IObit Uninstaller Pro Review 2024: Is It Worth For Your PC?

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In this blog, I am going to discuss the IObit Uninstaller Pro Review 2024.

Whenever you try to uninstall a program completely from your PC then there is a chance that it may not get uninstalled completely.

Deleting and uninstalling them can be really hard.

You need Uninstaller Pro for erasing them once and for all. Basically, this software was made for only Windows PC users.

Every time you try to uninstall a program from your PC, it always leaves some residual files and registry entries.

Every user wants to delete them too but for that, you need an uninstaller program and IObit’s Uninstaller Pro is one of the best uninstaller programs available in the market.

What is IObit’s Uninstaller Pro?

This a third-party uninstaller made by IObit which is an awesome tool for Windows.

The best part about it that it works on every version of Windows.

To remove any third-party programs, you can use this software and it is completely safe for PC. It doesn’t only remove unwanted programs but also clean up its associated plugins automatically.

It removes all the components and bundleware of a program.

In simple words, it deletes all the residual files and registry entries of an unwanted program. Clear out any type of junk from your PC.

The good thing about this software is that it is also available for the free and paid version.

So for trial, you can try the free features for a while and once you get satisfied with it then you can upgrade it pro version.

In the free version, this software can list all toolbars installed on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera and it also marks the malicious tools and with it, you can remove them in an instant.

All the necessary programs can be up to date with this software.

It literally can do anything like removing inflexible programs, malicious software, and advertising plug-ins and it cleans out the leftover which others can not do.

We know that every program is connected with other software and getting rid of that is nearly impossible from an inbuilt Windows uninstaller alone.

Uninstaller Pro removes all the bundled programs and plug-ins of the main program.

IObit Uninstaller Pro Main

IObit Uninstaller Pro Features

Uninstall An Unwanted Program

Using IObit Uninstall Pro for uninstalling a program is very easy.

All you need to do is find unwanted programs in the programs list and then click on the green bin icon on the right side. You can also select to uninstall multiple programs at a time.

Just select all the programs and click the uninstall button.

After uninstalling a program it does a residual scan for all the related files and registry entries.

There is a possibility that these files couldn’t be removed because at that time because Windows was running then for that you can schedule to remove them when your PC restart.

It has a batch uninstall feature which saves your time from uninstalling programs one by one.

When you do a batch uninstall, the residual scan doesn’t happen until the uninstall process finishes.

Once it finishes it runs the scan and removes all the leftovers. This process saves a lot of time which is what you really want from an uninstaller.

User Interface

The user interface of Uninstaller Pro is really easy to use and everything you’ll find one the main screen.

To sort the programs list you can use the program’s icon and then make a list on the basis of recently installed, large programs, infrequently used programs, and Bundleware.

With this feature uninstalling a program along with cleaning up its junk is really easy.

You can find all the information related to an installed program before uninstalling it by checking the details of it.

Like all the other IObit software, this software also has a modern and user-friendly interface. You won’t be disappointed with it.

Easy Uninstall

In the toolbox section of this program, you will find this option. It has a green target icon which you can drop on a particular program to uninstall it.

All you have to do go in the tools menu and find easy uninstall.

Just click on it and then you will see a floating target icon on your desktop and drag that target icon on to any program of Windows and click uninstall.

You can also see the location of the file by clicking on the option “open file location” to get all the information about that program. This feature is awesome and it also looks really cool.

Force Uninstall

This feature is also a part of the toolbox section. For many reasons uninstalling a program may fail which can be really annoying.

That program will also not show on the Uninstaller Pro’s program list so it can be really hard to do this in an easy way.

For that Uninstaller Pro is already prepared with its Force Uninstall feature. You just open the toolbox and launch the force uninstall feature and drag the icon on any unwanted program and uninstall it forcibly.

After the uninstallation, it checks the computer for all residual files related to that program and then clears that out also.

There are many programs which you may not be able to uninstall from your computer that’s where this feature comes from.

Cleanup Residual

With this feature, you can clear out everything left by the program even after the uninstallation. The residual cleaner helps you in removing invalid shortcuts from the Start menu and desktop’s home screen.

This feature also cleans cache from installed patches and delete download folders.

But before you select that option you should check the files in those download folders to see if they aren’t important because once you clean it through this feature then there is no way you can get those files back.

Uninstalled History

This feature shows you all the files which you uninstalled through IObit Uninstaller Pro. Along with that, you can also check these files for any residual leftovers.

In the section, you can see the file size, name of the program, and also the status of the uninstallation like they are uninstalled completely or not.

If not then it also allows you to remove it from this section remotely.

File Shredder

It is exactly like a real file shredder machine. With this feature, you can tear up the files safely and permanently. But once you do that there is no way you can recover those particular files.

No data recovery program can recover than for you. You are not bound by uninstallation. You can use this feature to remove any file at any time not just the residual files after an uninstall.

IObit Uninstaller Pro Clean and light

Who Should Consider It?

There are many stubborn programs are there on the web which you can install easily but uninstalling them can be really difficult. They also left residual files on your PC.

Those junk files can’t be deleted by the in-built uninstaller of Windows. For that, you need a third-party uninstaller program.

These files can take up your storage space and also bring malicious files with them because you install them through untrusted ways.

For an office worker those files can create a lot of issues so for that you need something like Uninstaller Pro.

This software clears out everything for you and frees all the space. It can also remove malicious files that may infect your PC.

That kind of junk is real and removing them is not easy because manually you have to find those files first but with Uninstaller Pro you can find all the residual files from a scan after the uninstallation of a program.

It has features like force uninstall for those programs which you can’t uninstall with the regular uninstaller.

File Shredder is also a very important feature for that kind of files which you want them gone once and for all.

After using File Shredder, no recovery program will be able to recover those files.

Every problem related to uninstallation can be resolved by this software then you should give it a try.

IObit Uninstaller Pro Customer Support

As we all know that IObit’s customer support service is not the best but they are improving it on a regular basis. Every service offered by them has a separate support team for their customers to solve all their technical problems.

Typically the support team replies to you within a time span of 24 hours.

The solution to most of the problems can be found in the frequently asked questions.

Because there may be a chance that your problem was someone else’s problem once and it was resolved by the support team.

You can contact the support through email and phone. They will try to solve all of your technical issues related to using the Uninstaller Pro.

IObit Uninstaller Pro Healthy System

IObit Uninstaller Pro Pricing

There is basically one paid plan for Uninstaller Pro and it also has some features available for the free version.

Basic( Free)

  • Uninstall Unwanted Program Easily And Quickly
  • Uninstall latest Universal Windows Platform Apps on Windows 10
  • Uninstall Windows Apps With a Non-Administrative Account
  • Powerful & Faster Scan
  • Automatic Scan For Leftovers On Your Pc

Pro($19.99/year for 3 PCs)

  • All The Basic Features, Plus
  • Removal Of Bundled Programs and Plug-ins
  • Remove Stubborn Programs
  • Remove Malicious Plug-ins
  • Remove Advertising Plug-ins
  • Automatically Revert System Changes Which a Program Has Made
  • Auto Cleanup of Leftovers Which Can’t Be Deleted By Any Utility
  • Update All-Important Software With One Click
  • Auto Update On the Latest Version

Advanced SystemCare 14 Free

Pros and Cons of IObit Uninstaller Pro

✔ Pros

  • It creates a system restore point before removing a software so that you can restore it easily.
  • Batch Uninstalls with a capacity of uninstalling many programs at once.
  • Remove Updates installed with Windows Update.
  • Drag and Drop feature to uninstall a program.

❌ Cons

  • There is no option available to remove a program entry from the list of programs.
  • You might see an advertisement after removing a program.
  • While setting up this program, there may be other programs that ask to be installed also.

Quick Links 

FAQs | IObit Uninstaller Pro

🤷‍♂️What is IObit’s Uninstaller Pro?

This a third-party uninstaller made by IObit which is an awesome tool for Windows. To remove any third-party programs, you can use it this software and it is completely safe for PC.

🙋‍♀️What are the features of IObit's Uninstaller Pro?

IObit Uninstaller Pro Features: Uninstall An Unwanted Program, User Interface, Easy Uninstall, Force Uninstall, Cleanup Residual, Uninstalled History and more.

🤔Who Should Consider It?

There are many stubborn programs that are there on the web which you can install easily but uninstalling them can be really difficult. Those junk files can’t be deleted by the in-built uninstaller of Windows. For that, you need a third-party uninstaller program.

Conclusion | IObit Uninstaller Pro Review 2024

There are many free program uninstallers available on the web.

This program creates a balance between features and the user interface. You can see the features of this program in this post then you will know how easy it is to use and it can be really helpful in daily uses.

You can delete anything and everything with it in any situation.

The best thing about it that whenever you see a malware program running on the system and you don’t know the location of the files of that program then you don’t have to worry just use the green dot to uninstall it there once and for all.

The list shows you the large programs installed on your PC. It provides all the information like how much space on the hard disk that program is taken.

You can clear out anything anytime with it.

IObit’s Uninstaller Pro is a well-balanced program to uninstall unwanted programs for free and with the paid version you can do much more.

IObit's Uninstaller Pro Review


To remove any third-party programs, you can use this software and it is completely safe for PC. It doesn't only remove unwanted programs but also clean up its associated plugins automatically.

Out of 10


  • You can restore it easily
  • Capacity of uninstalling many programs
  • Remove Updates installed
  • Drag and Drop feature


  • Might see an advertisement


Price: $ 69

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