9 Best Legal Affiliate Programs In 2024 To Earn Passive Money

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Rocket Lawyer is an online legal service platform that provides individuals and businesses with access to affordable legal documents, attorney advice, and legal services.

LawDepot is an online platform offering a wide array of customizable legal documents, contracts, and forms tailored to meet personal, business, and real estate needs.

LegalZoom is an online legal technology company that provides an easy-to-navigate platform for legal document preparation and filing services across a wide range of areas, including business formation, estate planning, and intellectual property.

Legal fields are expected to make a lot of money in the future. It’s predicted that by 2024, legal-related services in the US will make more than 348 billion USD in total revenue.

If you’re looking for the best affiliate programs that are legal and legit, you’re in the right spot. In this article, we’ve done the research and picked out the top 9 legal affiliate programs for you.

Top 9 Best Legal Affiliate Programs for 2024

1) Rocket Lawyer

rocketlawyer Legal Affiliate Programs

If you join Rocket Lawyer’s affiliate program, you’ll get access to legal documents, lawyer advice, and other legal services. You can earn up to 30% commission on each sale you make, and they also offer a 7-day free trial, which can attract many customers.

Legal documents can be difficult to understand if you’re not a lawyer, and some laws are complex. That’s why lawyers, consulting services, and law firms are so important.

That’s where companies like Rocket Lawyer come in. They’re an online legal tech company that makes the law easier to understand and more affordable for businesses, families, and individuals.

Rocket Lawyer has helped over 20 million businesses, families, and individuals with legal documents and advice from their dedicated lawyers.

You can connect with them by phone, email, or chat and get legal advice within 24 hours. Plus, you get discounts when hiring a lawyer.

Commission rate: Earn 30% for every successful sale.
Cookie duration: 30 days.
Payment methods: Get paid through PayPal, direct deposit (ACH), or check (Rakuten).
Payment Threshold: Receive payments once you reach $50.

2) Lawdepot


As a LawDepot affiliate, you’ll enjoy a 30% commission on every sale, a generous 365-day cookie duration, and dedicated support from the affiliate manager.

This affiliate program stands out as one of the best in the legal industry due to its high commission rate, long cookie duration, comprehensive reporting tools, and positive customer feedback on Trustpilot.

Additionally, LawDepot’s extensive range of legal services and affordable pricing make it an attractive option for potential customers, increasing the likelihood of earning commissions for affiliates.

LawDepot provides comprehensive legal services covering various fields, including property, real estate, finance, business, family, and online notarization.

With a user base of over 10 million people, LawDepot has created over 20 million legal documents and saved customers over 2 billion USD in legal costs.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by over 4,500 customers on Trustpilot, LawDepot offers affordable legal documents priced between USD 7.50 and USD 35.

Commission rate: Earn a 30% commission on every sale.
Cookie duration: 365 days.
Payment methods: Receive payments via PayPal or by mail.
Payment Threshold: Get paid once you reach $50.


3) LegalZoom


LegalZoom’s affiliate program stands out as one of the best in the legal industry due to its reputable brand, comprehensive range of services, competitive commission rates, and high average order value. This program provides affiliates with the potential to earn substantial income.

LegalZoom, a prominent online legal services company, offers a wide array of services and legal support to individuals, businesses, and families.

With services ranging from document preparation to business formation and access to attorneys in all 50 states, LegalZoom has established itself as a trusted resource in the legal industry.

Having assisted over 2 million businesses in turning their ideas into reality and providing millions of estate planning documents and consultations, LegalZoom boasts a track record of delivering impactful solutions to its clients.

LegalZoom’s affiliate program offers an average commission rate of 15% for successful referrals, with a 30-day cookie duration.

This competitive commission rate, coupled with the relatively high value of their service packages (averaging $250 and reaching up to $599 for the highest service), presents an attractive opportunity for affiliate partners to earn significant income.

Commission rate: Earn 15% commission, with the potential to earn $125+ for content partners.
Cookie duration: 30 days.
Payment methods: Receive payments via paper check, direct deposit, or Payoneer (CJ affiliate).
Payment Threshold: Get paid once you reach $50.


4) LegalNature

legalnature Affiliate program

LegalNature’s affiliate program, managed by ShareASale, offers attractive commissions of 30% and a 90-day cookie window. Affiliates also gain access to marketing reports and dedicated affiliate managers for support.

They offer many different legal documents and products for you to promote. People who buy from LegalNature tend to spend a good amount of money and come back again, so you’ll keep earning.

You can see how your sales are doing in real-time and receive special materials to help you advertise more effectively.

LegalNature is a well-known legal company in the US, offering a variety of online legal documents and services covering real estate, business, estate planning, and personal matters. Their personalized dashboard, high information security, and convenient access to legal forms make them stand out.

With over 5000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, they’ve gained the trust of many users.

Commission rate: Earn 30% recurring commission or more.
Cookie duration: 90 days.
Payment methods: Choose from FedEx, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, or Payoneer (ShareASale).
Payment Threshold: Get paid once you reach $50.

5) PracticePanther


Refer clients to PracticePanther and earn cash effortlessly. With their Simple Referral Program, you can start earning right away by receiving a 10% commission for annual plan referrals and 5% for monthly plan referrals.

Although PracticePanther primarily caters to businesses, which may result in longer sales cycles, affiliates are generously compensated with high commissions.

You can also earn even higher commissions if you qualify for the Certified Preferred Partner Program. Earn generous commissions of 12% for annual plan referrals and 7% for monthly plan referrals.

Enhance your brand visibility with a co-branded landing page and a unique demo link to share with potential clients. Expand your audience reach by participating in co-branded webinars hosted by PracticePanther.

Thus, you can easily earn passive money by referring new customers to PracticePanther. Just click below to send them a referral. To get even better rewards and commissions, apply to join their Certified Preferred Partner Program.

Commission rate: Earn 10% commission annually and 5% commission monthly for referrals.
Cookie duration: 30 days.
Payment methods: Choose from direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, or check.
Payment Threshold: Threshold not specified.

6) LegalContracts

legalcontracts affiliate program

You can earn money by promoting LegalContracts on your website. They offer various legal document templates for different purposes like real estate, business, finance, family, and estate planning.

Customers can create personalized forms by answering simple questions, and it only takes a few minutes. As an affiliate, you’ll get a 30% commission on every sale you generate, which is one of the highest in the industry.

You can also offer discounts to your customers, and signing up for the program gives you instant access to your account. Plus, you’ll receive full support from the affiliate team.

A comprehensive reporting tool allows you to track your sales, commissions, and traffic. A variety of links and banners are available for you to choose from. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can contact them for adjustments.

Overall, it’s a great opportunity to promote a quality product and earn money while doing it.

Commission rate: Earn up to 30% commission on every completed sale.
Cookie duration: Duration not specified.
Payment methods: Receive payments by mail or through PayPal.
Payment Threshold: Get paid once you reach $50.

7) Online Divorce

online divorce

They understand that marriages can be tough, and sometimes couples choose to divorce. They’ve been providing affordable divorce solutions for over 23 years, helping thousands of clients save money and time.

You can join the Online Divorce Partner program and earn money by promoting their online divorce service. With over half a million clients in North America, their service is trusted and reliable.

Their prices start at just $159, so it’s affordable for everyone. Through FlexOffers’ affiliate program, affiliates can earn generous commissions, usually between $80 and $100 per sale.

They’re committed to providing top-quality documents and ensuring high conversion rates for their affiliates.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to partner with them and earn money while helping people through tough times.

Commission rate: Earn $80 to $100 per approved sale.
Cookie duration: Duration not specified.
Payment methods: Checks, international transfers, bank transfers, or direct deposits are available.
Payment Threshold: Receive payments once you reach $50.

8) Termly


Termly offers compliance solutions for businesses, which can save them thousands of dollars in legal fees. With over 1,000,000 businesses using Termly, their services are highly trusted.

Their compliance packages include various tools like Cookie Consent Manager, Terms and Conditions Generator, and Privacy Policy Generator, helping businesses stay compliant with privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Termly has a Trustpilot rating of 4.5/5, which shows its reliability. Join their affiliate program to earn a 35% revenue share on each sale you refer.

Their referral program is suitable for professional advisors and ad network operators, offering robust compliance solutions for clients.

With real-time tracking and updates through Impact, the leading partnership cloud service, you can ensure 100% referral tracking.

Commission rate: Earn a 35% revenue share on each sale.
Cookie duration: 180 days.
Payment methods: Receive payments via direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal through Impact.com.
Payment Threshold: Cash out with as little as USD 10 or as much as $2.5 million.


9) Swyft Filings

swyft fillings

Swyft Filings is a website that specializes in providing legal services for businesses. It helps customers easily establish and operate new companies at affordable prices.

With over 300,000 businesses created since 2015, their service packages range from $0 to $299. Join their affiliate program through ShareASale to earn extra income with an attractive 18% commission rate on each completed sale.

The partnership operates on a win-win basis, benefiting affiliates, customers, and Swyft Filings alike. They are passionate about helping people start businesses in a smart, hassle-free, and economical way, offering various affiliate marketing programs.

To reach and educate as many new businesses as possible, Swyft Filings looks for vendors and affiliates who share its values and are open to creative ways of spreading the word. Join them and earn passive income.

Commission rate: Earn up to 18% per sale.
Cookie duration: 45 days
Payment methods: Receive payments via FedEx, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, or Payoneer through ShareASale.
Payment Threshold: Cash out once you reach $50 in earnings.

Why is a Legal Affiliate Program a Good Choice for You?

Legal affiliate programs are a great way to make money by promoting legal services online. The following reasons make them a good choice:
You can earn a lot of money: Legal services are valuable, so you can earn big commissions when you refer customers to them.

There are many different services: Legal matters cover many areas, such as property, family, and business. This means you have many options for promoting services that people need.

Everybody needs legal help: Almost everyone will need a lawyer or legal advice at some point, so there’s always a demand for these services.
It makes you look trustworthy: Partnering with a respected legal company increases your credibility, which means more people will buy the services you recommend.

You get tools to help you: Legal affiliate programs give you things like banners and support to help you promote their services on your website or social media.

How to Find Suitable Legal Affiliate Programs?

Let me explain to you how to pick the right legal affiliate program with my experience:

Find the right legal service: Start by figuring out which legal services match your audience’s needs. You can explore different areas, such as business law, personal injury, or estate planning, to see what fits best.

Search online for legal affiliate programs: Look up articles or reviews about legal affiliate programs using search engines. Use keywords like “legal affiliate program” or “lawyer affiliate program” to find options. It’s helpful to read reviews and testimonials from experts or experienced affiliates.

Explore Affiliate Networks: Check out popular affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate, Rakuten, or ShareASale. These platforms have a wide range of affiliate programs, including legal ones. You can search for relevant keywords to find legitimate affiliate programs within these networks.

Evaluate the programs: Visit the websites of well-known legal service providers or online legal platforms. Look for sections like “Affiliates” or “Partners” to see if they offer affiliate programs. Please pay attention to details like commission rates, cookie duration, and any requirements or restrictions they have.

Understand payment methods and thresholds: Some affiliate programs have specific payment methods and minimum payment thresholds. Make sure to check these details to see if they align with your preferences and needs.


🤔What does an affiliate lawyer do?

An affiliate lawyer is a legal professional with expertise in affiliate marketing. They specialize in addressing the unique legal issues encountered by online merchants, affiliate and CPA networks, publishers, data purchasers, and lead generators. These lawyers provide legal counsel and representation to clients operating in various industries, including nutraceuticals, weight loss products, consumer credit, and insurance services.

👀Are affiliate programs legal?

Yes, affiliate marketing is legal as long as you adhere to the terms, conditions, and disclosure requirements outlined by the laws of your country, the social platform you are using, and the seller or product owner whose affiliate offer you are promoting.

👉Is affiliate marketing legal in India?

Yes, affiliate marketing is legal in India.



Legal affiliate marketing can be profitable, but it’s complex. You need to know a lot about legal stuff to guide people correctly.

If you’re knowledgeable, it’s a great chance to earn. Check out the top 9 legal affiliate programs we listed above to start making money in this field.

Get started today with legal affiliate marketing and create your passive income!

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