Tecademics Review 2020: Is This Course Worth Buy?

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Affiliate Program


Video Tutorials


Increase in ROI


  • Flexible Courses
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Helpful Instructors
  • 30-Day Money Back guarantee
  • High Commission Affiliate Progam
  • Varieties of Modules
  • 2-day Free Hangout Trip
  • Quick Setup of Courses
  • Perfect for Newbies
  • Extensive Courses


  • Physical Classroom in Arizona
  • Expensive Tuitin Fees

In this post, we have shared the Tecademics Review 2020 with details into business programs and to read the truth about Tecademics 90-day Challenge.

Is Tecademics Worth It?

Are Jim Piccolo and Chris Record Scam artists? Welcome to our Tecademics Review!

Tecademics is one of the top education providers out there that really helps students. Read our in-depth Tecademics Review 2020 to get a clear understanding of its courses.

Tecademics Review 2020: Is This Online Course Worth It?

What Is Tecademics?

Tecadmics is an online business learning program where you can learn different ways to make money online. It is founded by Chris Record- a digital marketer and a tech savy.

Tecademics review

With the increasing demand for education in the digital marketing training and business industry now- a- days, technology and the Internet are evolving too fast. Tecademics is also known as the “Internet Marketing College”.

Tecademics has even crossed the barriers between products, services, and skills which is a unique innovation in the multi-level marketing world today. Thus, Tecademics is designed especially for young, tomorrow’s entrepreneurial students, by providing them with online marketing education.

By the end of this review, you will be able to decide that if this course is worth your time or not?

How Does Tecademics Work?

Tecademics provides different courses and training and they are going to serve the people in the industry.

It really does not matter, which level of marketing training you have earned, either you can be completely new to it with no idea of how to go about online marketing business or maybe highly experienced in it, this Tecademics will take you through the entire process.

The observation made by Chris Record that there are many challenges faced by the entrepreneurs due to the lack of high-quality content and structured entrepreneurship education in the industry forced him to develop this company.

Tecademics famously called the Internet College is specifically formulated to offer high-quality education to entrepreneurs, thereby filling the gap or void made by the industry.

Who Is Chris Record And What Happened To Tecademics?

Chris Record- a digital marketing geek and savvy entrepreneur is a founder of Tecademics.

This online course is founded by Chris himself, who’s aim is to provide a better life to the masses, or to people that want a top-quality education.

Chris Record’s net worth is million dollars and he gives really amazing tips on money-making.

These people might include both online marketers and business persons as well. Also, many companies didn’t know the correct way to sell things and there is no one to guide them as well.

They were, in fact, doing almost everything completely wrong. Thus, Tecademics has helped various digital marketers and businesses to make money online.

An Update On Tecademics

Tecademics has been acquired by IQuP now and Chris Record has sold all its shares of Teacdemics to Jim Piccolo of IQuP who is an online business mentor and entrepreneur.

Chris Record has started his own venture Lifeprenuer and soon going to start his own digital marketing agency called Digital Agency Builder.

Tecademics Courses:

Earlier Tecademics used to offer 4 courses for online money-making. These courses have now been discontinued.

The courses which were offered by Tecademics:

  1. TEC
  4. ELITE

Tecademics offer 16 individual courses for marketing. These courses are best for individuals in the field of Digital Marketing and Money making online.

The ‘16 Individual Success Paths’ includes the following foundational courses:

  • Agency Start-Up
  • Digital Asset Brokering
  • Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Drone Pilot
  • Ecom Foundations
  • Ecom Management
  • Ecom Mastery
  • Email Marketing Course
  • Facebook Ad Specialist
  • Lead Generation Strategist
  • Online Video Marketing Specialist
  • Pay Per Click
  • Print On Demand
  • SEO Strategist
  • Social Media Ad Specialist
  • Social Media Manager

Let’s say you have opted for an SEO strategist course. In this course, you will learn:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Content Writing and various other modules.

Can You Earn Income In Tecademics Affiliate Program? 

Tecademics Online business courses

As a Tecademics affiliate, you can earn some money or commission on the educational product given by them, through which you can do both the things simultaneously i.e. learn and earn both at the same time.

Overall, in my opinion, I agree that this is a good thing, though you always face some downside while you gear up to learn how you can use their ways of earning income.

If you are in search of an income with higher products you can always go and get started with it.

It’s the best thing you can start with once you are deeply interested in the business of making money out of it.

Once any Tecademics affiliate earns $100,000 in their commissions, they get an opportunity to earn an additional amount of $100,000 for 100% matches. You get the opportunity of 3 years to join it.

Tecademics courses and solutions

Tecademics Pros and Cons:


  • A physical school

Unlike traditional schools where students would not be able to learn about internet marketing, Tecademics is a perfect place to learn to make money online in the physical classroom rather than being in an online classroom.

This way, you will get to know more related to making money online business. Moreover, they give 2 days free hangout trip in college.

  • Variety of Courses

It has also got a variety of courses and paths related to entrepreneurship and grow your entrepreneurial skills.  I have listed those courses above.

  • Affiliate Program

It offers high commissions to affiliates. You can contact the sales team to join it. With each sale on Tecademics, the retail customer gives you a commission.

  • Helpful Instructors

Tecademics has this quality! It has a number of helpful & trained instructors specialized in various courses.


  • Tecademics is located in Arizona: The physical classroom is only available in North Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A. You will have to travel to Scottsdale 3 times a year for a single course.
  • Tecademics has high tuition fees.


✅ What Is Tecademics about?

Tecademics is an online education company which was started by Chris Record with the main motive of creating courses and learn digital marketing and how to make money.

🔥 Is Tecademics Legit?

Yes, Tecademics is a legal education platform and offers various exciting courses for money-making online business.

🏆 Is Tecademics Shopify 90-Day Challenge Scam?

Unfortunately, Yes. Tecademics Shopify 90-Day Challenge was considered a scam. It was applied by various customers and no one received the reward.

💲💲 How much does Tecademics Courses cost?

Different courses of Tecademics cost differently. Some of the courses are expensive while some are cheap. The best part about Tecademics is that you have to pay one time fees.

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The Final Verdict: Is Tecademics A Scam? Tecademics Review 2020

Tecademics is not a scam. It is a completely legit college offering students new techniques about business models. Tecademics help you in learning courses and various products.

I have read various online Tecademics reviews and 70% of them were positive. That’s a good ratio.

One of the reasons to write this review is that people are usually looking for such educational space.

Tecademics is a great opportunity for online entrepreneurs and budding businesses. I would say that if you are looking at the educational side of things, then it offers you a very good product line to the customers.

If you are looking to make money within few months, then the best way to achieve this is by getting into a guiding system that will provide you with one on one coaching and skills for internet marketing business.

Your business can be drastically changed if you have a mentor and a coach with you. The courses come at a cheap price.

So, in short, Tecademics is an all-around world-class business education and training system, the first one under the roof which has been specifically designed for digital marketing products sellers and businesses alike.

I encourage you to watch 1 to a maximum of 2 pieces of foundational training in a day as they are they provide you with a lot of stuff to be paid that you can find online.

If you want to earn a substantial income from home, then I strongly recommend you to establish multiple streams of income.

I hope you have liked my review of Tecademics 2020 with details into its courses and internet business programs!!


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