Anstrex Review 2023: The Best Ad Spy Tool For Advertisers?

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Data Accuracy
Customer Support


  • User-Friendly
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Quick Landing page Builder
  • Free Dropshipping Chrome Extension
  • Lifetime Discounts
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Operates in 100+ Countries


  • Learning curve is complicated
  • No Trial

Anstrex is a native and push ad spy tool for content marketers, affiliate marketers and bloggers, and influencers. It builds quick campaigns and landing pages for better ROI.

Price:$ 59.99

Looking for an unbiased Anstrex Review? Here is our every article to cover every detail on Anstrex with details into its features, pros and cons.

According to a native advertising report from AdYouLike, the global native ad market is expected to be worth $400 billion by 2025 — a whopping 372% jump from 2020.

With the Native Ads Spy tool, you can easily spy on the Native Ads strategy of your competitors and get detailed insights without putting in too much effort.

That’s where the Ad spy tool like Anstrex steps in. So, what makes Anstrex so good?

Read further about this Anstrex review with the features, benefits, pricing, and pros and cons. By the end of the Anstrex Review, you will be able to make the decision if this is worth the purchase 0r not.

Bottom Line Upfront: Anstrex, is undoubtedly one of the legit Native Ads Spy tools.

Using this, you will become the best advertiser online. Anstrex provides all the ads’ competitive intelligence data right with you so that you can easily get all of the details about any of the products right out there. 150k+ Advertisers can’t be wrong and they recommend Anstrex as the top-choice.

So, if you’re seeking for a quick way to spy on other people’s marketing initiatives and analyse them in depth, Anstrex is the tool for you!

It gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me, and I highly recommend it to brand advertisers, performance marketers, bloggers, and ad networks.

Above all, Anstrex also gives a 20% discount on the native ads tool with a 2-day money-back guarantee.

Check out Anstrex Native Ads Tool Now 

What is Anstrex?

Anstrex is one of the most advanced and popularly used Native Ad Spy tools available in the market today. It is popularly used by websites and business owners who show push and native ads on their sites.

Anstrex spy ad tool review

It helps you trace the affiliate campaigns of competitors in your niche with the help of Anstrex affiliates monitor which offers 200 networks that help to spy on the most effective campaign strategies of your competition.

Thus, you can analyze entire campaigns from competitors in your niche and considerably improve your ROI with its revolutionary Affiliate Offers Wall.

Their tools allow users to get access to profitable competitor data with more than 58000 advertisers from 27 native Ad networks covering fifteen countries.

Anstrex also has an overwhelming community of “Anstrex power users” on its private forum.

Anstrex Top Features For Marketing & Spying: 

One thing that I have personally realized after using Anstrex myself is that their features and services certainly have the potential to make you the best advertiser online.

Anstrex features and benefits with lifetime disount

The tool has been designed in such a way that it provides an interface that is intuitive and easy to use, enabling you to find successful campaigns in any category quickly.

The advanced search and filtering options are amazing, which help you access a huge amount of competitive data filtered by ad network, country, platform, language, affiliate network, and more.

It is also the only tool in the market that allows you to deploy the optimized landing pages directly to your server with your own affiliate links with just a few mouse clicks.

This feature alone will save you hundreds of dollars in hiring a freelancer to design your pages and also all the time spent in finding killer landing pages.

Anstrex Native and Push Tool review

Anstrex also has a prompt alert feature that will enable you to keep a close eye on your competition. You will be instantly notified by email whenever your competitor(s) launches a new ad so that you will never miss any moves your competition is making.

Keyword Search and Filtering 

Advanced keyword search in anstrex

One of the major USPs of Anstrex is keyword-based filtering.

Search filters turn out to be a really essential component to save time and extra effort. It offers two types of filtering options:

  • Non-keyword Search Filters
  • Keyword-based filters

Non-keyword search is a way to find ads that have been doing well. These are easy and no one has to type in a keyword to find them. All you do is pick the criteria for an ad (e.g., the highest ranking, best in recent times). You can also use the ad-strength (desc) and ad-gravity (desc) sorting options to find these ads.

Ad-strength tells you how effective your ads have been in the past. Ad-gravity tells you how good an ad is doing right now.

Keyword Based Filters

You can also make use of the sorting order mentioned above to narrow down your search for a particular niche.

If you want to find a product for your niche, start by sorting the ads in descending order according to how many results each ad gets. Then type that specific keyword into one of those rows and it’ll show all products containing this term as well as their prices – just like magic.

Anstrex has two keyword-based search filters:

Basic Keyword Search

Keyword basic search filter for Anstrex

Anstrex is one of my best Ads Spy tool because of its language filter options. In the Translated text feature you find ads in languages other than English.

A basic keyword search will help you when you want to search for one keyword. You can type the word into the creative column box and it will show you many different ads that are related to what you typed in.

Advanced Keyword Search 

Advanced keyword search in anstrex

If you want to use more filters and get more specific ads, advanced keyword search for Anstrex gives out more opportunities.

The filters and search box only allow you to apply quick filters across fields like ad-network, geo, and language. When you type in the search box, it will show you results for what you typed in.

Bookmarking Options

Oh! I love these bookmark options by Anstrex.

When you find something good on your Anstrex dashboard, it is not possible to go through them all at once. You might not have time to go through all ads that you see. But later on, when you cannot find it, it will be daunting and frustrating.

Anstrex provides the bookmark option where you can save your favourites. You can also make groups of your favourite ads, and arrange them in a specific order.

Real-Time Analysis

With this feature, marketers do not only track potential customers and trends but also design the campaigns that are most profitable to them. This feature helps marketers create a sense of urgency among the buyers.

There are generally two types of tools for this purpose. One is the Anstrex Native Advertising whereas the other is the Anstrex Push notifications Spy tool.

Real-time marketing features help your customers know more about your brands and services.

Alert Queries 

The alert function helps you find the ads that fit your needs. Alerts work by matching your alert queries. When there is an ad that matches your interests, you will get a notification on your screen.

You will also get an email just in case you miss it.

Test & Deploy Your Landing Pages

Anstrex offers you complete freedom to test out the landing pages with just one click. You can quickly access and spy on the competitor’s landing pages and get the data based on changing market strategies for a specific product, brand, geographical location, and related parameters.

Anstrex offers various tools and plugins to test the specific landing page and customize them according to business and specific industry.

You can download any page you like by clicking on it. While you are downloading the page, you can still browse and look for more campaigns.

It is important to note that once a download expires (after 24 hours), that program and the downloaded data will no longer be visible.

You can use the landing page deploy the feature to upload it on the server without the need for downloading it or saving an offline copy.

Using the landing page editing, you can pick any landing page and edit it from the scratch. You can use the quick editor option to edit your landing page in case you want to edit the minor features.

In the case of the major editing features, you can switch to the comprehensive editor feature.

After you edit it, you can save the web page offline (or upload it) to your computer. It is better to keep a copy of it offline since online downloads and edits expire after 24 hours.

How to download & deploy landing pages?

Here are the quick steps to download the landing pages into Anstrex and deploy it:

Download the landing page or any other resource from the server that you want.

Head to the Synopsis tab and choose the landing page that you want to download. Next, click on Download & Deploy button to download the landing page.

how to download landing page in Anstrex

If you want to download a page that is not on the site, then you can change the URL. You can also use a residential proxy server if you think the page might be cloaked.

If your proxy server is fast, then it will take less time to download this page. It usually isn’t a good idea to use this option. Click OK to download the page.

deploy landing pages in server

To check your downloads, you can use the drop down menu option. Click on drop down to check for your downloaded landing pages.

Webpage downloader in anstrex


The downloader page has the current status of all the downloads. It will show you which items are waiting to be downloaded, and what time they were downloaded.

Each of these downloads has a time-stamp. After 24 hours of downloading, your downloads will be automatically erased.

download option for landing pages- Anstrex review

The WYSIWYG HTML editor has all the bells and whistles using which you can edit the HTML code. You can edit text, hyperlinks, images, and anything else you like.

WSWIYG HTML Editor for landing page- Anstrex review

If you are a power user who knows HTML, you can use their source code editor to change the HTML code. It is also a good idea to use an editor in order to get rid of third-party tracking and analytics programs.

HTML Source code editor for landing page- Anstrex review


Click on the Save & Go to Step 3 button. If your browser crashes, you will still have your changes saved.

editing the anstrex landing pages

The Step 3 is optimization. In this step, you will have the option to either download the web page as a single zip file or upload it to the server.

How to optimize landing pages in Anstrex

On clicking deploy, a new modal will appear. In this modal, you need to choose the desired server from the drop down menu. In the chosen server, you can upload the page and create the sub-folder.

anstrex deploy and download landing pages

Competitors Analysis

One of the USPs of Anstrex is its competitor analysis. Using the dashboard filters, marketers can find how competitors are targeting their potential customers, how they are managing the campaigns, and what filters they are using.

Such filters can give campaign-based tracking results and find top competitors’ strategies in real-time.

Fast in-Line Editing

Using quick and effective in-line editing, users can customize the landing page using the powerful HTML editor. Users can also edit text, swap images and links.


Anstrex Ad Spy Tool

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Ease To Use Dashboard

😩  Cons

No Free Trial


If you're looking for a quick way to spy on other marketing campaigns and analyse them in depth, Anstrex is the tool for you! It gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me, and I highly recommend it to brand advertisers, performance marketers, bloggers, and ad networks.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

How To Use Anstrex? (Step-By-Step Guide)

One of the major USPs of Anstrex is its ease of use. Over the years, I have seen various changes and updates with Anstrex. They have added various filters, search analytics, and other metrics to help marketers leverage more profit.


The main goal of our Anstrex review is to explain its working and dashboard. Anstrex has an easy to use dashboard that gives you an overview of all traffic channels. The dashboard is pretty intuitive and easy to get started.

The top of the dashboard has various filters that you can apply to sort parameters based on:

  • Ad Network
  • Country
  • Platform (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Language
  • Affiliate network
  • Tracker

Anstrex dashboard- anstrex native ad tool review


Here’s how the analytics dashboard of Anstrex looks like:

Anstrex analytics tool- anstrex review

You can choose the type of Ad networks using the filters.

Anstrex ad filters- anstrex reviews

Use the Mobile or Desktop traffic to sort which one to show.

Anstrex filters- anstrex native ads spy tool review

Lastly, you can also choose the language of your choice.

Anstrex language filters- anstrex review

The Search filters 

  • It enables you to find the required budget, required capabilities, and what’s best for you. 
  • As we are not in search of the insight ads, we are searching for ads, which is why it is the best tool used to spy. 
  • You do not need to do keyword searches because it offers you the feature of filter search. 
  • It offers you the feature of advanced keyword search to not need to hustle, which includes the basic and advanced search. 
Anstrex advanced search tool- Anstrex review
Anstrex Advanced Search
  • Advanced search allows you to add on multiple data and filter at a time. 
  • Basic search is used for specific keywords.
Anstrexd keyword search- Anstrex review
Anstrex Basic Search

Ad details 

We know that profitable ads are what we have been looking for since Anstrex offers you the same. You do not need to be concerned about which ad to go with and not to go with. 

Anstrex competency quality allows you to get the opposite data and provides you with campaigns and advertisements to enhance your ROI. 

You can have a clear look at other native ads and push or uncover the ads as well. You can improve productivity, including AWS, Shopify, and WooCommerce. 

The tab section will further give you information on the landing pages, ad creatives, statistics and synopsis. You can switch between these tabs and other tabs such as publishers and Ad Networks, Devices and Geo.

Publisher data for ads- Anstrex review

Landing page download with one click

One unique feature of Anstrex is that it can download and deploy competitors’ landing pages within minutes. Access to the synopsis tab and you can adjust the competitor’s landing pages.

Anstrex landing page downloader- anstrec review

This feature is a real-time saver and can help you find the best performing landing pages more efficiently.

You can take inspiration from others but make sure not to plagiarise it.

Detailed ad insight 

This is one of the most important aspects because you can easily extract the ads better than one another. By clicking on “ad-creative,” you will see an ad panel, which will let you select the different metrics of ads you watch. 

Anstrex statistics- Anstrex native ads review

According to Anstrex, no one contains these metrics in their ad spies, and accordingly, it displays the country, its data, and bid. Why and more money on other ad spies when you can have Anstrex tell you about the bidding amount for the existing ad trump. 


 Which native ad networks do Anstrex support?

They cover 28 Ad Networks in Anstrex Native tool. Here is the complete list.

AdNow Adblade AyBoll Bidtellect Dianomi Earnify EngageYa
Google ImpactAd Jubna Ligatus
LockerDome Logly Mgid NewsMax
Outbrain PerformanceAds Plista Popin
PostQuare PowerInbox Revcontent Spoutable
Taboola Twiago Yahoo Zergnet
AdUpTech Yengo  


Anstrex Pricing with Discount

If you want to purchase a solo plan for Anstrex Native, it costs $59.99/month/user.

Anstrex native tools pricing

For the customers willing to get only Anstrex Push, you can subscribe to their solo plan for $79.99/month/user.

Anstrex push tool with lifetime discount

However, Anstrex Native & Push tool would together cost $124.99/month/user.

Anstrex also gives various discount coupons and promo codes from time to time. Using the Anstrex coupons, you can get 20% savings on their subscription plan.

Anstrex Pros and Cons:


  • Highest Number Native of Ad networks
  • Operates in 100+ countries
  • Easily Integrates with third-party apps
  • Live Demo available
  • Well Designed Dashboard
  • Lifetime Discount Coupons
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Flexible pricing
  • Find Quick CPC Bids


  • 2-Day Trial only for Bundle plan
  • Steep learning curve

How Anstrex Competes with Other Tools? 

One of the reasons to write the Anstrex review was to se how it compares with other native ads tool in the industry.

Anstrex alternatives- anstrex review

What Are Some Best Alternatives Of Anstrex?

If you are not sure of whether to get Anstrex or not, here are some of the best alternatives of Anstrex that you can try anyway.

1.   Anstrex vs Adplexity:

Anstrex vs Adplexity- anstrex alternatives

AdPlexity provides affiliates and advertisers with access to unique detailed data on over 100,000 Shopify stores and 70,000,000 products. It gives you everything you need to analyze current market trends and ensure that your e-commerce business is heading in the right direction.

If you really want to make better decisions simply by learning what products are already successful and giving high ROI then you need to get started with AdPlexity now.

Check out our Adplexity Review for more understanding.

2. Anstrex vs PowerAdSpy:

PowerAdSpy is one of the legit and promising Ads spy tool and the best Anstrex alternatives that are available for you in the market.

Ansterx vs PowerAdspy- Anstrex alternatives

PowerAdSpy tools mainly spy on all of your competitor’s best-working Facebook ads strategies and then you can easily modify it and start using that strategy right for your own business.

The most interesting thing about the PowerAdSpy that here you can use these ads according to the niche of your business and after that creating your own Facebook Ads simply by using all of your competitor’s ads data insights and rock in the market.

FAQs About Anstrex:

👉 Is Anstrex Good Ad Spy Tool?

Anstrex is a #1 Push Ad Spy tool and also works for the Dropshippers. Anstrex works for both the native and push ads. It spies on your competitors and helps build campaigns based on the metrics. It has an intuitive dashboard with features such as keyword research, boolean search, rapid deployment and landing page rippers.

✅ Which is better - Adplexity or Anstrex?

In comparison between Adplexity and Anstrex, I found that Anstrex has a database of a total of 65 countries whereas Adplexity has for 27 countries. Anstrex has a collection of 38 networks in comparison to Adplexity with only 8 ad networks. Also, Anstrex costs $59 for a month as compared to AdPlexity with $249 as a monthly subscription.

💼 Does Anstrex offer refunds?

Yes. Anstrex offers a 100% refund within 2 days of purchase of their plan.

Conclusion: Is Anstrex The Best Ad Spy Tool?

Do I recommend Anstrex? Of course, It’s the Best! 

Anstrex ad spying tool is very useful for those who take the competition seriously. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to use. Unlocking ad world secrets will be an easy task for you when you use this software.

Without any doubt, Anstrex is the Native Ads Spy tool that marketers should prefer for better spying on their competitors for various Natives and Push notification Ads.

Well, you have already seen what the top marketers say about this tool. You would definitely be willing to give it a try now!

With the help of this tool, you will be able to see and download all of the best landing pages. Anstrex offers all of the superior search and filter capabilities, you can filter the ads by the Ads Network, Country, Platform, Ad Strength, Affiliate Network, Language along with the category and many more filter too.

I hope our Anstrex Review 2023 helped you to get adequate info about this tool and was able to help your decision of buying the best native ad tool. Do not forget to get the Anstrex discount code and save 20% on your favorite Native ads spy tool. 

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