AdsPower Review 2024: Does It Provide & Automatically Match Proxy IP?

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AdsPower Review


AdsPower software is a virtual browser that enables marketers to control access to key websites/platforms. AdsPower offers a complete solution to these issues, assisting you in streamlining your accounts and enabling your teams to collaborate efficiently to grow your company.

Out of 10


  • Professional customer service and technical support
  • Batch import / export
  • Excellent technical support
  • Granting permission to members
  • Get access to API
  • You can even customize your pricing plan


  • Need more payments options


Price: $ 11

In this post, I am going to share AdsPower Review 2024.

What is the single most critical element in an eCommerce marketer’s success? There are many options, but customized advertisements for each client and prospective leaders are critical.

Website scraping, data gathering through cookies, and other methods are often used to acquire data about website users.

Along with this, website owners gather data via a process called browser fingerprinting. AdsPower can help you with it.

Here in this article, I will be covering in detail what exactly is AdsPower and whether it is worth your time or not. So, stay with me to the end.

AdsPower Review 2024: What Is AdsPower?

AdsPower software is a virtual browser that enables marketers to control access to key websites/platforms.

Collaborate with your team to enable user grouping, account authorization assignment, and cloud-based data synchronization in real-time.

AdsPower Review

Configure each account with a unique browser fingerprint, and the super browser software mimics manual operation. Small and medium-sized businesses make use of the software.

Major Features and Benefits of AdsPower

Here are some of the major features & benefits of AdsPower:

AdsPower Features


  • The business offers one-on-one customer assistance to assist you in setting up your accounts, adding users, and successfully managing your teams.
  • Marketers who want to utilize a local IP address or a VPN connection may simply choose the no proxy option during the account import process in AdsPower.
  • AdsPower supports IPv6 and allows you to acquire IP addresses from certain countries. Although the business does not offer proxy IPs, you may use your own if you bought them from another platform. Comprehensive video instruction on the website demonstrates how to connect and import the proxy to your AdsPower account.
  • By accessing from separate computers/devices, you may configure unique browser fingerprints for each account.
  • The technology enables marketers to build a unified administration system for their eCommerce platforms and social media accounts, allowing sales and marketing teams to develop customized ad campaigns for all types of consumers and leads.
  • AdsPower also integrates well with social media automation, maximizing your team’s productivity. With a single click, you may enable batch operation for numerous accounts.
  • The program enables you to automatically create browser-independent fingerprints. You can open several browser profiles concurrently and keep their surroundings separate.
  • AdsPower enables your teams to communicate and work on many accounts concurrently. You can organize accounts, provide access to data to team members, import and export bulk account information, and much more. The tool simplifies team management.
  • AdsPower is a browser fingerprinting management solution that enables advertisers to manage their accounts and create an isolated environment for each account. This way, you can cut down on the expenses associated with each account.

AdsPower Pricing Plans: How Much Does AdsPower Cost?

You can either choose the teamwork plans or the automation service. Here is their pricing – 

Teamwork Plans:

adspower pricing plans

  • Free ($0 for a lifetime): This only includes 2 browser profiles.
  • Paid ($10 per month): This includes 10 browser profiles, 1 administrator, 1 member seat included, and API access.
  • Paid ($25 per month): This includes 50 browser profiles, 1 administrator, and API access.
  • Paid ($100 per month): This includes 200 browser profiles, 1 administrator, 4 member seats included, and API access.
  • Custom (Contact them for pricing): This includes 60000+ browser profiles, more administrators, 100+ member seats included, API access, and dedicated customer management. 

Automation Service:

automation service

  • Checking Package ($199 per month): With this package, you can check advertising consumption data, token, BM, solo advertising accounts budget, solo advertising accounts, homepages, and login status. 
  • Operation Package ($199 per month): With this package, you can turn off notifications, add people to your BM, create BM, and create homepages. 
  • Full Package ($299 per month): This includes all the functions of both the above packages. 

AdsPower Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Adspower:

AdsPower Pros

  • Sharing accounts and safety lock
  • Professional customer service and technical support
  • Application center
  • Support all browser fingerprints
  • Automatically match proxy IP
  • Teamwork/granting permission to members
  • Batch import/export
  • Login in with account password/cookies

AdsPower Cons

  • Need more payments options

FAQs About AdsPower Review

Is it possible to utilize an API with AdsPower?

Yes. If you need API access, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

How many team members may utilize AdsPower?

AdsPower's user support is dependent on the bundle bought. Additionally, you may see the number of current members in the enterprise center. This is the maximum number of concurrent users.

Which platforms is AdsPower compatible with?

They are compatible with all systems that need a username and password to log in. Select the platform or provide the platform URL when importing the account.

What are the functions of account management?

Account administration features include batch account import and export, browser opening, changing countries, and regions, updating agents, sharing accounts, and deleting accounts.

What are the functions of group management?

Account groups are comparable to folders. To simplify multi-user administration, you may allocate the browser account you imported to various groups. You may edit, export, combine and remove groups in the group administration section, as well as see the number of accounts with successful FB automation activities.

Conclusion: AdsPower Review 2024

It’s normal for a company owner to have some difficulties with multi-accounting when it comes to advertising and digital marketing.

Multiple accounts management is a significant problem for a large number of company owners, marketers, and advertising.

AdsPower offers a complete solution to these issues, assisting you in streamlining your accounts and enabling your teams to collaborate efficiently to grow your company.

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