Anstrex Review 2024: Is It The Best Ad Spy Tool For Advertisers?

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Anstrex Review


Anstrex is a native and push ad spy tool for content marketers, affiliate marketers and bloggers, and influencers. It builds quick campaigns and landing pages for better ROI.

Out of 10


  • User-Friendly
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Quick Landing page Builder
  • Free Dropshipping Chrome Extension
  • Lifetime Discounts
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Operates in 100+ Countries


  • Learning curve is complicated
  • No Trial


Price: $ 69.99

Are you looking for an unbiased Anstrex Review? You are in the right place.

My love for Native Ads is never-ending, and for a good reason because they have high credibility and perform much better.

According to a native advertising report from AdYouLike, the global native ad market is expected to be worth $400 billion by 2025 — a whopping 372% jump from 2020.

With the Native Ads Spy tool, you can easily spy on the Native Ads strategy of your competitors and get detailed insights without putting in too much effort.

That’s where the Ad spy tool like Anstrex steps in. So, what makes Anstrex so good?

Read further about this Anstrex review with the features, benefits, pricing, and pros and cons. By the end of the Anstrex Review, you can decide if this is worth the purchase or not.

Bottom Line Upfront: Anstrex is a great tool for spying on native ad campaigns. It gives you all the information you need to do better in online ads. I’ve used it myself to make better ads for my business and I’d give it a 9.5 out of 10.

I wholeheartedly recommend Anstrex to a diverse audience, including brand advertisers, performance marketers, bloggers, and advertising network. It’s a must-try for boosting ad performance and gaining competitive intelligence.

Above all, Anstrex also gives a 20% discount on the native ads tool with a 2-day money-back guarantee.

Check out Anstrex Native Ads Tool Now 

Why use an Ad Spy Tool?

why use an adspy tool

There are valid reasons to utilize a tool like Anstrex for ad analysis.

Here are the most important ones:

1. It helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

Knowing what your competitors are doing is essential to keep your business ahead. An ad spy tool gives you that information to use their strategies and beat them at their own game.

2. It saves you time and money.

When you know what works for your competitors, you don’t have to waste time and money trying out different ads. You can use what works for them and see quick results. Also, using the spy tool is a cheaper way to do market research than hiring someone to do it for you.

3. It helps you find new products and marketing strategies.

Anstrex is an excellent tool for finding profitable products and marketing strategies. By seeing what works for your competitors, you can quickly adapt their system and get good results for your own business.

We believe in the power of ad spy tools to give you information about your competitors and help you develop new ideas to promote your offers.

That’s why we’ve listed and reviewed some of the best ad spy tools available today.

What is Anstrex? 

Anstrex is one of the most advanced and popularly used Native Ad Spy tools available today. It is popularly used by websites and business owners who show native and push ads on their sites.

Anstrex spy ad tool review

It helps you trace competitors’ affiliate campaigns in your niche with the help of Anstrex affiliates monitor, which offers 200 networks that help spy on your competition’s most effective campaign strategies.

Thus, you can analyze entire campaigns from competitors in your niche and considerably improve your ROI with its revolutionary Affiliate Offers Wall.

Their tools allow users access to profitable competitor data with more than 58000 advertisers from 27 native Ad networks covering fifteen countries.

Anstrex also has an overwhelming community of “Anstrex power users” on its private form. The tool specializes in Native Ads tools and Dropshipping products spy tools.

Let’s discover my favorite features of the Anstrex and how I have used it in ad creation.

Who is Anstrex for?

1. Affiliate Marketers: Those who promote products or services and earn commissions on sales or leads. Anstrex provides insights into the most successful affiliate campaigns, ad copy, and landing pages, allowing users to understand what works in their niche.

2. Online Advertisers: Businesses and individuals looking to optimize their online advertising efforts can use Anstrex to analyze competitors’ ads, discover high-performing ad strategies, and adapt their campaigns for better ROI.

3. E-commerce Entrepreneurs: Owners of online stores can use Anstrex to spy on successful e-commerce ads and landing pages, uncover trending products, and understand how competitors are successfully reaching their audience.

4. Content Creators and Marketers: Those involved in creating and marketing content online can use Anstrex to gather insights on engaging content, effective call-to-actions, and ad placements that drive traffic and conversions.

5. Digital Marketing Agencies: Agencies can leverage Anstrex to conduct research for their clients, providing comprehensive market and competitor analysis to inform more effective marketing strategies.

6. Product Developers: Individuals or companies in the process of developing new products can use Anstrex to research market trends, identify unmet needs, and understand how similar products are marketed and sold online.

7. SEO Specialists: By analyzing the landing pages and ad strategies of successful campaigns, SEO professionals can gain insights into keywords, content strategies, and backlink opportunities that may improve their own sites’ rankings.

How To Use Anstrex? (Step-By-Step Guide)

One of the major USPs of Anstrex is its ease of use. Over the years, I have seen various changes and updates with Anstrex. They have added filters, search analytics, analyzing native ad campaigns, and other metrics to help marketers increase profit.

1. Dashboard:

The main goal of my Anstrex review is to explain its working and dashboard. Anstrex has an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you an overview of all traffic channels. The dashboard is pretty intuitive and easy to get started.

The top of the dashboard has various filters that you can apply to sort parameters based on:

  • Ad Network
  • Country
  • Platform (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Language
  • Affiliate network
  • Tracker

Anstrex dashboard- anstrex native ad tool review


Step 1: Here’s what the analytics dashboard of Anstrex looks like:

Anstrex analytics tool- anstrex review

Step 2: You can choose the type of Ad networks using the filters.

Anstrex ad filters- anstrex reviews

Step 3: Use the Mobile or Desktop traffic to sort which one to show.

Anstrex filters- anstrex native ads spy tool review

Step 4: Lastly, you can also select the language of your choice.

Anstrex language filters- anstrex review

2. The Search filters 

  • It enables you to find the required budget, required capabilities, and what’s best for you. 
  • You do not need to do keyword searches because it offers a filter search feature. 
  • It offers the feature of advanced keyword search, not needing to hustle, including primary and advanced searches. 
Anstrex advanced search tool- Anstrex review
Anstrex Advanced Search
  • Advanced search allows you to add multiple data and filter simultaneously. 
  • A basic search is used for specific keywords.

Anstrexd keyword search- Anstrex review

Test the Filters

    • Begin by testing the available filters to refine your ad search.

Ad Network Filter

    • Use the Ad Network Filter to find ads from specific traffic networks.
    • Anstrex collects ads from 27 native ad networks, 38 push notification ad networks, and 32 pop ad networks.

Geo Filter

    • Utilize the Geo-Filter to narrow down ads by country:
      • In native ads, filter from 80 countries.
      • In pops, push ads, and drop ship, narrow down results from 92 countries.

Device Filter

    • Employ the Device Filter to sort ads based on the promoting device:
      • Native ads: Desktop or mobile.
      • Push ads: Mac, Windows, Android, Tablet.
      • Pop ads: Android, Desktop, Mac, iOS.

Language Filter

    • The Language Filter is available for all tools except the dropshipping research tool.

Category Filter

    • The Category Filter is exclusive to the native ads tool and includes categories such as arts, business, computers, games, health, home, recreation, science, society, sports, and unknown.

Carrier Filter

    • The Carrier Filter applies to pop ads only, allowing you to narrow results based on more than 850 mobile carriers.

Type Filter

    • Use the Type Filter for push notification ads to specify whether you want to see classic push ads or in-page push ads. This filter applies to the push notification ads spy tool.

Affiliate Network Filter

    • The Affiliate Network Filter helps you display or hide results from specific affiliate networks:
      • Native ads tool covers at least 200 affiliate networks.
      • The push ads tool covers more than 250.
      • Pop ads tool covers more than a hundred.

Tracker Filter

    • The Tracker Filter allows you to filter ads based on the tracking systems. It’s beneficial for finding ads run by affiliates.

Technology Filter

    • The Technology Filter is handy if you want to focus on specific publishing platforms or technology, such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Adsense Arbitrage for native ads, Android apps, Chrome Extension, or WordPress for pop ads.

Following these structured steps, you can efficiently narrow down Anstrex’s extensive ad database to find precisely what you’re looking for based on your preferences and requirements.

3. Landing page download with one click

One unique feature of Anstrex is that it can download and deploy competitors’ landing pages within minutes. I could access the synopsis tab, and you can adjust the competitor’s landing pages.

Anstrex landing page downloader- anstrec review

This real-time saver feature can help you find the best-performing landing pages more efficiently.

You can take inspiration from others but do not plagiarize it.

4. Detailed ad insight 

This is one of the most important aspects because you can easily extract the ads better than one another. By clicking “ad creative,” you will see an ad panel that lets you select the different metrics of ads you watch. 

Anstrex statistics- Anstrex native ads review

According to Anstrex, no one contains these metrics in their ad spies, and accordingly, it displays the country, its data, and its bid.

5. Sort the listing

Our listings are initially arranged based on their chronological order, which means that the latest ads are displayed first. However, you can sort these listings using various criteria such as the date the ads were first or last viewed, the Ad Strength rating, or the Ad Gravity rating.


Additionally, our Dropship tool provides options for sorting based on factors such as Alexa rank, the Number of Products (for stores), price, and various engagement metrics like shares, likes, views, and comments.

Sorting within Astrex Listings

Ad Gravity:

Ad Gravity, on the other hand, gauges how well an ad has been performing in recent weeks. A higher value signifies that the ad is currently performing well, while a value of zero suggests that the ad has not gained any traction recently.

The status of Ad Gravity can fluctuate based on an ad’s recent performance, either improving or declining.

Ad Strength:

Ad Strength is a metric that reflects the overall performance of an ad throughout its existence. A higher value indicates better ad performance, and this metric tends to increase over time as it measures an ad’s lasting impact.

6. Check The Ad Information

Once you’ve identified an ad that piques your interest, take the following steps to delve into its details:

  1. Click on the Ad Text: Clicking on the ad text will direct you to a dedicated page with comprehensive information about the ad.
  2. Click on the Ad Image: If you click on the ad’s image, it will expand for a closer look. Clicking on any part of the text or the ad dates will lead you to the Ad Information Pop-up Page, which contains multiple tabs.
  3. Open the Pop-up Page in a Separate Tab: In the upper right corner of the pop-up page, you can open the panel in a separate tab. This feature is handy for viewing multiple ad information pages simultaneously and making comparisons.

The Ad Information Pop-up Page offers several tabs, each serving a specific purpose:

Synopsis Tab: This is the default tab where you’ll find the ad image, ad text, a preview of the landing page, the countries where the ad is displayed, the ad network, and other pertinent ad details. This is also where you can explore the ad’s URL chains and access the “Download & Deploy” button.

Statistics Tab: In this tab, you can delve into the ad’s performance statistics. A bar graph displays the ad’s visibility over the past two weeks (by default), but you can also examine its performance over the past 12 months.


The bar graph shows the frequency of ad views, while the overlapping line graph depicts its ranking based on bids. You may even discover the advertiser’s bid amount for this ad, though not all ads include CPC or CPM information.

Creatives Tab: The Creatives tab showcases all the other ads run by the same advertiser.

You can sort these ads by Ad Gravity, Ad Strength, duration, and the first and last dates they were seen.


Filters are available for distinguishing between mobile and desktop platforms if you’re using the Native Ads Spy Tool.

Landing Pages Tab: This tab reveals where the ad’s creatives lead. You can preview each landing page by clicking on the image, and you can visit the actual landing page or copy its URL.

Publishers Tab: The Publishers Page lists websites where the ad has been displayed, primarily relevant to pop and native advertising.


It includes data such as the percentage of traffic received by each publishing website, the first and last display dates, ad duration, and the website’s Alexa ranking. You can download data for further analysis.

Ad Networks Tab: This tab lists the ad networks where the same ad is being promoted and presents a pie chart depicting traffic distribution across different networks.

Devices Tab: This page presents information about the various devices through which the ad is distributed. It includes a list of devices and a pie chart illustrating traffic distribution by device.

Geo Tab: The Geo tab offers insights into the countries where the ad is advertised.

Exploring these tabs provides a comprehensive understanding of the ad’s performance, creatives, landing pages, publishers, ad networks, devices, and geographic reach.

7. Save an ad

To bookmark an ad for future reference, click the “Add to Favorites” or heart icon. This action will save the ad to your list of favorites, making it easily accessible when you need it.

8. Download and Deploy

If you see a captivating ad and wish to obtain its landing page, click the “Download and Deploy” button. Anstrex lets you download multiple pages simultaneously, highlighting one of its standout features.

This functionality not only facilitates one-click downloads of landing pages but also offers the convenience of editing them through the Advanced Landing Page Editor.

After making your edits, you can swiftly deploy your customized landing page to your server. You can seamlessly link your Amazon AWS account or connect to servers from other hosting providers using SFTP or FTP connections.

Anstrex Features 

One thing that I have personally realized after using Anstrex myself is that their features and services certainly have the potential to make you the best advertiser online.

Anstrex features and benefits with lifetime disount

The tool has been designed in such a way that it provides an interface that is intuitive and easy to use, enabling you to find successful campaigns in any category quickly.

The advanced search and filtering options are unique, which help you access a huge amount of competitive data filtered by country, platform, language, affiliate network, and more.

It is also the only tool in the market that allows you to deploy the optimized landing pages directly to your server with your affiliate links with just a few mouse clicks.

Anstrex Native and Push Tool review

Anstrex also has a prompt alert feature that will enable you to monitor your competition closely. You will be instantly notified by email whenever your competitor(s) launches a new ad so that you will never miss any moves your competition makes.

Keyword Search and Filtering 

Advanced keyword search in anstrex

One of the major USPs of Anstrex is keyword-based filtering. 

This is one of my favorite features- Search filters.

It offers two types of filtering options:

  • Non-keyword Search Filters
  • Keyword-based filters

Non-keyword search is a way to find ads that have been doing well. These are easy, and no one has to type in a keyword to find them. All you do is pick the criteria for an ad (e.g., the highest ranking, best in recent times). You can also use the ad strength (desc) and ad gravity (desc) sorting options to find these ads.

Ad strength tells you how effective your ads have been in the past. Ad gravity tells you how good an ad is doing right now.

Keyword Based Filters

You can also use the sorting order mentioned above to narrow your search for a particular niche.

If you want to find a product for your niche, start by sorting the push notification ads in descending order according to how many results each ad gets. Then type that keyword into one of those rows, and it’ll show all products containing this term and their prices – just like magic.

Anstrex has two keyword-based search filters:

Basic Keyword Search

Keyword basic search filter for Anstrex

Anstrex is one of the ad intelligence tools because of its language filter options. I found ads in languages other than English in the Translated text feature.

A basic keyword search will help you when you want to search for one keyword. You can type the word into the creative column box, and it will show you many different push notification ads related to what you typed in.

Advanced Keyword Search 

Advanced keyword search in anstrex

If you want to use more filters and get more specific ads, an advanced keyword search for Anstrex gives out more opportunities.

The filters and search box only allow you to apply quick filters across fields like ad network, geo, and language. When you type in the search box, it will show you results for what you typed in.

Real-Time Analysis

With this feature, marketers do not only track potential customers and trends but also design the campaigns that are most profitable to them. This feature helps marketers create a sense of urgency among the buyers.

There are generally two types of tools for this purpose. One is the Anstrex Native Advertising, whereas the other is the Anstrex Push Notifications ads tool.

Real-time marketing features help your customers know more about your brands and services.

Test & Deploy Your Landing Pages

Anstrex offers you complete freedom to test the landing pages with just one click. You can quickly access and spy on the competitor’s landing pages and get the data based on changing market strategies for a specific product, brand, geographical location, and related parameters.

Anstrex services- delopy landing pages

Anstrex offers various tools and plugins to test the specific landing page and customize them according to business and specific industry.

You can download any page you like by clicking on it. While downloading the page, you can still browse and look for more campaigns.

It is important to note that once a download expires (after 24 hours), that program and the downloaded data will no longer be visible.

You can use the landing page to deploy the feature to upload it to the server without the need to download it or save an offline copy.

Using the landing page editing, you can pick any landing page and edit it from scratch. You can use the quick editor option to edit your landing page if you want to edit the minor features.

Regarding the significant editing features, you can switch to the comprehensive editor feature.

After you edit it, you can save the web page offline (or upload it) to your computer. Keeping a copy of it offline is better since online downloads and edits expire after 24 hours.


Anstrex Ad Spy Tool

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Ease To Use Dashboard

😩  Cons

No Free Trial


If you're looking for a quick way to spy on other marketing campaigns and analyse them in depth, Anstrex is the tool for you! It gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me, and I highly recommend it to brand advertisers, performance marketers, bloggers, and ad networks.

Overall Rating 4.5/5


Anstrex Pricing Plans

If you want to purchase a solo plan for Anstrex, it costs $69.99/month/user.

anstrex pricing plans

If you want to purchase a solo plan for Anstrex, it costs $69.99/month/user.

Customers willing to get only Anstrex Push can subscribe to their solo plan for $89.99/month/user.

anstrex pop pricing plans

However, the Anstrex  Native+ pop-up+ pushup tool would cost $219.99/month/user.

Anstrex also gives various discount coupons and promo codes from time to time. Using the Anstrex coupons, you can get 20% savings on your subscription plan.

Pros and Cons Of Anstrex

Pros Cons
Comprehensive competitive intelligence It can be overwhelming for beginners
Enhances online ad strategies Cost might be a barrier for some
Offers a 20% discount on the native ads tool Limited to native ads and push notifications
2-day money-back guarantee Requires time to analyze and implement insights
User-friendly interface
Access to successful campaign insights
Useful for a wide range of advertisers

 4 Anstrex Ad Spy Tools: Pops, Natives, Push Notifications & Dropshipping

Anstrex offers 4 different types of Ad Spy Tools. Let’s take a look at each one of them:

Pops Ads Spy Tool

Subscription Fee: $89.99/mo

Pop-up ads can be annoying but can also be very effective when used correctly.

Anstrex Pop up

With this tool, you can see which pre-landing pages are successful for your competitors and learn from their strategies so you can create compelling ads without being annoying.

The tool has collected about 1.2 million ads from 92 countries and over 850 mobile carriers. Using the Advanced Search option, you can filter the ads based on different criteria like type, pop-up ad networks, location, platform, language, carrier, affiliate network, tracker, publishing technology, and keywords.

Native Ads Spy Tools

Subscription Fee: $69.99/mo

The “Native Ads spy” tool is like a secret agent, and it’s all about those sneaky native ads that blend in so smoothly with the websites we visit.

Anstrex features and benefits with lifetime disount

Do you know what’s great about this tool?

It lets you peek into the world of native ads and see exactly what’s working for your competitors. It’s like getting the inside scoop on their successful campaigns! You can take inspiration from their strategies and apply them to your business.

This spy tool has collected a whopping 10 million native ads from all over the world! Can you believe it? That’s a treasure trove of ad inspiration right there. And get this: these ads come from nearly 160 thousand advertisers. That’s a lot of clever minds at work!

You can easily find the perfect ads by filtering through the options.

Push Notifications Spy Tool

Subscription Fee: $89.99/mo

Anstrex spy ad tool

Anstrex is a tool that helps you discover and study native and push notification ads. The Push Notification ads spy tool is necessary if your business sends push notifications. You know those little messages on your phone or computer when you have an app? Well, they can be super helpful for promoting sales or new products.

With the Anstrex Push Notifications spy tool, you can check out what other marketers do with their push notifications. You get to see which styles and techniques work best for them, and then you can use those ideas yourself.

Dropshipping Spy Tool

Subscription Fee: N/A

The Dropshipping Spy Tool is a helpful research tool that makes it easy to find profitable products to sell in your online store.

Anstrex Dropshipping tool

With this tool, you can discover which products are popular and selling well, determine the profit margins you can expect, and even find out where to get these products.

This tool has a massive database of over 6 million products from 92 countries. It includes information from 10 thousand retailers and three of the most popular dropshipping suppliers in the world: AliExpress, DHGate, and Banggood.

FAQs About Anstrex:

❓Which platforms does Anstrex support for ad spying?

Anstrex provides insights for various platforms, including native advertising networks, push notification ads, and dropshipping, covering a wide range of digital advertising spaces.

👀Does Anstrex offer any support or learning resources for new users?

Anstrex provides comprehensive support including tutorials, a knowledge base, and customer support to help new users navigate and make the most of the tool.

👉Can Anstrex assist in creating ads or just in spying on competitors?

While Anstrex's primary function is to spy on competitor ads, it also provides valuable insights and data that can assist in the creation and optimization of your own ads.

😶Can Anstrex help in finding profitable niches and trends?

Yes, Anstrex is designed to identify trending niches and profitable campaigns, giving users insights into market trends and consumer preferences.

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Conclusion: Is Anstrex The Best Ad Spy Tool?

Do I recommend Anstrex? Of course, It’s the Best! 

Anstrex ad spying tool is handy for those who take the competition seriously. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to use. Unlocking ad world secrets will be easy for you when you use this software.

You have already seen what the top marketers say about this tool. You would be willing to give it a try now!

I hope my Anstrex Review 2024 helped you to get adequate info about this tool and was able to help your decision to buy the best native ad spy tool. Do not forget to get the Anstrex discount code and save 20% on your favorite native ad spy tool. 

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