Newor Media Review 2024– Is It The Best Alternative To Google AdSense?

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Newor Media Review


Newor Media is an excellent option for monetizing your website. AdSense publishers should also consider Newor Media for maximizing their revenue. Newor Media has become frequently used by AdSense publishers.

Out of 10


  • Quick and helpful customer service.
  • Header bidding and Google Ad Exchange access
  • Videos and banners are advanced features
  • A user-friendly admin dashboard
  • Net 30 term for payments is adhered to
  • Tracking and analysis tools for advanced users


  • The creation of ad units is limited


Price: $

A major benefit of AdSense is that it is usually a pretty straightforward process to monetize with ads.

But if you use only one pool of advertisers, your revenue potential is relatively small. Ad networks are a vast industry with gatekeepers that prevent normal website owners from accessing premium campaigns.

Posing the crucial question, ‘How do I generate more revenue from my website?’ 

Among the Best Google AdSense alternatives for publishers, Newor Media is among the best. Register now to generate revenue from your website. Let’s get into the details about Newor Media in my review below. 

newor media review

Newor Media Review 2024: What is Newor Media? 

Newor Media, which is the most effective alternative to Adsense, provides header bidding services. Header bidding is a programmatic advertising technique that allows ad units to be available for auction to multiple ad networks simultaneously.

Revenue maximization is achieved by optimizing ad technology and utilizing insightful analytics. 

As a result of their relationships with some of the biggest ad networks on the web, they focus on generating high ad rates while maintaining a high level of user experience and site speed.

What are the Requirements to Join Newor Media?

To join Newor Media, you need to meet a few requirements.

  • To display their ads on your site, you must place at least TWO (2) placeholders. You must therefore reserve at least 2 of Newor Media’s placeholders if you have other platforms, such as AdSense.
  • Only have an English-language website or blog
  • Your traffic should be mostly from the United States, since that’s where most demand is derived from.
  • Your site can’t focus on borderline content, meaning no gun, sex, drug, or gambling-related content.

Newor Media Ads: What are the Steps to setup your site?

get started with newor media

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Newor Media with your blog are provided here

  • First, you need to click on the signup page. 
  • Once you have registered, you will need to enter your name or company name (Website name), email address, and domain name. 
  • Your site’s niche (e.g., entrepreneurship, romance, etc) can be mentioned in the section Further Information.
  • Once you sign up, a member of staff will email you and walk you through the process.
  • It usually takes 2-4 days for them to onboard a new publisher.
  • You must first sign an Insertion Order agreement in order to get things started.
  • In the next step of the onboarding process, Google’s AdX platform will need to approve the site.
  • You’ll receive an email containing a link for signing up. Once you complete that, you’ll hear from them within *24 hours about whether you’ve been approved.

You would be surprised, but my approval came in less than an hour.  

Best Settings to Maximize your Website Revenue?

Depending on the size of the units, either you place them yourself or you ask them for some recommended settings. They offer layout and unit optimization, which can help any publisher identify the right sweet spot unique to them. We can make a few recommendations, however:

  • Sticky footer 728*90/320*50
  • There will be two 300*250 sidebars, one made sticky via CSS if you need it (email them if you need it).
  • Contains three units of content: 728 x 90/320 x 50
  • The maximum number of units per page is six, but you don’t have to use all six if you don’t want to!
  • In addition to those 6, you can also use AdSense to place additional unit placements.

Newor Media Review: Types of Ads

Here are the types of ads in Newor Media:

1. Thumbnails

A user’s navigation between pages is accompanied by informational popups called vignettes.

You earn a lot of money from them. Google has only recently started allowing these ads to appear on devices with larger screens, so this is a new feature.

Here is an excellent alternative for those who have loads of desktop readers. The terms of service must be accepted before you are allowed to utilize their services.

2. Video ads

Outstream video solutions from Newor Media help you stay on top of things, as we all know video is the future. Your video advertising solutions do a lot of what we discussed about header bidding.

Video ads are being promoted by Google in order to boost revenues in this area.

Serving video ads without causing page load times to slow down is the hardest problem. Advertising can appear as inpage, inbanner, or intext.

3. Header bids

While heading bidding is already covered, what I want to emphasize is the importance of making the most of each impression.

Your auction will receive the most bidders if you connect to the major Supply Side Platforms (SSPs).

How Will I Get Paid?

The payments will be made on a Net 30 basis. Wire transfer and PayPal are the payment options. The payout via wire transfer requires a minimum of $250. With PayPal, there is no minimum.

Best Features Of Newor Media Network 

why choose newor media

They have a very innovative header bidding technology. Their advertising networks and SSPs are leaders in their field. Thus, inventory would be auctioned in real-time and delivered in high quality. CPM rates are guaranteed to be high.

When compared to other rates, these are very high. The earnings can often be higher than the Google AdSense earnings. This, however, is dependent on the niche and the geography.

They have a flexible payment policy that you will not be disappointed in. It is their policy to compensate publishers promptly.

Having an account as a publisher, you can see all the details such as fill rate, visits, impressions, CPM, RPM, and revenue immediately.

Newor Media has worked with many publishers. Their support has been invaluable to them. They responded promptly to my chat request when I contacted them through their support team.

How To Reach Their Support Team?

Please feel free to contact them at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Addresses: 350 Goose Lane, Guilford CT 06437; 46 Plains Road, Essex CT 06426

NeworMedia vs Adsense

google adsense

You will make more money with Newor Media than with Adsense. In addition, while not suitable for header bidding, Newor Media ads can be combined with AdSense ads.

Newor Media is a good choice if you have over 30,000 monthly visits and use Adsense.

As an added benefit, unlike Google Adwords, you can contact someone if you need assistance.

Newor Media is the clear winner here.

NeworMedia vs Mediaviane vs Adthrive


Adthrive and Mediavine are both renowned advertising networks.

What makes Newormedia better than Mediavine or AdThrive?

  • There are only 30,000 expected unique visitors for Mediavine, while Adthrive requires 10,000 monthly page views and 50,000 monthly sessions.
  • The NET-30 payment schedule is used by Newor Media. Whereas Mediavine uses a NET-60 payment schedule and AdvertisingThrive pays in 45 days.
  • Newor Media has an extensive network stack that has diverse advertisers. This means they can accommodate a wide range of niches, whereas Mediavine and AdThrive tend to accommodate lifestyle bloggers the most.

newor media features

Newor Media: Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Quick and helpful customer service.
  • Make better decisions about your sales growth with in-depth analytics. Ad impressions, clicks, RPM, CPM, and earnings per ad size are displayed.
  • You must be an authorized Google Partner in order to resell Ad Exchange demand. If you don’t have a reseller, you’ll have to go to Google Adx thousands of times a month.
  • Header bidding and Google Ad Exchange access
  • Videos and banners are advanced features
  • A user-friendly admin dashboard
  • Tracking and analysis tools for advanced users
  • Net 30 term for payments is adhered to.
  • The agreement between you and Newor Media for your website ads does not bind you to any contracts. You can cancel within 24 hours.


  • The creation of ad units is limited: if you want to display a new ad unit on your website, you must ask the team to create it. It would be good if I had a stronger voice in that regard.
  • Once you have accepted the order, you must sign the contract. The only requirement for Newor Media is a one-day notice before advertisements are removed, unlike other platforms which require exclusivity for a 30- to 60-day period. The contract isn’t bad, but I would rather not have one at all.

FAQs related to Newor Media

🤩 What about Newor Media Ads and Adsense? Can I have them both on my website at the same time?

It is possible. According to a person there, if you need more than six placeholders, then you can also use Adsense units. I make a much higher income through Newor Media and Adsense than in Ezoic where Adsense ads had to be bundled.

🤟 Can I use Newor Media for free?

Your site is most likely to receive traffic from the US if you meet the traffic requirement of 30K unique visitors and if it is written in English.

👉 How long does it take Newor Media to approve or reject?

Two days approximately. However, some platforms take longer than others.

🙌 How Do I Get Paid?

If you meet the minimum, you'll be paid through PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer or ACH (minimum $250). In the United States, you can use Payoneer since it offers local accounts in several different currencies (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, JPY, CNH, AUD) and you must upload your W2 form. If you are in the US, please download the W2 form, complete it, and re-embed it on the dashboard to receive payments.

🤷 Can I disable Ads on Some Pages?

It is possible. Several pages can be disabled from showing ads. Those URLs should be pasted there.

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Conclusion- Newor Media Review 2024

Newor Media is an excellent option for monetizing your website. AdSense publishers should also consider Newor Media for maximizing their revenue. Newor Media has become frequently used by AdSense publishers.

We would like to hear about your experience working with Newor Media. The article may be useful to publishers who are just starting out. The team at Newor Media also offers a free earning calculator to help publishers gauge the boost in earnings they can experience.

If you’re on the fence, check out their free earnings calculator here

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