Rocket Hosting Review 2024: Is It The Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

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This post is about Rocket Hosting Review 2024.

Looking for a manageable WordPress platform for your websites which is convenient and simple to use with all the features and benefits applicable to it? 

Want a good hosting platform that is suitable and fit for any size and shape of the websites? Then you are in the right place! Today, I am going to give you a detailed review of the Rocket Hosting Review. 

Among all these manageable WordPress hosting platforms, Rocket is recently released in the recent marketing field and comes out to be the best for websites based on its facilities and management.

Well, the good thing is its simplicity, security, and performance which makes it outstanding compared to other hosting platforms.

Who doesn’t look for good processing and time-saving hosting platforms which give the best analytic results in today’s industry? 

In this article, the whole review is based on Rocket Hosting and in the detailed description about:

  • Pricing
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Facilities provided

I am also sure that at the end of the article you would be able to take a firm decision of choosing this hitting platform for your websites seeing its quality and fastest loading process of the pages on your websites. 

Let’s get into the topic and discuss furthermore. 

rocket hosting review

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Overview of Rocket Hosting Review

Rocket Hosting gives a more originally planned picture of the loading time and its performance. It has been launched recently and has been tested on different hosting pages.

Rocket Hosting gives the best and fastest loading speed, the ease of use comes out to be amazing and it also gives built-in security to its users. 

If you need good technology through your business which provides various services necessary for your webpage and so it should look well-managed on the internet then Rocket Hosting is the only exception hosting platform you must try further in your business. 

You will know the steps and also how easy it is to simply install the WordPress on your site in simple quick which also makes it an advanced hosting platform, the customer support and authentication it provides is outstanding which we can expect hardly from any other competitor hosting platforms. 

How to install WordPress on your website by Rocket?  

If you are worried about the installation process of WordPress than no need to worry at all, Rocket makes it extremely easy for you. In just a couple of clicks, your WordPress will be installed on your website.

  • Initiate by entering your website’s name and then simply selecting the place or location of your website’s server. 
  • Now, enter your email address at the email option and create a strong password for security. 
  • That’s it, after you press the continue button, Rocket will simply install the WordPress on your suitable website. 

Features of Rocket Hosting

server side web hosting

I think you got a quick introduction to Rocket Hosting and now have an idea about its functioning. Here are the amazing features mentioned which I think must not be neglected. 

  • Rocket Hosting Performance 

Rocket Hosting gives you the best performance when it is counted in an analytical strategy. The speed and ability of the loading page is advanced and must be considered as the best feature of all the time. 

The servers of Rocket Hosting are situated in more than 200 locations which are directly connected to the ISP’s of the locations.

This hosting page also saves your time and money by adjusting any size of the website and working with it with full convenience. 

  • Authentication and Support 

The support which the Rocket team provides to their customer is excellent, there are so many benefits and advantage for us in this hosting platform, you can ask them help through live chat, call, or through email 24×7 hours and at any time.

The support is amazing which is quite impressive with a quick response. 

They also offer you 24×7 hours call support which is not offered by most of the hosting platforms in the industries. Even multi-player user support is offered by the team if you have various users on your website. 

  • Security by Rocket Hosting

I prefer a hosting platform that takes the security of their customers a serious issue because the data and information must be safe and secured in any case and Rocket hosting provides me the security very impressively and also it reached my expectations. The security services provided by Rocket are as follows :

  • Website firewalls are installed in case of safeguarding your website from hackers and threats. 
  • Malware Scanning to keep a simultaneous check on your website. 
  • For realizing the leftovers from your previous host page there’s Malware Patching installed in this platform.
  • Restrictions of the weak passwords instead of creating a strong password to prevent any kind of issue in the future. 
  • Dashboard Accessibility

I just love the personalized Dashboard facility provided by Rocket Hosting. It was modernized structures designed and very transparent and easy to operate.

From logging into your websites to logging off these dashboard services show the functions of your website through stats like data usage, audiences and visitors on your webpage, usages of the disk, and also bandwidth usages. 

You can also have a look at the plugins activated on your page, you can easily update or delete the version as per your wish.

The same goes with the theme part, you can design the theme of your website according to your choice and edit or delete it when you want without logging in to the WordPress website. 

  • SSL and CDN Certificates

SSL certification now plays a vital role if you want a biased place on the internet for your website, it’s a sign of security and authentication if your website which makes sure that the data and information of your website are secured and safe, not only the data but it also includes your credit card details, various locations and IP address which much be kept in private.

Rocket provides you this certificate absolutely free for your website at any plan you buy. 

On the other hand, Rocket also offers you free CDN for your website at any plan which saves a big file of any size without facing any issues it also gives fast service to you and your multiple visitors who are active on your website. 

  • Free Website Migration 

Many of us are facing this website or plugins migration issues which Rocket makes it easy considering this issue under its Services and make it simple for its users to upload the free plugin migration through the WordPress at any other site. 

You just need a hosting account where you can simply create your token and then the automation services will help you to migrations of the plugin with your own data and then you can easily transfer multiple webpages selecting the particular option without spending any cost. 

Pricing Plans of Rocket Hosting

The pricing plans and structure incorporated under the Rocket hosting review are as follows.

rocket hosting review- rocket hosting pricing plans

Starter Plan 

  • Price- costs $25 per month but ( due to the special launch version it will charge $1 per month.)
  • Specialty- it will help the users enhance their qualitative performance simply on the WordPress website. 
  • Features it incorporates- availability of 10gb storage, one time WordPress install, assuring you with the crowd of about 25,000 visitors, followed by offering you a free SSL and WAF.

Pro Plan

  • Price- costs $50 per month,( due to the special launch version it will charge $1 per month.)
  • Specialty- The pro plan will help you to facilitate and expand our reach with the innumerable and various WordPress websites. It is the most popular and well-known plan.
  • Features it incorporates- availability of 20gb storage, 3 times WordPress install, assuring you with about 100000 visitors on your WordPress website. Followed by providing you with free SSL and WAF

Business Plan

  • Price- costs about $83 per month,( this plan is specifically meant for the websites with loads of uninterrupted traffic.

Due to the special launch version, it will charge $1 per month.

  • Specialty- it will help the operators to improve their growth and performance of the websites simply by facilitating more installs, visitors, etc.
  • Features it incorporates- availability of 40Gb storage, assurance of about 250,000 visitors monthly, allowing the installation of about 10 WordPress websites followed by providing free SSL and CDN.

Agency Plan 

  • Price- costs about $166 per month( due to the special launch version it will charge $1 per month.)
  • Specialty- it will help the operators in organizing and managing the clients by providing them with sufficient resources and tools.
  • Features it incorporates- availability of about  50 GB storage, helping us to facilitate 25 WordPress installs, assuring us with the crowd of visitors of about 500000 monthly. Followed by providing you with Free SSL and CDN.

responsive cPanel dashboard- rockethosting review

Pros and Cons of Rocket Hosting

The pros and cons as mentioned and incorporated under the rocket. The hosting review  Is as follows 


  • It has a well managed, organized, and more defined WordPress hosting feature.
  • Ensures automated daily backups, with the most prominent feature embedded in it, which is malware scanning and monitoring at all times
  • Assurance of the 30-day money-back guarantees along with 24×7 live customer support via text, calls, or emails. Which makes it appear super effective and productive.
  • Guaranteed best quality resources, providing you with the most additional and renowned feature of loading the page 3 times faster than the usual speed with the automated updates and plugins. 
  • With the assurance of a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


  • The call facility and support as rendered by the customer service team is only available for the subscribers of the base plan, not available fully for the other users.
  • The pricing plans are extremely expensive, costly, and sometimes difficult to avail too.
  • They need to enhance and improve their knowledge base fully, they should make it seem more insightful and intriguing for the users and operators.

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FAQs About Rocket Hosting Review

What are the special features of rocket feature review?

The special features of rocket feature review are as follows - Best backup facility The backup facility is a must as it acts as a safeguard against the lost storage, which would leave us in no worry to think about the lost data, as it would be preserved somehow in a backup folder Enables you to look over the analytics Via Analysis we are very easily able to look over our daily performance along with our valuable insights followed by the number of visitors who visited your website. A specialized staging option, which will help you to look over and test your plugins so that it doesn't create major problems and what is even more surprising is we can customize the website according to our own needs and aspirations.

Is rocket hosting review legitimate and secure?

The rocket hosting review is indeed legitimate and secure, as they have established the special security software protection like firewall protection, these advanced techniques can encounter the malware very easily, scanning them regularly and automatically. Offering you with productive security surveillance.

Which is the best tools to check the speed and accuracy of rocket hosting?

The tools which will help us to check the accuracy and speed of the rocket hosting are: Bitcatcha Pingdom GT Metrix These are one of the most productive and resourceful tools used to measure the Accuracy of the rocket hosting review

Conclusion | Rocket Hosting Review 2024

Rocket hosting has been quite a remarkable and equally amazing hosting service.

The special features, pros and cons, pricing, and other factors explain how unique and marvelous it is. Individuals have been quite optimistic and positive about this exquisite web hosting service.

Everything from pricing plans to customer support is highly impressive and terrific.

Everyone would want to avail of this hosting service despite the extremely minute cons. We can’t let a single attribute destroy the whole meaning behind amazing software easily.

This web hosting service is marked as A plus in all the regards, to be precise specifically in speed, accuracy, uptime, features, customer support, customizations, pricing, and most importantly security.

Many operators and users would recommend this web hosting service to other individuals looking for great host providing services.

The remarkable aspects which make it super important and competitive are its security features which provide us with extraordinary security protection aspects like scanning malware regularly, providing firewall protection, and much more.

The customer support is equally splendid and exquisite, a guaranteed 24×7 support is assured and ensured. It doesn’t demand any additional costs associated with the other explicit characteristics.

It even has some of the best tools for measuring its speed and accuracy which proves highly beneficial and helpful in all regards. Yet, it is the most simple and easy managed hosting even renders a 99.9% uptime rate.

Thus, we conclude the performance of the Rocket hosting review is amazing and equally 

Productive. Guaranteed support and functionality makes it highly amazing and explicit.

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