Clickadu Review 2024: Perfect Ad Network to Boost your Income

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Clickadu Review


Clickadu platform is beneficial for both publishers and advertisers because they get a common platform to gain huge benefits. Irrespective of the size of your website and the amount of traffic it attracts, Clickadu works great for all.

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  • User-friendly self‑serve platform
  • Top-notch optimization technologies
  • Fraud and bot filters
  • Qualified support team
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 360° Ad coverage
  • Multiple payment methods


  • Time consuming


Price: $

In this post, I am going to share Clickadu Review 2024.

Digital space is growing rapidly, and a majority of businesses look for a powerful online presence. Advertising your products and services is critical if you want to be seen by your prospective clients. This booming industry plays a critical part in every enterprise, business, or blog.

To establish and empower your brand, you must advertise as well.

Clickadu Review

To meet these needs, there are several advertising solutions on different platforms. They offer amazing advertising services and help you establish your brand and make it more popular.

Clickadu is one of the best advertising formats. It has five features and helps businesses achieve more than 3 million conversions per day. It offers fantastic benefits to the users, which will be discussed in this article.

Clickadu Review 2024: What is Clickadu?

Clickadu is a great advertising platform for brands and establishments that can run more than 6500 campaigns with around 4500 active publishers. Clickadu was founded in 2014 and, since then, has achieved more and more with each passing year.

Clickadu Review

They boast of more than 800 active affiliates who are using Clickadu to monetize their mainstream traffic across the world. It lets you quickly and easily monetize the traffic because it is designed for both mobile and web channels.

The USP of Clickadu lies in the fact that it offers several advertising formats to users, in contrast to other recognized ad networks that do not provide multi-format advertising.

You can use Clickadu to enhance your conversion rate, test your campaigns to get the ideal combinations for their success, and get high CP rates.

Clickadu Statistics: Numbers DON’T LIE

  • Clickadu delivers 5+ billion daily global traffic directly from publishers.
  • Achieving 4 million daily conversions, Clickadu maintains high performance.
  • With 3,300+ active publishers, the platform ensures a robust network.
  • Clickadu manages 41,300+ active ad campaigns and serves 7,000 active advertisers.
  • Supporting 22 verticals, Clickadu offers diverse advertising opportunities.
  • Clickadu operates in 240+ GEOs, providing extensive global coverage.

7 Advertising Formats

The six advertising formats offered by Clickadu are – Instant Text Messages (Dialog Ads), Push Ads, Video Pre Roll, SKIM, Popunder, and InPage Push.

Let’s know about each of them in detail:

Clickadu Advertising Formats

1. Instant Text Message (Dialog Ads)

This is a Google-friendly advertising format that is very efficient and helps in monetizing mobile traffic as well as delivering a huge number of conversions. What makes this format so incredible is the fact that it is great for mobile traffic and has good rates.

It also has native advertising to offer with high CTR. Instant Text Message is basically a native dialogue window that very much resembles a system message.

It consists of a 30-character title, 30-character text, and OK and Cancel buttons. This way, users can decide if they are interested in certain content or not.

This format can work with CPC, CPM, and SmartCPA pricing models.

2. Push Ads

Push Ads are the latest format on Clickadu and are very effective because they show your ads to your website visitors, even when they are not browsing.

It can offer a dynamic preview for both mobile and desktop devices. It works great for Gambling and Gaming offers.

The Push Ads format is compatible with other formats and lets you crop pre-create the messages in this format. It works amazingly well with CPC, CPM, SmartCPA, and SmartCPM pricing models.

3. Video Pre Roll

If you want your advertising to be more creative, then use the Video PreRoll format. With this, you can design and create alluring and appealing videos of around 30 seconds.

The best part about this format is its ability to let you integrate with any player and all of it at a reasonable traffic cost. It works exclusively for the sites with Video traffic.

With this format, your conversion rate will directly depend on the quality and creativity of your videos.

It is advisable to use this format when using Clickadu because you get ads that can work on almost every popular video player in the market and video formats like MOV, FLV, WMV, AVI, MP4, etc. It is also completely compatible with IAB requirements for the VAST 3.0 codes


SKIM is also a great Clickadu format that works well with CPM and SmartCPM pricing models. SKIM is basically a link where the publisher inserts the website elements like links, videos, texts, images, and icons.

Clicking on this element, the user is taken to the landing page of the advertisement. The format can give 100 percent of the control of the sold traffic amount and also allows you to target the traffic to specific verticals.

Its customer support is its greatest strength because as soon as you raise a query, an Account Manager is assigned to you, who adds you on Skype and talks to you about it.

5. Popunder

Popunder is the most popular format used by users for advertising. Here, you will find a new tab behind the website of the user’s browser window, and this solves the problem of ad blindness.

The new tab does not come into the picture until you close the main window of the browser. It does not need any images or text, and you can run it on any website.

If Adsense has not recognized your website, then this format can be your main source of income. This advertising format by Clickadu can work with CPM, SmartCPM, and SmartCPA pricing models.

clickadu review- benefits

6. InPage Push

Though on the surface, InPage Push looks a lot like the Push Notifications. It is a native-looking ad message that appears on the users’ screens. The significant difference between these two formats lies in the additional InPage opportunities:

  1. The InPage Push Message appears exactly when the user is browsing on a particular website. 
  2. It does not require a user to subscribe to the notifications. 
  3. It works very well on the OS of every type, even on iOS. 

There are a plethora of reasons for using or mixing the InPage Push with the other ad formats, especially the Push Notifications. 

The Advertisers:

  1. It is pretty easy to launch. You can opt for the ‘include InPage Push’ option when creating the Push Notifications in order to boost your reach. 
  2. You get every possible targeting option, even on iOS devices. 
  3. They are available on any pricing model, just like the Push Notifications: CPM, CPC, SmartCPM, and SmartCPA. 
  4. It is native, so you are basically open to various promotional ideas. 

For The Publishers:

  1. Pure JS tag is super easy to install. 
  2. It has additional traffic monetization to offer and is also compatible with other formats of advertising. 
  3. The format is pretty much Google-friendly and has no range adjustments. 
  4. It is native and migrating to the OS version of the user.

As of now, the team is working on the banner advertising format for the publishers as well as advertisers in order to make the process of both buying and selling the traffic much more profitable. You can always follow their news in order to try it before others.

Clickadu Average eCPM

7. Banners

In the evolving advertising landscape, online banners have emerged as a highly sought-after ad format cherished by advertisers and publishers for delivering exceptional results. The days of traditional outdoor banners may have faded, but the era of impactful online banners is here to stay.

For users, these banners manifest as compelling images or animations seamlessly integrated into a publisher’s website. The available banner ad sizes are currently 300×250 and 300×100, allowing publishers to position them strategically on their websites.

Businesses eager to promote their products, brands, or offers can leverage this dynamic format effortlessly through the Self-Serve Platform.

The banner format includes up to five creatives within a single campaign, empowering advertisers to track statistics for each creative meticulously. The pricing models encompass CPC (Cost Per Click), SmartCPM, and CPM (Cost Per Mille), providing options tailored to diverse advertising strategies.

Regarding creativity, the banner format supports various types, including images, videos, and gifs. Accepted formats for creatives include jpg, png, gif for images and gifs, and mp4 for videos. Moreover, creatives are optimized for efficiency, with image and gif sizes capped at 256 kb and video sizes limited to 1 Mb.

This comprehensive offering underscores the adaptability and effectiveness of online banners in delivering impactful digital advertising experiences. Advertisers can confidently explore this format, utilizing its diverse features to captivate audiences and achieve marketing objectives seamlessly.

Clickadu Main Advantages

Clickadu Main Advantages

1. SSP Platform:

The Clickadu Self-Serve Platform is a unique solution for digital marketers operating with smaller budgets, agencies managing numerous offers, and brand-buying teams.

This comprehensive platform provides a range of functionalities, including complete campaign creation and optimization, API integration, s2s postback, multi-event tracking, and more.

Users can efficiently launch and scale campaigns, set targeting parameters, collect analytics, and conduct A/B tests through the user-friendly panel.

2. Top-notch Support and Moderation Team:

Clickadu boasts an exceptional support team and dedicated personal managers, setting it apart in customer service. The support team operates 24/7, offering prompt assistance on various issues.

Communication is conducted in English, and personal managers and accountants are assigned to advertisers with budgets starting at $500.

This personalized approach ensures that advertisers receive assistance in understanding current trends, setting up campaigns, and receiving professional advice on performance and scaling.

3. High Traffic Quality:

Clickadu High Traffic Quality

Clickadu prioritizes high-quality traffic through various departments:

  • Publisher Relations: Monitors website content quality, traffic volume, and adherence to selected categories.
  • Moderation: Checks sites for prohibited content in specific GEOs.
  • IT Department: Verifies traffic quality using automated control solutions, including OS, OSV, devices, user behavior, and conversion reports. This multi-layered approach ensures a high standard of traffic quality.

4. Wide Range of Verticals:

Clickadu Verticals

Clickadu offers various successful traffic verticals, making it versatile for different industries. These verticals include gambling and betting, e-commerce, tools, and utilities, games (both desktop and mobile), social applications, and WAP clicks.

The platform supports the promotion of over 20 verticals, catering to the varied needs of advertisers and marketers.

Benefits for Clickadu Advertiser

As a Clickadu advertiser, you receive:

  • Access to 5+ billion global daily traffic directly from publishers.
  • A choice of 7 ad formats, including Banner, Push, InPage, Popunder, Video, SKIM, and Instant Text Message.
  • Opportunities across 22 verticals, offering a diverse range of advertising options.
  • Flexible pricing models: CPM, CPC, SmartCPA, and SmartCPM to suit your campaign goals.
  • Advanced Multi-DC communication to reduce discrepancies and enhance campaign efficiency.
  • In-house traffic quality control, ensuring reliable and high-quality impressions.
  • Dedicated support and a team of managers to assist you throughout your advertising journey.

Additional Benefits:

  • Advertiser Cost Models: CPM, CPC, SmartCPA, SmartCPM
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Credit Card
  • Daily Impressions: 5+ billion
  • Top GEOs: ID, TH, VN, BR, FR, DE, USA, BG, JP
  • Top Verticals: E-commerce (wholesale brands), iGaming, App Installs, mVAS, VPN, Tools and Utilities, Push subscriptions.

For support:

Telegram: Clickadu Telegram

Email: [email protected]

Benefits for Clickadu Publisher

As a Clickadu publisher, you enjoy:

  • Over 41,000 active campaigns daily, generating high traffic demand.
  • Competitive CPM rates, reaching up to $9.
  • A clean feed with strict policy restrictions and multiple moderation stages.
  • Weekly payments start at $50, with no hold, through PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, and Wire.
  • A referral program that earns you up to 5% of the revenue from publishers who register via your referral link.
  • Stable and high CPMs for webmasters, ensuring consistent revenue.
  • Strong fill rates to maximize your ad revenue.
  • Clean ads with a commitment to preventing malware and viruses.
  • Responsive and reliable support through various channels, including email and Skype.
  • Customizable settings for ad impression frequency, range, and limits on CSS Classes.
  • Options to set up an advertising feed with restrictions on specific products or offer verticals.
  • Ability to tailor the advertising feed to meet the requirements of Pbwebmedia ( upon manager request.

Payment Details:

  • Commission Type: CPM
  • Minimum Payment: $50 – $1000
  • Payment Frequency: Net7
  • Payment Method: PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer
  • For publisher support:

Email: [email protected]

Clickadu in Detail

As discussed above, it is evident how well-featured Clickadu is and how it helps in optimizing the ad servers. These servers are extremely important to deliver the best performance, and Clickadu offers the best.

Advertisers prefer Clickadu over other providers because it provides the highest audience and conversion rates, along with the option to control frequency capping.

Clickadu in Detail

From the publisher’s side, there are no restrictions, and even an amateur publisher can come on Clickadu. Their publishers work on the CPM model.

Their dashboard is informative and provides data about the Impressions, Clicks, Earnings, and CPM. Another important feature of Clickadu is that it denies access to controversial blogs and websites that have questionable content.

If anyone violates the basic rules, it results in the deactivation of their account indefinitely.

Life Cycle of a Campaign

Campaign Creation

Clickadu is the ideal platform to launch a campaign because of its simplicity and intuitiveness. It comprises a wide range of formats and pricing models from which you can choose. So, pick a format that you are aware of and that delivers the best performance.

SMART carries out all the essential tests on the campaign as per the CPM to determine the performance of the campaign even before choosing the pricing model. The system will choose and match the zones as per the CR rates to deliver white and blacklists.

Clickadu SSP platform is an essential tool for you. Not only does it give you a chance to launch your campaigns rapidly and more correctly, but it also allows you to predict your results.

For example, even before starting your campaign, you can check the traffic inventory tool, which allows an advertiser to see GEOs, impressions, and average CPM and CPC rates.

Traffic Inventory - ClickAdu Review

Campaign Reporting

Clickadu provides a dashboard menu to report about a campaign. When you click on your campaign, it will give you access to the website data of that campaign.

Campaign Tracking

Setting up a tracker is essential if you are working with the SmartCPA system, and with Clickadu, the traffic source is in-built. You need to change the SUBID of the tracking link to the external ID of the tracking solution.

All the Publishers, as well as the Advertisers on Clickadu, get a dedicated manager when they register on the SSP platform.

Pricing Models for Advertisers

Pricing Models At Clickadu

1. SmartCPA: This pricing model works on the SMART algorithm and works on a cost per action. This model allows the payments for conversions only.

2. CPM: This model is based on CPM bidding with a fixed rate.

3. CPC: This is the cost-per-click pricing model that is also based on the SMART algorithm. It works on the same rule as SmartCPA, and the only difference is that it operates on CTR rates and not CR. For creative advertising, you must choose this pricing model.

4. SmartCPM: This pricing model works on a second-price auction. Here, the highest price for a specific amount of traffic is set by the advertisers. The first impression is given to the highest bidder.

Pros and Cons of Clickadu

Pros for advertisers

  • Fraud and Bot filters
  • 2.5B in traffic from all over the world daily from direct publishers
  • Narrow targeting
  • Wide range of working verticals
  • Four own data centers for the best coverage around the world
  • Geo-targeting
  • Traffic quality is 100%

Pros for publishers

  • 100% fill rate
  • More than 26К active campaigns daily that create a high traffic demand.
  • CPM up to $4
  • Clean feed (with Policy restrictions and several monetization stages)
  • Weekly payments (at $10) with no hold
  • A referral program that will give you up to 5%

Clickadu Cusotmer Support

Clickadu’s robust support system revolves around dedicated personal managers who act as a crucial link between advertisers and the network.

These professionals specialize in understanding advertisers’ unique needs, offering tailored solutions, and optimizing campaigns for maximum performance. Personal managers assist in campaign setup, provide strategic insights, and ensure continuous optimization of ad placements.

Their commitment to client satisfaction fosters long-term partnerships, making them reliable contact points within the Clickadu network. By offering strategic guidance, creative support, and efficient communication, managers contribute to advertising campaigns’ overall success and adaptability.

Clickadu’s support structure is designed to empower advertisers, enhance efficiency, and harness the full potential of the partnership for consistent success in the dynamic realm of digital advertising.



Why did my campaign get rejected?

A campaign gets rejected if it goes against the Clickadu Terms and Conditions. After the rejection, they will also send an email citing the reason.

Which targeting should I select for my campaign?

You can choose any of the targeting methods from state, city, mobile ISP, OS type/version, Browser version/language, etc.

What language is spoken by the customer support of Clickadu?

The customer support team of Clickadu speaks English, and not any other language.

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Conclusion | Clickadu Review 2024

Clickadu is undoubtedly an excellent platform that has several benefits, as discussed above. It is fairly new in the market but has garnered a lot of positive reviews owing to its user-friendliness, intuitiveness, and speed.

Its biggest advantage is that it is transparent and not complex, thus easily usable by all kinds of users.

If you get an account manager, you will see how well he guides and motivates you all through the process. This platform also offers you great traffic volumes.

Clickadu platform is beneficial for both publishers and advertisers because they get a common platform to gain huge benefits. Irrespective of the size of your website and the amount of traffic it attracts, Clickadu works great for all.

Join Clickadu now to maximize your revenue.

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