag merely requires authorization from the user to submit push notifications. You begin gaining cash once the customer subscribes to these notifications. referral


There are two main methods to gain cash on ProPush:

  • Immediate income-CPS (Cost per subscriber)

Once a customer subscribes to obtain push notifications, you will only be charged once in this payment system. This model is therefore called “Cost per Subscriber” and should not be confused with “Cost per sale.”

There’s no science involving rockets here. Whenever someone signs up to obtain the push notifications, you merely get compensated.

  • Long-term revenue-CPM Revenue Share (Revshare) Model

Revshare is very comparable to internet marketing networks. The usual story remains the same. Whenever someone subscribes to receive the push notifications, you will be paid.

How to join ProPush?

Propush propeller ads’s greatest plus is it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE TO JOIN! You will be endorsed instantly once you apply to enter them. Many editors and bloggers have said that joining and being accepted more quickly than many other ad networks is simpler. All you have to do is obey the following directions:

  • Visit the official portal of ProPush
  • Click Register. To enroll, simply press on the form displayed on your website and get accepted immediately.

Once you have enrolled, inspect the validation connection for your email and verify it. (Check your spam folder if you don’t discover your mail in the main inbox)

  • Last, but not least, log in to your account!

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Adding a website

You can add your first website or a landing page to your account to begin earning once you have effectively enrolled with ProPush.

  • Use your email or username and password to log in to your desk.
  • Click the Add Source button below.
  • Other than entering a website, you can also attach a landing section.
  • Enter your website’s domain name ( There is no need to add HTTP or https to the URL prefix.
  • Check your website by copying the code and putting it in your website’s name tag.
  • Click Verify then.

You got it there! dashboard

Now you can just go to your enhanced page and pick the kinds of ads you want to use to monetize your website.

Adding a Smart Tag

Now that you’ve enrolled and posted your first ProPush page, let us know why you should add a smart tag to your blog.

  • Push notifications will be subscribed to your current and new customers.
  • The Smart Tag you have developed will request approval from your customers to submit press notifications.
  • Earn on each Push Subscription
  • With each push notice subscription, your earnings will continue to increase.

Other key functions!

  • Payment of traffic: teaser, redirect, clicker, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Social traffic
  • Inappropriate traffic

Payment Modules

ProPush charges all licensed editors through CPS and Revshare payment methods. All is tidy as you see all present GEO CPS prices shown in your account. Detailed access to expanded statistics such as:

  • Number of subscriptions / unsubscriptions
  • Subscriber quality
  • Number of emails sent pricing


**And more!

ProPush pays for all kinds of traffic to publishers and the Smart Tag feature will do everything you can to monetize your traffic to the maximum.

You can monitor your sources of traffic readily. You can also use the S2S postback transformation surveillance function. This will assist you to figure out rapidly which sources of traffic deliver the greatest revenue. Content locker

ProPush has also created its indigenous content locker function that enables you to add constraints to your website content.

You can limit spectators from accessing a site, video, images, libraries, and so on. Now if individuals want to get to them, they’re going to have to do the job. review woth coupoins


When you attach the smart tag, you can attach the content locker. Once you do that, it will lock users ‘ material automatically. Once the customer finishes the assignment, the material will be opened. This is a wonderful way to create more cash out of your content!

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Conclusion: Is ProPush Worth The Hype??

Push notifications are an excellent and possibly the most common way for online companies to gain a good quantity of internet income.

There are many main benefits to this that render this such a warm approach for editors and website holders, and ProPush is making perfect use of all these!

First and foremost, it is ABSOLUTELY FREE to join ProPush. Once your website has been authorized, the intelligent tag must be added. You can then choose the alternative to swap CPS or rev. People visiting your sites are told to subscribe when choosing a CPS template.

You will get paid for every membership and impression the visitors make if you select the choice to share rev.

Here, you can also use the traffic back option to redirect customers after they press enable notifications.

Finally, you have the content locker function that can be used to limit customers from watching the chosen material and to encourage them to subscribe to send notifications.

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