Smart Defrag Review 2024: Best Disk Defrag Software?

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In this post, I’ve featured Smart Defrag Review 2024.

Everyone is aware of the defragmentation process. It is a process where you make small parts of your storage disk to make it work faster.

IObit offers a lot of products on its official website and Smart Defrag is one of them.

We have seen distorted Disk defragmentation screens but this is the first disk defragmentation software that has a smart sleek and easy-to-use interface.

What Is IObit’s Smart Defrag?

It was designed to optimize file placement for quick startups.

It has a three-button interface in the disk defragmenter software from which you can specifically defragment your storage it lets you choose what and how to defragment it.

All of these buttons show your primary hard disk, windows apps, and an option where you can select specific files and folders.

Along with that on the top of the interface, you will see game and bootup optimization.

The developer of this software made it this way so you don’t have to waste time searching for information.

After installation of IObit’s Smart Defrag, it will automatically scan your computer without any manual initiation.

All you need to do is set it up and it will run smoothly and automatically.

It will monitor the performance of your PC. It has an option for manual scan also and it has a Trim button from which you can analyze your computer for errors.

With its exclusion feature, you can delete specific files and folders with an instant click. You will find this feature in the program’s settings.

Smart Defrag Main


Features of Smart Defrag

Faster PC & Quicker Access Speed

Everyone faces problems because of slow PCs. That’s why we need Disk fragmentation to enhance the speed of the computer.

It has a faster multithreading defrag engine from which you can defrag your hard drive and replace your files and folders in those defragmentation parts.

This increases the speed of your system.

It also offers a better solution for faster access to data and amazing disk performance.

With that speed you can easily enjoy playing games with a faster launching speed, you can also copy files in your system within a few minutes depending on the size of the file.

We all love a fast PC and an awesome access speed of programs in it so to get that we can easily use IObit’s Smart Defrag software and it is free.

Quicker System Boot-Time

You usually face a problem in starting up an old computer because it takes time to start up and that can be really annoying.

Working on computers decreases as time goes on. Smart Defrag helps your computer is starting up quickly.

This problem can easily be fixed by this software.

It configures Boot Time of your computer and it moves those files on the hard disk which can not be moved easily and it helps in starting up the PC faster.

It simply decreases the boot time of your PC and it is one of the reasons why you should use this software.

Enhanced Game Performance

As a gamer, no one wants to wait for their game to load up. Loading time can really annoy you sometimes.

It also depends on the size of the game.

So to resolve that problem you can use IObit’s Smart Defrag because along with the features of defragmentation, it also has a game optimizer option from where you can optimize your gaming experience.

It boosts up the loading time and reduces it to nearly half and more.

Everyone loves to play games but nobody can wait for the loading time and usually, it happens because of our slow computer. To boost up the speed you need to have this software.

Boot Time Defrag

You know that some files in Windows are locked in normal conditions and moving those files can be a pain in the ass because these files are being constantly used.

When you try to defrag those files with a normal process then it causes a problem.

For that Smart, Defrag gives you an option to defrag those locked files. The working of this feature can only happen when the Windows is not in use and it only happens when you reboot your computer, so you must run Smart Defrag to defrag these locked files.

To enable this option you can go to the tab “Boot Time Defrag“.

In this tab, you can choose to enable boot time to defrag those locked files and you can choose any of the hard disks you have connected to the computer at that time.

After that, you can just add those files in those defrag parts.

Disk Cleanup

In the program settings of Smart Defrag, you can find this option.

In this option, you can select portions of Windows to be scanned for junk files and after that, you can let Smart Defrag clear out those files.

This is not the process of defragmenting, it just deletes those junk files.

On manual defrag, you can just clear these junk areas.

In the scan of these junk files, it scans Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer temporary files, clipboard, old prefetch data, memory dumps, and check file fragments.

You can also use DoD 5220.22-M to enable secure file deletion and this method is one of the data sanitization methods.

To clean up a disk you can use the dropdown menu of that specific disk which you want to clean and select the option of disk cleanup.

Smart Defrag Game Performance

Who Should we Consider IObit’s Smart Defrag?

Every PC user face problems like the slow working of the PC, slow loading of programs, and more loading time for games every once in a while, and that can be really annoying.

You want your PC to work faster and start-up quickly.

But after some time you will face these kinds of problems so for that you need to defrag your hard disk because it is the center of all of your problems.

To get more space in your hard disk, you need to defrag it, and defragmenting a hard disk can be a little difficult if you are doing it manually because you also want to move some of your files into those parts but there is no option available for that.

For that, you can IObit’s Smart Defrag and it has a lot of options available for problems like that.

You will find much free defragmenting software on the internet but Smart Defrag is much more than just defragmenting a hard disk. It also improves the performance of your PC.

It has options like a game optimizer from which you can enjoy your games with less loading time.

Smart Defrag Speed

Customer Support of Smart Defrag

IObit has a 24/7 customer support system available. You can get answers to all of your queries from the support team within a few hours.

This support system is also available for free version also which is a perfect thing. Sometimes we face problems using new software on our PC,

For that, we need some technical support from the software’s support team and IObit’s customer support system has some good reviews available on the internet.

Pricing of Smart Defrag

There is only one paid plan available and the basic features of Smart Defrag are free. In the paid versions you will get additional features with those basic features.

Basic (Free)

  • Defrag Hard Drive Data To Optimize Performance Of PC
  • Manual Scan
  • Basic PC Protection With Spyware Removal
  • Detection Of Malware In Real-Time

Pro ($19.99)

  • All The Basic Features, Plus
  • Premium PC Cleaning
  • Auto RAM Clean Up to Eliminate Unused Programs and Processes
  • Scheduled PC Scan
  • Monitor System Working in Real-Time
  • Boost Up to 200% Faster PC Startup
  • Boost Up to 300% Faster Internet Speed With Internet Booster
  • Full PC Protection And Removal Of Deepest Malware
  • Capture Intruders With FaceID
  • Premium Surfing Protection
  • Protection of Personal Data from Untrusted Programs
  • Auto Update To the Latest Version


Smart Defrag Pricing

Pros and Cons of Smart Defrag

✔ Pros

  • Scheduled scans and defragging of boot time
  • Don’t need to shut it down manually after a defrag
  • It has an option to defrag only Windows Metro Apps
  • It also has an option to auto analyze for any defrag alerts
  • You can also defrag locked files with Boot-Time defragmentation
  • You can also defrag the free space also

❌ Cons

  • Doesn’t have an option to check a drive for errors
  • It also doesn’t support idle defrags
  • After installation, it may try to install a toolbar or an unrelated program
  • Some options shown in the free version is actually only available on the pro version.

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FAQs | Smart Defrag Review

👉What is Smart Defrag?

It is a program of free defragmentation for all versions of the Windows operating system starting with Windows XP.

🤷‍♂️Can defragmentation cause problems?

It does not cause any data loss until and unless there is a pre-existing problem.

✌️When should you defrag?

Whenever your disk is more than 10% fragmented you may run the program to defragment it.

Conclusion | Smart Defrag Review 2024

It is one of the best free defrag software available on the internet.

All you have to do is download it and install it then just forget about it because it will automatically do most of the work.

You can just set it to run constantly in the background and it will automatically perform actions depending on what you are doing.

The feature of system cleanup is really awesome. You can just easily analyze the disk clean up the junk.

It usually cleans up more areas than most of the defrag programs you will use. After using it you will see the difference yourself and the best thing about it that it doesn’t do clean up automatically. You can choose the files which you want to be cleaned up.

If you like this post on IObit’s Smart Defrag then share your opinions and experiences with us in the comment section and don’t forget to share it with others.

Smart Defrag Review


In this post, I've featured IObit's Smart Defrag Review. Everyone is aware of the defragmentation process. Read More about Smart Defrag Here!!

Out of 10


  • Faster Setup
  • Quick Disk fragmentation
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Discounts on Pricing plans
  • Available in more than 40 languages
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Improved Defrag Engine
  • SSD trimming
  • Instinctive Graphic Interface
  • Up to 300% Internet speedup with Internet Booster


  • It doesn’t have a resource-throttling setting.


Price: $ 19

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