Adsterra CPA Network Review 2024: Best CPA Network For Publishers?

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Adsterra Review


Adsterra is a world-renowned ad network with a Partner Care strategy, offering over 30 billion ad impressions each month globally (mobile traffic accounts for 70% of traffic). Advertisers can work with a personal manager or use a simple self-service platform with automatic onboarding and live-chat assistance.

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  • 100% fill rate
  • 24*7 support systems
  • Support for several languages
  • Simple tracking and API integration
  • The adaptability of monetizable traffic
  • No restrictions on the amount of traffic
  • Three levels of protection against fraud


  • CPM rates might vary from country to country


Price: $

In the world of online advertising, it is important to choose a platform that not only offers a wide range of monetization opportunities but also provides reliable and consistent earnings.

Adsterra is a well-known name in the industry, offering a comprehensive CPA network solution.

This article will provide a detailed Adsterra CPA Network review, covering its features, advantages, and disadvantages.

By the end of this article, you will clearly understand whether Adsterra is the right fit for your business needs. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Adsterra CPA Network review.

What is Adsterra CPA Network?

Adsterra was founded in 2013 and immediately gained popularity due to its innovative approach to ad layouts and emphasis on excellent service.

Since its founding years ago, Adsterra has rapidly become one of the most quickly increasing internet advertising networks.

Adsterra has achieved considerable success in the few years it has been in business. The network was established in Scotland and is now spreading globally. It serves more than 25 billion unique ad impressions monthly and has over 100,000 effective campaigns.

Adsterra CPA Network Review

Each of these ad impressions is geotargeted and shown globally. It now works with publications and advertisers from more than 248 countries.

Adsterra now collaborates with hundreds of advertisers and publications worldwide. 

They concentrate on mobile and online advertising for marketers and publications. Their primary advertising formats are CPM, CPA, CPC, CPO, and CPI (PPI).

Adsterra CPA Network specializes in creating distinctive and inventive advertising displays and integrating them with sophisticated online and mobile monetization strategies.

Display banners, popunders, interstitials, direct links, and video banners are just a few of the many efficient ad types advertisers and publishers use to generate revenue.

Although they provide a variety of ad kinds, such as cost-per-click and pay-per-view, pop-unders are their area of expertise.

They provide a range of ad layouts and sizes that you may utilize as a publisher to optimize your earnings.

Verticals VPN, Antivirus, Utility, Finance, Software, Sweepstakes, Gaming
Minimum Payout $5 every 2 weeks
Payment Methods PayPal, WebMoney, Wire, & Paxum

Adsterra CPA Network: Overview

1. Adsterra for Affiliates:

The Adsterra CPA Network provides access to lucrative offers from reliable advertisers.

They give affiliates risk-free, lightning-fast rewards and a comprehensive suite of money-saving features, including backlinks and postbacks.

Adsterra For Affiliates

They have exclusive rights to direct offers for first-class service. You may choose high-rewarding offerings that are unavailable elsewhere.

Adsterra is a premium CPA network that constantly provides the most advantageous terms for its partners.

Their affiliates have access to many global and local offerings with improved compensation.

2. Adsterra for Publishers:

Adsterra allows you to monetize all types of traffic, from a tiny blog to APK downloads and social traffic. You don’t even need a website to make money with display advertisements.

Adsterra for Publishers

AI algorithms will choose the most competitive CPM rates and the most appropriate advertising material.

  • Domain parking traffic, URL shortener:

Take full advantage of monetizing type-in traffic. Over the years, the monetization of parked domains has been one of the most profitable sectors.

With Adsterra, you can earn from several ad forms without bothering consumers. Do you operate a URL-shortening service?

Domain parking traffic, URL shortener

Different combinations of ad units, such as in-page push advertisements and popunders, or traditional banner ads combined with brief video pre-rolls, may be very profitable.

  • Social and mobile app traffic

Through affiliate marketing solutions, they collaborate with social marketers and affiliate marketers that understand how to monetize social media followers from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Social and mobile app traffic

Adsterra’s smart, direct link is a great offer-to-traffic matching solution. Mobile app developers and owners of messenger groups, chats, and channels may also utilize it to monetize their goods since each button or image will generate revenue for them.

  • Desktop or mobile website traffic:

You have a News or Books website, a Marketing or SEO blog, and you provide URL Shortening and File Conversion services.

Then you may have considered making money via internet advertising or affiliate marketing. Enjoy high CPMs like more than 18,000 other webmasters and affiliates.

3. Adsterra for Advertisers:

For businesses, agencies, solo marketers, and media buyers, Adsterra offers a powerful advertising platform.

Adsterra for Advertisers

With over 20 targeting options, you may send your advertisements to the most relevant consumers. Unlock premium CPM, CPC, and CPA traffic from more than 20,000 direct publishers.

Verticals Best Supported By Adsterra 

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – This technology allows users to access a private network remotely securely.

Antivirus – Software designed to prevent, detect, and remove malware and other malicious software.

Utility – Refers to software or services that are useful for a specific purpose, such as system optimization, file compression or conversion, etc.

Finance – refers to software or services related to personal or business financial management, such as budgeting, investments, or accounting.

Software – refers to a set of instructions or programs that perform specific tasks on a computer or device.

Sweepstakes – a contest where prizes are given to randomly selected winner(s) from a pool of entries.

Gaming – refers to the playing of electronic games, either on a computer or a gaming console.

Adsterra CPA Network offers several reasons to choose them as a partner. Their partner care approach includes:

Fast offers approval: Adsterra processes and approves offers quickly, allowing partners to promote them as soon as possible.

Dedicated expert manager: Each partner is assigned a dedicated expert manager who can assist with any questions or concerns.

Automated weekly payments: Payments are made automatically every week, ensuring that partners are paid promptly.

In addition to their “partner care approach,” Adsterra offers several “helpful features” that benefit partners, including – 

Global and custom postback: Adsterra allows partners to use a global postback URL or set up custom postback URLs for specific offers.

No-loss Backlink solution: Adsterra provides a solution to prevent the loss of backlinks, ensuring that partners’ links remain active.

Statistics with all key metrics: Adsterra provides detailed statistics with all key metrics, such as clicks, conversions, and revenue, allowing partners to track their performance.

Adsterra also boasts a vast pool of offers, including – 

Exclusive direct offers: Adsterra has exclusive rights to first-class direct offers, which are not available through other networks.

Public offers (no extra moderation): Adsterra offers a wide range of public offers that do not require extra moderation.

Private offers with pre-moderation: Adsterra also offers private offers requiring pre-moderation, ensuring they meet specific quality standards.

Furthermore, Adsterra offers unique direct offers which are not available anywhere else. They also have high and fast payouts, one of their premium features. Lastly, selective quality offers are available for their affiliates, increasing their payouts.

Adsterra has many offers that have been proven to convert well, and many of these offers are exclusive to Adsterra and cannot be found on other networks. Its network also boasts a high CR (Conversion Rate) of 10% and eCPM (Effective Cost per Mille) over $100+.

This means that the conversion rate for the offers on the network is at least 10%, and the eCPM, a metric measuring the revenue generated per 1000 impressions, is over $100. This indicates that partners can earn a significant amount of revenue from the offers on the network.

The personal manager is dedicated to supporting the partner and helping them in any way possible. This feature benefits experienced partners with more complex questions or concerns.

‘Cherry on Cake’, Adsterra has recently won the Best CPA Network 2022 by SIGMA Awards.

Ad formats supported by Adsterra CPA Network –

1. Banners:

Online banner ads give unmatched results. Advertisers get access to dependable traffic sources from 18K publications and may reach receptive, purchase-ready consumers.

Publishers benefit from near-perfect fill rates and increased rewards.

2. Video Ads:

A brief video that precedes the main topic. Either they use your VAST/VPAID tags or they host your videos.

Video advertisements are excellent for producing visual impact: brand videos, movie/game trailers, immersive casino video teasers, etc.

3. Native Banners:

With Adsterra, marketers can execute cost-effective CPC, CPM, and CPA native banner advertisements resistant to AdBlock.

With over 1 billion weekly impressions, native banners seamlessly integrate with online and mobile content and generate up to eight times greater CTRs than traditional display advertisements.

4. In-Page Push (Social Bar):

The most sophisticated alternative to web push notifications. Social Bar by Adsterra does not need opt-ins and is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers.

You may either use the built-in animated templates or create a unique advertisement.

4. Social Bar:

Compared to online push advertisements, publishers get better CPMs, while advertisers achieve up to 30 times higher CTRs. Social Bar is entirely configurable.

Animated symbols, movies, personalized banners, and countdowns encourage many clicks and conversions.

5. Popunder:

Popunder advertisements are presented in a new window or tab and may be concealed behind the main browser window. Adsterra popunder script is 100 percent responsive.

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How To Use Adsterra CPA Network?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Adsterra CPA Network from here and click on ‘Register now’’.

Official website of Adsterra CPA Network

Step – 2: Fill up the details asked for, check the box, and click on SIGN UP’.

Fill up the details asked

Verify your email address and sign in to your account.

See what their dashboard looks like.


Adsterra dashboard

I recommend watching this video. It’s pretty helpful.

Adsterra CPA Network Support

The company’s customer satisfaction rating is 95%.

Adsterra’s customers who have previously dealt with other ad networks report that they have never encountered managers who are as friendly and helpful as Adsterra’s – or who reply as swiftly.

Partner Care’s one-of-a-kind approach to client assistance is partially responsible for all of the achievements above.

If you get lost at any step, from setup to ad monitoring and beyond, the platform’s customer support staff is competent and experienced.

They give customized and prompt assistance in several methods –

  • Documentation:

The website also has numerous help files, tools, and tutorials to assist everyone, from absolute novices to advanced users who want to maximize the platform.

  • Email:

You can always receive answers to your issues by email. However, the response time may be much slower than tickets and live chat.

  • Skype:

You may also contact support through Skype to optimize your advertising and campaigns so that they are lucrative from the start.

  • 24-hour-a-day Live chat:

Someone is always accessible via the website’s live chat option if you want instant assistance.

  • Tickets:

Alternatively, you may submit a ticket to get assistance with any account-related questions or issues.

  • Personal Account Manager:

Every new account is granted the contact information of a personal manager, including an email address that may be used to reach them anytime assistance is required on the site.

Why Do I Recommend Adsterra CPA Network?

Why Do Recommend Adsterra

  • Anti-Adblock:

You have three solutions with Adsterra that can raise your earnings by an average of 35 percent.

  • Never stop earning:

The Adsterra code continues to operate even when ad-blocking plugins are identified.

  • Tailored Payment Options:

Become their partner with little effort! They included onboarding resources within your account to expedite familiarization. And their lightning-fast moderation will let you begin immediately.

  • Multiple Ad Formats:

Earn more money with their extensive selection of online and mobile ad types, including VAST video, Direct Link, Social Bar, Banners, Native Banners, and Popunder.

  • Partner Care:

More than just assistance. In addition to providing multilingual online chat support around the clock, they will assess your unique situation and assist you in selecting the most successful ad type and/or settings.

  • Self-Serve Platform:

Adsterra offers an intuitive interface for people who want to work independently. You can comprehend everything naturally because every step has been entirely automated.

  • Three-Level Security:

Adsterra offers you the safest experience possible by using a mix of powerful in-house and third-party fraud detection tools and human verification tools.

Adsterra CPA Network Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Adsterra:


  • 100% fill rate
  • 24*7 support systems
  • Support for several languages
  • Simple tracking and API integration
  • Three levels of protection against fraud
  • The adaptability of monetizable traffic
  • No restrictions on the amount of traffic
  • No traffic trades or manipulations permitted
  • 20 or more filters aimed toward user activity
  • Self-service and managed services are offered
  • Multiple cost models: CPL, CPI, CPM, CPC, RTB, CPA
  • A customizable referral scheme that adds 5% to publisher earnings
  • Multiple ad styles are available, including Push Ads, Native Ads, Banner Ads, Pop-under, Social Bar (new!), and Video pre-roll (VAST).


  • CPM rates might vary from country to country.
  • Documentary confirmation is required for certain payment options.

FAQs About Adsterra CPA Network Review

👉What is the Adsterra minimum payment?

Adsterra provides NET15 terms with fortnightly payments on the 1st and 16th. The minimum payment requirement is USD 100 for Paxum and PayPal and USD 1,000 for wire transfers. There is a cost of $50 for wire transactions.

❓What is the Adsterra minimum traffic requirement?

In addition to the publisher criteria, your website must get a minimum of 5,000 visits per month to qualify for pop-unders. To qualify for banner advertisements, a website must get at least 50,000 impressions each month.

👉What are the Adsterra publisher requirements?

Adsterra does not enable publications with unlawful or adult-oriented material. Before and after publisher approval, all publishers must achieve the minimum traffic criteria and have no false traffic.

✅What traffic does Adsterra CPA Network work with?

They accept clean traffic (including push, popunder, banner, Facebook, and other social traffic). They prohibit accounts with bots and fraudulent traffic. You may discover further information on their offer page. Some deals are subject to other limitations.

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Conclusion: Adsterra CPA Network Review 2024

If your website receives substantial Tier-1 or Tier-2 traffic (US, Europe, etc.), Adsterra may be a suitable substitute for Google AdSense.

Partner Care: a personal touch, prompt responses, superior problem-solving abilities, and access to in-house designed solutions.

It is a major digital advertising platform that allows you to create a One-page campaign by industry standards; if you have any issues with its services, its managers (support) will assist you. Full targeting inventory, including uncommon discoveries such as browser versions, operating system versions, carrier, user lifetime, and IP targeting.

Have a large pool of advertisers with special offers and excellent prices for publishers. Using an AI-based optimization tool, you may effectively monetize your website by analyzing traffic and selecting the most lucrative offers for your target demographic.

Clean advertisements. Malvertising is not permitted on Adsterra. In addition to malware, redirection, unwanted downloads, and notifications are strictly forbidden.

All these reasons make Adsterra CPA Network one of the best in the market. 

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