Inbox Blueprint Review 2023: Is This Best Email Marketing Course?

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Welcome to my honest Inbox Blueprint Review 2023. Today, I will share with you about this amazing email marketing course which comes with a discount coupon.

Inbox Blueprint is a course created by a renowned entrepreneur Anik Singhal. Email marketing is still one of the most important aspects of the business through which you can create a list and make quick money.

As email marketing enthusiasts say, ‘Money is in the list’, Email marketing can turn your fortunes around. Let’s read my honest 2023 review on the Inbox Blueprint course.

Introduction To The Course

Inbox Blueprint is one of the highly reliable email marketing courses for the newbies in 2023 which can help you make money through your email list.

A number of online entrepreneurs such as Adam Short, Mark Ling, Sonia Ricotti, and Tai Lopez have used this excellent course and it is different from other thousands of courses available online in the market.

Email marketing infographic by anik singhal

As you keep on reading this article, you will get to know it’s benefits and how it can help you expand your business worldwide. So, we are going to do a detailed Inbox Blueprint Review 2023.

Inbox Blueprint Review 2023: Is This Email Marketing Course Worth?

The first basic question that would arise in anybody’s mind is what exactly is an Inbox course and in what way it can help you.

Inbox Blueprint Review

At first, when I heard and read about this email marketing course, I thought that this course would be like those kinds of introductory courses that do not provide much information to its members or customers but they are yet surrounded by a lot of hype.

But eventually, after going through the entire email marketing course in detail, my perception of this program changed drastically.

So, what exactly is this course and why you should choose this course over a thousand other courses, present online for you.

The sheer basis of this course program is to teach you how to build an email list of subscribers and that too from scratch using several methods taught in the entire journey of the course.

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I found out after reading and understanding the course online that if you have any of the subscriber’s email addresses on your email list, then it will potentially make you a dollar on each subscriber.

For example, if you have 10,000 emails in your email list, then you can potentially make $10,000 per month.

Inbox BluePrint Course Modules:


Working of email marketing course

Each of the modules contains several different lessons that cover topics related to an online business building model.

Module 1: Addiction Meter (picking a niche)

Anik Singal's Course - Business System

This module about Inbox Blueprint is the first step to learn email marketing.

This course covers the mentality of how and why some niches are easily making money online in email marketing and why others are not able to, just the better option than going by search amount.

This module also dives you on how to use popular sites like, Google, Amazon, and YouTube to research and test your niche selection. This way you will know it is a winner before you start creating the funnel.

Module 2: The Bait (Creating And Opt-In Page And Free Gift)

This module is about how to build an opt-in page from scratch. This module teaches you about what kind of Opt-in page design would work for you and what won’t work for you.

Additionally, it also teaches you what kind of data you should collect from each of the subscribers. This also includes different types of form styles of the pages and copy-writing and the single opt-in page vs. double opt-in page.

Module 3: The TYP Method (How To Earn Commissions Right Away)

Anik Singal's Affiliate Marketing Course

The TYP method stands for Thank You Page method. This module simply talks about common mistakes that every online email marketer commits. The mistake is just equivalent to sin in this marketing field.

The concept of this is pretty straightforward, that Anik Singal has certain strategies for which will make sure that you never lose commissions again.

Just read this module very carefully to avoid these mistakes in your business.

Module 4: Email Machine Overview (Sending The Emails)

Email Machine Overview

For this purpose, you need to make your business process as automatic as possible. I would like to first explain the meaning of an autoresponder before proceeding further.

An auto-responder is nothing but a machine that sends automatic emails to your subscribers when they sign up to your email list. The choice lies in your hand whether to send the emails daily or either you can give ad-hoc emails.

Module 5: Emails And List Relationship

This module is one of the most important ones in the entire course and contains 11 important lessons for online marketing.

It includes the key parts of writing good emails and also the detailed information on how many products you should promote.

To promote the product, the product can be either below, mid, or high ticket and it is wholly about building relationships and setting up an autoresponder sequence for each of the campaigns.

Module 6: Payday Secrets (How To Earn An Income)

In this particular module, Anik has helped several categories of people who create their websites, opt-in pages, or web pages but don’t have any idea about how to monetize them.

The creator, Anik Singal describes the ways to monetize each of the niches and how to earn from them quickly and fast.

Module 7: Easy Traffic (Getting Visitors To Your Page)

This module explains the importance of getting traffic and subscribers through Inbox Blueprint.

Without traffic, you can’t make any sales. There are two kinds of traffic: free and paid.

With free traffic, you need a bit of research and hard work. The quality of the traffic you will get is high quality. However, I don’t like paid traffic much because it costs more and requires better sales funnel.

Module 8: Unlimited Success (Final Touches And Scaling)

If you have read all the above modules, then you can build your list and make your commission. In this last module, the course explains some of the tips and test results on how to make it to the next level.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2023: What Does It Include?

To begin with, first, check out the landing page for Inbox Blueprint below. It looks appealing, right?

Anik Singal's Course - Pros and Cons

Inbox 2.0 course offers more training, more bonus, and more live training webinars to its users.

It also assists its users in building a profitable online email marketing business and also does most of the hard work needed to run the business.

The user can now easily set up his thank you page and can even squeeze the page by just a few clicks of the mouse. They can also set up their autoresponder and the lead magnet, all at the right place, and get them ready for use.

They offer you not only a lead magnet but also a saturation score that ensures that they are unique despite the fact that student businesses have built it.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 course assists the problem the user faces during email marketing and one of the major issues is picking the wrong niche to build a list and market products too.

Undoubtedly picking up or choosing the right niche is very essential. A wrong niche will work as a disaster and will not let the user in making money online.

This is a marketing course that will assist the user in building the subscribers list from scratch and also how to convert it into money.

It will also assist the user in promoting the product or service.

Inbox Blueprint Bonuses And Resources

You can get access to the bonuses and resource sections by the user during all the time of courses. The user can store a lot of interesting material and information that can be of use for immediate application.

Bonuses also give the user extra value and possibilities to join other programs in Learn email marketing or downloaded reports.

Inbox Blueprint Social Media Posts

What Is The Difference Between Inbox Blueprint 1.0 & 2.0?

Difference between Inbox Blueprint 1.0 and Inbox Blueprint 2.0

There is not much difference between Inbox Blueprint 1.0 and Inbox Blueprint 2.0 but there are a lot more added features and values in Inbox Blueprint 2.0 version.

The list of addition is given below:

LaunchPad: Build 10 Businesses with 100% Automation.

  • Proprietary Content Engine.
  • Guided Assignment Based Training.
  • Complimentary Send Lane Start with an autoresponder that too free for 30 days.
  • 12 months of unlimited support.
  • Bonuses provided in Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

There are three main bonuses provided to the users of the new course, their bonuses are listed below:

  1. Bonus 1: 12 months Lurn Masters Club Membership.
  2. Bonus 2: Traffic Academy Membership.
  3. Bonus 3: 6 Week Fast Start Program.

Inbox Blueprint Launchpad Tool

Inbox Blueprint Launchpad is one of the prominent tools that is developed by Anik and his team.

It is an automation tool that will assist the user to start their own email marketing business. Also inside the tool, the user can create free reports that the user can give in exchange to subscribers

Using this LaunchPad you can start creating your email campaigns within an hour or so. You can pick any of the popular niches, can even name your campaign and subdomain. They provide you with an autoresponder account for which you are get $1 for up to 2,500 subscribers.

Steps inside the launchpad tools are as follows-

  1. Configuration.
  2. Email campaign.
  3. Affiliate report.
  4. Free reports.
  5. Funnel design.
  6. Preview/ edit.

How Much Does Inbox Blueprint Cost?

This course is developed by Anik Singal which would cost you $1,497 in total or you can either pay it in 3 separate payments, each of $597.

inbox-blueprint review scam dont buy honest

Why Would I Recommend Inbox Blueprint?

If you desire to earn revenue from the online business, then you need to have a clear look at Anik’s email marketing software, Inbox Blueprint.

There is a lot of similar stuff in online marketing that comes with a lot of buzzes but ends up like nothing.

inbox-blueprint review scam dont buy honest truth revealed Anik singhal

Just talking is not the way how this product works. It has various effective niches that support online marketers to generate money. This course is a lot better than other email marketing courses present in the market.

The main feature of acquiring this system is that it comes with proven exercises with solutions and everything you need to get started.

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Pros & Cons Of Inbox Blueprint


1. LaunchPad

The Inbox Blueprint Launchpad is designed by Anik Singhal and his team in more than 14 months and it took $200,000 to build this impressive piece of cloud-based software.

Next, you need to select any of the offers based on the niche of your choice and I would like to personally suggest you go with Affiliate Marketing or Affilorama by Mark Ling.

2. Customer Support 

Whenever you get stuck in doing something related to Inbox Blueprint, or just need help or just want someone to talk to, you just need to go to the email marketing team and they get back to you within a few hours and your problem is resolved in one go.

This is the kind of service that they provide to their customers.

3. Unlimited traffic

Inbox Blueprint gives its users the amazing type of bonuses that are given from time to time, as per each of the user’s requirements and needs.

The best of its offers are unlimited traffic, 1/10 of penny traffic piggyback traffic, and many more.

While in the unlimited free traffic bonus, you can learn how 5 to 10 minutes in a day can bring you around 100 to 400 visitors each day that too on demand, piggyback traffic allows you to have around hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day in lesser than $5 per month and it values $799 in total.

4. Ideal For Marketers

If you are experienced in internet marketing and you want to grow your knowledge on email marketing, then this course is the right place for you and I would suggest you personally go for it.

5. Affiliate Program

Their Affiliate program offers high commission through JVzoo. You can earn $4 on one lead with this affiliate program.


1. The Inbox Blueprint Course is not for the beginners. For beginners, I would like to suggest you check on Google with the title “recommended online business courses” and decide for yourself according to your wish.

2. This course focuses on fewer methods to make money by free traffic. This means that you will have to realize paid traffic again.

3. No free Trial.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions:

✅ Is There Difference Between Inbox Blueprint 1.0 & 2.0?

Inbox Blueprint 1.0 & 2.0 have almost the same modules and courses but version 2.0 has an extra tool called Launchpad technology. Updated versions and webinars are added in version 2. Version 1.0 was launched in 2014 whereas version 2 was launched in 2018.

🔥 Who Is Anik Singhal?

Anik Singhal is an online entrepreneur and a creator of Inbox Blueprint and CEO of Lurn Nation. He is more specialized in teaching how to generate extra income by promoting the affiliate offers in your niche to your email list.

👉 What Is Inbox Blueprint Launchpad Tool?

Inbox Blueprint Launchpad tool is one of the most intriguing tools in this email course. Anik claims that he has invested $400,000 to build this tool in 14 months. Launchpad has email templates, opt-in pages, full integration with Sendlane, Autoresponders and it can create a lead magnet.

😲 Who Is Inbox Blueprint Best Suited For?

Inbox Blueprint is for the affiliate marketers and businesses who have an email list but do not know what to email them. If you want to learn how to write a wonderful email and how to write a clickable CTA. Also, if you don't have an email list and you want to build one.

Also read:

Inbox Blueprint Policy:

Inbox Blueprint has a NO REFUND policy due to the coaching calls, training & software, community access, 24 hour a day guidance, and other immediately accessible resources you receive upon enrollment.

Conclusion: Is Inbox Blueprint Scam? Inbox Blueprint Review 2023

No! Anik Singhal’s course is not a scam and I recommend this amazing email marketing course.

If you are into the email marketing business, I would definitely recommend you to try this Anik Singhal course.

I hope you like the Inbox Blueprint Review 2023 and please share your experience if you have bought the course.

I would love to see some live case studies. Also for any questions, you can always mail me, I will be happy to help you. I also want to tell you that Inbox Blueprint Bonus 2023 is included in this review.

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