pCloud Review 2022 November: Dropbox Alternative? Read Before Buy

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Founded in 2013, pCloud is an excellent solution for those who are looking for complete record storage and collaboration accessible in the cloud that has ease of usage. pCloud is capable of uploading any size of the files without any fluxes.

In this we are going to detail pCloud review 2018 and telling you that is pCloud Dropbox best alternative.

pCloud is a cloud storage service used for both personal and business purposes. You can get upto 20 GB free storage under certain conditions.

In June 2015, pCloud launched its Business Application for the companies that want secure document storage and association in the cloud. When it comes to storage services, pCloud must be considered a good option as it has lots to provide to its users other than the big name in the market like Dropbox.

pCloud-File-Security-Made-Simple Review

pCloud apps are available to all devices whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux. Even the users of iOS and Android devices can download the apps.

So, here we are providing you with the review of the best cloud storage system pCloud, which will help you in keeping track of your workflow and deliver the final results.

Overall factors of pCloud: pCloud Review 2022 November: Dropbox Alternative? Read Before Buy


pcloud signup


If we look at the overall factors of pCloud, it has lots to offer as compared to other big names in the market. When we talk about the interface, it is easy and clean to use and understand. The simple navigational buttons make it easy for you to share, download and upload files and folders. The users of pCloud can monitor its networks from other social accounts also.

Any changes can be made in a clear-cut way. The users can also keep an eye on any synced account applications. Thus, the user-interface is designed in an orderly and outgoing way.

File syncing and sharing

pcloud file sharing

The sharing and syncing abilities of pCloud are no doubt a plus point for the user due to its flexible operations. The users can invite others through Invite to Folder Link for editing and view the files and folders. It is the next thing to a real association. The share download link lets users download the shared link of files and folders asked. The owner himself cannot see the changes made in these files.

The users can also select to share an upload link where except the account owner, others can upload files. This sharing is a better option of sharing without having a choice to emails.

The only breakdown of pCloud’s sharing option is that no one can team up with others. The files and folders can be seen and edited in the documents itself.

One can also sync files from other places like social accounts, mobile or desktop apps. In order to do so, you have to give your authorizations to pCloud to backup from other areas. This might be a security concern for some.

Safekeeping concerns

pcloud gif

pCloud offer top-level security to its users. It uses TLS/SSL encryption during transmission from device to the cloud. All data is encoded while getting stored on the pCloud servers. For those users who want additional security, pCloud Crypto is always there, and you have to pay extra for it.

This security feature enables client-side encryption instead of server-side. The encryption key is something which is needed most as a standard safety feature.

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Response rate

When it comes to promptness in performance, pCloud is the best option available in the market. They do not put any restrictions on the speed, and if there are some, it is from user’s side. The internet connection varies from user to user and thus causes issues while uploading or downloading of files.

One can regulate the speed as per their wish. It is a useful feature for those who don’t want to waste their bandwidth just to download few things.

Support system

pCloud offers great support to its users by answering all the queries under two sections. One section deals with every relevant question related to FAQs for mobile and desktop apps, and other FAQ database for web apps.

The other way to get 24/7 assistance is thru emails. Other than this, you do not have any option for live chats or phone calls. Though the response from the technical team takes time, but overall they are very helpful, generous and smart in providing solutions.


Why pCloud is better than Dropbox?

pCloud Dropbox
pCloud is available for personal as well as business use. Dropbox is used solely for business purpose.
The first 20 GB is free under certain conditions. Starting cost of is $ 50 per month.
It offers great space for storage. The storage space is comparatively less.
pCloud keeps the downloaded file in the cloud. Files get downloaded locally.
The performance speed is 6 times better while uploading or downloading files. The speed of Dropbox is relatively low while uploading or downloading larger files.
pCloud security with Crypto is unbeatable at a reasonable price. There are some issues related to the data encryption.


Dropbox launched its Smart Sync, a desktop app for opening files kept in cloud. This was similar to pCloud Drive which was already operating from past three years ago. If we look at the overall aspect pCloud Drive has much better functionality than Dropbox Smart Sync. pCloud offers free space to its all plan members, while Dropbox charges a certain amount from all the users.

pCloud Drive is much cheaper than Dropbox Smart Sync if we opt for other paid plans. And also you get access to less space on the cloud. With paid plan, you get 5 TB of space at $49.95/m, whereas at $50 per month you get only 2 TB by opting for Dropbox Smart Sync.

pCloud Drive doesn’t take up space on your local disk whereas Smart Sync would take some space as per their requirement. If you deal with smaller files, then there is no such issue with Smart Sync, but in case of big files, there might be a problem.

Even the speed of performance matters a lot and here also pCloud Drive wins the battle as it has been seen in the demos that pCloud has six times faster speed than Dropbox.


Even if we look at the security features, Dropbox Smart Sync has nothing to offer as compared to pCloud. With the extra advantage of pCloud Crypto, you can add it anytime to your existing plan and enjoy the unbeatable safety of your files and folders. Crypto offer the highest level of client-side protection. Dropbox has no such strongly protective service for your confidential documents.

Though the Smart Sync from Dropbox is not a weak feature, but still needs some consideration when compared to pCloud components. If you are looking for a real virtual partner to look after your valuable data as well as save space on your PC, then pCloud is the right choice.

New update – pCloud Rewind


It often happens with us that even after being much organised, we somehow lose our most important work or ideas due to many corrections made to it. if you do not have a fixed solution of retaining that work or idea, you might feel terrible and have sleepless nights on working out on the next best option for the same.

pCloud Rewind is a great latest feature from pCloud which assist you in keeping the track of your workflows. With pCloud Rewind, you can go back in time up to 180 days and recover or recollect all your memories, files, or share content that was either deleted or edited at some point. With pCloud Rewind, you can:

  • Retrieve older version of your non-encoded collections.
  • Salvage content that was communicated with you before.
  • Recover removed files and folders.

For getting access to this exclusive feature of pCloud, you just need to:

  • Open my.pCloud from your browser.
  • Find the Rewind section in the left menu.
  • Select time and date up to 180 days in the past.
  • Just click on the content you want to recover and click Restore.

pCloud Affiliate Program

pcloud affiliates

You can join pCloud’s affiliate program for free by just registering yourself. The only condition which they put for becoming an affiliate is that the age of the member must be at least 18 years. The commissions paid are on a monthly basis, but not before 45 days of a successful referral.

The commission limit is set at $10 so that you get paid always. The payments are made through PayPal only and no other means.

You cannot get a referral and recurring commissions at the same time. And also you cannot switch between the sign-up and recurring charges, once you get a commission model for a particular referral.

The referral program will work in the set pattern where anyone you refer thru an invite link will get access to a premium account for free for the next one month. As soon as they pay the next month’s subscription, you will get $5 back.


Everyone you refer through an invite link gets a Premium account for free for one month. Once users have spent another paid month with us, you’ll get $5 back.

So, overall if we see, pCloud offers a clear-cut opinion on his affiliate program and for other queries visit this page.

Final Verdict: Should You BuypCloud: Dropbox Alternative: pCloud Review 2022 November: Dropbox Alternative? Read Before Buy

Therefore, the above factors suggest that pCloud is a comprehensive solution in the market as compared to other similar solutions like Dropbox, JottaCloud, livedrive, etc. This review is based on many verdicts experienced by the users of the pCloud.

It ranks high on every primary factor be it performance, speed, price, security, and compatibility. So, why not you try it for yourself and get hands on the most trusted and consistent cloud solution.


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2 thoughts on “pCloud Review 2022 November: Dropbox Alternative? Read Before Buy”

  1. Nice cloud, however i like the compatibility of this cloud but it lacks on many sides. Very slow and RANDOM Speeds on download. Sometimes, a file takes over 1 hour (250mb file) and the nex day when i try to download it, only takes 1 minute (i got 100mbs upload/download speed, cable ethernet). Upload was horrible, because i uploaded only ~400kb/s. Well, sometimes i could get around 800 – 850kb/s, but that is sometimes, and speed drops minimum to 300kb/s. What i can cleanly say is, pCloud is using Amazon S3 Datacenter, and they are really good + cheap, and as you guys know pCloud got new plans.
    500GB = 5$ (monthly)
    1TB )1024GB) = 10$ (monthly)
    And think, who would get net revenue with such big cloud storage? simply not many. And you guys know Dropbox and Google Drive? they are using Amazon S3 (i am not really 100% sure about Google’s). Many people say Dropbox is over-priced, i agree they WERE overpriced. But since Dropbox now opened eyes and saw cloud providers around itself, so did it drop prices DRAMATICALLY to 1TB = 10$. So, my question is, you guys can EASILY see it how big difference is.
    Aaand, they mentioned UNLIMITED speed, many people encounters speed problems, and they assume to have 3 Datacenter which has a copy of your file, and you should probably get a great speed of being benefit of the 3 datacenter which they claim they are doing it (i dont believe that).
    Okay, let’s come to support. it SUCKS! This is all i got. I sended them 2 message, and really asked to them to answer yet no response from their 7/24 claimed supports so it sucks!
    Basicly guys, pCloud is NOT a good cloud, but for the price, you may stick with it (for the 500GB/5$). If you’re sticking for 1Tb or more, then NEVER think for pCloud, when other cloud providers give more and better options than pCloud. An example would be Bitcasa, giving 1TB for 10$. Also it gives same features than what pCloud offers, but also gives more than that. An enhanced TRUE server-side encryption which is AMAZING! Because even they get hacked (which is very rare) so will your files be like “asdaskda927-1947dck18d.ecr” and get splitted many pieces which will be unreadable. However, badside of that is SLOW! I dont mean bitcasa is slow, what i try to mean is since it is TRUE Encryption, so does it take time to open folders & files few seconds more than what a un-encrypted cloud provider offers. So this is the difference of it. Well, bitcasa am i proud but not 100%.
    However, bitcasa has random speed too nvm guys.
    pCloud has very poor support, but on design it is very proffesional, and easy to use. Android app cool, iPhone app nice, Web UI badass looking with glowing things… Anyway guys, 5$/month for 500GB is not bad, but keep in mind that even if you DELETE your files, they remain in their server for 180 days while some other cloud providers keep it forever (forever guys, which i mean, once uploaded, it remains there FOREVER in their servers, so they can see everything once uploaded).

  2. I am also in China and I tried everything already. First I was a dropbox user, then it was inaccessible from China. I switched to Copy, but it was discontinued. Then to Cubby, but that will be eliminated soon as well, what luck! OneDrive works and is reasonably fast for large files but has some issues for me when saving Office documents directly to OneDrive, then it is super slow and freezes the app (Excel/Word) for a minute. So much for my background.
    Then I switched to pCloud after doing some research on what works well in China. I would not say it is fast, despite their own speed comparison to dropbox. Such official speed comparisons are meaningless as far as users in China are concerned. So, while not fast, it does do the job.
    The only issue I have so far is I have no idea how to completely disable the screenshot upload popup. I have no interest in uploading my screenshots to pCloud, yet the popup asks me to do so every couple days. A side search brings up nothing on this topic.
    The Windows client is otherwise well designed. I have not tested any mobile clients because I am a Windows 10 mobile user, and virtually no cloud storage providers create an app for that, apart from OneDrive of course.
    I would recommend to anyone in China. I am thinking of switching to their paid plans soon, 500GB for 4 bucks is reasonable. I just wish they had some servers in HK, TW or Japan to enhance speeds for users in China.

    Rhodan says:

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