Advanced SystemCare Pro Review 2024 – Is It Really Good?

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This blog is about Advanced SystemCare Pro Review 2024. So, read and check whether it is really good for your PC.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Review 2024 – Is It Really Good?

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Introduction to Advanced SystemCare Pro Review

With technology taking a huge leap we must protect our gadgets. And to simplify this task for your software like Advanced SystemCare Pro are of great help.

So, this review is specifically going to tell about the amazing features that Advanced SystemCare Pro has and how efficient it is for your device.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Review Homepage

This software is essential as it takes care of cleaning, optimizing, and speeding up your device. It takes care of protecting your system and from major online threats.

This tune-up utility lets you perform many system repairs as found in IObit Advanced SystemCare Free and offers much more to it. This system allows you to free up enough disk space. It also has a bonus feature of cleaning unnecessary installed driver packages.

Its one-click approach is a great deal when it comes to quickly clean up those junk files, registry entries, and optimizing startup and system options.

It improves Internet connections which greatly speeds up your device boot time, it’s responding and browsing speed too.

Features of Advanced SystemCare Pro

Main features that Advanced SystemCare Pro supplies:

  • Deeper Registry Cleaner: The deep cleaning that this system provides allows you to free up a load of your disk space and gives a boost to an improved PC functioning.
  • Faster Internet Speed: The brand claims to increase your Internet speed by 300%. It optimizes your browser settings for this rapid speed.
  • Secure PC and Privacy: The software takes care of clearing all your digital fingerprints, blocks your secret access to protect your PC and online privacy.

These being only the three main features, but Advanced SystemCare Pro offers so much more!

To Clean And Optimize PC Performance:

  • Basic PC Cleaning and Optimization.
  • Premium PC Cleaning and Optimization.
  • Deep clean registry to prevent System Crash.
  • Defrag hard drive data to Optimize PC Performance.
  • Auto RAM clean to stop unused programs and processes.
  • Auto Care for PC as scheduled.
  • Monitor System conditions in real-time.
  • One-click to keep important programs up to date.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Review-Why use it

Boost PC Speed:

  • Up to 200% quicker PC Start-UP
  • Up to 300% Internet Speedup with Internet Booster
  • Ensure PC and Privacy Safety
  • Basic PC protection with basic Spyware removal
  • Full PC protection for detecting and removing deepest infections
  • Capture Intruders automatically with Face ID. 
  • Block malicious links and suspicious senders in web emails
  • Premium Surfing Protection with automatically clear tracking data
  • Disguise Digital Fingerprint to keep online behavior private
  • Keep your data private from untrusted programs
  • Proactively detect and block security holes in real-time.

Fast PC Response

Optimum IObit Service:

  • Auto Update to the latest version.
  • Free 24/7 technical support on demand.

Now, this is what I call a full-fetched and ready for everything type of protection. 

Let’s dig deeper to understand how this software can help you and your precious computer.

Advanced SystemCare Pro


The speed which the system provides is highly appreciated. Though these are the sub-features which contribute to speeding up the software. 

  • Turbo boost: This feature makes sure to stop all unnecessary actions which release RAM. The operating of this lies in your hand and you can switch it off/on anytime you want. 
  • Hardware Accelerator: This accelerator uses an IObit Driver Booster. Although you will have to purchase the entire Booster separately. With this package, you only get the free limited version. 
  • Deep Optimization: The software goes in the depths of your applications and services. This area can be again customized to gain the software’s maximum results. 
  • Toolbar/App Cleaner: This features the cleaning of malicious toolbars from your browser. It is also present in the free feature. 


  • FaceID, this feature allows you to face recognition. Once your face is recognized the software opens automatically. You do get the option to set the number of faces and the different time frames. Which allows you to know if an intruder is trying to get into your computer. 
  • The Real-Time Protection allows your computer to stay protected from malware.
  • You get the benefit of Anti-tracking in your browser. 
  • And your homepage will always be protected. 
  • The software includes a feature that removes all ads and protects you while you are surfing the internet
  • Unauthorized access by apps and websites is blocked with the help of Protect Shield.

A new protection feature is added in the Advanced SystemCare PRO which is solely made to protect your web emails from harm.

It makes sure that your emails do not leak or are unprotected. But, to ensure these protections, you are going to have to enable the INobit Browser Extension.

Secured Personal Data


The Advanced SystemCare PRO finds out all your problems in one single scan. And the best part is that you can monitor what to scan and what not to scan. On the page, you get various options to choose from, which include:

  • Startup Optimization
  • Privacy Sweep
  • Junk Files Cleaner
  • Shortcut Fix
  • Registry Clean
  • Spyware Removal
  • Internet Boost
  • System Optimization
  • Registry Defrag
  • Security Reinforce
  • Disk Optimization
  • Vulnerability Fix

So, you can pick the cleaning areas according to your choice or you can select all and apply All Scan by pressing the button. 

The time required for the scan to complete depends on the number of issues the software finds and fixes them. Although every scan is not more than a few minutes. Optimizing this section completely your choice makes it possible for you to have a better Computing Experience.

Another amazing point is that the scans you are running in no way affect other apps that are running.

The scan solely sticks in the background and does not in any way interfere with your work. The selection of the areas you scan is a hit as it allows in a faster scan. 

Cost And Uses of Advanced SystemCare Pro

The Advanced SystemCare Pro costs you 1,765 Rs in all. In this package, you get the Advanced SystemCare 13 PRO which is a yearly subscription and can be accessed on up to three computers and a Windows Tweaks Guide Ebook which sums up to 1495 Rs and the rest 269 Rs is the tax.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Review Shopping Cart

Along with this IObit also gives you an option if you would prefer to buy an Insurance Service worth 972 Rs and an IObit BackUp CD for 747 Rs. The choice is up to you. You also get the option of applying for discounts/coupons! 

IObit accepts money transfers from Debit Cards, Credit Cards, PayPal, or even via Wire Transfer.

The Advanced SystemCare PRO has license limitations. As mentioned earlier, the software can be installed on only three computers. Which can be a problem if you are in a multi-PC household.

The software is extremely lightweight and installs quickly too! Hence, it works on Vistas, XP, and Windows 7,8, and 10.

Operations of Advanced SystemCare Pro

The software runs in the background while you work, without constantly sliding in to greet you. You only have to install it and forget about it. It will keep on working its course.

The software works quietly, continuously and automatically so you don’t have to open it. You can set your preferred timings and can customize it if you wish to or you can just let it take care of your PC on its own.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Review Benefits


The toolbox is an amazing component of the Advanced SystemCare Pro. It contains all the major useful utilities that you as a user will want.

Many of these utilities you will already find as a part of the software, the others you can easily download off the internet. Some new tools added to the toolbar are: 

  • Smart RAM for Memory Optimization
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Large Files Finder
  • Auto Files Shutdown
  • Registry Defrag
  • Process Manager
  • File Manager

The focus while the creation of these tools was majorly on protection and system enhancement. It also has an added feature of a disk optimization system that works on improving the disk performance.

Whereas when you talk about security, a Homepage Advisor and Security Reinforcement feature has been added to keep your device away from being hijacked. Once you run the program the midget in your desktop will ask you whether you want to run a system scan.

It gives you a standard tune-up facility experience once the scan is completed.

New tools that you won’t find in the Free version of the Advanced SystemCare are Internet Booster, Disk Cleaner, or the Registry Cleaner.


This module can be used to bring the old out-of-use apps on your computer up to date. The software will identify the updates that your applications need and inform you about the same.

You only have to click the approval button to go on with the update.


The Advanced SystemCare PRO of course gives great performance when it comes to the task it has been set for.

The software fully optimizes your PC making it perform at the greatest smoothness and best speed. The software unleashes your system’s built-in power and makes your computer give great results. 

The ASC PRO allows you to have a desktop midget which gives you a summary of the work ASC PRO is performing and even notifies you when your Computer’s CPU, disk, network, and RAM are running at their top capacity.

Thoroghly Clean PC

This midget allows you to overview all of these running functions, without totally opening the software’s page.

It is safe to say that Advanced SystemCare PRO does improve the performance of a PC post-installation.

The PC runs smooth as butter, without any disturbances, which is possible only by the thorough cleaning that the software performs, the debugging of the PC and by keeping a safe environment while using the Internet.

User Interface

The design of the interface is pretty easy to navigate and has a very cool look to it. It has various sections that lead you to various tabs to perform your option and the best part is that you can download many more tools than you are provided with.

This allows you to save space and reduces data consumption.

Deep Clean And Optimization

Cleaning in a PC is very important. How many times do unwanted files or bugs get downloaded in your PC without your knowledge?

Or the number of files duplicated? But you don’t have to worry about any of these things if you install ASC. The software finds out these little unwanted bugs and deletes them for good. This keeps your computer memory clutter-free. In technical terms, the software-

  • Cautiously cleans all your junk files. 
  • Squeezes all the registry bloats.
  • Defragments the entire registry for the computer’s best performance.
  • Searches and mends the registry errors with it’s “deep scan technology”.

Pros And Cons of Advanced SystemCare Pro 


  • Gives a performance boost to your computer.
  • Has a very helpful Monitor widget.
  • The Interface is very easy to use is very easy to navigate and is user interactive.
  • The maintenance procedure of the software is pretty efficient.
  • ASC PRO of course takes enough care and offers with maximum protection on your data.
  • The Health Monitor on the software gives a clear cut view of the happening in your computer or your system information.
  • The ToolBox contains several tools and many more can be downloaded easily.
  • The software also gives the feature of face recognition so that no intruder can use your computer except you and your chosen ones.
  • ASC PRO is affordable and does provide enough features to be worthy of the price.


  • The software does give many limitations when it comes to installing.
  • The Support Response of ASC PRO is slow.
  • Some features like the file shredder have to be installed separately.
  • It lacks community-based reviews that happen to be in the same field.
  • You don’t find as many advanced features as expected in the PRO version.
  • This version also upsells ads.


The installation of Advanced System care PRO is pretty easy. And the installation process is pretty quick. First download the setup file, which you will find on IObit’s official website.

The file is around 10 MB larger than the previous version and sums up to be 48 MB in total. Although the process is quick enough to complete the installation in under a minute.

Customer Reviews

“There’s nothing worse than a computer that is bogged down so much that it impedes your ability to work or play games.

Cnet Review

Advanced SystemCare aims to remedy whatever ails your computer by not only cleaning up junk files, malware, and invalid registry entries but by giving your computer a boost to optimize your PC experience.”

– By Cnet

“I like many started with the free version and eventually purchased the full version. It’s been working to keep my computer clean and “bug” free for years now and it hasn’t let me down yet.

I contacted Advanced SystemCare recently and they responded within a day or two with all I needed to know. In my mind support is huge in the decision to stay with a product and ASC wins in both product and support.”

– By Bruce Ramsay

“As a computer repair tech, I find by downloading and scanning with ASC free most common problems are resolved. When finished with a repair I usually suggest the client purchase the Pro package.

Charles R. Widick Review

Who needs a tech when you have the power of Advanced SystemCare Pro working your system 24-7? This is the best product a home user can buy. Thank you for making my job easier.”

– By Charles R. Widick

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FAQ’s | Advanced SystemCare Pro Review

🤙 How effective is Advanced SystemCare Pro as compared to Lolo?

Lolo sure is a bit better than Advanced SystemCare PRO but, ASC does provide a few features which you won’t find in Lolo.

👉 Does Advanced SystemCare provide customer service?

Yes, of course, ASC provides customer service, in fact, IObit, the mother brand makes sure that you have as a customer as totally satisfied. Hence, IObit offers you customer service 24/7. You can find a help desk on their official website.

🤟 Will it be okay if I only use Advanced SystemCare Free?

Although the Advanced SystemCare FREE has enough features, the PRO version is a must-have. It has features like the screen midget which goes a long way in making your use with the software easy. And the PRO version provides more security for your computer than the FREE.

Conclusion | Advanced SystemCare Pro Review 2024

The Advanced SystemCare PRO is an ultimate deal. The software gives ample of new features and tools as compared to the old version. You can see the difference in the working of your computer once you install the Advanced SystemCare PRO.

Although other Tune-Facilities are maybe a notch better than the Advanced SystemCare PRO. It does hands down gives amazing experience at a great cost too.

The installation of extensions is a bit tedious. But sure does give an advantage of not having various tools which you may not need at all times. This ensures your computer has a tad bit more space, which the extension tools would otherwise use up.

Hope you found this Advanced SystemCare Pro Review 2024 useful!

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