AdMaven Review 2024 : Is It The Most Effective Ad Network For Advertisers And Publishers?

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AdMaven Review


Admaven is an advertising network that works with both publishers and advertisers. It's a large advertising network that focuses on pop-under ads that work well with publishers. When a person clicks on a website, pop-under adverts force a new page to load. AdMaven, a global leader in advertising, also offers other services to assist publishers in monetizing their websites.

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  • Has a variety of ad possibilities
  • Technology that is simple to use
  • Ads are compatible with Google Adblock.
  • Publishers have high CPM rates.
  • Dedicated assistance


  • No option for resizing images.
  • It lacks real-time internet assistance.


Price: $

This article is all about AdMaven Review. By the end of this article, you will have a clear vision on AdMaven.

Are you concerned about the marketing of your company or the monetization of your blog/website? Of course, everyone does so, much more so when Google AdSense rejects them owing to their stringent rules and restrictions.

To be honest, choosing the correct ad network for your site is very difficult. Everyone desires a revenue-generating advertising network.

As a result, we created an advertising network – AdMaven – that many of you may be aware of, as it is one of the most prominent advertising networks after AdSense, having been operational since 2015.

Thus, today, we’ll do an AdMaven assessment to see if it’s worthwhile or not. If you came here to read an AdMaven review, then remain with me and read the complete AdMaven review.

AdMaven Review: What is AdMaven?

Admaven is an advertising network that collaborates with publishers and advertisers. It is a major advertising network that specializes in a variety of ad formats that are most relevant for monetization today.

Pop-under advertisements cause a new page to load whenever a user clicks on a website. AdMaven, a market leader in advertising, also provides other tools to help publishers monetize their websites.

AdMaven - AdMaven Review

Examples include Pop under, native floater banners, slider advertisements, push notifications, new tab choices, and interstitial advertisements.

All formats have special elements that make Admavens products the leading products for best conversion in the industry. For example, the pop ad can be set to bypass AdBlock software or the push notification banner that works perfectly alongside Google Adsense.

AdMaven has announced that it generates over 500 million impressions per day for marketers.

How Does AdMaven Work?

AdMaven is a marketing platform that enables publishers to establish free accounts and launch marketing campaigns. Additionally, you may monetize your audience by using the various offers.

Additionally, a competent crew assists publishers in maximizing their earnings.

How Does AdMaven Work - AdMaven Review

The network’s innovative technology enables you to employ the ad types on your sites. Similarly, you may monetize your sites from anywhere in the globe, allowing you to earn money while on the road.

Who is AdMaven For?

AdMaven is a marketplace for advertisers and publishers. It aims to increase marketers’ conversion rates and click-through rates. Similarly, it assists publications in increasing income by linking them with top-rated advertisers.

This platform has over 10,000 marketers that use it to promote various deals and enhance income. Additionally, it operates on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis with favorable conversion rates for advertisers.

AdMaven Features & Benefits

Now let’s have a look on the features of AdMaven Review as it will help in understanding it more deeply.

AdMaven Features - AdMaven Review

1. Direct Account Manager:

Additionally, AdMaven provides all of its publishers with a dedicated account manager to assist them with any inquiries, clarifications, and to ensure that publishers accomplish their rankings.

2. Payment:

AdMaven supports a variety of standard payment options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfers, and Payoneer.

AdMaven Payment Method

Although the minimum payment level is $50, wire transfers need publishers to earn at least $ 1,000.

3. Native Push Notifications:

AdMaven also has an amazing feature called the ‘Native push notifications.’ It is a technique of monetization that complies with Google’s regulations and may be used in conjunction with AdSense.

Native Push is a simple, unobtrusive ad type that works on both mobile and desktop. It has no adverse effect on the user experience and results in increased conversion rates.

4. Great Performance:

AdMaven generates results for its publishers and advertisers by maximizing the return on investment (ROI) on each user’s campaign by spending plan. AdMaven may enhance users’ ROI by roughly 30 %, which is much higher than other major ad networks.

5. Working with CPA Method:

Ad-maven is a good example of a CPA company, with respectable conversion rates for its advertisers. Additional CPA Networks may be found here. They have an excellent staff of really dedicated and skilled individuals.

Who works every day to enhance their clients’ earnings and to promote their mission. As a result of these factors, it is a leader in the internet advertising market, with extensive expertise and a high level of motivation.

6. Visitors:

Establishing a solid tie with consumers is critical for every company and its marketing, which is why AdMaven can develop such a strong relationship with its audience by partnering with reputable publications.

As a result, the number of advertisers has increased, improving the quality of advertising and consequently the performance of publishers.

7. Product:

Advertisers publish and advertise their adverts and banners using cutting-edge technologies. AdMaven enables them to properly monetize each of their sites and respond quickly. This is why advertisers find their full-page ads very essential.

8. Traffic Monetization:

AdMaven provides a large advertising platform for its publishers. They typically supply their marketers with roughly 500 million daily impressions. A five-minute method will get you started monetizing your precious visitors.

Traffic Monetization

As a result, it has established itself as a significant participant in the advertising market, with a large volume of traffic and a diverse portfolio of clients.

AdMaven User Interface

The publisher interface for tracking ad impressions and movement is simple to use. It has a management component for the site that enables the user to track and monitor site impressions.

It would seem prudent to provide graphical representations of the site’s evolution over a specified period in the interface.

Another advantage of AdMaven’s interface technology is that it includes a revenue comparison board. It alerts the publisher to his or her daily and monthly revenues.

AdMaven Ad Formats

AdMaven offers several ad formats to its publishers and advertisers, including Native Push Notifications, Pop-under advertisements, Interstitial & Banner ads, and more, to assist them in selecting the ideal ad style for their needs.

AdMaven’s primary emphasis is on Native Banners & Pop-under advertising due to their shown effectiveness in engaging the audience.

The following are the AdMaven Ad types you should be familiar with.

1. Native Banner Ads:

AdMaven has ads that look, feel, and work well with the media format in which they appear. It’s common to see native ads in social media feeds or on a web page that recommends other things to look at. This includes content recommendations, search and promoted listings, and ‘in-feed’ ads.

2. Interstitial Ads:

Interstitial ads are essentially full-screen advertisements that appear before or after the intended content page, often with a countdown. When a user performs a certain action, these adverts take over the whole of the host app or website’s interface.

3. Pop-under Ads:

Pop-under advertisements were created to be the most effective kind of advertising in the modern-day. It is a separate advertisement that appears behind the primary browser window or tab.

These advertisements are very successful in terms of interaction, which is why AdMaven concentrates on pop-under and push notification advertisements.

4. Native Push Notifications:

Native Push Notifications enables you to monetize and promote to your audience even when they are not online. This is why push notifications are regarded to be the most engaging kind of advertising since they give people notifications when they opt-in for updates.

AdMaven has unveiled its newest revenue stream — a native floater banner that delivers ‘push-like’ advertisements without requiring consumers to opt-in.

These banner advertisements are compatible with all browsers and devices. It is one of the most effective advertisements, intended to maximize audience involvement and hence sales.

AdMaven Review: Pros & Cons

We have concluded some pros and cons here for better knowledge about this.

AdMaven Pros

  • Dedicated assistance
  • System for advanced performance reporting
  • Supports a variety of pricing schemes, including CPM, CPC, and CPA.
  • Advertisers’ self-serve platform
  • Targeted and high-quality traffic for a higher return on investment
  • Worldwide, there are over 2 billion daily impressions.

AdMaven Cons

  • It is deficient in terms of visual reporting analytics such as graphs.

FAQs on AdMaven Review:

What Are The Payment Terms Minimum Payout For Publishers?

Net 30 days is the standard payment period, which means you get paid at the end of each month. Payments from Ad Maven need a minimum of $ 50 through PayPal or Payoneer, $ 500 via bitcoin, or $ 1000 via wire transfer.

What Are The Ad Maven Traffic Requirements For Publishers?

Ad Maven requires a minimum of 2,500 unique visitors each month, and all publishers must submit their traffic for approval after creating an account.

What Are The Average Ad Maven CPM Rates?

The CPM rates depend on the advertiser's targeting (GEO, Device, OS, etc). The minimum CPM is $0.2

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Conclusion: AdMaven Review 2024

AdMaven Review is worth the investment since it provides unique advertising possibilities, such as pop-ups beneath advertisements. As a publisher, you may use these offers to increase your revenue.

Regardless, if you are a marketer, the platform may assist you in increasing your conversion rate.

A minimum withdrawal of $50 via Paypal or Payoneer and $1000 by Wire Transfer. Nonetheless, AdMaven is very praiseworthy, particularly if you’re looking to diversify your website’s revenue sources.

Additionally, Admaven’s ad solutions have a greater cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than other ad approaches in the business.

As a result, the Admaven network is a viable choice that is very achievable thanks to its diverse ad possibilities and sophisticated technologies.

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