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{Updated} Tecademics Review 2019: Is It Scam or Legit? [Truth Revealed]

tecademics reviews chris record
Written by Finnich Vessal

In this post, we have shared the Tecademics Review 2019 with details into business programs and to take up Tecademics 90-day Challenge. 

What is Tecademics?

Tecademics is an educational business program that was initially founded by Chris Record. With the increasing demand for education in the business industry now- a- days, technology and the Internet is evolving too fast. Tecademics is also known as the “College of Internet Marketing”.

Tecademics has even crossed the barriers between products, services, and training which is a unique innovation in the multi-level marketing world today. Looking at a different perspective, it is also a MLM affiliate company. So, let’s have a look at Tecademics.

In this post, we are doing to detail Tecademics review 2019  and also we will discuss about Tecademics affiliate program.

Thus, Tecademics is basically an Internet marketing college designed especially for young, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, by providing them with online marketing education. With the fast changing online marketing industry, it is important to stay up to date as we follow cutting-edge online marketing strategies.

tecademics reviews chris record

Tecademics Review 2019 November: Does It Really Work? What is Tecademics?

Tecademics provides different services such as products, training and they are going to serve the people in the industry.

It really does not matter, which level of marketing experience you have, either you can be completely new to it with no idea of how to go about internet marketing or maybe highly experienced in it, this Tecademics training will take you through the entire process.

The observation made by Chris Record that there are many challenges faced by the entrepreneurs due to lack of high quality and structured online entrepreneurship education in the industry forced him to develop this company.

Tecademics famously called the Internet Marketing College is specifically formulated to offer high-quality education to entrepreneurs, thereby filling the gap or void made by the industry.

Who is Chris Record?

Chris Record | $5 Day Facebook Ad Method with Shopify

Chris Record is a very respected and savvy entrepreneur. This university is founded by Chris Record himself, who’s aim is to provide a better life to the masses, or to people that want a top-quality education. These people might include both online marketers and business persons as well. Also, many entrepreneurs didn’t know the correct way to do things and there is no one to guide them as well.

They were, in fact, doing almost everything completely wrong. It seemed as if Chris Record was able to read the minds of many frustrated entrepreneurs, working online. The entrepreneurs also feel stranded, left out and always try to figure out the best product with their entrepreneurial efforts.

Chris Record is also associated with various recognizable names such as Jim Piccolo ( he is the person who launched a number of online programs in the realm of real estate and earning billions of dollars) .

He has made it possible for the company’s members to get a pay cut by taking part in the Tecademics affiliate program even though he does not have a big firm.

Products offered in Tecademics

There are basically three major products that Tecademics offer their young, talented but at the same time confused and unguided entrepreneurs surviving online each day. These are:

  1. E. C. – The Entrepreneurs Club
  2. E. C. is an online educational program for people at beginner’s level. I suggest you join this program as this amazing online course contains informative videos and lessons, that will definitely help you to develop an online marketing business.
  3. E. C. consists of two terms which are Tec TV and Tec Forum. These are discussed below:
  • Tec TV –4 master classes taught by some of the best Internet
    In each class you will learn new tips that will help you
    to increase traffic and sales!
  • Tec Forum –This contains additional training sessions, discussions
    about different strategies internet marketers use and many more.
  1. E. C. is the first product of Tecademics and is short for tech.  What the course offers you is it gives you access to weekly training from the experts from various fields on a weekly basis. By staying tuned in this course, you also get updated with the continuous cutting edge crucial and vital information about what is going around you actually.

Let us consider an example, let’s just say that Facebook comes out with something new like live streaming and suddenly it’s available to everybody. So, in this scenario what is happening is that everybody is willing and is able to share actively in helping out one another with things.

The cost of this product is only $100 per month.



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Tecademics Review and Affiliate program Chris Record Reviews 1

This product by Tecademics is all about a two years college program, in which two people can avail of this opportunity in the pricing of only one.

You also get the option of actual tuition to attend and their colleagues in person as well as you will be able to watch all of their classes online the product offered by Tecademics called the “Masters” tuition.

In this course, you get the option of completing it in up to a maximum of 120 credit hours.

This program can be in a classroom setting, which is unlike the other courses online. Within the course, each class offers new concepts and they teach you how to build your success. There are regular pre-tests and post-tests, in order to measure how much the learner is grasping after every new course.

The Master’s tuition product provides you with a maximum of 120 hours of in-person education as well as access to the video classroom. If they also end up doing live streaming at some of our colleges, then you get access to that as well.

Surely, you will also get one additional year to repeat any classes that you took but could not clear with good grades or could not learn anything fruitful or useful from it, apart from an entire year of education from them.

When it comes to internet marketing, you need to give a one-time fee of $10,000 per month and this automatically gives you access to the highest quality education in the entire marketplace.

The cost of this product is only $10,000 per month.


IMPACT stands for Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training. It contains 12 different modules and each module have their own set of video classes and 1 different workbooks that might help you in your internet marketing business. With the purchase of this product, you get two things in it: Impact Forum and Impact Encyclopaedia of Internet Marketing, which have been described below:

  • Impact Forum –This is a forum or place where different internet marketers come together to share and discuss their strategies.
  • Impact Encyclopaedia of Internet Marketing –This program offers a video about the twelve best strategies an Internet marketer can use to earn money.

IMPACT is a home study course, narrated by the one and only Chris Record himself.  Its impact is mainly for the reason that Chris Record strongly believes that this product can make a huge impact on every person around the world because it is an acronym.

The cost of this product is only $2,000 per month.


Now that you have read about all three products, then I want to personally point out to you the perks and possibilities that are attached to it that can help you grow and bloom your business online within just few months of smart work and some step by step guidance from Tecademics.

Course details

Tecademics Review and Affiliate program Chris Record Reviews 2

The course and products offered to you by the Tecademics will surely help you to identify what different ways you can make money legally by working from home in about an hour a day or little more than that if you have a business of your own, be it big like Amazon or small one like a private online vendor.

The courses are designed not only for professionals who understand the theory, but it is designed for people who are experts at practicing what they teach. The training and knowledge you gain from Tecademics, you won’t find it or learn it at any school or college of yours.

Tecademics was developed by Chris Record and with him the other top internet marketers, who are adding value to the online marketing not because they have some kind of super power with them or they are somehow smarter than you, but because they know the secret of using the services provided by Tecademics.

Can you earn income in Tecademics? Tecademics Affiliate Program

Tecademics Review and Affiliate program Chris Record Reviews

With the Tecademics shopify app, you can earn some money or commission on the educational product provided by them, through which you can do both the things simultaneously i.e. learn and earn both at the same time.

Overall, in my opinion, I can say that this is a good thing, though you always face some downside while you gear up to learn how you can use Tecademics ways of earning income.

Someone who is experienced in closing the sales for you, If you are in search of an income with higher products you can always go and get started with it. It’s the best thing you can start with once you are deeply interested in making money out of it.

Not only helping them with promoting their good products as well as you can indulge people and with so many levels of people you can earn up to 40% at every level and which makes it an exact amount of $40 every single month recurring for every TEC sale, you will a sum of $800 for the impact and up to $4000 on masters tuition another great.

Once any Tecademics affiliate earns $100,000 in their commissions, they get an opportunity to earn an additional amount of $100,000 for 100% matches. You get the opportunity of 3 years to join it.


Conclusion: Yes, You Should Buy Tecademics Internet Marketing College Course 90 Days Challenge: 



Tecademics is a very good opportunity for online entrepreneurs. I would say that if you are looking at the educational side of things, then Tecademics offers you a very good product line. But if you are just to make money, I would never recommend you with this personally.

If you are looking to make money within few months, then the best way to achieve this is by getting into a guiding system that will provide you with one on one coaching. Your business can be drastically changed if you have a mentor and a coach with you. By joining Tecademics, you not only receive a coach but your coach will also close all your sales for you, so you don’t have to worry about selling anything.

So, in short, Tecademics is an all-around world-class education and training system, the first one under the roof which has been specifically designed for digital marketers and business owners alike.

According to my, I would encourage you to watch 1 to a maximum of 2 pieces of training per day as they are they provide you with a lot of stuff to be paid that you can find online. So, basically, if you want to earn a substantial income from home, then I strongly recommend you to establish multiple streams of income.


Hope you have liked my Tecademics review 2019 with details into its courses and online business programs!!

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