Adcash Review 2020 February – Is it better than Other Ad Networks?

adcash Review

Looking for a quality ad network to fulfill your needs? Try Adcash Advertising Network.

About Adcash

ADCASH “Originally one of the Biggest and Startup in Estonia”, it’s a steady publicizing network with high performance for online brand promotion, working in more than 156 countries all over the world.

Adcash is an ad network focused on mainstream traffic. It has got a self-manageable platform. In fact, users set everything by themselves, just like you’d usually do on other networks.

adcash Review

They provide Admin Panel in 8 Different Languages so their publishers can use it in their Country Language and earn a decent amount of income. Adcash uses a dynamic CPM optimization to keep ad checklist relevant to your likely traffic, but also offers the option of manually controlling the ads served on your site as well.

Adcash is a steady publicising exchanging course of action that goes in high-performance for the online distributers and brand promoters thoroughly.

The Adcash network serves 850 million impressions daily in almost 156 countries. Adcash accomplishes this with a sales-driven ad network that brings publishers and advertisers, large and small everyone together. The Adcash affiliate network allows you to develop your online advertising revenue and focus on your website in order to make profit as well.

Why Adcash?: Adcash Review 2020 February – Is it better than Other Ad Networks?

adcash review features

Adcash is the best partner for webmasters or those who are seeking for better financial performance and their advertising space with fair amount of profit.

Adcash takes full care of the integrity of their traffic with a dedicated team that uses 3rd-party technology to detect and prevent fraud. Another handy resource in their site to help is the developer portal, which has some sequence of instructions on adding ads keeping in mind most of the popular operating systems, as well as the developer forum for asking questions, sharing knowledge, and seeing if the issue is being handled well.

Adcash currently offers publishers and advertisers 12 ad formats, from site-under display to in-app video. They also provide 5 payout types: CPM, CPV, CPC, CPL, and CPA.

Advertisers can target the audience based on Geo, user interest, language, devices, Operating system; they can even re-target. The platform optimizes its targeting algorithmically, thereby ensuring that the right ad is shown to the right traffic at the right time.

If you’re promoting a game offer, whenever the users visit a site, regardless of the site’s theme being gaming or not, your ads will be displayed. This is different from contextual targeting, in which case your ads would be displayed on no other but gaming-related websites only.

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Features of Adcash

adcash review features popups features

  • Adcash also takes care to ensure that the ads they serve are displayed.
  • Adcash’s engine tracks the user’s preferences while they browse the web, mostly through cookies.
  • The wide variety in types of ads for both web and mobile platforms is also a definite plus.
  • AdCash gives a wide assortment of advertisement organizations that suits both for PC and versatile.
  • Their platform is easy to use and they offer you 24/5 support. Publishers and advertisers have access to customizable, real-time reports, which are viewable anywhere via the Adcash mobile.

Knowing the audience for your own blog or overall website, choosing which ads will feature on your website means a greater chance of finding those advertisements that will actually generate traffic rather than just sitting on your site and not enticing the interest of the user.

Online advertising network which brings advertisers, online advertising agencies and publishers together, to boost their return on Investment. In other words, it is a link exchange company. Yeah, every single option is arranged well that you will not get any confusion in choosing the right one.

You can customize your ad formats, update payment details and do much more. I have faced issues even on AdSense dashboard regarding the reporting.

But I am happy to say that you will not encounter such issues on Adcash ever.
Website in Multiple languages

Next up in this Adcash review, I am going to talk about multilingual website. A user can have no problem while accessing the website. A user can access it in 8 different languages


  • Mobile and Desktop site similarity
  • Live reporting
  • International environment
  • Dedicated record director
  • Many diverse promotion designs for locales
  • Fast learning curve


  • Site must meet all requirements for promotions
  • Higher payouts for US locales as it were
  • They use the same technology, sell the same products and, important to mention here also have the same technological issues they have often. It’s Groundhog Day in Adcash – Same problems, no solutions.
  • Strict guidelines for activity

Payment Cycle of Adcash

Next I am going to bring to you the most interesting thing in this Adcash review, Payment.

Basically, they follow NET payment method, where you can receive the payment at the end of the month. A minimum of 100 euros can be withdrawn using WebMoney, Wire Transfer and PayPal etc.

  • Publisher’s Share of Revenue: Variable
  • Payment Methods Available: PayPal, Skrill, Web money, Payoneer, Wire transfer
  • Payment Terms: Net-30
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: €100.

Final Thoughts: Adcash Review 2020 February – Is it better than Other Ad Networks?

adcash testimonials

Overall, I recommend you to try out Adcash for revenue generation on your site. The setup is pretty simple, getting your website approved usually doesn’t take long, and the features are designed so that you can try out a few different methods without having to muddle through a lot of technical details. It’s a great way to start out and keep working to monetize your traffic with good service and ease of use.

To talk about the competition of Google AdSense, and then Adcash will probably stand first.

Again, Adcash stands really good in supporting multiple languages. Having the multilingual feature, it is a major advantage to different people from different countries and to the revenue earned as well.


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