Comparison of Five Best Internet Browsers for Android 2020

 We need certain internet browsers for Android phones in order to search for what we like and getting it easily done. There are various browsers in the market that are specifically for some device i.e.., they work according to the mobile and do not work in every phones. Then comes the role of  universal remote apps that works in any mobile and integrates with the specifications and make your surfing easy and widely used across the world.

Comparison of Five Best Internet Browsers for Android 2020

Brave browser

This browser is open source and free web browser which ease our search and widely used by the people because of its attractive features. This is giving users faster, safer and better experiencing of browsing. This browser is founded by the co-founder of  Mozilla and the inventor of Java-script.

It is designed with built-in ad blocker which protects from sudden pop-ups and advertisements. This app is free from malwares, annoyances which in turn provide us secure and fastest browsing experience. It shows 2x and 4x speed on android that help in less battery consumption and more performance. This app has HTTPS everywhere for the users’ security and it aims to transform the online ad ecosystem with a revenue sharing solution to give publishers a good deal.


It is a google web browser and released first time in September 2008 for Microsoft Windows and later used for Apple, Mac and Android. Chrome is written in C++ and is in over 47 languages all over the world.

It after a certain period retrieves updates of phishing and malware and warn users when they visit some false sites. We can also search by voice and save up to 50% of data while browsing. It also shows the search results when you write something in the search bar and can quickly access the previous searched pages. Chrome easily translate web pages in any language and you can open as many tabs as you want. In order to maintain privacy, it has incognito mode wherein you can search without saving history.

It is an ad-blocker and block certain pop-ups, ads, banners and ad-videos and it has HTML5 video player whereby you can have a better experience seeing videos. You can see your saved bookmarks, browsing history and enjoy the personalized gestures for certain websites.
Dolphin browser– A free ware browser which was developed by the Mobo tap and developed for Android and IOS operating system. It was the first alternative web browser for Android.

This browser can also run Adobe Flash on Android. This has a feature of multi tabs wherein users can switch between different web pages in order to view the contents. It has a voice recognition system that means when you say something, it will redirect you to that particular thing.

You can also change the themes and customize your dolphin browser with any style and mood.

Firefox browser

It is an open source and free web browser which was developed by Mozilla foundation and its subsidiary Mozilla corporation. Firefox is available for Windows, Mac, Android operating system. It was released in September 2002 and is written in java script, HTML, and C++ .

This browser is written in over 90 languages across the world. You can open as many tabs as you want without losing the control over open page. Its privacy is of next level. You can also block the sudden pop-ups and ads. It also remembers what app you have seen recently and directly access you to that when needed.

Opera Mini

This mobile web browser was developed by Opera Software AS Company for Android and IOS operating system. It was first release in 10 Aug, 2005 and now developed in over 90 languages. It was reported by Opera that this web browser has 300 million unique active users. Opera features ad-blocker, night mode, news aggregator and private browsing. One can easily save bookmarks, download files and save web pages for offline reading. You can have the track of how much data opera mini is saving by going into settings.

One can also delete the history if they want by switch on the incognito mode. Your downloading will run in background and you can hold off the downloads until you’re back on wi-fi. The most attractive features it has is that you can switch to night mode in order to dim the light during night.

 Samsung internet browser

It is a mobile web browser developed by Samsung for mobile phones and phablets. It is already installed in Samsung Galaxy devices and can be downloaded from Play Store. This app is the fastest, smoother and speedier than most of the app now-a-days. There is a feature of ad block and here you can browse and download files with less battery drain.

It has a biometric protection which provide your data with extra level of protection and also has secret mode which do not reveals what you browse. It has emergency mode and ultra power saving mode which helps you retain your battery life. People can experience a video with high quality as 3D and 360° videos. You can securely shop on the browser with its new web payments API.

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Conclusion: Comparison of Five Best Internet Browsers for Android 2020

The above-mentioned internet browsers for Android are highly recommended and are reliable for any purpose whether its browsing or shopping online. So, install anyone on your phone and experience fast internet surfing.

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