MOBIPIUM Review 2024: The Ultimate Mobile Advertising Platform

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MOBIPIUM is a versatile Mobile CPA Ad Network that helps its affiliates boost their connections by offering to promote performance-based ads through direct advertising.

Out of 10


  • It offers quality networking options
  • Prompt responses from the account managers
  • The functioning of this platform is simple and user-friendly
  • This company offers various payout methods and good terms
  • It ensures quick responses from the affiliate managers


  • Many users have reported that this platform expects you to share an invoice for your payouts.


Price: $

Do you realize how important and powerful affiliate marketing is as a profession or job in today’s world? In this ever-competing world of digitalization, affiliate marketing is an evergreen source.

This industry saw rapid growth of $8.2 billion back in 2022 and is projected to be sky-high in the next couple of years. Right from a start-up to a large organisation, everyone is now looking to expand their business by boosting their reach with the help of affiliates.

As the demand for online products and services continues to rise, companies are increasingly moving to affiliate networks to help promote their offerings.

This brings me here to review one of the companies that is currently seeking to recruit affiliates to join their network and promote their offers. That’s it.

It is time for you, as an affiliate, to join hands with one of the top mobile advertising company that has nothing but perks for you.

Read further to learn more about how you can make the best use of your affiliate skills through this network.


Affiliate marketing has been one of the best ways for any brand to build its online presence and gain customers. When you look the other way around, affiliate marketing is also a great way for influencers and publishers to earn some money.

If you’ve been hunting for a CPA network for your mobile traffic, then this platform will do wonders.


Established in 2013, with headquarters in Portugal and two offices in Argentina and Brazil, MOBIPIUM is a versatile Mobile CPA Ad Network that helps its affiliates boost their connections by offering to promote performance-based ads through direct advertising.

MOBIPIUM’s Front End functions in a very easy way, where you either act as an affiliate or network with affiliates to get your products and services promoted.

This platform has catered to the needs of more than 4,00,000 users each month. MOBIPIUM offers 10000+ live offers to date, primarily targeting mobile.

The highlight of this platform is for the clients: it lets you directly connect with affiliates or firms for promotions, which results in comparatively high returns. For the affiliates: you can elevate your growth in all the potential means offered by MOBIPIUM.

Did you find this platform an ideal solution for your needs? Read further to gain more insights.

Key standouts of MOBIPIUM

While this company and its interface have a lot to offer you after you sign up with them, here are some of the standout highlights for me.

Key Features of MOBIPIUM

1. Impressive scalability for affiliate success

You can boost your revenue with high scalability through MOBIPIUM’s IT and cloud platforms. As affiliates, leverage their scalable infrastructure to attain your targets and achieve remarkable volume, ensuring a successful partnership.

2. Build effective connections with an expansive user base

By signing up here, you get access to the diversified user base of MOBIPIUM. This platform connects you with companies and communities filled with consumers and producers, which not only helps you make the most out of your traffic but also helps you build strong networks while being easy on your pockets.

3. Legitimate user base

With their algorithm, this platform makes an affiliate’s job much easier by attracting users with higher chances of engagement with the products and services they promote.

4. Real-time feedback for optimal campaign performance

Not sure if you are doing your job right? The account managers at MOBIPIUM share live feedback with the affiliates on how their ongoing campaigns are performing. With this feedback, one can certainly make needed changes or make wise decisions. I’ve personally seen a lot of users benefit from this feature.

5. Offers marketplace

MOBIPIUM allows you to filter the 10,000 live offers with the top performers. With this, you can pick the best offer that suits your tasks and helps make the most out of your clicks.

6. Flexible payouts for affiliate convenience

This company works with multiple popular payment methods like PayPal, wire transfers, Payoneer, Crypto, Webmoney, Capitalist, and Paxum. This certainly makes it flexible for the affiliates to pick their feasible option and receive payouts on a weekly basis.

7. Dedicated account manager

Every individual has a dedicated account manager who helps the affiliates with all their queries, campaign analysis, measures to enhance the campaigns, and much more. These managers are available round-the-clock for assistance.

8. Positive statistics of Mobipium

While it is always a task to opt for the right solution in a market filled with a hundred platforms, MOBIPIUM stood out for me with its numbers.

As of October 2023, this platform has witnessed 1,500 million clicks every month, sold 3 million+ subscriptions, and offers 10,000+ marketing campaigns across 150+ markets worldwide.

Walk with me through the MOBiPIUM interface for affiliates

MOBIPIUM’s Dashboard

MOBIPIUM’s dashboard gives you detailed insight into all your campaign data. Some of the sections available on the header are conversions, clicks, revenues, and CR. The Choose Mirror feature lets you have an in-depth graph analysis of your same-day campaign or of the last 2, 3, or a week’s data.

MOBIPIUM Dashboard Graph

The Hour Evolution section here gives a graphical representation of your clicks, conversion rate, revenue, CR, and ECPM data on an hourly basis. This chart basically helps affiliates note the peak hours of when their campaign works the best and make business calls when needed.

Hour Evolution Section

As evident, this section lets you compare campaign periods based on various fields like country, hour duration, carrier, company revenue, offer ID, and more.

Compare Campaign Periods

The market section of MOBIPIUM provides various offers that can be filtered based on some of the important filters. Certainly, with this section, you do not have to depend on your account manager for the best offers or recommendations.

MOBIPIUM Various Offers

Be it any vertical, adult, entertainment, movies, or more, MOBIPIUM has a variety of smartlinks for you. The most famous ones are their push notifications smartlinks, and what makes them so popular specially among newbies is their auto-optimization algorithm.

Pros and Cons Of MOBIPIUM


  • This company offers various payout methods and good terms
  • The functioning of this platform is simple and user-friendly 
  • Prompt responses from the account managers 
  • It offers quality networking options 
  • It ensures quick responses from the affiliate managers


  • Many users have reported that this platform expects you to share an invoice for your payouts.

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What are the models MOBIPIUM can work on?

MOBIPIUM can work on CPL, CPS, CPA, and revenue share.

How can I create a campaign?

You will first have to select an offer based on your requirements. Once it is done, click on the same offer and tap on the ‘Setup Campaign’ icon available at the bottom. After this, read the guidelines carefully and agree to the 'Accepted Traffic and Regulations' section. That’s it; you’ll receive a tracking link with which you can begin your campaign.

Can I export all the data to Excel?

Yes, you can apply a filter and export the data in three formats: Basic, PubIDs, and Hour Report.

Is there any minimum payout limit?

Yes, there is. The wire transfer limit starts at $500, and for the other payment apps, it starts at $100.

Footnote: MOBIPIUM Review 2024

With this, we come to the end of this review, and I’m sure you’re now convinced of how amazing this network is for an affiliate who is looking forward to building a dynamic network.

Aspiring affiliates can find a wealth of opportunities within the MOBIPIUM front end, which serves as a hub of tools designed to track campaign performance meticulously.

From the Hour Evolution section to the Market Offers and Smartlinks, as an affiliate, you have access to insightful data and resources that enhance your mobile advertising efforts.

MOBIPIUM is undoubtedly worth considering. It empowers one to connect with all the mVAS offers there are in the market and make the most out of your traffic.

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